By Jacinta Price

Another day, another rich leftie keyboard warrior spouting off nonsense.

Last week the Victorian Nationals State Conference formally voted to oppose Albo’s dangerous, divisive, and costly Voice to Parliament.

Senator Jacinta Price

It was a great moment, and I was proud to be there as it happened.

Of course, a moment like this wouldn’t be missed by leftie trolls.

This time it was ‘Leader of the Teals’ Simon Holmes à Court who jumped on Twitter to take a swing:

[Senator Bridget McKenzie], deputy leader of the #WhiteAustraliaParty, officially rejecting the gift from the elders who developed the uluru statement from the heart.”

I thought the left wanted to keep race out of this debate?

Yet here’s the bloke behind the Teals throwing around labels like ‘White Australia Party’ while demonstrating he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

The Uluru statement is no gift, as I’ve said before – it’s a con job on the Australian people.

A document signed by just 250 people at an invite only event, exploiting the significance of Uluru to force their own political agenda on to well-meaning Australians.

Of course, Simon and his Teals might know that if they had ever been to Alice Springs to meet with locals or chat with Aboriginal people from the bush.

I extended an open invitation to all the Teals to come out and meet some Territorians in their home communities and not even one of them took me up on it.

They represent some of the wealthiest electorates in the country that also happen to have some of the smallest Indigenous populations in the country, you’d think they’d jump at the chance to hear directly from those marginalised Australians they claim to care so much about.

I guess it’s easier just to virtue signal.

It’s easier to spout platitudes on Twitter than it is to fight for real action.

It’s easier to support a massive, costly distraction than hold the government to account for their complete inaction.

It’s easier to talk the talk than it is to fight for REAL solutions to the REAL problems.

But we don’t need more inner-city elites talking, we need them to start listening.

Marginalised Australians have voices and they’re using them.

When will the political, bureaucratic and business elites of Canberra and the big cities start listening?