Aborigines want you to pay them rent on your home for evermore, on top of an annual $35 billion government handout

Letter to the Editor

Momentum is building for a campaign that would call on Australian property owners to pay a percentage of their income to traditional land owners out of respect for their ancestral land claims.
The scheme, Pay the Rent, would work as a voluntary weekly payment to a body led by Aboriginal elders and managed without interference from the government.

Fighting, drinking illicit grog and pillaging homes are quite normal Aboriginal behaviour in Alice Springs. Pics The Australian

The program has been operating quietly in Victoria, with veteran Aboriginal rights activist from Melbourne Robbie Thorpe – who organised a similar scheme in Fitzroy in the 1990s – suggesting non-Indigenous Australians give up one per cent of their weekly wage.

Decisions about the distribution of money paid into this fund will be made exclusively by a Sovereign Body, composed of Aboriginal people from a range of clans and nations,” the Pay The Rent website states.


This initiative operates on the understanding that Aboriginal people should have control of any rent received.

Paying the Rent is about non-Indigenous people honouring the Sovereignty of Aboriginal people; it is a somewhat more just way of living on this stolen land,” the scheme states on its website.”


Cara Peek, a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and lawyer who co-founded Cultural IQ, an organisation providing culturally appropriate training in Australian businesses, said Australia was ready to have conversations about financial reparation.

“People are often looking to find a way to support Indigenous communities and acknowledge the historical nature of our lived experiences as first peoples,” Ms Peek told news.com.au.

“A Pay the Rent scheme is also quite poignant in that owning property is a privilege in this country, and as much as people may struggle with mortgages, many people can’t even get a mortgage or bank loan. That is the case for many Indigenous Australians.”


“In response to an common argument that non-Indigenous Australians had just as much right to land because they were born in Australia, Ms Peek strongly suggested education as the answer.

“If you can afford property, you are well above in terms of privilege and opportunity than most Indigenous Australians,” she said, describing it a “moot point”.

“If you want to know why you should consider that [paying the rent] then you need to educate yourself.”

Ms Peek suggested the Cultural IQ educational program she co-founded with her sister and that is set to launch on January 26.

“That helps people understand and unpack their cultural bias and where they’ve come from, and also how to meet first peoples in the middle,” she said.

from Website: https://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/campaign-calls-on-weekly-rent-payment-to-indigenous-people/news-story/c1261e085f6409d0cbc60b2327cc9c10?rsf=syn:news:nca:dt:spa

from Bliskitt, Queensland

Editor: The Aboriginal industry gets $35 billion from the federal government every year, and now they want you to pay them rent on your land for which you worked for a lifetime.

The vast majority of blackfellas sit on their arses for most of their lives collecting money to do so and still they want more. Tell the sycophantic Labor PM Albanese NO. The militant Murris should remember they would not exist in any capacity if the Japs had got into Australia. They should shut up and be thankful for Captain Cook, the ADF and everything that followed for their benefit.

Just remember most Australian state school curricula teaches kids Australia Day is ” ïnvasion day.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ron Vickers-Dalton

    Greetings! Guess who I saw yesterday? Everyone I looked at!

    Thank you for looking & seeing what is truly is going on. Can I give you a short view of what I see & why the government need the aboriginals for there plan to work. For evil to own AUSTRALIA they have to make it a republic get out of the commonwealth but if they go republic now they still would not own or have control of crown & commonwealth land that makes up a lot of Australia the only way is to use First Nation people or custodians of the land( this is not just here but all over the world is in progress ).

    And a lot of that land is valuable resources but can’t be touched just like our own homes the land it sits on if we find gold or oil on our land it is automatically owned by the crown.

    So let’s tell everyone the injustice of stealing the land from the First Nation people make them custodians of the land then pass a legal body of people to over see ( voice) then slowly add & take away laws so that we can control the small percentage of aboriginals ( just like they did with same sex marriage so they could change all the laws that where attached to the marriage bill freedom of rights, speech ,religion) . Throw them enough power to make them feel like they matter but not enough, to keep them as slaves stuck in there addictions & lies, we are doing this for you because you matter. While this happens the ownership laws get greyer & greyer and the voice Organization gets bigger & wider until it is farmed out to the private sector who have probably have pattens and companies set up under the first nation people ,or a name that is owned by the one world companies just like they have done with all the vaccines and past viruses ( sars ,Mers aids,) If they succeed they will only own Australia for a short time .because what they are doing will come back to bite big time and I don’t know if they have seen it yet. I will. Leave it there I won’t speak out what happens next. All part of the Covid one world plan to kill,steal,& destroy ,but if the rulers of the day would of known what they were doing they would not of crucified our lord .

    The powers to be think they are succeeding and they are, But if they only knew .

    Ron Dalton.. Sent from my iPad


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  2. pcwwp, “indigenous people get control of the land and then are bought out by the controllers”.
    Yes, that looks like the plan behind the ‘divide & rule’ strategy.
    Who would benefit from the plan? How about UN-associated sub-groups – the WWF and World Heritage orgs? When an Aus sovereign debt default comes along, they get to take the lot, eg – https://whc.unesco.org/en/statesparties/au

    You will own nothing and be happy.

    The 2021 ADF NT round-up of aborigines for the covid sterilization program was aimed, in part, at removing bloodline claims of connection to country. What’s happening in Central Aust and with small rural communities is related to Agenda 21 ‘rewilding’ of the nation. Places like Alice need only be staging and logisitic points for mining, ranching, farming run on a fly-in fly-out basis. Local community does not matter to the Davos-inspired psychopaths.

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  3. Editor… we don’t need to get rid of the land councils. We just need to engage the original plan, which was to make each language group (tribe) their own land council. That eliminates the anthropologists and lawyers, who dominate the NLC agenda.

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  4. All Land councils are an abomination and we should make every move to have them disbanded. We have tried on a political
    angle but can’t get past the ALP.Ed


  5. tonyryan43 said – “Better still, DNA test them and then sue for fraud.”

    Of course you do understand, that makes you “racist”.

    Dolph Lundgren might be the King of Atlantis, but if he comes to Australia, no doubt he’ll be “Aboriginal” too (and I dare ANYONE to prove otherwise).


  6. Pat from Vic… I don’t disagree with a word that you said. I once told some Redfern activists that they should all demand DNA tests. They thought about it for a while then dropped it. Likewise the academics. As old codger pointed out, the mRNA shows that the original negrito inhabitants were wiped out by the late arrivals, today’s Aborigines. The Pleistocene occupiers of this country were such retrogressive creatures that the new immigrants refused to fuck them. We don’t know if they were genocided out of mainland existence or were squeezed out of the food chain, but the Europeans were sure as hell not the first genociders. Academics don’t like this narrative so they pretend Aborigines were here all the time. Ice ages did not exist. The land bridge did not exist. My thoughts, burn down the universities and shoot anybody escaping.

    But this talk of national sovereignty is giving me the shits. Can the brain-dead ranters kindly grasp that there are two totally different scenarios being discussed here. One: is the language groups of NT declaring national sovereignty of their own tribal land. This is because land rights lasted about two years. Now if an Aboriginal worker saves money and wants to build his own house, he is told he must lease the land from the Northern Land Council. Moreover, in the middle of East Arnhem Land there is an Army camp, WTF! What is the effing army doing camping on civilian’s land? If they did it to you, you would kick up too. And Raytheon has built a missile launching platform on the same land. No permission from Arnhem Landers. So, having been betrayed all the way down the line, the clans want out, before they are all dead.

    Anybody who says they don’t have this right is the same kind of fascist scum that runs the ALP. I would like to meet you. Although I am 80, I am still an undefeated street fighter and this is world war III. And, no, this is not a joke, nor a bluff. I have run out of patience. Meet me in Nhulunbuy.

    The other ‘sovereignty’ scenario burst out like boils from southern urban slums, mouthed by ignorant youths who couldn’t even spell the word. Ignore them. Better still, DNA test them and then sue for fraud.

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  7. True enough, that’s what the Voice is about. But It needs a fair bit of white support, hence the staged theater show to pull in enough suckers. 🙂


  8. Actually the idea is that the indigenous people get control of the land and then are bought out by the controllers.. This is a bit of prelim – theater..

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  9. Correct! The “divide and conquer” strategy is intended to work also as much within the white population as it is a simple “black v white” game which might otherwise subject the black population to a disastrous backlash and complete insignificance.

    The object is that BOTH the blacks and the whites lose while the game promoters laugh all the way to the bank. Once you see the strategy it’s impossible to unsee.

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  10. tonyryan43 said – “It’s sad that Cairns News has fallen for this bullshit. As respondent blanx14 intuited so accurately, this is a divide-and-rule strategy, devised by some deranged ignoramus from the lunatic fringe. Some cunning Fabian socialist is giving it legs.”

    Both you and blanx14 have pointed the bone at Cairns News for publishing this BS.

    However, IMO you’ve taken the bait like so many other commenters – the very divisive agenda to divide and conquer that you warn against.

    Good on Cairns News for putting this garbage up there for everyone to see.

    Yes we have a HUGE problem with the wholesale self-destruction of Aboriginal society in remote communities. Yes we have a HUGE problem with the Aboriginal Industry sustained by vested interests and pork-barrelling beauracrats pissing billions of dollars down the toilet for no reason apart from making some pretend “Aborigine” arseholes really really RICH – while REAL Aborigines (no, not you hordes of 98% white welfare parasites) crash and burn across the country.

    But that’s not the issue. All those poor bastards who’ve been deliberately shoved to the bottom of the food chain and TRAPPED there to justify the $35 billion Aboriginal Industry with its LEGIONS of public servants and professional consultants and high-rolling fake “Aboriginal” bigwigs, AREN’T the problem, they didn’t ASK for ANY of this.

    The issue here is that we’ve got YET ANOTHER scam coming out of Victoria, trying to GUILT TRIP us all into paying protection money to YET ANOTHER bunch of home-grown grifters cashing in on the BS Aboriginal “victim” narrative.

    THOSE are the arseholes who need kicking to the kerb in this case. Unsurprisingly, nurtured and fed in the Land of the Arseholes, ruled by none other than Uber-Arsehole and bona-fide Satan-Shit Extroadinaire, Dictator Dan himself.

    Who didn’t see THAT coming?

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  11. If First nation people want sovereigniy then they will have to forfeit centrelink payments for the white man set up this scheme.I wish these people would sit down with their australian cohorts and start speking some sense. Why have they left it to ask now for soverignity.When one is fighting inheritance law there is only a certain time they can do this.Forever does not exist on this planet!


  12. “The UN already suspects that those human carbon dioxide generators on earth are responsible for the their planetary desolation.

    lol Yes, they worked out it was why the Martians turned Green.


  13. I think your suggestion for a national Martian happy day celebration will be actioned sooner than we might think. The UN already suspects that those human carbon dioxide generators on earth are responsible for the their planetary desolation.


  14. Well heck no! They get so much government money things just handed to them. Go out to their communities and see what they do with their free stuff. They trash everything! People keep saying oh look at the filth they have to live in out in the communities. They make it filthy themselves. Too busy crying victim, collecting money, getting drunk, arguing and swearing in the streets. The youth running around with machetes. Breaking in to people’s houses, stealing and abusing. This is facts! Anyone want to challenge me and call me a racist?! Come walk the streets of alice springs, go out to the communities. Leave your car parked and see if it comes out unscathed. People are scared to go out at night now. Oh and go down to the beautiful Todd river and look at all the trash and clothes etc dumped there. Go to the shop when they bring in new stock and watch them all come and wipe out all stock from the shelves each week so they can change clothes and dump the dirty ones. My time in Alice is about done. They can have the town unfortunately and it will look just like all the communities!


  15. Seven words for Clementine Ford? Oh dear, I’m not nearly so eloquent. I only have two words for her…. F Off!

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  16. It’s sad that Cairns News has fallen for this bullshit. As respondent blanx14 intuited so accurately, this is a divide-and-rule strategy, devised by some deranged ignoramus from the lunatic fringe. Some cunning Fabian socialist is giving it legs.

    I live in the middle of several large Aboriginal communities, and I am paid to record actual Aboriginal Law, and I have been applying Aboriginal Law, with highly successful results, and with the approval of the Courts, since 1979.

    If something like this garbage was actually happening, let me assure you all, I would hear about it. As for people not working, it was our own public servants who deliberately scuttled job opportunities in Aboriginal regions, a situation manipulated by the Seppos. It was Canberra’s CDEP that destroyed Aboriginal businesses by eliminating initiative and motivation. Destruction of Aboriginal incentives and culture has been the agenda all along and so many dumb fucks believe it because it is important for some otherwise inferior people to have somebody to look down on.

    If you want an actual name to blame for the destruction of Aboriginal development opportunities and economic independence, Amanda Vanstone was the ignorant and bigoted Liberal who vocally condemned homelands as ‘unsustainable reversion attempts to live in museums’. The rest of the ignorant and cerebrally-defective Liberals and Nationals made her bigotry a policy statement.

    Vanstone should be hung for treason for the damage she did. Next on the list of destroyers come Mal Brough and John Howard, who launched unconstitutional and illegal military destruction of communities, entirely on the basis of a now-proved fabricated accusation. The Intervention, and the ALP’s continuation of Stronger Futures, are actual programmes of destruction.

    If you want to blame people, get off your arses and kick the heads of the real perpetrators.

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  17. “I believe we should pay rent to our traditional Indigenous landowners. Why? Because the best apologies are followed by meaningful actions. I am a privileged white woman who lives on Indigenous land and spends my time wandering around with $6.50 iced coffee, so I am not exactly achieving greatness. I understand the subject has already become polarising but I think it is pretty simple. It is an opportunity for non-Indigenous people to put their money where their mouth is. Before you start yelling that we are in a cost-of-living crisis and you can’t afford it, please, take a breath. The rent system is designed so you can pay as little or as much as you want. If $20 bucks a week is all your budget can afford, then that is okay. If you can’t afford it, I’m sure that is okay too. Feminist Clementine Ford is firmly for it, as is Greens senator and activist Lidia Thorpe.”. Mary-Madigan for newscom.au

    Clementine Ford – “The mastermind of the breathtakingly creative #KillAllMen was one recipient of the council’s $2 million COVID-19 arts scheme. Presumably, this was a special thanks for her contribution to the soaring male suicide rate, gloating about male tears, publically shaming a mentally disabled man and destroying many careers over the last few years”?


    Pay the rent? Or maybe and only maybe think about how “foolish virgins” (and their equally foolish grooms to be) can change course again to become a part of a sane world of truth, natural beauty and a REAL reality that is encompassed by both genders naturally without conflicts being sown while being indoctrinated by a grandeur of imbecility and profitable gain which are the exact mechanisms of the demise of what once was a healthy beautiful family that not only respected itself and its offspring but was a backbone of a nation that was worth living for (even if it was different than one thought it was).

    Achieving greatness is the easy part. To open ones own eyes in the dark of the night – nearly impossible without igniting the light within.


  18. In the interests of being “inclusive”, April Fools Day would be perfect for our national day celebrations. It’s neither black nor white. The rainbow lot would fit in rather nicely too. 🙂

    But I’m not sure if the Martians might object, in which case we might need to consider an additional national day for them.

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  19. Based. United [Communist] Nations Local Government Authorities in the PRV have outlawed Australia Day and they are bringing enforcement against Australia Day celebrations. This has given rise to: ‘Happy Invasion Day” “We Won” celebrations. To hell with another national sorry day [which is every day btw].



  20. “So Cairns News you’ve finally done it .. you finally bought into the corporate communists agenda”

    Corporate “communists”? lmao Yet another oxymoron at the very least.

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  21. Good onya Tony B , I have read and heard that this lot are not the first nation they are the second because as you said they came from Asia and they wiped out the first so called nation .An old historian and his Daughter back in the 1800s did the history on Aboriganies and found this lot were the second mob they wiped out the first lot .


  22. “Did you at all visit the PAY YOUR RENT website?”

    Unfortunately I haven’t. I’ve been too busy celebrating Australia Day while flagellating myself for being white and guilty of whatever took place before I was born.

    These divisive arseholes are dividing, conquering and breaking Australia apart using their fake white “guilt trip” and conflict manipulations.

    They are doing the Aboriginal communities no favours. They’re simple, useful idiots exploited by the spin doctors of the global Mammon Cult which sucks on the blood of everyone, black or white!

    Entertain them at your own risk and let their cancer spread at your own peril.

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  23. Besides that I am not a regular writer but a very regular viewer. Where has DJ and Auntie eet gone ? Did I miss something?


  24. And to Blanx14, I posted this original article in a comment as a FYI, as I came across it on Nine MSM. Cairns News chose to post it.. Possibly for the same reason I did simply to alert people. Did you at all visit the PAY YOUR RENT website? By the way I am not from Queensland let alone Cairns (which admittedly CN got wrong).


  25. Happy Australia Day every one. Whilst our nation has seen numerous Invasion Day protests widely publicised on MSM today, what is interesting is nearly all I saw even locally are against both the “Voice” and Referendum, all very vocally calling for a treaty instead. Someone here will know why that is the case, guessing it would widely not be in the majority of Australians’ interest, however I could be wrong.
    I also understand that a lot of these people fronting this are not true First Nations people, whiter than me a lot of them, including the gay cricketer playing today in the Women’s Australia Day game, Ash Gardner. Is the conflict she feels really about her aboriginal heritage or about her European, possibly British heritage? (she blonde hair blue eyes). Just asking because it seems to me they play the black card when if genuine they should be be playing the white ( ie why is she not apologising?). She is now the poster girl apparently, whilst cricket Australia pays her handsomely no doubt. She and her female wife/husband (are they both wives or is one actually called husband?). Excuse my ignorance, but nothing I ever sought to be educated on. However, I believe First Nations people are not into homosexuality (correct me if that is wrong). They knew how to reproduce, produce, hunt, gather, self sufficient, care for the land etc. We are told this relentlessly and that is why we are now constantly reminded to bow down and pay homage to these wonderful individuals via “Welcome to Country”. I have not met one here where I live who lives traditionally (because there are none). If they did would they need any government (taxpayer) money in the first place? According to Tony Ryan (who posts here regularly) there are many where he is, good on them, they are the authentic ones. I really would like to know what their true view is. I guessing it way different to what we are fed.


  26. blanx14 said – “So Cairns News you’ve finally done it .. you finally bought into the corporate communists agenda and are pushing their divide and conquer agenda …”

    I beg to differ.

    Cairns News deserves credit for publishing the crazed BS from the fake “Aboriginal Justice” activists now seemingly crawling out from under rocks down here in Victoria.

    That’s actually in the interests of “Free Speech” – GENUINE free speech.

    It gives us an opportunity to observe what certain people are scheming up, BEFORE it blind-sides ALL of us. To take an alternate stance, it allows everyone to hear what’s being said and make up their own minds, and this is exactly how it SHOULD be.

    I’d also note that Editor, cairnsnews noted his disagreement with this proposed “rental payment” scheme at the end of the article.

    You ARE correct in identifying this nonsense as part of a “divide and conquer” scheme – and what a mendacious agenda it is. Even many sensible and well-meaning commenters here in this forum have taken the bait and fallen into the trap, polarising into adversarial camps instead of recognising that the BRAIN-DEAD WOKETARD FUCKW*TS pushing this DIABOLICALLY DIVISIVE BS scheme are the enemy, NOT our fellow Australians regardless of their circumstances or colour.

    Just think how much traction these lunatics will get if AnAL’s “voice” referendum gets past the gate.


  27. Amen. Thankyou Pat, I couldn’““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`t articulate what you wrote as well myself. I totally agree with every word.


  28. Editor, cairnsnews said – “The Aboriginal industry gets $35 billion from the federal government every year, and now they want you to pay them rent on your land for which you worked for a lifetime.”

    Indeed, the Editor has captured the essence of this new game.

    Note that the grifters pushing this racket claim that the “weekly donations” will be VOLUNTARY.


    Editor, cairnsnews also said – “The vast majority of blackfellas sit on their arses for most of their lives collecting money to do so and still they want more.”

    I disagree.

    The vast majority of the people feeding at this particular trough aren’t even “blackfellas” (apologies to our Aboriginal brothers and sisters still living across the continent).

    If you have even the slightest trace of Aboriginal blood in your biology – even if you just “identify” as an Aboriginal – then Congratulations! You have a FREE PASS to the Aboriginal Industry Gravy Train!

    And why wouldn’t you?

    I personally have a whole BUNCH of relatives who are anywhere between 1/4 to 1/16 Aboriginal – with the rest (the VAST MAJORITY) of their internal genealogy being of European extraction.

    And yet (who would have thought) not only are they ALL “Aboriginals” by their OWN assertion, they are ALL Aboriginal ACTIVISTS pushing to grind the naughty White Invaders down into the dirt. They have NOTHING good to say about THEIR OWN WHITE RACE!

    And BTW, more than a few of my young “women” Aboriginal-wannabe relatives (who are what South Africans would correctly pigeon-hole as “coloured” people – basically white people with a tiny bit of native blood in their system) flunked out in school (because, being “Aboriginal”, they didn’t even have to try) and turned into baby factories with multiple serial fathers straight out of school – lots of juicy welfare payments made THAT easy at first, and then NECESSARY for mothers with no skill sets and no future prospects. God help their poor little white-assed children.

    And don’t even get me started on the drugs, the violence, the hopelessness and despair encouraged, propagated and sustained by the government-funded Aboriginal industry here in Australia.

    That’s the world created by these arsehole beauracratic grifters getting rich off this scam. They have their captive livestock to keep the game going FOREVER – and the awful irony is that the bulk of people caught in this institutionalised trap AREN’T EVEN BLACK!

    AND NOW – Voila! – Yet ANOTHER guilt-tripping scam crawls up out of the primordial slime to sit down and suck handouts from the clueless Australian lemmings.

    This time for “voluntary weekly donations” from all those Whitey “landowners”, because OBVIOUSLY if they can afford to buy land then they can afford to pay some PROTECTION MONEY to the fake Aboriginal mafia.

    As if home owners aren’t already been screwed enough by the ILLEGAL corporate “local council” scams entrenched in every community across the nation.

    As if $35 BILLION in fat juicy cash from the Australian taxpayer going into fake Aboriginal beauracrats’ over-stuffed wallets isn’t enough.

    Oh, and by the way, if you don’t agree with the contorted “logic” of this latest scam, then you better “educate yourself” to fall into line with the “cultural” imperative hanging over your head like a guillotine – so say the NEW grifters pushing this latest shell game.

    We won’t even MENTION the FACT that the Australian pygmies aren’t here any more, because, you know, they were GENOCIDED, and not by Europeans. Just (not) saying – you know, because historical justice is just so VERY VERY important at this stage of Australia’s short and precarious existence (ESPECIALLY when the grifters figure out some new angle to MILK THE LIVING F*CK out of it).

    Seriously, doesn’t Australia already have ENOUGH to deal with without a NEW scourge crawling out of Victoria to tear the fabric of decent Australian society asunder?

    No surprise that this has been spawned in that walking dog turd Dictator Dan’s back yard – maybe he can throw in a few hundred tonnes of newborn baby parts to get the ball rolling, that should be worth a couple billion on the organ trading market. Then maybe keep the baby parts coming on a weekly basis, along with all those weekly “voluntary donations” from Victorian home owners.

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  29. They have forgotten , this is a conquered country , by international law , they are entittled to nothing !!!


  30. lmao… An April Fools joke come early in January. Next fool, please!


  31. The more i see peop


  32. The Abbos forget one simple thing. They were conquered by the British. They should be happy about that, rather than be conquered by Japanese. If that would happen there would be no aboriginals left, as they hated them.

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  33. Leonard R. Schmidt

    We have a similar, but broader problem here in the United States, with all non-Christian, non-Caucasian peoples aligned against us White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants. What if Aborigines had to give up everything civilized we brought to them? Would they happily return to nakedness, living off the land and eating one another? I’m just asking.


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  34. Sure thing! Then kick them off the white mans dole system, charge them with full price of all services and benefits the white man created, hospitals, schooling, roads, transport, electricity etc., etc.and then hear then whine!

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  35. The Abbo’s arn’t the true natives of this continent, didn’t they migrate across the land bridge from Asia when the sea levels were lower? that makes them immigrants like all of us, all be it they arrived earlier.
    so abbo’s get off your arse and get to work and contribute like we all do, and start being role models in your community. im sick of this victim mentality pushed by these marxist soy boys of the left.

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  36. Richard,
    You write, “This is made clear in our Christian Bible !” I’m not sure that ascribing Christianity as a qualifier is fair. By all accounts, their culture is observant of honouring the land and if true should not be subject to Christian values but held up to observe their own.

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  37. Reparations from land owners for aborigines to sit on their arses all day feeling sorry for themselves, drinking themselves into oblivion along with their huge chips on their shoulders ain’t never going to happen as far as I am concerned. Time these people took a good look at themselves and do what the white fella does and that’s work to get ahead. The sense of entitlement by the black fella in this country is astounding.

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  38. I’m happy to give up rent money in exchange that the Aborigine nation give up all modern amenities. Power, transport, education, housing, clothing, sport, alcohol, cigarettes etc. The money could be delivered in cash and used to insulate your lean to or cave of choice or save it up till you have enough to buy the NT and kick all the colonials out. We could share costs to run a rabbit proof fence around it and you’d be free again. Deal?

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  39. The Australians built Australia – an economically prosperous nation with English populations, jurisprudence and government, technology, engineering, infrastructure and Christian social infrastructure. Empire of the City of London finance is there in the foundation and that is what must be removed – as did the Southern Crown Colony of Rhodesia.

    Apart from the Anglo-Celtic heritage and founding there is no commonwealth to share.

    The Aboriginals certainly have a seat at this table. And as 3.2% of the population they are given a 35 billion dollar stake in it. When they travel overseas on Australian passports that is when they are OK with identifying as Australian. No wonder so many White Australians with a percentage of Aboriginal genetics even in low single digits are claiming and identifying with their Aboriginal heritage . 90% of their European genetics does not get them onto the gravy train. OK. I get that. But as anti-Whites running an anti-White agenda on the rest of us, these anti-White Aboriginal identified Whites should be very much ‘our business’. They will be the ones pushing for this ‘pay the rent’ scheme. And they are the ones who are the ‘Aboriginal Voice’ supporting the Australian Marxist Government Agenda to import more Blacks from Africa to join the crime gangs already rampaging in Australian cities. The fact that the tribal Aboriginal people in living in community are going to be collateral damage of Blacks who are a lot more feral than they are tends to make me wonder where these anti-White Aboriginal identified Whites were bar and bat mitzvah’d. That’s the real law business and initiation we should be interested in with this Gravy Train.

    Aboriginals certainly recognize right of conquest in terms of land – because they conquered it themselves from people who were here before them. I say this confidently because I can see the pyramids ( grassed over – yes) but far too geometrical to occur in nature. I have been to Sardinia, so I have a pretty good idea what is underneath those pyramids. And to that I would say: I think it would be wise to leave it there. https://biblearchaeology.org/research/conquest-of-canaan/3490-extrabiblical-evidence-for-the-conquest

    And as that kind of stonework maintains its ancient lines, so too should we recognize right of conquest. [Hint for dumbed down, self-flagellating Whites: everyone else does. Why else do you think the Han Chinese of Communist China have declared OFF LIMITS the Taurim Basin with its red haired mummies and white pyramids? Why are the Arabian nations so ultra-sensitive about ancient peoples like the Biblical Elamites who built the great monuments on the land which the Islamic people of the Arabah conquered from the populations of the Eastern Roman Empire? Uhm?]

    Today is Australia Day and I am going to the beach with my Red Duster for the bar-be-que. Anybody who wants to come over and crap on about ‘invasion day’ will be treated to a white spot prawn with some wild salad from my garden on a chia seed bun with a nice squirt of flaming hell ring stinger sauce and told to ‘get real’.

    Big Shout Out and Happy Australia Day to the Cairns News Community world-wide – Editors and Correspondents and Readers. In the New Year, let’s plough the road.

    Redheads Part 1 of Skeletons in the Closet

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  40. Richard Leschen

    Dear Sirs and Mesdames, If many of these Australian aboriginal people will not work in their community to help themselves to get jobs as cattle drovers, or fence menders or stock men, or any paying job at all, in any field of work then they do not deserve to eat. This is made clear in our Christian Bible ! We the majority of white people in Australia are happy to work.

    Before the white man came to Australia or the great southern land, the Aboriginal people had to hunt, fish and make fires and spears and woomeras and gunyas and make string bags out of paper-bark trees and animal hair etc. Strangely, I have found that young Aboriginal girls in school are keen to learn the three R’s Reading Writing and Arithmetic, but the majority of Aboriginal boys are not keen to learn the three R’s and would rather kick a football around in the school playing field all day. How sad for them and their future in trying to find a job in a white-man’s world when they leave school around the same age as their keen to learn scholastic Aboriginal girl classmates who will easily get jobs.

    In South Africa and other countries such as South America, both male and female children are keen to learn, so why is it that so many Australian boys treat learning as anathema ? They are simply cutting off their noses to spite their faces but can’t see it !

    Sincerely, Richard L. 🥹

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  41. Neville Thompson

    Darkies like Robbie and his sister being mixed blood from having a white father will have to pay their 50% fair share of their money to this fund

    Liked by 2 people

  42. Who owes whom? The question is, Who made this country the rich, prosperous and free country it is.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. So Cairns News you’ve finally done it .. you finally bought into the corporate communists agenda and are pushing their divide and conquer agenda … So bloody typical of Cairns people but we see your true colours now… And I thought you were broad minded…

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  44. Well that’s one way to bring a nation together and squash racism…..


  45. With over a third of australia under direct and indirect control of aboriginal people and massive payments being paid to them. There is no way I will be paying “sit down money”. I have worked all my life and have paid taxes all my life and the government has taken a portion of those taxes and distributed them to those who will not earn their own keep without my permission or instruction. I was born here but my ancestors came from england and scotland. It would be insane for me to go back to those countries and claim money and land from them. If they want to be genuinely able to live as they were before 1788 then allow that. That means no food, medicine, education, transport. They are some of the most wonderful people in the world, and I have known many from around Australia but they are being used as political pawns and they know it.

    Liked by 3 people

  46. Not a chance.. Not first nations Not Australia’s first nation’s… Give them S.F.A…….

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  47. IF the current bunch of “originals” were in indeed original, there might be a case to answer, but the ORIGINALS were hounded down to Tasmania and slaughtered. this current crop came down from Indonesia over the land bridge and are themselves “invaders”

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  48. I have never heard of such drivel & absolute crap in my entire life. No doubt there will be some guilt ridden Aussies who will get such into this nefarious scheme.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. Some folks obviously spent too much time getting stoned whilst listening to ‘Beds are Burning’ in their yoof.

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  50. ““If you want to know why you should consider that [paying the rent] then you need to educate yourself.”

    That is some serious cretin. What planet does it hail from?

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  1. Pingback: Aborigines want you to pay them rent on your home for evermore, on top of an annual $35 billion government handout – debtstop

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