By Cossasck Colonel Yuri Komonyiski
UNTIL recently Russian Federation satellites were only available for two hours a day over Ukraine. The Ukros were well aware that the RF received satellite intel between 0200 hours & 0330 hours AM. They used this window to relocate NATO’s weapons of death and men. Now they are positioned over Ukraine and provide real time 24/7 footage. This will allow the RF to target the Ukros and their friends on a 24-hour basis spanning the entire Ukraine. Chatter in the west is to save critical hardware but that’s unlikely without RF agreement. This will fundamentally change the course of this conflict, because it will no longer be possible to hide everything that was delivered.

In response to the UK Foreign Minister’s comments on Ukraine’s right to attack Russian territory, they should remember that under international law the UK qualifies as being at war with the RF. Essentially the UK is as an ally of Ukraine, providing it with constant military aid, waging a defacto undeclared war against the RF. UK officials, both military and civilian, contributing to the war, are legitimate military targets.

Some on the front line that claim a group of seriously wounded NATO soldiers have been evacuated to Berlin from Rzeszow (Poland) and Lisichansk (Ukraine). They were among 300 dead or wounded and the force was a mix of Poles and mercs many of whom were Yanks (at least12 US mercs dead).

On May 30th Poland sent six cargo planes with weapons and ammunition to the Moldovan police against the backdrop of “attempts to internally destabilise the country”. Hard for “War-saw” to resist the smell of conflict. Poland has signed contract with US to buy Hellfire guided anti-tank missiles.

The RF sent an explosive message to the headquarters of Ukrainian SBU following one of their drone attacks. The Ukros have lost more than 16,000 military personnel, 16 aircraft, 466 drones and more than 400 tanks over the past month. Kiev’s western masters demand that Ukraine go on the offensive despite its massive losses. On June 4th the takeoff of six bombers to the Ukrainian border was reported. Ukrainian monitoring channels reported they were Tu-95 strategic bombers of the Russian Air Force.

NATO coordinates Ukrainian special services in sabotage missions against Russia and Belarus, fills the ranks of Ukrainian army with foreign mercenaries and militants of international terrorist organisations. NATO provides reconnaissance and technical support for Ukrainian saboteurs and agents against military, civilian and critical infrastructure of Russia and Belarus. The West is preparing specialist militants to overthrow the Belarus authority, US is financing and arming Polish, Lithuanian, Czech and Ukrainian terrorist cells, training them in Ukraine before sending them to Belarus.

The Ukros’ last combat ship Yury Olefirenko was targeted and sunk in the port of Odessa. The Ukrainian ship was used to launch Grad MLRS at Kherson. The Ukrainian authorities used the grain deal to protect the ship. It accommodated up to 150 troops, 250 tons of cargo, carried up to 10 armoured vehicles and was armed with MRLS’s and 30mm automatic guns. Incidentally the UAE has withdrawn from the US-led Joint Maritime Forces in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi will independently ensure the safety of navigation in the region. To counter Turkish troops, the US sent a HIMARS MRLS system to the YPG/PKK terrorists in eastern Syria.

Meanwhile NATO is fomenting unrest in Kosovo, against the Serbs in northern Kosovo who were denied the rights promised them by the West and this may result in a new conflict in the heart of Eastern Europe. The Kosovo Force (KFOR) was first established in 1999 in the wake of NATO’s bombing campaign against Serbia, on behalf of ethnic Albanians. That force now consists of 3700 oppressors. In 2008, the Western-backed Albanian authorities unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. KFOR primarily comprises corrupted NATO contingents, that have deviated from the UNSCR 1244 mandate.

This armed pro-NATO force backs Kosovo, which never intended to implement the Brussels Accords requiring them to create a Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo. Peace would be real if that commitment had been respected by Kosovo, with no attempt by Kosovo to insert proxies into northern Serb municipalities.

On May 31st heavily armed NATO squads instigated violence against the ethnic Serbs. As a result NATO will deploy 700 additional heavily armed troops to Kosovo and an additional battalion will be placed on high alert to face off against the Serbs on behalf of self proclaimed Kosovo. Violence erupted when NATO’s heavily armed Kosovo Force (KFOR) attempted to suppress peaceful demonstrators standing up for autonomy in Kosovo. NATO’s aggression resulted in dozens of injuries on both sides, 30 security personnel were wounded.

Kosovo-backed elections in Serb majority provinces were boycotted by locals. Despite a turnout of less than 4%, the authorities accepted the votes as legitimate, inserting four Albanian mayors. Then KFOR violated their jurisdiction by backing Kosovo police to take the Zvecan municipality building. This looks like the early stages of a colour revolution against Serbia’s legitimate government.

Kosovo usurpers seized control of government buildings in Serb-majority towns and cities, clashing with furious Serbs while attempting to remove elected town and city mayors with the help of NATO troops. The Serbs remember well NATO’s attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 and its subsequent destruction where they used depleted U2 shells on the civilian population. Many of the Serbs were trained by the RF in the Donbass it’s expected that they will stand their ground.

Violence also erupted in Zvecan as NATO clashed with ethnic Serbs. Casualties on both sides were reported after NATO opened fire. Unverified reports claim at least 52 Serb protesters hurt/wounded (3 seriously), 2 dead, 41 KFOR soldiers injured, 3 Italian NATOs in serious condition. NATO troops then retreated after being overwhelmed by unarmed Serbs.

Serbia will try to maintain peace, but will not tolerate the killing of its people. Following talks NATO said they would withdraw that night but instead established fortifications and cordoned off the municipal building before NATO reinforcements arrived. Proposals are being made by the EU to conduct new mayoral elections in northern Kosovo.

Russia meanwhile will form two new military districts and two armies. One will be combined arms, the second air. It is also planned to create an army corps, an Azov naval region, five new divisions and 26 brigades. The largest military call-up (300,000) in Russia’s history since WWII has resulted in the formation of 280 new units. This is a cohesive professional army with extensive training and topnotch equipment. Same uniform, training, language, communication, doctrine and a training regimen born from the fire of the SMO unlike the Ukros. The entire size of the US Marine Corps is around 180,000 in total including admin, clerical, maintenance, etc.

The Glide 500-1500kg FAB bombs are fitted with wings and a GPS system hence “smart”. When the Su-34/Su-35 offloads the device outside the enemy’s strike range it travels 10s of kms to target. The US believes intercepting these bombs is more difficult than the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, and too expensive. The RF is averaging 20 strikes a day. Moldova is ready to provide its territory to Ukraine for conducting military operations supposedly as an allied gesture. Based on US calculations the dollars spent on coercing US democracy globally since 1965: Afghanistan $2.3 trillion, Vietnam $1 trillion, Kosovo $9 billion, Iraq and Syria $2.8 trillion, Persian Gulf $141 billion. The Ukraine is acquiring democracy with a 9 trillion spend to date.

The Rand Corporation knows that the Russian Army, in the process of SMO, is conducting practical training in preparation for a future, large-scale war with NATO. The RF is becoming stronger and acquiring skills to counter NATO’s “democracy building”, operational management standards, military tactics and equipment. The capture of high-ranking NATO representatives in Mariupol and who have spent time in Russian captivity are contributing useful information.