Rabbit Proof Fence and ‘Stolen Generation’ are propaganda to suit government narrative

Letter to the Editor

Star Molly said, ” That’s not my story…”

Letter writer Anna Fern said – “Secondly, the real Aboriginal people are not the one’s complaining or pushing for land rights, saying Sorry, welcome ceremony and the Yes vote etc. It is the tar brush activists who want their 5 minutes of glory or easy money from the Globalists.”

The movie Rabbit Proof Fence is merely propaganda to suit the NWO narrative.

Got that right.

The author also said – “The stolen generation, who probably would not be alive now to act as victims and all who claim to be of the Indigenous lineage, who are now educated, dressing, eating and living a colonial life, should be made to denounce that life if they claim to be Indigenous.”

The “Stolen Generation” is essentially a work of propaganda.

Form the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia [ https://www.nfsa.gov.au/collection/curated/rabbit-proof-fence ] …

“Rabbit-Proof Fence tells the true story of Molly, Gracie and Daisy – three Aboriginal girls in Western Australia, 1931 who are forcibly abducted from their mothers.”

“True story” my arse. Complete and utter bullshit, institutionalised into the official Australian government narrative.

Molly herself, at the original screening of this masterpiece of politically correct embellishment of history, said “That’s not my story!” Molly explained that her mother had asked the social services people to take Molly because she didn’t have the means to look after her, and Molly also said that she was treated very well by all the white people she encountered.

Funny how the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia doesn’t mention any of that – because the f…… TRUTH doesn’t fit the BS government narrative.

In any case, I disagree with your suggestion that an Aboriginal person should be made to denounce the Western affluent lifestyle if they claim to be Indigenous. The proper solution would be to DECOUPLE the Indigenous status from the unconditional PRIVELEGES it seems to attract in the current Australian political context (and let’s be honest here – POLITICS is EXACTLY what this is all about).

Bottom line – you’re either Australian, or you’re not. Any other mindset is a fast track to national suicide.

from Pat


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The holes in the rabbit-proof fence

    8th March 2010 Comments (0)

    “……..If history teachers insist on discussing this topic, they will find the book a much more reliable resource than the film. The book does not contain a number of the film’s anachronisms about Neville’s ad­ministration, does not misrepresent his ideas and, unlike the film, does not invent scenes for dramatic effect. In the book, there is no violent removal from Jigalong by motor car, there is no pursuit of the escap­ees by a sympathetic blacktracker, there is no help given them on their journey by a sexually exploited Aboriginal domestic servant. The film ends with entirely fictional scenes in which, close to death, two of the girls stagger across the last stretch of desert unaided. In reality, the book tells they were brought home by a white cat­tle station contractor, riding on his camels…………….”


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    In 1996 the Carr Government in NSW badly needed a ‘success story’ to validate its land claims legislation, under which not one square inch of land had been restored to its aboriginal owners. Fortunately, there was a case in the legal pipeline, which could fill the need. The Crescent Head case on the NSW central coast had been before the courts for months, and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, representing Mary-Lou Buck of the Dunghutti people, had established its native title credentials. When the Crescent Head ruling was handed down, the first ever case of aboriginal land being restored to its “rightful owners” was touted as establishing the native title credentials of the Carr Labor administration. The land was ‘handed over’ with great fanfare, and the new aboriginal owners promptly sold their title. Perhaps they knew something Carr didn’t?

    Now, however, according to columnist Piers Ackerman (Sunday Telegraph, 31/1/99) there is doubt that the Dunghutti people really were the traditional owners of the Crescent Head land. The allegation has been raised by another Dunghutti, Anthony Carter, who points out that there is a very strong case of traditional ownership by the Biripai people. The NSW Land Council has refused to acknowledge these doubts as valid, because its own credibility is at stake. It was the Land Council that validated the Dunghutti claim, and provided the ‘experts’ to verify their validation. Last November, a meeting of a number of representatives of different tribal groups confirmed that the traditional owners, who had been removed from the area a century ago, had been completely ignored.

    This is not the first case in which “land rights” have been allocated to the wrong people. The most famous case, covered up at the time, was that of Ayers Rock, now known by the trendy as “Uluru”. In November 1983 the new Hawke Government announced that it was handing the Uluru National Park to an Aboriginal Land Trust. The Minister at the time was Mr. Clyde Holding, and although experts like Peter English warned that the Land Trust did not represent the (dispersed) traditional owners, the transfer went ahead. Peter English went on to document the betrayal in a book published in 1986, Storm Over Uluru. Rev Cedric Jacobs, drawing from Peter English’s material, confirms what he has to say in (Jacobs’) book Healing a Divided Nation (1986).

    Storm Over Uluru, by Peter B. English; $10.00 posted from all League bookservices.
    Healing a Divided Nation, by Rev Cedric Jacobs; $7.00, or $9.00 posted.



  3. It is obvious to anyone with commonsense in Australia that those who count the votes decide who wins our ‘democratic’ elections.


  4. The ordinary aborigine out in the bush wouldn’t have a clue as to what is going on.

    The idea I think is to cause dissension and division – black on white – divide and conquer.

    If a treaty is made it will be the final nail in the coffin of our Constitution – Section 44.

    “All wars are Bankers Wars”


  5. Our reading of history too. Ed


  6. David A, Victoria

    Now if only they could build an Andrews-proof fence…

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  7. My mother who would be nearing 100 if she was still alive, grew up in Townsville. She told me, when I was a child, that the most racist people were the full blood aboriginals, they hated the half casts, they wanted a pure bloodline and mistreated them badly. I guess the people of the day, decided to intervene and try and help these children, realizing they were never going to fit into a black world, tried to whitenise them, so they would fit in somewhere, a term that is supposed to be terribly racist now. However, people stepped in to help these children so they would fit in somewhere.

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  8. If you want the TRUTH about the “aborigines”… or original people if you are dumb enought to call them that, then this article will dumbfound you… I wrote this article after doing extensive research into the inhabitants of our country before and after the white man came and it tells a very different story to the official narrative. I read early settler’s diaries, including that of W.E. Roth, people who settled western Queensland, as well as other sources that are not easy to find these days. Whole sections of history have been denied us. How many of you know the history of Tom Petrie? Yes, his name is ubiquitous around the Brisbane area, but why? What did he have to say about the blackfellas he came across? It’s all documented in this article.


  9. Neville Thompson

    Before white civilization every tribe forbid interbreeding ,upon the occupation of their lands native women were impregnated with white genes the tribal elders referred to as mixing the blood and they requested those yellow children be removed from the tribes as they were seen as a threat to their blood lines .
    I can remember a time when meeting a person with darker skin that person would be indignant that they could be seen as a blackfella , nowadays there are many want to be seen as belonging to some mob that in Qld there are about 15 different shades of being black depending on how much benefit it pays .


  10. I have heard Christian Aboriginals speak at public meetings in Qld. I have heard many give an account of coming to Christian missions with their Aboriginal mothers because the family was being hunted by Law Men (Aboriginal) due to mixed race children within the family. They said the mixed race children would be taken and killed by the Elders. And some said they were fleeing the Protectors – the White enforcers attempting to clean up the Town Camps as they called them.


  11. Well put Pat.


  12. Correction: I missed a line. Connie Bush was at Groote Elandt, not Snake Bay, which is on Melville Island.


  13. The true story of the stolen generation…

    This all started when I prevented an unnecessary welfare intervention in July 1977. Other welfare officers were pissed off with me because my action implied criticism of their past interventions. Only one colleague supported me, Aboriginal Barbara Cummings. She was a previous resident of the Retta Dixon Homes on Darwin’s Bagot Road, a bunch of Christian fundamentalists who did not believe in giving kids love and affection.

    A year later, she told me she had written a book about her experiences and titled it “Take This Child”. The Commissioner for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity confiscated her book and wrote a new one, that became the Rabbit Proof Fence movie. This was all about political point-scoring and naked ambition. In WA there definitely was some stolen kids and also in Queensland. A bunch of Christians in a line of black cars crossed the border and picked up mixed-race kids. My adopted granddaughter’s grandmother was one. This was all about saving little black souls for Jesus. The Anglicans at Rose River Mission, Roper River Mission, and Groote Eylandt were just as bad. So too was the Catholic Church mission at Snake Bay, where Aboriginal Connie Bush saw it as her crusade to take kids. I had to constantly phone her and tell her to lay off.

    Two groups of Christians were not so bad: the Luthorans at Hermansberg and the Methodists at Elcho Island Mission. But the number of actual stolen children was way lower than is made out. As near as I can calculate, the number of stolen children from England was around 65,000, being sent to Rhodesia, Canada, Australia, and NZ. One in 5 were sexually abused, regardless of which Cristian denomination. About ten thousand Australian mainstream children also were stolen. Mothers were told by nuns that their baby was born dead, but they were taken to orphanages.

    My point is, something like 100,000 children of all races and nationalities were stolen from their families and the thieves were Catholic, Anglican and Protestant. I recommend the book “Empty Cradles” by Margaret Humphries, who was the social worker who discovered this massive crime, and was several times threatened with death for speaking out.

    There should be no government compensation, which is actually taxpayer compensation, because government played very little part in this, apart from complicit government social workers. The Christian Churches should pay, big time.


  14. Yes there are some poor people and they are not all black and brown. I have people of colour in my family. They have big houses, boats cars, pools, and believe you me, they are not complaining, Yes, they do get specials benefits, including money and lovely colourful t-shirts etc . Not to forget that my white grand kids do not get the same.

    So what do you think of that ?

    If this bill gets a yes, this country will be held to ransom.and I would bet the real aborigines will be screwed over again Just my opinion.

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  15. Phillip Osullivan

    Well said. I am a white survivor of being taken away, because of neglect. Disgusting treatment by the state. However. They have never apologised. But I am still alive.


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