By Gil May

The Chinese military have been on high alert war footing for over a year, they spend 293.35 billion U.S. dollars a year on defence, THEY DO NOT DO THAT JUST TO DEFEND CHINA. The make border incursions into India testing their ability to respond, they killed an estimated 120 India soldiers with microwave beams. They have been flying large numbers of planes into Taiwan airspace practice runs, to test their defence and to provoke US and identify where they will respond from, giving them the target to take out before attacking Taiwan. The have surveyed the deep ocean trenches around Australian and other countries where they can safely hide nuclear submarines to attack as they choose.

ADF are unable to defend Canberra let alone Australia while Marxist Premiers disarm the states

They have had spies all over Australia for decades and the governments did nothing, they own land near every major facility ready to take them out, they have mapped every bit of Australia, tourists found them in many out of way areas, with short hair, regimented sharp staunch manners from years of military training.

Senior US and NATO Generals, top US House Foreign Affairs officials and UN Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have all seriously warned China is about to start a major nuclear war, probably in 2025. The spy balloons and ocean spy-buoys that float just below the surface are just a small part made public, they had their practice run with covid, under that guise they vaccinated their population against the big one they are about to release genetically targeted.

While total stupidity reigns supreme here in Australia, with little preparation, run down defence ability and the ignorance of all it a government too stupid to build our defences as a matter of urgent top priority and bring in conscription military training, if you want to live in a free country be repaired to fight for that right.

They are going to waste $235 million urgently needed for our national defence on a stupid unnecessary Voice referendum that will further divide us making an easier target for the Chinese knowing we have no defence. The spend $7 billion on Olympics that may never be held in three years when China start WW3. This money should be going into defence, conscription and arming the population.

When The Voice people and mixed gender folk, Greens and TEALS march in protest after the Chinese take over, they will only do it once — as the Tibetans learnt, most are too young to remember the brutality to the peaceful Buddhist Tibetans’, monks and civilians raped, tortured, body parts cut off and thousands forced over cliffs.

The ignorance and attitude of those in government are destroying our country, with the threat of war looming. A wise government would cut all grants and public wastage to consolidate funds for defence.

CO2 will not mater in time of war, stop wasting urgently needed defence money — stop the US, when under attack they will have to defend their homeland not ours — wake up to that fact.

We are being handed over to the Chinese invasion, and NO, they will not honour any agreements, why should they, we lost. We hear they refer to our PM as Abbonese, Gaybonese etc — He appears a laughing stock to the old-world morals of Chinese and other people.

They have fully infiltrated all aspects on industry and defence as I wrote to the Government about 35 years and was ignored ago, with detail of how inside photocopiers was a component when opened it had inside a computer that sent everything you copied and your computer files somewhere. These were in offices all over Australia, including government and defence offices. No one want to know about it — Typical eh!

Today Chinese spy ware is in many electronic operated home and business appliances, security cameras, TV, work equipment and vehicles.

As explained the Marxist infiltration into the education department, bureaucracy and other organisations encourage such.

Due to apparent incompetent governments, Chinese own land near most strategic infrastructure, electricity, water, rail, roads, defence establishments, Govt Department, airports and sea port. They have been reported by grey-nomads sighting Chinese neatly dressed, short hair with regimented stance and walk, in many far away out of usual reach places.

This proof today shows what a bunch of incompetent people we have had in parliament, has anything changed?

Clearly there need a very BIG change of political party’s pre-selection system of apparently electing low level mediocrity with big egos and little else of national benefit?


World military leaders and analysts advise China will start a World War within 3 to 5 years if not sooner, China cannot wait until AUKUS is established with Japan wanting membership, and Australia gets armed with nuclear Submarines: And a new powerful President is elected in America. The war has already begun with the Covid attack upon the west killing millions and directing finance away from defence, their national vaccination program contained the antigen to protect Chinese from the next one to be released.

US and Western defense forces have dispersed worldwide (The Australian 11/2), Norwegian intelligence advise the Russian nuclear fleet has left bases for world dispersant. It is China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan verse the West, defenseless Australia is lost, in part due to educated stupidity being common, and the media not being honest with the people and keeping hard pressure on governments to build our defense systems and introduce conscription. Editors, media owners and officials will be early purge targets of elimination as stated by the CCP.

I wrote warning of this four years ago. Their intention has been made very clear to the world, and stupid Australia’s love of the holy dollar keeps sending them material to build their military equipment, tanks, and navy to conquer and destroy us.

General Chi Haotian made their intention very clear He openly states they may need to kill 2 to 300 million Americans (and Australians) to enable Chinese expansion. They want our resources for free and there is nothing we can do about it as we have never developed a satisfactory National defence preferring to parasite the US, they will NOT be here when defending US from nuclear attack.

Understand China now has spies all over Australia and own land near most strategic areas including

Merredin Aerodrome south of Perth they were given a lease by the WA government as perfect spy base and control centre for invading planes, and Darwin Sea Port compliments of the government who refused to restrict ownership.

Too late when Chinese knock on your door — Bang — thanks for the house.

Current world news advise the Chinese nation is on a war footing — Wake up Australia or die.

I said before and I say again, no one knows the awful truth of Port Arthur, they only got the sanitised press version to form and opinion on; thinking people ask why so many glaring errors the gullible would never see, why were we banned from writing a historical treatise and a 30-year military secrecy ban put in place now increased to 70 years, when the military wanted to do a ballistics test in the Broad Arrow café, the government quickly demolished it. But they did disarm Australia just like Hitler disarmed Germany. WHY? (CN has published probably the most complete dissertations of Port Arthur available on this site)

A minimum of intelligence would predicted a future attack, so easy, a rundown military, no conscription, the population disarmed and incompetent governments — the mineral rich resources prize is there for the taking. A nation of stupidity overwhelmed by theoretical baloney, gay rights, and terrified of a few tough words and strong debate, big footballers devastated because they were called a perceived racist word by a kid, if they were called blue, purple or other no offence would have been taken.

If the Chinese drop millions of leaflets with a few strong racist, sexist, discriminatory, misogynist, and CO2 real descriptives — many in the population will be too devastated to be able to defend their homeland.

People often get snarky when you present facts because they do not understand and don’t want too. It interferes with their sport, beer and social life — the real sadness is in so many young people who say they are here for a good time and a short time. The end result of education that failed to teach