Dutch politicians trying to take 3000 farms out of production using military road blocks enrages the population

The NWO plan to remove farming, hence food is heating up in the pilot country of Netherlands similar to Queensland where the Labor Corporation has legislated to severely reduce the use of nitrogen fertiliser on coastal farms, in effect removing their ability to produce crops.

Every farm between the Great Dividing Range and the coastline from Cairns to Brisbane, some 1900 klms, is affected. Government policies worldwide have pushed up the price of nitrogenous fertilisers by 500 per cent or more except in Russia. Now that the stupid Labor and Liberal politicians in Canberra have alienated Australia with Russia by putting our troops and hardware on the Ukranian front line we are unable to purchase their cheap and abundant nitrogenous fertilisers.

Researchers have long discovered there is more nitrogen-based runoff from coastal cities into the Pacific Ocean than ever there was from farming. Urea, made up of 46 per cent nitrogen dissipates into the atmosphere if left exposed to the weather for any length of time. It dissolves with moisture and farmers bury it into the soil when applying it to their paddocks where it is taken up by plants.

The amount of runoff into waterways and the ocean has been found to be negligible. In any case reputable scientists say the Great Barrier Reef is in fine shape and always has been.

Australian primary producer bodies such as the National Farmers Federation simply go along with whatever hue of government, not offering any protection to their hard-pressed members from vexatious, partisan policies.

Since it inception in the early 80’s the NFF has been a training ground for National or Liberal party candidates who will not oppose any government policy whether it is detrimental to the industry or not.

The state member associations of the NFF fare no better and have no credible runs on the board when it comes to shutting down agriculture.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Bank runs in California, – I thought this was a Lebanese problem?.


    Gold starting to shine


  2. Off topic [sort of]. But Silicon Valley’s SVB banking crisis appears to be spreading.

    Can they contain the contagion?

    Small banks [ie. independent banks] are being hammered. Hopefully bail-ins won’t come into play: – that would finish off a lot of people.



  3. aapkoning: “For most people cannot handle the truth!”

    Yes, you are so right. So many of my friends and the people I know are convinced that everything will return to normal again. Of course, it never will. Pax Judaica is upon us whether we like it or not.
    The Jews with their financial and therefore economic and political power, their Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism have won.

    The Nazis were too kind. Instead of allowing the Frankfurt School to leave Germany, they should have lined those Jewish Communists up against the wall and shot them.

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  4. Han Barkmeyer, I think – NO – I know,
    For most people cannot handle the truth! “Even if they see it, look at, and feel it, – they don’t want to accept the truth. “Simple because the majority of people World-wide: “SPELLBOUND” Maybe some get out but move into the cozy environment of Stockholm syndrome. And here we have one of the problems: “The W E F knows this…”

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  5. The United [Communist] Nations was built with Big Jew Money, namely Rockefeller Big Jew Money being the major contribution, especially the New York real estate for what is now the HQ of the Supreme Soviet.

    The [covert] UN joint operations command for the CoVID Operation outsourced a lot of the Lockstep Scenario of the “Rockefeller Scenarios” to the WEF.

    Pandemic Hoax Lockdowns, Climate Change Lockdowns, Smart Cities, breaking the food supply chains (in accordance with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals) has been outsourced to the WEFFies of the Western Nations.

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  6. Reading between the lines, Christine Deviers-Joncour is saying that the Black Hats and the White Hats are all owned by and in the service of the Money Changers. Just like the political Red v Blue Duopoly which monopolises just about every political paradigm across the World.

    Is there ANY single national bank on the planet owned or controlled by the nation whose interests it allegedly serves? If anyone believes there is they are overdosing on their Soma rations.


  7. In her biographical book, – ‘The Whore of the Republic,’ – Christine Deviers-Joncour, the mistress of the French Leftist minister, Roland Dumas recalled her memories of the European political elite as such.

    “I heard them speak their delusionaal ideas, far from imagining that they would ever go to the full extremity of their madness. I saw them, at the time, gobbling and stuffing themselves while riding the beast of power. I saw them, their eyes bigger than their stomachs, looting and gorging themselves. Giving themselves, in effect, modern, artificial letters of ‘nobility’ that their position and their power conferred on them. . .

    . . . I have seen them puff out their chests and, from their own low altitude, despise the people by throwing parties of royal luxury at the Palace of Versailles. . . .

    . . . This was to celebrate with dignity the coming to power in 1981 of the new “monarch” (Mitterand). The processions was unending of official cars like so many carriages in the old days, and the garden parties of these new upstarts soon to get their powdered wigs. . . .

    . . . I saw the wives and their children shamelessly playing Queen Marie-Antoinette under the panelling, whose pastime was limited to organizing fine dinners with friends and visiting the Mobilier national [a French government agency responsible for the administration of all the old royal furniture and palaces from the epoch of the kings of France] the way the little people go shopping at Ikea. It was all free here — for them [the new political nobility]. Especially when we failed to return these period pieces of art and furniture [that belonged to the nation!] . . .

    . . . I saw them do it, and I paid dearly to have been a witness, not being from the seraglio [Italian word, used also in opera, for the harem] of a sultan . . .

    . . . I have seen the slush funds of ministries exempt from taxes, shameless stewardship fees beyond the most drunken shame, drivers and bodyguards for life and full accumulated pensions, retro-commissions [kickbacks] on state contracts, planes equipped like flying palaces, jets on the tarmac ready to take off at the slightest whim or whenever tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters made it possible for politicians to call in the hordes of news photographers (after rushing first, of course, to the hairdresser and the trendy designer) to immortalize themselves heroically at the foot of a jet with a bag of rice for the poor on their back! . . .

    . . . I have seen bunkers from Africa filled with banknotes and car trunks transformed into Ali Baba’s cave for large-scale distribution of money, state contracts passing into the hands of thieves, accounts well hidden in countries with their blue lagoons, . . .

    . . . I saw children disemboweled, women raped, stoned, and tortured. I saw a plane with a red cross on its side “rescue” starving African populations by shooting at them, and I even saw some crocodiles eat unfortunate witnesses and others, who knew too much,  “fall” from windows, suffer heart attacks and die of induced cancers. . . .

    . . . All this shame, all these crimes in our government for ever more Power and Riches. . . . for a world in the hands of International Finance, Bilderberg, WHO, the criminal New World Order, IMF, GAFAM [= Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft], etc, to maintain and lock in the system, to protect an elite and enslave the peoples by making them into primitive brutes, and  depraving them by inverting all the traditional old values! . . .

    . . . We give them an ounce of power and they lose all common sense. And the higher you go in the hierarchy, the more they give in to their heart’s every lust, lose all sense of reality and cross cheerfully and without qualms into the realm of the unacceptable. . .

    ‘’. . . Could power, the supreme aphrodisiac, really dehumanize them to such an extent? And big money — the essential engine behind all these excesses . . . How dare they pose as preachers of morality, and talk about probity, integrity, and openness as their aberrations multiply and corruption cases and other misdeeds splash all around them? . . .

    . . . We have become an immense horde of sheep to be sheared, while democracy in fact no longer exists, so that everything now depends on, not the governments, but the power to resist and revolt of the peoples. The enslavement of our populations has now moved up a big notch with this “covid pandemic” by creating a mental freeze from FEAR! . . .

    . . . And the big moneymakers of the planet and their puppets make it clear to us that only their profits count– that the well-being of citizens is of no importance whatsoever. . .

    . . . Their pandemics and their deadly vaccines will finish for them the dirty work of world depopulation which they have even announced. This project does not date from yesterday, believe me! . . .

    . . . We are all being sacrificed on the altar of profits. For the past few decades, everything has been done to destroy us. And television and the media under orders have participated in this mass stupefaction which has led us via brainwashing to feeling powerless.
    However, I want to remain optimistic. . .

    . . . We are at a major turning point, a change of civilization. It is urgent that all citizens wake up and take back control of their country, their sovereignty and eliminate this financial vermin in order to reinject funds into the coffers of the state for the collective good, seizing the incredible fortunes embezzled by a handful of dangerous mafiosi without good faith or respect for law. We must realize that, whatever your political side or your conception of life, if you are not part of their elite you will be crushed.’’

    Christine Deviers-Joncour.

    PS. Christine Deviers-Joncour eventually served five months in prison for taking bribes, whilst her lover, Dumas, got off scot-free, and eight people were murdered who knew too much.

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  8. Food shortages are by design.

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  9. “Dutch politicians trying to take 3000 farms out of production using military road blocks enrages the population”?… Dutch Uprising?… WISHFUL THINKING.
    The Dutch population is just as apathetic as the Australian, American, German, French, etc., populations. It is always a mere handful protesting. There should be millions in the street, every week for as long as it takes to stop those Psychos imposing their NWO = PAX JUDAICA onto the world.

    The Dutch farmers are on their own and are fighting a losing battle. They are going to lose their land to make way for the Tristate City.
    A group of institutional investors in the Netherlands have joined forces to present the Netherlands plus parts of Belgium and Germany as a single city network named Tristate City.

    I recently talked to a well-educated Dutchman, here on holidays and going back next week. He doesn’t believe a word I am saying about the deadly vaccines, the 15-minute cities, CBDC, digital IDs, the manufactured food shortages, geoengineering, and so on.
    He told me that I am talking BS because he is reading “6 reputable Dutch newspapers” every day and there is not a word about it in those newspapers. He is so typical of those reading and watching the mainstream media. It still has such a stranglehold over the people, not only in Holland, but all over the world.

    Some of my friends in Holland call me “an extremist” for calling the Dutch PM Mark Rutte and his government “extremists”.
    I just watched this interview with Thierry Baudet, the Leader of the Dutch Opposition Party, Forum For Democracy, and he is blaming Cultural Marxism for the current situation in Holland and the world.

    It is the philosophy of some Jewish thinkers, who created the Frankfurt School, Baudet said. He is right about that and he is also about the only one in Dutch politics having the guts to say so.

    The Frankfurt School was founded in 1923 thanks to a donation by Felix Weil with the aim of developing Marxist studies in Germany. The Nazis forced its closure after 1933, and the Frankfurt School moved to the United States where it found a home at Columbia University in New York City and then went on to conquer the USA and the rest of the world.

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  10. Neville Thompson

    What of the nitrogen runoff from the Great Barrier Reef bird nesting islands that flows straight into the reef ?

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  11. Yeah right, ban nitrogen fertiliser but spray toxic geoengineering chemicals all over our lands and oceans.
    BTW notice the chemtrailed sky in that Dutch vid. at the 9:05 mark.

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  12. It is becoming urgent that we dump labor liberal national greens and UAP. We need proper policies from the government or we fail as a country. Proper government can come from a government of 10% of the size and cost of what we have.

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  13. I have tried to tell some Victorian farmers I know that they should hold the
    Victorian Farmers Federation to their Charter, because that Charter will say that the VEF must always act in the best interests of its constituents, just as the mandate of every elected parliamentary Member is.
    If in Breach of the Charter, the Board of the VEF are in breach of contract and must accept full commercial liability for their failings-and that also goes for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.
    The compensation applicable would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, given the hardship, the number of suicides of rural folk, the stress and trauma and plethora of other psychological injuries people have suffered.
    But rural folk, often to their detriment, are just too conservative.

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  14. Global Food Reduction…
    Global Poverty, Hunger, Starvation…
    Global Depopulation and Misery…
    Global Total Control.

    We won’t own even our own arses let alone anything else. And our governments at all levels are selling us out to some Agenda dictated from abroad.

    But we know nothing, we see nothing and we do nothing. Our treacherous politicians walk our streets, fake smiles, cynically shaking hands with the sheep and cuddling their babies, “proud” and “honoured” to be in their service.

    Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full, sir. Blah! Make sure you register for your Ration Cards early!

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  15. Geeeeez i wonder what our SORRY how silly of me THE CORPORATION’S armed forces were training for the other day up Townsville as SEEN recently 👁👃👁

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