Premier says she will put up more signs to stop crocodile attacks

North Queensland tourism lives up to its motto: “Tropical bliss, fine one day, get eaten the next”

The remains of a Far North publican have been found in a salt water crocodile shot by rangers in Lakefield National Park.

Kevin Darmody, the well known and respected owner of the Laura Hotel, three hours north of Mareeba, was fishing in the Kennedy River in the national park when his fishing partner further along the bank heard yelling and a splash and when he arrived on the scene soon after, there was no sign of Mr Darmody.

The distraught fisherman found his thongs and he believed the unfortunate victim fell into the water and was then torn apart by several crocs, as the river bank was not wet.

Rangers cut open a 13 foot croc and found Mr Darmody’s trouser braces and body parts in the reptile’s stomach.

Two weeks ago we reported comments by Katters Australian Party member for Hill, Shane Knuth who predicted someone would soon be taken by a croc due to their exploding numbers over the past five years.

How true was his warning.

Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk when informed by a reporter, was rather nonchalant about the deceased fisherman when she said, “this should not happen, we will have to put up more signs…”

In Queensland animals have much stronger rights than humans. After all the ALP sanctioned the murder of many hundreds of nine month old babies every year when it relaxed its controversial abortion laws.

The Queensland Health Department has profited well by selling body parts ever since.