Roberts says Albanese should sort out the alcohol problems he caused in Alice Springs

from Senator Malcolm Roberts

Last Saturday Prime Minister Albanese met with billionaire Bill Gates at Kirribilli House to talk about opportunities for Bill Gates’ vaccine lobbying, software, agriculture and energy interests in Australia.

The meeting came as Bill Gates spent US$10bn buying new stock in Microsoft. Perhaps they talked about the use of Microsoft products to run Australian Parliament House secure email and data storage systems.

Aboriginal youth riot in Alice Springs a daily event since alcohol bans were lifted by PM Albanese. Pic NT Independent

They did talk about the Albanese Government’s decision to give $230m to the Gates-founded Global Health, bringing Australia’s total contribution to just under a billion dollars.

This is not the first time the Prime Minister has found time to meet with billionaires.

Only two weeks ago Anthony Albanese met for six hours with billionaire Lindsay Fox in his upmarket Portsea mansion, arriving from Geelong in Lindsay Fox’s own helicopter.

What deals were done there one can only wonder.

Anthony Albanese it seems has all the time in the world to meet with billionaires, yet only caves to meeting the residents of Alice Springs after days of relentless national media coverage.

It was the Albanese Government that lifted the ban on alcohol in Aboriginal Communities, now just months later we are seeing why that ban was needed in the first place.

The Government was warned this would happen at the time, and only a month after the ban was lifted the Daily Mail reported on the rising violence in Aboriginal Communities.

These kids are on the streets instead of at home for a reason.

Anthony Albanese has tried to run away from a problem he caused.

Prime Minister get your arse to Alice Springs and take Linda Burney with you, it’s about time she met with real Aboriginals. How about you actually do something instead of virtue signalling about the voice to Parliament.

Sort your mess out.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. So Albanese gives one of the world’s richest twats $230M. Who is the bigger arse-hat, the one sniveling his way into Kirrabilli looking for a hand-out or the idiot yes-man giving it away?
    $230M for more ‘vaxxine’ damage and dead bodies somewhere in the world.
    Brilliant own goal Anthony – another low point in our history.

    As far as the Alice Springs problem goes, it’s a case of inter-generational trauma playing out. I watched some of ‘Australian Wars’ on SBS last week and the way some First Nation people were treated during that war-time, it’s no surprise to see what we see today. Inter-generational trauma is by and large reparable, if those who claim an interest in running a stable economy cared to look at off-the-shelf solutions. But then again, why fix a problem when down-stream enterprises, such as the prison and health systems, rely on such problems to turn a profit?

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  2. wontbedenied is totally on the ball with Malcolm Roberts. I emailed Roberts and other Senators, at least a couple of times, telling them to grow a pair and actually do something.
    Like bring crimes against humanity charges against the pandemic perpetrators. But no, Malcolm. Craig and Alex will not do anything that will upset the CORPORATION GOVERNMENT they are CON-TRACTED to.

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  3. How dare Albanese give away OUR money to billionaires to appease them. He does not have any rights to do this and should be sacked immediately and a caretaker Government installed to end the corruption and work for the people, as they were elected to do.

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  4. Albanese gave Gates $230 Million for what? To “invest” in vaccines and Gates’ projects through the WHO?

    Handing over “public” money to PRIVATELY RUN entities for “public” purposes? Yep, smells like Philanthropy at work.

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  5. I don’t seem to be able to comment for some reason;

    Here is my reply to “senator” Roberts;

    I’m happy to see that “Senator” Roberts has decided to voice his opinion here on a public forum; Nowhere to hide now Malcolm; The Truth will always find it’s way to the Light; I have personally sent you emails regarding the The Corporation AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Unlawfully masquerading as The Commonwealth Of Australia and you have done absolutely NOTHING to address this TREACHERY of the People of Australia despite knowing full well that you yourself are sitting in Misprision Of TREASON (along with every other fraudulent politician sitting) in Federal Parliament at the very least; You are also committing a less Criminal Federal Offense by Impersonating an Officer of The Commonwealth and Theft from the Public Purse; You have had ample opportunity to not only investigate this Fraud being carried out onto the People Of Australia, but to also either Deny the allegation or do something about it; Your silence is an admission of Guilt even in your Unlawful Corporate LEGAL[ESE} Realm; You keep on entertaining The good People Of Australia with hollow rhetoric about “we’re coming for you” for covid crimes…..that stopped pretty damn quick Malcolm; You keep on flapping your gums about one “problem or another” and yet nothing ever changes in that cesspit of corruption called Parliament; Your Bread and Circus routine is not cutting the mustard Malcolm; There are 10’s of thousands (at least) of us that know the Law and the fraud being committed Malcolm; Tell your Boss Pauline that you NEED to act before you end up in a world of Lawful hurt; Do something about restoring Lawful Parliament or face the consequences

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  6. Here here! Great post! That useless prime minister too busy patting his own back and virtue signaling his way through life. So now alcohol restrictions for all of us even for law abiding citizens. I dont care what colour you are but if you have sexual, violent, drug or alcohol offenses against your name, you should have the ban. Not the sensible law abiding people. Also stop the race bs and if children are mistreated, not fed, let out to roam with no direction, remove the kids and the government money from them! Its about time adults take responsibility for themselves and their actions!

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  7. Tony Ryan, Really ,Gough Whitlam A good One ? He was a Commo. He was in that lovely little group with Hawk and Cairns Lional Murphy, Keating , even dear old Malcolm Frazer . They tore down our Constitution. Got rid of the Queen. Not that I was a fan of her. She knew what the hell was going on. Now there is supposed to be some woman calling herself Queen of Australia. HA Ha.

    Tony, you surprised me.


  8. Isaac731. What the heck is the use of a parliamentary investigation ? The Pollies are mostly corrupt or stupid . I find it hard to believe there are so many fools and traitors , I have a few suggestions but I am too bloody old, as are many of us who write in here. Come on you wide awake young bloods wake up your mates.Do you love this country, your freedom ? You are going to have to fight to get back what we have lost.

    I have been trying to wake people for 40 years, yes, that is what I said.40 years. I have letters from lying politicians denying the Conspiracy of the New World Order.I spoke face to face with them they lied. Now it is all there on the Government websites.

    I get it, people are scared, well too bad , That will not stop the ” elites.”,think I will spew,
    Wake up , act tell anyone , everyone who will listen

    The hour is late.

    My tracks are all over this land , the grooves are deep I have travelled so much. You young ones will not be able to do that. The prison guards are mustering. WAKE UP.

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  9. We have had some piss-poor prime ministers since Ben Chifley. Actually, the only one that was passable was Gough Whitlam, but just as he got into his stride and planned to close down Pine Gap and the Yank invasion, he got sacked… unsurprisingly, by the Yanks.


  10. Albos karma, what an embarrassment he is, a total swivelling clown running the country.

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  11. Albanese couldn’t sort out red marbles from blue marbles, let alone a simple problem like law and order. The same goes for most politicians. We’ll need a parliamentary inquiry to determine what red and blue look like.


  12. I regard Linda Burney as a coconut who is usually dressed in the finest of finery which indicates that she has little concern for her Blackfella kin wandering around in the dust of our outback.
    In any event, what people may not be realising is that Albo is just making corporate deals with whomever will shovel money up to him and his Party, which is what Gillard did and Julie Bishop did-both gave money to dubious crowds like the Bill and Hillary Foundation, etc.
    We allegedly have a big inflation problem, necessitating higher interest rates, but no choke on foreign aid, nor the largesse detailed here.
    If couple of billion of foreign aid and immigration were foregone for a year, we could have a country without homeless people, but it seems that others as far away as Afghanistan are more deserving of our taxes than we are.
    Just have a look at the government’s foreign aid site-over $4 billion per year, every year.

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