Queensland Police will accept new recruits from any country in the world, no requirement for Australian citizenship

Dissatisfied Queensland Police have left the service in droves joining those reported 1500 officers who have been pushed out by Covid vaxx mandates, regional officers claim.

Muslim police officers from Iran are welcome to apply

Police sources say there is much discontent within the service with one senior officer claiming present Labor Party-appointed Commissioner Katarina Carroll is the problem.

“Ïf she doesn’t go soon there will be no police left anyway,” one officer said.

At least 196 senior officers across the state were exempted from the mandatory Covid jab in 2021, which did not go unnoticed by the rank and file.

Desperately trying to make up sufficient numbers to fill shifts, foreign nationals with policing experience will be eligible to apply to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) under a new labour agreement between the State and Federal Governments. 

The QPS has approval for 500 new international recruits to join the service each year, for five years.

The agreement, the broadest of its kind among Australia’s policing jurisdictions, allows the QPS to recruit international police officers without the requirement to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

All police officers recruited under the new labour agreement will be required to pass the QPS’ recruit testing and vetting.

Depending on the level and recency of their experience, successful recruits will be trained through either the existing Police Abridged Competency Education (PACE) program or the mainstream recruit training program, ensuring they meet the standards of the QPS.

At the completion of their training, the newest recruits will be stationed across Queensland to commence their First Year Constable program, with the opportunity to expedite this program and enter the service up to the rank of Senior Constable.

“This is a commitment from the Queensland Government to bring international police talent to Queensland,” Minister Ryan said.

“This is a win-win. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for the Queensland Police Service to significantly expand the diversity of its workforce, while providing a unique opportunity for people around the world to join a world-class police organisation.

“There really is no better state to be a police officer and this new labour agreement shows the joint dedication of the Queensland Government and QPS to remove barriers for experienced talent to come into the organisation.”

“The ability to recruit beyond Australia’s borders will strengthen the Queensland Police Service’s efforts in recruiting police officers for the state.

“I’m excited to welcome international police officers to our Queensland community and hope they enjoy everything that our state has to offer.”

“This is the second labour agreement for state and territory police forces we have finalised since coming to Government,” Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles said.

“The federal Government continues to take important steps to clean up the mess in our immigration system left by the former Liberal National Government.

“The visa backlog is down from almost a million visa applications to fewer than 600,000.”

Chinese police officers could apply, joining their counterparts at Box Hill police station in Victoria

“This agreement is the biggest opportunity for internationally experienced officers to work in Queensland,” Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

“The new labour agreement goes beyond what has been offered by any other police organisation in Australia, allowing experienced officers from any country the chance to work for the Queensland Police Service and bring their own unique experiences, knowledge and skills to our organisation,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“This is the biggest opportunity that we have offered for international police who are looking for a career in one of the most beautiful places in the world which has so much to offer – from fast paced operations within our major cities, to regional policing in communities in the tropics.”

“While the QPS is already a popular choice for internationals with permanent residency, I expect this agreement will remove barriers for others looking to move abroad.

“With this new agreement, I expect interest from international police officers to greatly increase.

“I joined the Queensland Police 40 years ago, and I can say from personal experience that policing in this state has everything to offer – there is something for everyone and every lifestyle.

“To officers out there who might be thinking about a move abroad, now is the time. Come and join the Queensland Police Service.”

“We have been acutely aware police recruiting needs to be a priority and we have been working with Government to develop new ideas to attract applicants,” Mr Leavers said.

“500 additional police each year for the next five years, bringing a range of different experiences and skill sets will be greatly appreciated amongst those already on the frontline.

“I’m confident international police will see this as a rewarding opportunity to use their abilities in a new environment that can really assist in making our communities a better and safer place along with the added benefit of living in Queensland.”

Explainer/fast fact and or further information:

  • Foreign police officers are now eligible to apply to the Queensland Police Service under the new agreement.
  • The agreement is the broadest of its kind, with no restrictions on nationality of applicants.
  • Applicants must hold a substantive 457 or TSS visa issued under the labour agreement to be granted a position.
  • Applicants with comparable policing experience will be trained under the existing Police Abridged Competency Education (PACE) program, others will be required to partake in the mainstream recruit training.

For more information on applying to the Queensland Police Service, visit www.policerecruit.com.au

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. As the Qld police force the Australian navy will follow pursuit –

    Australia ‘Pukes Up its Independence’ by Purchasing US Nuclear Submarines
    Professor Joe Siracusa, US political expert and dean of global futures at Australia’s Curtin University, shared his thoughts on the matter:


    ….I think it’s a bit of an illusion. I mean, the Australians are really happy to get on board this. They’re committed to pay about $200 billion over a 30-year period. And I doubt they’re going to receive more than one or two submarines. The Americans will be patrolling the western part of Australia until these ships can come online. They’ll probably initially be used, “Virginia” class submarines, and it’s not going to be newish. And the Americans have control over the nuclear propulsion. And then Australians say they’re in charge of the sovereignty of the ship. So I’ve been pointing out today to different people that if you got multinational groups on board a boat and the captain makes a decision to start a war or to engage in combat, there’s no discussion. I mean, these ships to me are a very bad choice by Australia. Generally, selling the Australians nuclear weapons, it’s a bit of a con job.

    The Australian government isn’t going to tell their own people what they cost when they’re talking about percentage of GNP in the years that go forward. It’s kind of like a Ponzi scheme. I’m going to sell you a great nuclear-powered submarine. I’m not going to tell you exactly what I’m going to deliver it and you’re going to be paying for it over 30 years.

    Australia would just be part of a group of American and British ships. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is 10,000 miles to Washington and nearly 11,000 miles to London. Beijing is about 5,000 miles. If Australia plies the high seas or goes on patrol in the South China Sea or in the Taiwan Strait, it’s far, far away from protecting the lines of communication here or in the homeland.

    Australia has sort of devolved its sovereignty. They sort of puked up their independence by buying these things. They’re not becoming more independent or more self-reliant, they become completely dependent now on the decision of the United States when they’re taking them into war.

    And of course, this idea of containing China with these ships is also an illusion, because it’s just Britain, which is a declining empire, the United States, which is a declining great power, and Australia, which has got about 26 million people on a good day.

    Australia wants five submarines from the United States. They’re not going to get new ones, they’re going to get used ones; they’re going to get the ones the Americans discard, probably. And then the Australians are going to build another three or four submarines with a British design and American technology here in Australia, in Adelaide. They expect thousands and thousands of jobs. This is never going to materialize.

    I think Australians haven’t thought very clearly about this, and I must say this too: I’ve been here 50 years, I’m 78 years old and Australia has not produced any deep thinkers or grand design or grand strategy people. They are not thinking in terms of the big picture, they’re thinking in terms of the short term, they’re thinking in terms of jobs for people, they’re thinking in terms of joining the Americans, because it’s the easiest thing to do.

    I mean, Australia is not really stretching its independence there very much.
    They’re just siding up with the Americans and of course, the Americans as a result of this, they’re going to be doing more patrols. They’re going to have more rotational groups here in Australia. They’re going to have more American troops on Australian soil, B-52 bombers and all the rest of it…..


  2. Dr, the ‘functionally illiterate’ and those with ‘criminal records are pretty good at knocking over old white English Londoners that “don’t act and think like modern darker color English” citizens – besides having fought the evil of this world – just to be bagged up into the very same dark system they thought they had fought in WW2.

    “Australia has rejected Christ” – that is quite correct Isaak731 and so has the rest of the world!

    Might it be that Jesus is now “owned” by those who own a personalized bible for their very own Christian taste and Jesus – just by accident of course – has become the very image of the Christian owner of the book himself? Was that what the son of God had in mind before he was “sacrificed” by the usual timeless “sacrificer” for speaking of truth?


  3. And what about the Mother Country’s London Constabulary?: – they are now recruiting the ‘functionally illiterate’ and those with ‘criminal records.’

    All for diversity mind, – so it’s all for a good cause.

    Ye reap what ye sow,


  4. is it legal???constitutional ??? how can it be legal ??? aussie police are commonwealth and state arnt they? ,the recruits are not ,they dont have citizenship…, why so many? is there going to be a crime wave


  5. David…I hope I’m correct in this but I vaguely remember reading that Queensland got rid of its Senate many years ago.
    Could someone please verify , or not….that fact please?


  6. It’s amazing how accurate Bible prophecy is: Ezekiel 7:24 “Wherefore I will bring the worst of the heathen, and they shall possess their houses: I will also make the pomp of the strong to cease; and their holy places shall be defiled.”
    I can show how the prophecies of Daniel 2, 7 and 9 and Revelation have been or are being fulfilled. And most of those out there reckon the bible is made up. ROTFL. Australia has rejected Christ and is reaping the consequences. Nothing will change unless the nation repents.


  7. David A, Victoria

    I bet they give priority to applicants from war-torn countries like South Sudan, Somalia, Syria etc. Corporations and Govt know that people who grew up in those countries, and who are included to be cops will be more likely to use brutal force if called on to beat the shit out of local citizens when Australian-born recruits would be unwilling. That’s why businesses like Dan Murphy Cellars employed African security guards during the Covid lockdowns. And I know whereof I speak…I was requested to scan a QR code by a burly African security guard at a Dan Murphy store in Melbourne during the Covid restrictions in 2021. I challenged the request and said that is a breach of the Federal Privacy Act which overrides State mandates, and that Quarantine matters fall under Federal, not State law under the Constitution etc. I was polite, but firm. But the security guard became increasingly aggressive, causing me to feel unsafe. So I took out my phone, hold it up and started recording the interaction. As soon as I did that, a fuse went off in the guard’s head. He lost it and started very aggressively and phyiscally shoving me out the door backwards, causing me to very nearly lose my footing and fall on the concrete footpath which could have had fatal consequences. I was left shaken, and was left with bruises and scrapes from the assault which was reported to Police and Dan Murphy’s Management. The employee was later terminated and I was assured that the incident would not happen again. But when I directly asked if that policy applied to all Dan Murphy stores, or only the store I was assaulted at, they stated “Only at that store”. That made me realise it was a deliberate policy of Dan Murphy to use African security guards from war-torn countries like the Congo, Sudan, Somalia etc to brutally enforce Dan’s Covaids restrictions. That policy was also used by Supermarket chains in France with similarly brutal results. Taking that a step further, I’d suggest Dan Murphy are following the critical race theory and mass-migration agendas advocated by globalists like George Soros which are designed to cause racial division and destroy societies. “Racial division”…where have I heard that mentioned mentioned recently? Oh that’s right, the Indiginous “Voice to Parliament”. Divide and conquer.

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  8. I have noticed a major change in QP operations since August 2022. My laptop bag was stolen on the 10th of August and I reported the fact at a local police station the next day. The following day, my laptop bag was recovered, intact by police at another station. They were kind enough to deliver the bag to my home.

    Last month my backpack was stolen under different circumstances and now everything is done online via Police Link because I could not get a serving member of the QP to talk to at a police station. The CCTV footage of the theft was finally collected from the location yesterday, exactly one month later.

    It seems it would be easier to get elephants to mate, than to get a positive outcome for a victim of crime. I have my suspicions about the influence of secret societies for people in positions of Authority in Australia.

    Remember the Bjelke/Lewis years when the QP was politicised? Are we going back to those days? Do we need another Fitzgerald Inquiry to focus the searchlight a worsening outcome for the long suffering people of Queensland?

    QP may accept the new recruits and then have to face the consequences!

    Why are there no Senators in Queensland Praliament? Queensland Senators seem to be doing an outstanding job in the Federal Parliament!

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  9. “Queensland Police With Honour We Serve”…Satanic JWO!!

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  10. “This is treason by a fake state “government”, plain and simple. The fake Australian “governments” are at WAR against Australia in LOCKSTEP with the genocidal Globalists, and they’re bringing in PAID enemy combatants to do their dirty work.”

    No way! lol Our governments are proud to serve us and love us all.

    The lock ups, the violence and the draconian controls are for our good and safety. Our politician leaders have eliminated the rogue elements in our police and military and are merely bringing in more obedient, servile and more loyal personnel to protect them… er.. us!

    But we see nuthing, know nuthing and do nuthing. It is as it is in a democracy which Australia has never seen. lol

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  11. I know. But they are doing it much more now and evry state in Australia wll fall for it like it or not. People need to wake up!


  12. So the Robber Barons and their corrupt Sheriff and Deputies are bringing in foreign HIRED GUNS to make sure the town folk don’t stymie the takeover of the Prairie and prime grazing and mining lands;

    AND to make sure the good TOWN folk behave and don’t cause any trubble while they’re being stripped of everything they own in pursuit of their happiness.

    If things get really out of hand they can also call on the imported HIRED GUN MILITARY crews to assist too. They’re already in place.

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  13. Rodney,
    I remember how Anti Germany and Anti-Japan, Australia were in the sixties, now we back them in Ukraine with the Nazi salute amour-ed vehicles and money…


  14. Mimi Ye,
    We here in Australia have been used as a testing ground for many – many Elites crazy ideas.
    Look back for a moment: “Woomera.”

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  15. okchuck, They will be fair game, because they are outlawed!


  16. tonyryan43, “recruit police from overseas.”
    Sure they are outlawed before they enter Australia! As you wrote: “so help us rid the nation of these traitors in government and then you can have your old job back.”

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  17. The local “police” force is resisting the totalitarian oppression of Australian civilians by LEAVING the fake “police” force. Result – there ARE no “good cops”, only the arseholes that enjoy beating up, incarcerating and torturing law-abiding citizens, and thankfully in Queensland those numbers are DIMINISHING.

    So now the fake Queensland “government” is OPENLY bringing in foreign mercenaries to subjugate the Australian population. They’re not even trying to hide the fact, despite their cursory attempts to embellish their treachery with all the usual BS Globalist vernacular, in public announcements even Klaus Schwab would be proud of.

    This is treason by a fake state “government”, plain and simple. The fake Australian “governments” are at WAR against Australia in LOCKSTEP with the genocidal Globalists, and they’re bringing in PAID enemy combatants to do their dirty work.

    ALL of these Globalist stooge politicians and beauracrats and officials will hang for this, along with all of their paid foreign mercenaries and their LOCAL hired Gestapo brain-dead bash artists. Or maybe the firing squad – I don’t much care how they leave this world, but they will. Perhaps it would be appropriate to execute them by lethal injection – there must be truckloads of Remdesivir stocked up in our death-camp hospitals.

    On the bright side, if you read between the lines, according to Martin Armstrong these genocidal Satan-worshipping traitors will ALL be dead in about nine years or less – hopefully way WAY sooner if there’s any natural justice left in this world. It’s just a tragedy that we can expect a great deal of collateral damage before the fat lady finally sings.

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  18. Unfortunately once again you voted for these scum who are in power and said, “all good keep going we love being subjected to the rule of evil despots ”
    NO brains no win just keep doing what you have been doing for the last few decades.
    Labor are good they help the underdog.The only help they will give you is a bullet or a jab.Which would you like?


  19. Between the import of foreign police with no Oz cultural background and the machinations of the UN which will not hesitate to send in troops once ‘invited’ by our treasonous politicians, there’s not much to look forward to. I had misgivings when the CCP hosted the Military Games in Wuhan back in Oct 2019 of where the world was going. Check the Nazi-lite salutes in the photo: http ://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-10/18/c_138483493_35.htm


  20. I think WEF is using QLD as a trial since the US has already been using foreign troops to ursher in draconian laws once the govt retain power when the digital ID, & currency is in place, using ESG scoring & exercising brutal force to make people comply

    From: Marianne Reynolds

    Could this be the start of a type of martial law with possible corrupt police officers?

    Sent from my iPad

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  21. How long will it be before ALL Aussie states have these international thugs barging into homes in the middle of the night to force mandatory jabs ? It’s coming!
    We are going to have to resort to g£uerilla tactics , similar to those used in France etc in WW2.
    Trouble is…there will be no western countries there to help us, as there was in that war….they are all now tainted, and are our enemy.
    We are on our own!

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  22. Foreign police officers working for a foreign corporation,protecting the Queensland Government corporation,listed on the American stock exchange. ________________________________

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  23. As we see across the western world this is intentional – then they bring in the foreigners who will have no attachment to us..They have done this recently in QLD.. criminals..

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  24. I’d rather shake hands with a purple-ringed octopus.

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  25. If the ALP needs to recruit police from overseas, this must tell them that they have mismanaged the police force to cause so many resignations. All I can say is “Hey, all you police officers who resigned, you must be honest cops, so help us rid the nation of these traitors in government and then you can have your old job back”.

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  26. Foreign mercenaries roaming the streets of Queensland with guns at the Hip and other disabling weapons abound on the uniform when they can hardly comprehend the english language OR have any idea about the law……..

    What could possibly go wrong

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  27. The UN Jack Boot Police are now welcomed into Queensland, like they were Melbourne and Canberra last year, but this time they can stay.

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  28. This new outrage from the Queensland Marxists is interesting. This system of policing subjugated people’s was first perfected in the old Persian Empire.

    Policing conquered people, with goons recruited from foreign countries that were the natural enemies of the poor oppressed population was a great idea, until it wasn’t.

    It worked well, Until Alexander the Great came along and the Persian Army, suffered a huge defeat from Alexander’s Macedonian forces, (which by the way were outnumbered by about 20 to one) .
    Alexander offered the conquered Persians a simple choice. Join me or die. They threw their dear Emperor under the bus and even assisted with hunting him down for the Greeks.
    The Marxist criminals here in Australia probably can’t understand how quickly a subjugated and oppressed population can turn on them and appear to learn nothing from history except the ravings of “chairman Mao” which poorly educated types, often mistake for wisdom.
    Unfortunately he was just a Godless little git.




  30. Part of the reason why the Roman Empire collapsed.

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  31. @


  32. QPol could just drop job adverts in the mafia magazine ‘Bratva Today’. It’s not as if there needs to be any accountable for quality of candidate. As long as they can shot first and ask questions later in Bulgarian, it’s all good.

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  33. First foreign mercenaries from Smart Cities with full  licence to kill
    and now foreigners of all stripes can effectively do the same in Qld.

    Here’s some recruits soon to be out of job

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  34. well well well foreign police officers on our shores, they are already here, who do you think were firing rubber bullets into the crowds in Melbourne?
    if you can find out where they live and make a note of it, follow them home from work, and if they bully their way around a letter drop in their mail box might do the trick letting them know that they are being watched and that they are not immune.

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  35. And non may be Bible believers (post-millennialists) that distrust government and avoided the vaccine because those are all terrorists by definition of those hysterical hysterical cultists that run the show right? No wonder police are leaving the force in droves. Embarrassed out of a job. What a woefully pathetic mess.

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  36. Leonard R. Schmidt

    I laughed when first reading your Headline … then the profundity of New World Order machinations sunk in.

    If Christian America is a light in the darkness of this world, we Christian Americans need to get off our knees in prayer and onto our feet in battle array… Just sayin’.



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