Wilful stupidity of Labor politicians accepting climate delusion despite opposing, overwhelming scientific evidence

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Julius… as usual, thank you for your contributions. You can always be counted upon to add to enlightenment.

    Lindesy… do you ever get tired of mindless hate-mongering? Go back to Africa and spread your poison there.

    In Sydney, there is a lawyer who began to question the US-spawned “Hate and Fear North Korea” narrative, and so he commenced research. He found, as have thousands of other truth seekers, that the Pentagon crazies just decided one day that village committees sounded near enough to Communism to them, and so they commenced firebombing the north, killing one-third of the people and levelling every single building.

    Several ultra-right-wing think tanks spew nonsensical diatribes directed against North Korea, and every single atrocity has been pure fabrication. Every tearful escapee cultivated and trained for media performance so that those who thirst for more targets to hate, can wallow in bile.

    The Lawyer eventually travelled to north Korea and saw for himself how life was like, similar to Cuba and Venezuela, struggling against the privations caused by US sanctions. Even a ham-fisted blockhead like Donald Trump realised the truth, which is why he commenced negotiations.

    I know my words will have no influence on you. You are way too dedicated to hate-mongering, but at least readers will realise there is another side to this coin… as always.

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  2. Pending release of my earlier comment re Yeonmi Park …

    DPRK defector Yeonmi Park debunked once again – Park paid and supported by Right-Wing Think-Tank


  3. Tony Heller is an authority on ‘climate change delusion’.

    (see his channel)


  4. lindesymonds …

    It is not that black and white … DPRK does not have a central bank controlled by the jews.

    Please go to #5 on this playlist for more on Yeonmi Park and her criminal family:
    • The true story of Yeonmi Park, who got rich through lies about her homeland DPRK

    … some musical background

    Moranbong Band – Zigeunerweisen (집씨의 노래)


  5. The joys of living under the Communist Regime in North Korea backed by the Chinese Communist Party. They always make sure they have a psychopath dictator in these Communist Colonies like N. Korea, Zimbabwe etc.


  6. “The Commonwealth of Australia is a “debt security”, packaged up as a “corporation”

    So chriscross767, what does that make of every day Australians? A confused herd of Christians, Aboriginals, Atheists, Hindus, Muslims and other multicultural – including a new recipe of gender this, that and the other species that vote for some democracy of Honorables that are utterly treasonous and corrupt while arguing the brittle lambswool of their heads?

    Can’t wait for the next election! It’s all so exiting in the land of OZ where the sheep think they are more luminous than the wizard! What would the wizard think – if he had time and was not rolling around on the floor in ecstasy laughing like mad!

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  7. Australia is not a sovereign nation – in fact it is just a conglomerate of foreign owned corporations.

    h ttp://williambowles.info/spysrus/cia_australia.html

    The Federal Government in Australia is a corporation, ie: the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation registered in the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission with the number of CIK (0000805157) SIC: 8880. CIK is the Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund, Inc. (the Fund) – is a diversified, closed-end investment company.

    The Fund’s investment objective is to seek current income through investment primarily in debt securities.SIC is the “Standard Industrial Classification” and the SIC Code of 8880 has the “Industrial Title” of “American Depositary Receipts.”
    ht tp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Industrial_Classification

    The Commonwealth of Australia is a “debt security”, packaged up as a “corporation”.

    Australia is owned by a “closed-end investment company” in Switzerland?

    Even States are corporations, for intance STATE OF QUEENSLAND inc.
    ht tp://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001244818&owner=exclude&count=40

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  8. These people are not ” consistently stupid ,” they work to a PLAN . They do what they want. Because after all they are much wiser, they think.


  9. h ttps://off-guardian.org/2023/03/12/offg-recommends-network/

    Usually the OffG recommends articles* take the form of a review, but Network doesn’t need another review, and nor does it require our endorsement. Firmly ensconced as it is as a classic of both its genre and Western cinema in general.

    However, it has reached that point where it exists in the public mind as a kind of meta reference rather than a work. It is a title, a quote, and a distilled meaning more than a film.

    Such is the fate of “the classics”, in all fields. They are seen more than they are watched. Everyone has heard of them, nobody listens to them.

    To somewhat address this imbalance, this “recommends” takes the form of a sharp focus on one key speech.

    No, not that speech. We’re all mad as hell, obviously, but we’re not screaming out the windows today.

    Rather, it is a scene later in the film.

    Peter Finch plays Howard Beale, a veteran reporter who – at the beginning of the film – has an on-air nervous breakdown, resulting in an angry rant on the state of the country and the threat of suicide live on air.

    Initially, his boss intends to fire Beale, before it is discovered that his outburst resulted in a surprising bump in ratings. Immediately the studio seizes the opportunity and Beale is given his own show and branded “the mad prophet of the airwaves”.

    However, after going too far and calling out corporate corruption on air, Beale is summoned to the boardroom of the company that owns the media conglomerate he works for, to be confronted by the CEO Arthur Jansen (Ned Beaty).

    Jansen launches into a monologue and proceeds to lecture Beale about the true nature of the world in which he lives, and how Jansen has chosen him to preach his “evangel” to the masses.

    It’s a wonderful speech, poetically written and wonderfully performed by Beatty, whose performance is blackly hilarious as it jolts from Shakespearean declaration to informal chat and back again.

    …and he predicts the future we’re all living today.

    Ned Beatty’s NETWORK speech-by Paddy Chayefsky

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  10. A reminder, the “Climate Change” hoax is the ace in the deck for the globalists elite cabal in their attempt to herd humanity into Digital ID, Digital $, Social Credit Score, Carbon Footprint & 15 min surveillance cities.

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  11. Career politicians over their time in government, wouldn’t it be interesting to see just how much bang for our buck we really get with these people, just how productive they have been, they can’t and won’t do anything without asking permission from the city of London and the U.N, one big scam !. They are in the delusion that they are some self appointed monarchy and that ” We the people ” work for them .Government both create problems and solutions at the same time you might notice, ” game play ” this keeps the community in fear and reliant on them, consequently people have become slaves to this system by waiting for them to do things for us, but we are sadly disappointed more often than not, so this triggers a change in government only to get the same promises, this is more and more evident now than ever with not only so many changes in parties but leadership as well .We need to become involved in any way we can help even by volunteering at the local level as this is where change truly starts and this needs to be right across the country, we need term limits on politicians jobs and yearly financial audits on those in charge and their families, we need a much stronger constitution, a strong contract between us and government, we need to keep them in” fear ” or “we ” terminate their jobs. When a government becomes tyrannical civil disobedience is our right. All of this should taught in schools and spoken about in homes and businesses everywhere in our society , our flag should be raised to this.. proudly. Take a look at these so called leaders we have at the moment with no big boy pants acting childishly with their nonsense climate change BS and that can’t even give a biological definition of a man or a woman anymore, reduced our manufacturing by sending it off shore , destroyed most of our skilled workforce and full time employment opportunities while at the same time bringing migrants into our country makes even less sense, evidence is now showing us that their scam ” Globalism ” model has failed. Our nuclear family, our spiritual belief in God, our sovereignty and our culture have been under threat for quite some time now as you can see, done so quietly so that many of us don’t even notice in fact and currently we have the Covid hoax being exposed which government and MSM coerced us to believe . What I’ve written here is standing up for our culture, our way of life and that it is not negotiable.

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  12. David A, Victoria

    It is stupid, and it isn’t in that the latest Labor puppet Govt are simply implementing the UN Agenda 2030-2050 goals and are effectively being governed by the UN/WEF/WHO globalist cabal. Local Councils are also in lockstep the Globalist goals (aka: “Great Reset”)

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  13. tonyryan43 said – “They should have realised this when every politician, bureaucrat, and journalist in the world used exactly the same language with covid, mRNA and climate change.”

    This was epitomised by that ubiquitous catch-phrase “Build Back Better” turning up simulatenously in the policies and public relations slogans of just about every fake “government” across the entire face of the planet – a slogan authored by none other than Klaus Schwab himself.

    David said – “Fossil fuels seem to be renewable as we are still discovering viable reserves.”

    They’re not “fossil” fuel, that’s one particularly ludicrous theory that has unfortunately become entrenched in modern folklore.

    The so-called “alternative” theory that oil is abiotic is NOT actually a theory per se, it’s just a statement of the bleedingly obvious. It acknowledges that we have NO CLUE how the geologically sourced hydrocarbons are formed and where they are coming from – suffice to say that they’re coming from somewhere INCREDIBLY DEEP inside the Earth.

    The Russians have some inside info on all of this – they’ve been drilling ultra-deep wells for decades now, and no matter where they drill, if they go down deep enough, they keeping finding oil. Ain’t no dinosaurs down there, unless they figured out how to become super mole-asauruses.

    And BTW, as you probably know, all those wells that they suck dry just keep on filling back up, but they just keep sucking the stuff out more quickly than the source can replace it.

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  14. Hedgehoppers Anonymous – It’s Good News Week Lyrics

    It’s good news week
    Someone’s dropped a bomb somewhere
    Contaminating atmosphere
    And blackening the sky

    It’s good news week
    Someone’s found a way to give
    The rotting dead a will to live
    Go on and never die

    Have you heard the news
    What did it say?
    Who’s won that race?
    What’s the weather like today?..…

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  15. Brian Johnston

    David. My information says MH370 & MH17 were two different planes, the extra window on one and that MH370 crashed into Bay of Bengal.


  16. Don’t worry too much folks.
    There is going to be plenty of energy for those of us left after they have finished killing off most of the population.
    Sorry to be so cynical.

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  17. David, seems that oil is ‘renewable’, look up ‘abiotic oil theory’. The label ‘fossil fuel’ was designed to con us. CC is just a weapon in the hands of idiots.


  18. The two keys to this fraud are (1) dumbing down the population and, (2) globalising the public media.

    Anybody reading here is painfully aware of the engineered stupidity of half the nation, but almost none realise the media is globalised. They should have realised this when every politician, bureaucrat, and journalist in the world used exactly the same language with covid, mRNA and climate change.

    But even if people are vaguely aware this has happened thy do not grasp that Murdoch has controlled the entire agenda since 2017. In other words, eliminate Murdoch and the fraud is no longer managed. I know some very savvy people who refuse to see Murdoch as other than a grumpy old man.

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  19. they are not government and they are going to hang upon the gallows in accordance to the sedition and treason and crimes and punishment acts of this nations constitution – what they did during covids was an act of war upon this nation


  20. Fossil fuels seem to be renewable as we are still discovering viable reserves. The Geological syrvey of the Southern Indian Ocean was one of the objectives for the search for MH370. When PETRONIS offered 2 underwater survey vessels to help in the search, it was a convenient way to conduct a search for oil reserves. Then they moved the search location to a different area, it confirmed my suspicions. MH17 which crashed in Donbass, Ukraine, was the same air frame serial number as MH370. Mr Putin has the piece of wreckage which proves the assertion! I have a copy of the photo of the forward fuselage. I am hoping DECLAS will include this Soros hoax as well!

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  21. “Wilful ignorance on climate change” is pre-planned destruction and imprisonment of the Australian economy and peoples by our Government; Cairns News video of Anne Bressington MP explores that. https://youtu.be/sES6_OXPwOU

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  22. Climate delusions, as Alex Epstein just stated to the US Congress on Twitter is all about trying to Kill the Fossil Fuel Industry with Pseudo Science

    Sent from Outlook for Androidhttps://aka.ms/AAb9ysg ________________________________


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