Ukranian troops prepare for the final assault against Bakhmut

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

In Bakhmut the Ukro’s are holding onto a residual 2.6 klm2 of territory. Recently Wagner’s took another 54000m2 of territory at a cost of 116 fighters. Wagner believes that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has commenced and the active phase will kick-in soon.

The counteroffensive will presumably start by mid-May The kill ratio currently stands at 1:10 and the Ukro’s are experiencing serious losses with a rota of men terminated every 24hr’s (that’s roughly 100 men). Seems that Zelensky has taken the Americans verbose “to the last Ukrainian” literally. The Ukro’s cannot evacuate their wounded from Bakhmut. The Ukro’s dropped a 10 storey building on their wounded, Russian PoW’s and wounded mercs.

A Russian air strike destroyed a 10-storey Ukrainian fortress in the SW of Bakhmut, which served as Ukraine’s main defensive position. Wagners are close to the complete liberation of Bakhmut just 1.5 kms of territory remains. There is insufficient room to manoeuvre for the doomed Ukro’s even so the Ukro’s continue to transfer reserves to the front. Wagner has succeeded in ousting the Ukro’s from all residential buildings, their last stand is now the medical institute, which is located on high ground in Bakhmut.

When Wagner entered the Soledar mines the Ukro’s were still holding positions, after a week they surrendered otherwise the RF would have flooded the tunnels. The scale of the Ukrainian underground armoury is impressive. 5 klm’s in length, 150 m’s deep, 28 galleries housing small arms munition’s, weapons and a repair base. The retreating Ukro’s removed the most modern weapons and unsuccessfully mined the facility. The Soledar mines are packed with enough armoury to service 2 wars.

The Ukrainian soldier is fast disappearing and the Ukrainian language is almost absent from the intercepted radio chatter.  Most of the radio chatter is either Polish or English. The RF is fighting Poland on Ukrainian territory its basically open warfare with Poland, a NATO puppet country. The Ukro’s cannot repair their heavy artillery and lack the facilities and moving heavy equipment during a war is no easy feat. The Ukro’s have a great deal of equipment but lack operators to operate it.

This war has turned into a war of drones, the drone are engaging each other to the death (so to speak) in mid air battling it out one on one. The Ukro’s are experiencing big losses with respect to their US provided devices of death ie., howitzers, hummers, anti-aircraft batteries. The drones can travel up to 60klm as soon as the Ukro’s fire a large calibre cannon our drones will locate, identify and provide a GPS coordinate on its position, the accuracy of our return fire is uncanny generally 2 shots and its game over.

The RF is contemplating opening a second front in the North, possibly Kharkov or along the Belarusian front and the RF has sufficient forces to achieve this. The RF continues to quietly dig trenches while training its new recruits who are acquiring the necessary battle skills.

Once the RF breaches the Ukro’s remaining fortifications there will be nothing left to slow the advance of the RF forces to Kiev. In the last few days the NATO hoard has sent another 80,000 mercs into Ukraine they comprise mostly Poles, UK, US. As 2 groups they attacked fortified RF positions in the Lysichansk region and were repulsed.

The non-issuance of visas to Russian journalists who were supposed to accompany Minister Lavrov to the UN is outrageous and unacceptable, and the blame lies entirely with the US. The USA assured that visas for Russian journalists were “on the way”. The RF response to the Americans will be remembered. Half of international ministry of affairs personnel were not provided visas to this vital conference. Lavrov stated at the UN that there are 47 countries wanting to join BRICS and if this rate of interest continues then the UN may cease to exist within a year.

My Chinese colleagues noted that 21 countries acknowledged interest to join BRICS in one week. The RF has suggested that the UN should be replaced with the “Association of Nations” something that existed in 1941 and was based in Switzerland, with the condition that the US not be included. 50+ countries have started to use their own currency for international settlements.

Prigozhin stated “Do not take anymore PoW’s” from this point on Wagner fighters will destroy all Ukrainian soldiers and their mercs on the battlefield”. The statement was made against the background of the publication of a Ukrainian radio intercept, where the Ukro’s were bragging about the mutilation and execution of a wounded Wagner PoW. Recently Prigozhin publicly complained that the RF wasn’t supplying sufficient munitions. He was winding up the Ukro’s who took the bait attacking RF positions assuming they had low munitions, funnily enough he’s been running out of munitions for the last 2 months.

Dozens of foreign mercenaries were killed in a strike on the Ukrainian-held town of Konstantinovka in DPR. Up to 60 members of the ‘Georgian Legion’ were killed and 15 military vehicles were destroyed, 20 mercs wounded. The Iskander missile, targeted a library in Konstantinovka, where the foreign fighters were based. “These Georgians were involved in the brutal torture and murder of RF PoWs near Kiev in March last year. The RF gathers data on every foreign merc linked to the murder of POW’s.

The Chinese ambassador to France stated that Crimea was ‘originally Russian’ during the Soviet era it was Khrushchev who offered Crimea to Ukraine and that the former Soviet countries “have no valid status under international law” because “there is no international agreement that would materialise their status as a sovereign country.” In response roughly 80 European parliamentarians penned a letter to the French Foreign Minister declaring that the Chinese ambassador in Paris be declared persona non-grata for speaking truth. Page 2 over/