Statistical data analysis shows that worldwide weather events are not an increasing “crisis”. The reverse is true: there is almost no significant trend in severe weather events and deaths from them are at a record low.

Yet Emergency Services Minister Murray Watt has sensationally told flood victims in Fitzroy Crossing that the floods there are evidence of climate change happening before our eyes.

In every weather event, these spineless politicians prey on flood victims and tell them an odourless, tasteless, invisible non-toxic trace gas is the reason their home was washed away. It’s a blatant lie for their own political gain.

When we only go back over a short period, records are broken every day. For almost every ‘record’ flood there is evidence of a worse one in the early 1900’s or 1800’s or earlier.

Shame on Murray Watt for dishonestly preying on these victims of natural disasters to push his climate change ideology.