Wasting $7B on Olympics and $235m on the Voice instead should be spent on defence

By Gil May

The Chinese military have been on high alert war footing for over a year, they spend 293.35 billion U.S. dollars a year on defence, THEY DO NOT DO THAT JUST TO DEFEND CHINA. The make border incursions into India testing their ability to respond, they killed an estimated 120 India soldiers with microwave beams. They have been flying large numbers of planes into Taiwan airspace practice runs, to test their defence and to provoke US and identify where they will respond from, giving them the target to take out before attacking Taiwan. The have surveyed the deep ocean trenches around Australian and other countries where they can safely hide nuclear submarines to attack as they choose.

ADF are unable to defend Canberra let alone Australia while Marxist Premiers disarm the states

They have had spies all over Australia for decades and the governments did nothing, they own land near every major facility ready to take them out, they have mapped every bit of Australia, tourists found them in many out of way areas, with short hair, regimented sharp staunch manners from years of military training.

Senior US and NATO Generals, top US House Foreign Affairs officials and UN Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have all seriously warned China is about to start a major nuclear war, probably in 2025. The spy balloons and ocean spy-buoys that float just below the surface are just a small part made public, they had their practice run with covid, under that guise they vaccinated their population against the big one they are about to release genetically targeted.

While total stupidity reigns supreme here in Australia, with little preparation, run down defence ability and the ignorance of all it a government too stupid to build our defences as a matter of urgent top priority and bring in conscription military training, if you want to live in a free country be repaired to fight for that right.

They are going to waste $235 million urgently needed for our national defence on a stupid unnecessary Voice referendum that will further divide us making an easier target for the Chinese knowing we have no defence. The spend $7 billion on Olympics that may never be held in three years when China start WW3. This money should be going into defence, conscription and arming the population.

When The Voice people and mixed gender folk, Greens and TEALS march in protest after the Chinese take over, they will only do it once — as the Tibetans learnt, most are too young to remember the brutality to the peaceful Buddhist Tibetans’, monks and civilians raped, tortured, body parts cut off and thousands forced over cliffs.

The ignorance and attitude of those in government are destroying our country, with the threat of war looming. A wise government would cut all grants and public wastage to consolidate funds for defence.

CO2 will not mater in time of war, stop wasting urgently needed defence money — stop the US, when under attack they will have to defend their homeland not ours — wake up to that fact.

We are being handed over to the Chinese invasion, and NO, they will not honour any agreements, why should they, we lost. We hear they refer to our PM as Abbonese, Gaybonese etc — He appears a laughing stock to the old-world morals of Chinese and other people.

They have fully infiltrated all aspects on industry and defence as I wrote to the Government about 35 years and was ignored ago, with detail of how inside photocopiers was a component when opened it had inside a computer that sent everything you copied and your computer files somewhere. These were in offices all over Australia, including government and defence offices. No one want to know about it — Typical eh!

Today Chinese spy ware is in many electronic operated home and business appliances, security cameras, TV, work equipment and vehicles.

As explained the Marxist infiltration into the education department, bureaucracy and other organisations encourage such.

Due to apparent incompetent governments, Chinese own land near most strategic infrastructure, electricity, water, rail, roads, defence establishments, Govt Department, airports and sea port. They have been reported by grey-nomads sighting Chinese neatly dressed, short hair with regimented stance and walk, in many far away out of usual reach places.

This proof today shows what a bunch of incompetent people we have had in parliament, has anything changed?

Clearly there need a very BIG change of political party’s pre-selection system of apparently electing low level mediocrity with big egos and little else of national benefit?


World military leaders and analysts advise China will start a World War within 3 to 5 years if not sooner, China cannot wait until AUKUS is established with Japan wanting membership, and Australia gets armed with nuclear Submarines: And a new powerful President is elected in America. The war has already begun with the Covid attack upon the west killing millions and directing finance away from defence, their national vaccination program contained the antigen to protect Chinese from the next one to be released.

US and Western defense forces have dispersed worldwide (The Australian 11/2), Norwegian intelligence advise the Russian nuclear fleet has left bases for world dispersant. It is China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan verse the West, defenseless Australia is lost, in part due to educated stupidity being common, and the media not being honest with the people and keeping hard pressure on governments to build our defense systems and introduce conscription. Editors, media owners and officials will be early purge targets of elimination as stated by the CCP.

I wrote warning of this four years ago. Their intention has been made very clear to the world, and stupid Australia’s love of the holy dollar keeps sending them material to build their military equipment, tanks, and navy to conquer and destroy us.

General Chi Haotian made their intention very clear https://jrnyquist.blog/2019/09/11/the-secret-speech-of-general-chi-haotian He openly states they may need to kill 2 to 300 million Americans (and Australians) to enable Chinese expansion. They want our resources for free and there is nothing we can do about it as we have never developed a satisfactory National defence preferring to parasite the US, they will NOT be here when defending US from nuclear attack.

Understand China now has spies all over Australia and own land near most strategic areas including

Merredin Aerodrome south of Perth they were given a lease by the WA government as perfect spy base and control centre for invading planes, and Darwin Sea Port compliments of the government who refused to restrict ownership.

Too late when Chinese knock on your door — Bang — thanks for the house.

Current world news advise the Chinese nation is on a war footing — Wake up Australia or die.

I said before and I say again, no one knows the awful truth of Port Arthur, they only got the sanitised press version to form and opinion on; thinking people ask why so many glaring errors the gullible would never see, why were we banned from writing a historical treatise and a 30-year military secrecy ban put in place now increased to 70 years, when the military wanted to do a ballistics test in the Broad Arrow café, the government quickly demolished it. But they did disarm Australia just like Hitler disarmed Germany. WHY? (CN has published probably the most complete dissertations of Port Arthur available on this site)

A minimum of intelligence would predicted a future attack, so easy, a rundown military, no conscription, the population disarmed and incompetent governments — the mineral rich resources prize is there for the taking. A nation of stupidity overwhelmed by theoretical baloney, gay rights, and terrified of a few tough words and strong debate, big footballers devastated because they were called a perceived racist word by a kid, if they were called blue, purple or other no offence would have been taken.

If the Chinese drop millions of leaflets with a few strong racist, sexist, discriminatory, misogynist, and CO2 real descriptives — many in the population will be too devastated to be able to defend their homeland.

People often get snarky when you present facts because they do not understand and don’t want too. It interferes with their sport, beer and social life — the real sadness is in so many young people who say they are here for a good time and a short time. The end result of education that failed to teach

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I agree with tonyryan43 regarding the US! its not China we have to worry about. Australia is now buying nuclear submarines from the US, 5 of them, a couple of them to be delivered asap… !! $300m each.. who is paying for this?

    They will use Australia in the same way they are using Ukraine to get at Russia (which didn’t go to plan thank goodness), to provoke China…


    Unfortunately the propaganda against China and Russia has been going on for so many years that many people are brainwashed against these countries. I suggest they do their own research instead of looking at msm..

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  2. After the United [communist] Nations mandate of European de-colonization 1960 [ Resolution 1514 (XV) ], the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution invaded the de-colonized populations of Africa from which the European powers had abdicated. The ANC alphabet soup Gooks were backed by both the Communist Chinese and the Soviet Union. Their commissars and chain of command trained in Nan Xiang military academy and North Korea trained both commissars and chain of command. They ran Itumbi Reefs in Tanzania. And, of course, they took over those populations and make communist nation colonies out of them. South of the Zambezi they lost militarily, but they still capitulated those states through their embedded Revolutionary Assets in the government. Bishop Abel Muzorewa and De Klerk just handed them over exactly like Mike Pence certified the fraudulent 2020 election for a hijacked political party – the DNC.

    The manufactured billionaires of the CCP today own Zimbabwe and run it through their Party ZANU-PF, they own the water rights of the Upper Zambezi and they run Israel’s blood diamond mines with ruthless Communist slavery.


  3. tonyryan43: “China is expansionist but has so far invaded only Tibet.”

    I don’t think China is expansionist. Mao looked at the 1904 British invasion of Tibet as proof that the country was vulnerable and did not want a potential British or American allied Tibet on China’s doorstep and annexed Tibet in 1951.

    Throughout much of the latter half of the 19th century to the 20th the British and Russian Empires were engaged in what the British called “The Great Game” and the Russians “The Tournament of Shadows”.

    The British saw the Russian threat everywhere.
    There were calls to strengthen Australia’s defence capability, and the construction of Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour was resumed in 1855 as a defence against possible attack by the Russian Fleet.

    The British wanted buffer zones between them and the Russians. That is why the British fought multiple wars in Afghanistan.
    Lord Curzon on becoming India’s Viceroy in 1898 wanted Tibet to become another Afghanistan, a buffer against Russia. He feared that Russia would take over India.

    British Indian spies in Tibet were spreading rumours that the Russians were arming the Tibetans for a possible Russo-Tibetan invasion of India.
    That was the pretext for the British invasion of Tibet in 1904: To stop the Russians from taking over Tibet. Of course, when the British entered Lhasa there were no Russians and no Russian guns to be found. Sounds familiar? Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

    British policy always was to keep Europe divided and Russia in check, preventing her from getting warm water ports. The Russians expanded their empire through much of Central Asia while the British controlled virtually all of South Asia by the 1840s.

    For centuries, beginning with Venetian Marco Polo in the late 1200s Westerners showed a strong interest in China and from the 18th century onwards they steadily increased their presence and influence in China, not without opposition. This foreign imperialism in China would become a notable source of nationalist and revolutionary sentiment.

    The Chinese might well be thinking that with the encirclement of their country by the US and her allies, history is going to repeat itself and they will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening again.

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  4. David, Victoria

    I disagree. That money should have been spent on increasing public housing for the disadvantaged and homeless which has a huge years-long waiting list, increasing the dole which is the second lowest in the entire OECD, and “well below the poverty line” according to ACOSS, and ending the Howard-era indexaction of the dole to inflation in lieu of wages (like the Pension), thereby preventing the dole falling progressively behind the Pension in future. These steps would improve the health and dignity of millions of Australians who suffer from abject poverty due to successive governments who don’t care, and Australian culture, stoked by MSM propoganda which hates “dole bludgers”.


  5. Pat from Vic: “It would be so much better for everyone concerned if the exiting empire could just leave the stage gracefully. Is that likely to happen?”

    It could, but who then is going to fulfill the prophecy of 6 billion dead before the Brave New World Order can be established? Especially now that fossil fuels are on the nose.


  6. tonyryan43: “The money they buy with is from the CCP.”

    Yes, hadn’t thought of it but quite possible, it doesn’t say much about who we let into the joint, does it? Or better still… who we let run the joint!!!


  7. Pat from Vic. Two things, that little response to Gil kept me laughing all the way through. The other thing is, I am not going to provoke you anytime soon LOL.


  8. Daviddd… Most of the Chinese land purchases are not recorded by nationality because the buyers are Australian citizens, 22,000 students that Bob Hawke nationalised following the mythical Taminmin Massacre. The money they buy with is from the CCP. When you factor in that Hawke was a CIA agent, it all makes sense.

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  9. Pat from Vic,
    Where is Japan now? Japan is still in La La land… They still hide real history from its own people and still have wake-up, because they are completely lodged inside the USA Stockholm Syndrome…
    Please note Unz part Quote: re the Japanese.
    “I hope one day Japan awakens from its radioactive Anglo-Zionist trance and reaches out to what should be its natural ally- China).”

    — Anglo-Zionist trance — similar like the Stockholm Syndrome… Please not link below:


  10. tonyryan43, Your Quote: “Very clearly, the US is our most destructive enemy. Gil cannot see this.” I thank you for your well placed comments…


  11. Who is the Top Trading Partner with the USA ?. Follow the Money not the


  12. tonyryan43: “My sources tell me China is invading Australia by financial stealth.”

    You might surprise your sources that when it comes to “freehold” in terms of Australian agricultural land the Dutch are way ahead of the Chinese. Approximately double! Then come the US and UK considerably ahead of China.

    When it comes to “leasehold” the Chinese are equal top billing with the UK, around 4 times as much as Bahamas, Switzerland and Canada.

    But as you know, rental is not quite ownership. I’m not sure that quite classifies as an invasion. 🙂

    Click to access 2019-rfo-agriculturalland.pdf


  13. The Chinese know who’s who. They have a long history and experience with the representatives of the Money Merchants… Marco Polo, the City of London, Mao Tse Tung, BIS … Question is whether they’re following the protocols correctly or going maverick, together with Russia.


  14. Han Barkmeyer, After reading all the previous comments I finally arrived at your remarks and I must say I continue reading your article with delight. Well done.

    Regarding the 30 pieces of silver, (I think those 30 pieces of silver have been stolen from China) well the all-mighty dollar is not that all-mighty anymore and is just fiat coin – credit, Like JP Morgan would say: “Only Gold is money anything else is credit.”
    Yes, I have been analysing Gil May’s article and have come to the same conclusion, Gil knows very little about the Chinese history of many thousands of years compared to the US history of just 246 years starting with the US Warmongering during the “Monroe Doctrine years in the Eighteen Hundreds” In South America. And the Warmongering continued well until today…
    Han, I’m one of the few that do like what you have been writing because it is the Damn truth, and I can handle the damn truth even if I do not like it, but it is the truth and nothing BUT…
    I for one thank you for your contribution because we often say/write when something is wrong BUT not often do we say/write “when something is Right…”
    Also, I remember that Unz article well. Aap yes, in English it means ape.


  15. Gil May, how much did you get from your handlers for writing that excellent piece of warmongering?
    30 pieces of silver?

    Before you write anymore warmongering articles for your Masters, have a look at this article by Jewish Richard Solomon:

    For Its Security and Survival, China Must Understand Rothschild Zionism

    “To ensure its cultural and existential survival, China must fathom Rothschild Zionism like the woodsman in his sleeping bag fathoms the viper coiled around his ankle. The wrong move means goodbye. For the purposes of this article, I define Rothschild Zionism in its present incarnation, as the amalgamation of Wall Street (global Jewish banking mafia families) and the Israel Lobby, along with their affiliated organizations, agencies, think tanks, spy networks, corporations, and agents.

    “The first way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is through its own history. The murderous Opium Wars, European colonization projects, and other “thousand natural shocks” of foreign origin that China endured during the 19th and 20th centuries received their financing from the City of London/Wall Street financial parasites. Just like almost every other evil venture of global finance over the past five centuries, Anglos (Europeans) acted as international banking’s soldiers.

    “The second way for China to understand Rothschild Zionism is to study the example of the former United States republic, now US Anglo-Zionist Empire (I place “Anglo” first for alphabetization purposes only, as the “Anglos” clearly became the junior partners in this twisted relationship). America’s original sins embedded the spores of rot into its nascent foundations, e.g., Native American genocide, African slavery (financed by International Jewry and utilized by Anglo Southern plutocrats), George Washington’s crushing of the Whiskey Rebellion (solidifying the US as a plutocratic republic).

    “Once the Rothschilds established their beachhead, it took less than fifty years for the international bankers to gain total control of America’s financial system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. With the help of the eugenics obsessed Rockefellers (an Anglo-Saxon clan who went on to become one of the eight global banking mafia families ), and traitor politicians like President Woodrow Wilson and Senator Nelson Aldrich, the financial coup d’état was complete. America was Rothschild, but not yet Zionist.

    “As the modern nation state of Israel was a Rothschild project (Balfour Declaration), it was only a matter of time before this Middle East entity was absorbed into the United States. The first dramatic display of unbridled Zionist power came with the assassination of President Kennedy. JFK had strongly opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. The Mossad likely partnered with the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex in Kennedy’s murder, as all three entities harbored a deep hatred for the President.”

    More on:

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  16. tonyryan43 said – “China is expansionist but has so far invaded only Tibet. My sources tell me China is invading Australia by financial stealth.”

    TBH, I can acknowledge and accept China having enormous sway over the world, alongside a handful of other rising stars.

    As to the notion of an Imperial China, historically China has previously held that status, but it was in the main a mercantile empire, and that’s much easier to stomach than the band of totalitarian psychopaths now striving to kill us all and drag us into the Hunger Games where Klaus Schwab and creepy Bill get to torture, butcher and eat our babies FOREVER.

    I recall all the fuss here in Australia a few decades ago over the Japanese buying up Australia from under our feet – and those bastards tried to kill us all back in the 1940s (and BTW, they did the same thing to China, only way worse). Where is Japan now?

    Ditto the Americans, as you correctly point out – hijacked the joint lock, stock and barrel, and hardly anyone seems to care (even though they SHOULD).

    The world moves in cycles – I say, let China have her turn. It would be so much better for everyone concerned if the exiting empire could just leave the stage gracefully. Is that likely to happen? Pig’s arse.

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  17. Brian Johnston

    Phillip Osullivan. You are a bit off with your history. The United States bombed Germany. Germany did not want war though were forced into it. Know your history.
    Churchill said: WWII was not about beating National Socialism rather it was about taking German markets. There you have it. The ‘Nazis’ were the good guys. Now there is some real homework for you.


  18. The author Gil may said – “The Chinese military have been on high alert war footing for over a year, they spend 293.35 billion U.S. dollars a year on defence, THEY DO NOT DO THAT JUST TO DEFEND CHINA.”

    Matter of fact, Gil, yes they do.

    Have you noticed the SEVERAL HUNDRED American military bases dotted all around the local vicinity of China? China has noticed, and they are spending all that money (and notice it’s STILL less than HALF what the warmongering Americans spend) to DEFEND THEIR INTERESTS, ie, to defend China from the f*cking warmongering Americans (and dare I say it, the warmongering Australians).

    AND just BTW, Gil, the money that China spends on her defence is STILL proportionally 10 TIMES LESS than Australia based on population. Doesn’t each Chinese person deserve just a little defensive investment by their government?

    The author Gil May also said – “The make border incursions into India testing their ability to respond, they killed an estimated 120 India soldiers with microwave beams.”

    Well, without getting into a numbers game of who has killed how many of who’s soldiers, since microwave weapons ARE military weapons, I suppose it’s appropriate that they’re being used by China in a military context against hostile military forces.

    Contrast that with Australia’s FEDERAL POLICE using microwave weapons against millions of peaceful law-abiding protestors in the nation’s capital city. The comparison speaks volumes about which country has it’s priorites right WRT microwave weapons.

    Also just BTW, the border dispute over contested territories has been festering between China and India for decades. Please don’t try to conflate that issue with some preposterous allegations about China’s supposed expansionist ambitions.

    If you really believe that an occasionally violent border dispute signals aspirations to take over the world, then perhaps your butt-cheeks should be clenching over the prospect of India coming to invade Australia. They DO have border disputes with Pakistan as well, after all.

    And let’s not forget all those American military bases nudging up against China – there’s a border dispute that DOES telegraph imperial intentions, and China happens to be the TARGET.

    And of course Gil May also said – “They have been flying large numbers of planes into Taiwan airspace practice runs, to test their defence and to provoke US and identify where they will respond from, giving them the target to take out before attacking Taiwan.”

    Well there’s some contorted inverse logic, painting China as an aggressor in a complete contextual vacuum.

    It’s no secret that Taiwan is a sensitive issue for China, seeing as how it’s regarded by China as a renegade province, much like Tasmania might be seen by Australia if they spat the dummy and decided to break away from the arsehole-infested Australian fake federal government. But times have changed, and China and Taiwan were getting along swimmingly until our American friends decided to stir the pot and entrench military assets on Taiwan and encourage Taiwan to declare independence from China in order to PROVOKE China.

    And you actually have the stupid audacity to state that China is “provoking” the USA? All the way over here in the west Pacific, just a few miles off China’s shore, THOUSANDS OF MILES away from the continental USA.

    Remember all those American military bases pressed right up against China’s borders, effectively SURROUNDING China?

    Seriously, Dude, you need a hard-core reality check.

    I’m Australian born and bred and a patriot through and through. So ponder this – I might not agree with everything China thinks or does, but I’m 100% with China on this one.

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  19. Being self-educated works well if you are disciplined, are without bias, and know how to access resources.

    Unfortunately, Gil May grabs his information indiscriminately and cherry-picks to suit his favourite hatreds.

    Now to the objective version.

    The US has invaded and occupied 60 nations since WWII, stealing their resources and turning locals into wage slaves, one of these being Australia (1975). The US controls our government, our economy, and our resources. The US has many military installations in Australia, a dozen of these in the NT alone. The US has dragged us into illegal and unjust wars: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Ukraine. The US is trying to enmesh us in WWIII.

    Very clearly, the US is our most destructive enemy. Gil cannot see this.

    Russia has threatened nobody. In Ukraine, it is defending Russian-speakers, 14,000 of whom were murdered by AZOV Nazis, US-funded allies. And by funded, I mean $4 billion provided by US Secretaty of State, Victoria Nuland.

    China is expansionist but has so far invaded only Tibet. My sources tell me China is invading Australia by financial stealth. It would not make sense to then bomb Chinese assets. Truly, Gil ain’t too bright.

    As to the stupidity of Oz politicians and the rundown of our defence, this is organised by three entities: Mainly by the US, but also the UK and Israel. I suggest Gill hires Tony Broomfield, Daviddd, and A, as mentors to tune him in and update his information.

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  20. …..and this clown stated in his election campaign that we were in debt 3-trillion dollars……sounds like that was a big con and lie to me if he is spending this much on olympics and the voice.


  21. obviousbob: “It might be best to go have a look at Yuri Bezmenov again, as he spelt it out just like the Protocols of Zion does.”

    Thanks obviousbob, I’ve read the script. The black hats are just as ruthless as the white hats. They both have their designated victims which, after all, is the whole idea of the show. Their handlers don’t much care for the victims as long as they get the box office proceeds after the curtain goes down. Cattle are cattle, as far as they’re concerned.


  22. Davidd2: China is happening on may fronts; they are owed, but are also ruthless.
    It might be best to go have a look at Yuri Bezmenov again, as he spelt it out just like the Protocols of Zion does:


  23. You are correct on Chinese buying up our land they are as I write now buying up fertile farm land around Sheparton in Vic. I have been told on the quiet that they are flying into Bendigo in private jets one came in last week, this came from a pilot.


  24. Phillip Osullivan: “It is the United Nazi States of America that has spent the last 50 yrs bombing and killing people in 100,s of countries, around the world. And who are currently deliberately surrounding and goading Russia and China towards WW3. ”

    That’s a little bit too obvious, therefore it can’t be true, otherwise someone would have noticed. lol


  25. “The traitors in our governments …”

    Traitors to us, servants to others. They will be rewarded until their usefulness becomes irrelevant. But that still leaves us up shyt creek. lol


  26. “World Leaders haven’t the brains to see that they will also be fed through the mincer as soon as the war is over and the World Government takes over.”

    Thinking people seem to believe that they are not lacking in brains but in integrity. Thirty pieces of silver is thirty pieces of silver.


  27. Phillip Osullivan

    What an absolute load of Chinese hate and fear mongering. It is the United Nazi States of America that has spent the last 50 yrs bombing and killing people in 100,s of countries, around the world. And who are currently deliberately surrounding and goading Russia and China towards WW3. The UNSA under trump, released a warp speed genocide jabb, bioweapon, that will effectively wipe out 70% of the worlds pop. Happening now. It is not China pushing for war, but US, Aus, Britain, nato.


  28. The traitors in our governments will get the chop too, because the Chinese will say: “You are a traitor…” and then shoot them too.
    And they will have no problem at al in exterminating 23 million Aussies.
    The news is that 400 million Chinese died from the vaxxes, so…who cares?”
    Certainly not the CCP.
    But the Taiwanese reportedly have one major weapon, in the 20 or so missiles pointed in the direction of the Three Gorges Dam.
    It was said at the time that the Chinese could knot knock that many missiles out at one time, so the Gorge might just go one day?


  29. Brian Johnston

    Lindesymonds: You are close refer to George Orwell 1984 in which he describes three Blocks at constant war
    1. Eurasia – Europe and Russia as one.
    2. Eastasia – China and East Asia
    3. Oceania – Nth America, Sth Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

    Rest of Africa, Middle East and India not included.
    I guess India goes to Eastasia.


  30. The US, China, Russia and the rest, are sucking you all into WW3. They are all owned by the Bank now, and the moron politicians that strut around pretending to be World Leaders haven’t the brains to see that they will also be fed through the mincer as soon as the war is over and the World Government takes over. Its a computer. Politicians are already ones step away from extinction.


  31. Brian Johnston

    Frightening article. A pity the author went off track. National Socialist Germany (Not Nazi) did not have to be raised. Germans were not disarmed. Jews were though they did rise up against Germany.
    Germany had Jews in their military.
    Hitler like Putin were/are up against the same enemy.
    Hitler and Putin were both forced into war. Know your history.
    Australia up against same enemy, talk about stupid.

    Some of us do know what happened at Port Arthur. If the above author is so clever maybe he could answer 2 questions.
    1. Who was in the cafe and why?
    2. Who was in the black SUV coordinating events?
    3. Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?


  32. It seems that Queen Elizabeth knew the right time to die and miss all of the repercussions of her inaction and breach of her coronation oath.


  33. The reign of total stupidity and genocide with a bio-weapon on the population to me spells – bought and paid for Communist Party Assets. For Australia, these would be CCP Assets of the political parties.

    Under the Eurasian hegemon of Pax Judaica, the Soviet Union will have Europe and the Middle East and China will have Asean Pacific. The Ashkhenazis will rule from their ancient digs in Khazaria (of which Ukraine is a part). That’s the plan and you can hear Aleksandr Dugin bang on about it on YouTube.


  34. 400 US military bases and huge US military presence around China,
    billions of $$$ in weapons sales to Taiwan,
    sanctions against Chinese industry,
    Nancy Pelosi treating Taiwan as her backyard and rubbing Chinese noses in it, and we think China is aggressive?

    Divide et impera! The Money Merchants know how to work it, and the philistine consumers fall for it every time. lol

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  35. Yep agree with all the corrupt criminal spending on crap like olympics and such without the people permission via appropriate legit referendums.

    The problem is here is believing that our Military is ours anymore… the honest and good willed soldiers are just working within a corrupted Military Industrial Complex model, which promotes fear mongering between countries and runs the msm and other propaganda machine. What can you honestly believe about what other countries are doing to others?

    I believe China is a problem, but via the Israeli State who are infiltrating all our military forces. Our biggest problem is our political corruption which is infiltrated by these same Israeli State tech operations.

    We need to lobby from within and bring down the corrupt collaboration. Give peace a chance!

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