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The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire

ATLANTA, GA – In what appears to be a direct response to the long-planned Covid Litigation Conference (CLC 2023) on March 25-26 in Atlanta – the Georgia State University (GSU) Law School, in conjunction with state agencies, has suddenly announced a rival conference to take place two days prior.

Titled “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire,” the agency seminar appears in sharp contrast to the CLC 2023, which plans on sharing successful legal strategies for suing some of those agencies.  The GSU Law School seminar was publicly launched shortly after a Rolling Stone piece covered CLC 2023.

Over the next 10 years, Covid lawsuits are expected to see tremendous growth. This unfortunate development reflects the need to bring justice in the courts for hundreds of thousands of people negatively impacted by harmful Covid-19 policies.  

CLC 2023 will be an opportunity for lawyers both in the Atlanta area and nationally to gain expertise in best-practices for litigating these cases. Participants will also have a chance to network and cooperate on Covid lawsuits with experienced attorney panelists. CLE has also been requested.

More than 20 attorney panelists include Sujata Gibson (Gibson Law Firm, PLLC), a civil rights attorney and Cornell lecturer who just defeated the NYC healthcare mandate, and Ralph Lorigo (Law Offices of Ralph Lorigo), who has litigated over 200 hospital negligence cases during the pandemic.  Other featured attorneys include Robert Barnes (Barnes Law, LLP), Mary Holland (Chief Counsel of Children’s Health Defense), Tom Renz (Renz Law),  Mark Meuser (Dhillon Law Group), Tricia Lindsay (Tricia Lindsay Law), Warner Mendenhall (Mendenhall Law Group), Jeff Childers (Childers Law), Bobbie Anne Flower Cox (Cox Lawyers, PLLC), Tracy Henderson (Founder of California Parents United), and Ryan Heath (The Gavel Project).

CLC 2023 is sponsored by the Mendenhall Law Group and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), supported by ticket sales and participant sponsorships, whereas Georgia taxpayers will foot the bill for “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire.”  

“I’ve got to say it’s pretty shocking that Georgia taxpayers are having to pay for what looks like a petty game of one-upmanship – especially when it comes to the health and safety of so many injured by the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Steve Kirsch, philanthropist and President of the VSRF.  He continued, “The equivalent would be a university-backed seminar in the 1990s featuring government agencies telling the personal injury bar why lawsuits against Big Tobacco would never work.”

Various taxpayer-funded bodies and organizations heavily promote the GSU Law School seminar.  The purpose of “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire” appears to be to defend Federal Health agencies’ failed Covid policies, discourage those harmed from seeking redress, and to mandate continued harmful policies through civil litigation.

The CLC 2023 welcomes an open dialogue within the law profession on the growing field of Covid cases and notes that no GSU seminar speaker has experience representing a single Covid-19 plaintiff, whether injured by employer mandates, education mandates, the mRNA products, hospital negligence, or other harm.  

“As someone injured from taking the Covid vaccine, I welcome this conference and am grateful to groups like the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation are out there,” said Jonnetta Poythress. “Many injured have spent years ignored by the FDA and CDC, who pretend we don’t exist,” she added.

Robert Malone, MD will be a keynote presenting prior to the censorship panel. Pierre Kory, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC, Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer of the FLCCC, and Ryan Cole, MD, a Mayo-trained Board-Certified Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist, will also be speaking as medical experts.  Lt. Col. (Ret.) Doctor Pete Chambers will be weighing in with his expertise on military mandate cases and Meryl Nass, MD, will be speaking on the medical licensure panel and is a defendant in a suit against the Maine Medical Board for issuing safe, repurposed drugs to treat Covid-19.  Attorneys will be joined by plaintiffs in current Covid lawsuits within nine panels covering the following areas of litigation:

  • Employer Mandates: State/federal, ADA, worker’s compensation, individual & class action plaintiffs
  • Education Mandates: Public & private K-12 schools, public & private universities, Title 10, coercion, informed consent, fraud, conflicts of interest. 
  • Medical License: Medical board certification, tortious interference, First Amendment, fraud, libel, violation of Administrative Procedures (APA or equivalent)
  • Fraud: False Claims Act, pharma fraud, VAERS fraud, SBA and PPP fraud, whistleblower protection
  • Civil Rights: Public access/accommodation, ADA, informed consent (state agencies), due process, religious liberty, First Amendment
  • Censorship: First Amendment, collusion, racketeering (federal agencies)
  • Vaccine Injury: Includes liability, informed consent, mandates by institutions, VICP, CICP
  • Hospital Negligence: Includes Remdesivir, denial of early treatment protocols, vaccine coercion
  • Future Litigation: Includes Mass Torts and other malfeasance.

While the conference is presented with lawyers as the primary audience, the public is also welcome to purchase tickets and attend.

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