Gates, while under criminal investigation, visits his boy Anthony

GLOBAL vaccine pusher and profiteer Bill Gates, who has been named in an international criminal investigation, quietly slithered into Australia on January 15th on one of his private jets to meet Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Gates casually dropped to Albanese that there’s another pandemic on the way and he and his gang of criminals need to talk to Australia about “being prepared” for it. They also want to do business around “climate change and renewable energy”.

Gates along with Anthony Fauci, the Pfizer company, Larry Fink’s BlackRock financial conglomeratge, World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and scientist Christian Drosten pushed ineffective, highly dangerous and lethal experimental vaccines on the global population in violation of the Nuremberg Code and criminal law.

A team of lawyers and other experts in various fields, led by prominent US-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, has called on every public citizen to recommend indictments against these leading pushers of the global, so-called pandemic response that blatantly violated existing medical protocol for dealing with pandemics.

We should note that Fuellmich has been in dispute with the co-founder of his previous Berlin Corona Investigative Committee and has reformed a new group called the International Crimes Investigative Committee.

As noted by one of the expert witnesses on the Fuellmich team, Dr Bryan Ardis, Gates and company pushed the dangerous and deadly drug Remdesivir as a “Covid treatment” but which killed thousands of men, women and children. At the same time they demonized other proven safe and effective treatments such as vitamin C, zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin – which they also demanded in vaccine contracts to be banned in Australia and other nations.

“I knew right away from the Gilead study, conducted two months earlier, that the entire kidney failure, multiple organ failure, was the result of Remdesivir and had nothing to do with the virus,” the doctor said in a video released over the weekend by the Fuellmich team.

“I said in May 2020 – I went to the media – I said everyone needs to be warned that Anthony Fauci has declared a drug to be an answer to the pandemic … he is going to hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent Americans with this drug. So now you have liver failure, kidney failure, now heart failure caused by Remdesivir, published to do so. Guess what the only authorized drug to treat Covid in children is, in hospitals and outside? Remdesivir.”

And that’s only one aspect of the criminal investigation, aside from the fraud and lies and mass harm done by the mRNA vaccines themselves. In his video, Fuellmich summed it up: “Ladies and gentlemen, this case is about a long-planned agenda of a group of ultra-rich people and their financial mafia based in the city of London and in Wall Street, to use a pseudo-pandemic as the guise behind which – while our attention is on the pandemic – to complete their decades-long efforts to gain full and complete control over all of us.”

Fuellmich went on to note that the World Economic Forum was the most important of the numerous platforms upon which this group meets. “Its members are a thousand global corporations (each) with at least $US5 billion in annual sales, politicians, media representatives, scientists and other so-called high-profile personalities. Among the first graduates were Angela Merkel and Bill Gates in 1992.

But as if to underline his utter contempt for these serious criminal allegations, Gates sneaked to Australia to be welcomed by none other than the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House in Sydney, “to discuss climate, energy and vaccines in the Pacific”, the Daily Mail reported.

Gates was reportedly not attending this year’s World Economic Forum, apparently because the delusional and greedy little piece of human scum is planning another pandemic and another round of multi-billion-dollar profits from dirty mRNA gene therapy injections.

Albanese, to his shame, was quoted by media as telling Gates “I’ve admired your work”. Albanese and his handlers know very well that Gates is universally hated over his so-called philanthropic activites, pushing the World Economic Forum agenda of a global, digitalized public health system which injects and tracks people like cattle.

Gates snuck into Australia with Gates Foundation members and representatives of his Breakthrough Energy company, “which drives innovation in sustainable energy and in technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”. Oh really Bill? Would that technology include batteries that rely on the slave labour of Congolese children used to extract bags of rare-earth minerals from tunnels in hillsides?

Albanese, after bowing and tugging his forelock in front of Gates, boasted that “My government was elected on a platform of taking climate change seriously – we introduced the first legislative caps of 43 per cent by 2030 and net zero by 2050,” the Prime Minister was reported as saying.

“We are engaged in setting a whole range of mechanisms that will drive private sector investment through,” he added. And Gates no doubt has just the private sector investment and party donations that Albanese is looking for. It was a cowardly and disgusting display of billionaire boot-licking that would embarrass many traditional Labor Party stalwarts.

The vaccine pusher then thanked the Albanese for his ‘great partnership’ on international health issues, including the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – all dependent on Gates and his buddies vaccine products.

And then Gates casually dropped his warning to his boy Anthony: “A lot to do there as you say, the preparedness for the next pandemic is still a discussion that hasn’t been figured out,” he said, suddenly switching the conversation to malaria and polio as if to justify his own dirty schemes.

“Malaria in the long run we want to do the same thing we have done with polio which is eradicate it regionally then eradicate it all over the world.” Who Gates was referring to as “we” is rather strange, as Gates was a toddler when polio was being dealt with in the late 1950s.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. What a lowlife pair of HOMO’S.


  2. Bill Gates claimed that by using “vaccines”, among other health measures, we could reduce global population growth?

    ” The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

    Oh really? And Elbonese has allegedly given Gates’ World Health initiative a $230 miillion” handout to assist him? Does that mean Elbownese is on the same page as Gates?

    How does “proper” use of “vaccinations” actually DECREASE the number of people on the planet? Could someone please explain the mechanism?

    And which Australian electors gave Elbownese a mandate and a green light to participate in let alone feeed Gates’ PRIVATE scheme?


  3. And while genocidal psychopath , Bill , is over here to take a dump on Australia, he just happens to let it drop that CoVID vaxxes don’t work.

    This must be some kind of ‘in joke’ after the Australian Bureau of Stats has crunched the numbers and come up with 5162% increase in excess deaths across all causes of mortality in Australia from 2021 – 2023. They gave this info secretly to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. So now it is public domain.

    All the CoVID Commissars get it. Bill, a slime-y little sucker pad on the Vampyre Squid and little Albo who has to run UN CoVID Operation here in the Australian patch. They all get it. And since we all know it is NOT, Absolutely NOT the vaccine that could possibly be causing 5162% cause of excess mortality, Bill just can’t restrain his squidliness: – ‘well the covid vaxxes don’t work anyway’ he assures the Australian families who have loved ones due to the vaxx adversities and the Australians who have lost their homes, their jobs, businesses and health due to the Australian CoVID Regime mandates.

    What we are supposed to believe from Bill’s infobyte is that the CoVID Vaxx ‘doesn’t work’ against the ‘SARS nouvelle corona cov-2 virus’ of the Global Pandemic 2020, a virus that was never isolated from any human tissue and shown to be infectious and transmissible. That Virus. That Pandemic.

    But the CoVID Vaxx as a bioweapon for depopulation, well it is working just fine. The numbers are now in at a pleasing 5162%. And Bill is on public record as a depopulator for the Vampyre Squid. So he would know.


  4. I don’t think we are ‘doomed’ either.

    In the Official Narrative, the WEF is in the frame of the evilWesternSatanicglobalists which run the world. This is just the schmo screen. The WEF is tasked with some parts of the Mad Plan but like the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board and manufatured Billionaire Foundations, they are multi-lateral partners of the Praesidium of the Communist Revolution. That is the United [ Communist ] Nations. The joint operations command [JOC] of the UN is entirely covert, just like the Executive Office of the ZOG US government has now gone entirely covert. Whatever is in front of the schmo screen is entertainment for the sheeple.

    Tucker : Time to check in our Lizard Overlords in Davos

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  5. “We’re doomed”

    No we’re not. A few well chosen human sacrifices and the gods will look kindly upon us again. Everyone will fall into place and be on their best behaviour. Where’s the nearest and handiest active volcano? lol


  6. Bill is here to see Albo’s Handler and make sure Albo has his ‘preparedness’ task list the from United [Communist] Nations for the next pandemic they are going to roll out. The evilwesternsatanicglobalists [read WEF] will be managing that one too. Like ScoMo, Albo has a Bad Doofus script. At least he didn’t get a visit from Super Jew Dr K. That paste-y old ghoul was probably dispatched directly from Operations Command to Vlad who is proceeding apace with the World War III part of the Plan.

    We’re Doomed


  7. This has been the strangest Clinical trial in our lifetimes because it was coerced on people against International Standards of protection, there were purposeful attempts to hide the data of adverse outcomes for 75 years, and the Medical fraternity still doesn’t know exactly what was in the injections due to their Commercial in Agreement contracts with our Corporate Government.

    If ever there was a real biological ‘airborne’ attack it would more likely take the form of spores, and probably be more of the fungal type anyway.

    A fungus can take over an insect to such an extent that it will eventually shrivel away and die.
    In nature, insects will instinctively move their diseased ridden member away to a private spot so that it doesn’t ‘spread’ the fungal spores to them.

    Fungal spores multiple rapidly and spread with the wind.

    On the other hand, viruses are a construct. They need a so-called ‘host’ to even become active.

    Why does the difference matter?
    It matters when needing to know how to treat something.

    For now, the bulk of the Western world is actually being silently invaded by a fungus called Candida Albicans.
    Candida Albicans feeds on sugar. That’s why.

    What do people do about the Candida they don’t even know they have which is making them feel like crap.
    Not a lot.

    Candida Albicans can even turn virulent and change it’s form to cause some very serious trouble.
    It may even be mistaken as being a ‘tumour’ seen on scans.
    Whatever a ‘tumour’ actually is.

    In Italy, Dr Simoncini, a practicing Oncologist, treats his ‘tumours’ as if they have become the virulent fungal form.

    Reference: “Cancer is a fungus. A Revolution in Tumor Therapy” Dr T. Simoncini Oncologist
    Despite much backlash and the usual carry on, Dr Simoncini seems undeterred, probably because of his success and the testimony of his patients.

    In Australia, Mycologists (the study of fungi) do not seem to have their rightful place in Medicine. They can however be found researching the thousands of fungi and mould in nature.

    That is a big mistake to not see their value.
    I wonder who decided that in this Country.

    In Asia, Mycologists take their rightful place in the field of Medicine.

    Instead, the focus in Australia is on Virologists (Researcher of viruses) and Epidemiologists (Researcher of the cause of disease).
    Take a step back right there.

    Maybe Australians should start asking the right people, at least the next time round.
    Just in case.

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  8. “Virologists need to explain whether they actually seen a ‘virus’ in it’s natural form, wiggling and moving like a fungus, or a bacteria.”

    It’s already been explained and is undeniable: NO ONE has EVER seen a live virus of ANY kind.

    Any claim to the contrary is simply fake, no matter what spin they want to put on it. Genuine SCIENCE always trumps COMMERCIAL $CIENTISM. 🙂


  9. To PCWWP,
    A virus does exist. It’s the crap that comes out of a cell which has had a bit of this and
    a bit of that added to it (as seen under a microscope). It spills out, just like an exosome.
    Virologists need to explain whether they actually seen a ‘virus’ in it’s natural form, wiggling and moving like a fungus, or a bacteria.
    The argument is that this ‘virus’ or piece of crap, does nothing more.

    It’s not contagious, it just junk.

    If you are with ‘virus’, it’s your junk, and your’s alone.


  10. david2, Gates looks like the slovenly chief priest meeting with his do-gooder local parish priest. A pair of useful idiots.

    The ‘Pay the Rent’ idea is more of the same old, same old – Divide & Conquer.
    The parasite class wants the peasants divided into warring camps. They will use guilt as their main weapon. Given the display of gullibility the last 3 years they’re in with a good chance of duping the peasants again.

    Look at the WEF @ Davos this last week: “Despite comprising 5% of the world population, Indigenous people protect 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity. Through their long-standing stewardship of the environment, Indigenous leadership and knowledge are critical to finding meaningful solutions to the climate crisis, reversing biodiversity loss and advancing a more sustainable relationship with our planet. Blah blah blah ”

    This dividing tactic is grist for the mill of the lying fakestream media.

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  11. Look at the photo carefully and read the body language! Who looks to you to be in charge and who looks like they’re picking up crumbs??


  12. “The scheme, Pay the Rent, would work as a voluntary weekly payment to a body led by Aboriginal elders and managed without interference from the government.”

    What country are they planning to install that in? Squatterland?

    I reckon that’s about enough BS for this century in Australia. Time to restore some sanity and self respect to our Lucky Country before the fools rip it to shreds.


  13. As EVERYBODY knows, when creepy Bill finally springs his NEXT “deadly pandemic” on us – you know, the one he was planning on the quiet with AnAL in Kirribilli House while also getting all the fine details sorted for our “Trusted Digital Identity” branding and “Vaccine Passports” and CBDC and compulsory transition to a diet of cockroaches and maggots – we’ll be FORCED by the Globalist-owned World Health Organisation (WHO) to all line up for our NEXT round of fake “vaccine” bioweapon injections or get pack-raped by the foreign hired Gestapo mercenaries now posing as Australian police (Hell, they’ll do it anyway, just for kicks).

    That’s because the WHO is now our defacto One World Government, and we’re legally bound to do whatever shit they decide we should do, whether we like it or not. See what they did there? See why creepy Bill is on his “Take Back Australia” tour?

    So it’s really obvious that we need to GET AUSTRALIA THE HELL OUT OF THE WHO.

    Personally, I’d prefer to just take the entire management of the WHO, their entire board of directors, every last employee of the WHO and any and all associated subsidiaries and stooges having any links to them whatsoever, and throw them all into an active volcano. And shoot any of them who tried to crawl back out.

    But that’s probably not very pragmatic.

    Some Australian patriots have come up with another idea – drown the politicians with emails and letters telling them to get us the Hell out of the WHO…

    Here’s a video praising the idea…

    And here’s the actual web site…

    TBH, I don’t have much faith in petitions and letters to politicians, mainly because they like to have a big dump and then wipe their arses with our correspondence, and then occasionally fart in our general direction.

    However, it’s probably worth a shot. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is worth trying to get us THE HELL OUT OF THE FRIGGING WHO. If the WHO no longer has any legal standing to shove bioweapons down our throats, then these bastards here in Australia are going to have a harder time justifying their efforts to KILL US ALL.

    And we’ll have an easier time stringing these mongrels up to lamp posts – all 100,000 or so of them.


  14. blisskitt quoted an article – “Momentum is building for a campaign that would call on Australian property owners to pay a percentage of their income to traditional land owners out of respect for their ancestral land claims.
    The scheme, Pay the Rent, would work as a voluntary weekly payment to a body led by Aboriginal elders and managed without interference from the government.”

    Well, as if the 200-year old experiment that is Australia isn’t already in enough strife, here comes another white-ant initiative from left-field to introduce some more fractures into the crumbling edifice.

    I’d suggest we set about getting the f*cking genocidal Globalists off our backs before we start dividing what’s left of the country up into “culturally aware” classes and fiefdoms for hire.

    Haven’t we already got a $30 BILLION Aboriginal industry here in Australia, run by a “select group” of First Nation people? So now you’re telling us there’s ANOTHER scheme that’s been “quietly running” down here in Victoria, ALSO to be run by a “select group” of First Nation people, with what’s touted to be a “voluntary tax” on the incomes of all the White Honky Invader Class land owners? Here’s a pertinent question for anyone who maybe hasn’t been following the situation over the last three years here in Australia and around the rest of the world – WHAT F*CKING INCOME?


    BTW, how’s that OTHER scheme been going over there in Zimbabwe? And yes, folks, that was before the Globalist pschos even got started.

    Here’s an oldie but a goodie – “United we stand, divided we fall”. Sound familiar?

    While all the clueless lemmings squabble in the dirt fighting amongst themselves over crumbs, the greedy arseholes who think they OWN ALL OF US are going to continue CARVING UP THE COUNTRY and EATING US ALIVE. Australia won’t SURVIVE this ethnic partitioning BULLSH*T. You’re either Australian, or you’re NOT.

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  15. From the website.

    Pay now.

    “Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough
    Pay The Rent”


    Why pay?

    We live, work and play on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. On this stolen land, systems & institutions have been built that are structured to exclude and oppress.

    There has been no Treaty with any First Nations Groups in so-called “Australia”. As yet, there has been no commitment from the government to justice, restitution or systemic change.

    The effects of colonisation continue to this day. We could wait for years for the government to begin this work. But we don’t want to just sit and wait.

    We could wait for years for the government to begin this work. But we don’t want to just sit and wait. We want to act now in solidarity with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. ”



  16. Hi Editor
    Whilst this is not related to this story, thought this may be of interest to CN readers. Here is article.

    From the article:

    “Momentum is building for a campaign that would call on Australian property owners to pay a percentage of their income to traditional land owners out of respect for their ancestral land claims.
    The scheme, Pay the Rent, would work as a voluntary weekly payment to a body led by Aboriginal elders and managed without interference from the government.

    The program has been operating quietly in Victoria, with veteran Aboriginal rights activist from Melbourne Robbie Thorpe – who organised a similar scheme in Fitzroy in the 1990s – suggesting non Indigenous Australians give up one per cent of their weekly wage.

    “Decisions about the distribution of money paid into this fund will be made exclusively by a Sovereign Body, composed of Aboriginal people from a range of clans and nations,” the Pay The Rent website states.”


    “This initiative operates on the understanding that Aboriginal people should have control of any rent received.

    “Paying the Rent is about non-Indigenous people honouring the Sovereignty of Aboriginal people; it is a somewhat more just way of living on this stolen land,” the scheme states on its website.”


    “Cara Peek, a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and lawyer who co-founded Cultural IQ, an organisation providing culturally appropriate training in Australian businesses, said Australia was ready to have conversations about financial reparation.

    “People are often looking to find a way to support Indigenous communities and acknowledge the historical nature of our lived experiences as first peoples,” Ms Peek told

    “A Pay the Rent scheme is also quite poignant in that owning property is a privilege in this country, and as much as people may struggle with mortgages, many people can’t even get a mortgage or bank loan. That is the case for many Indigenous Australians.”


    “In response to an common argument that non-Indigenous Australians had just as much right to land because they were born in Australia, Ms Peek strongly suggested education as the answer.

    “If you can afford property, you are well above in terms of privilege and opportunity than most Indigenous Australians,” she said, describing it a “moot point”.

    “If you want to know why you should consider that [paying the rent] then you need to educate yourself.”

    Ms Peek suggested the Cultural IQ educational program she co-founded with her sister and that is set to launch on January 26.

    “That helps people understand and unpack their cultural bias and where they’ve come from, and also how to meet first peoples in the middle,” she said. “



    Looks like the big bad woolof has been chewing on little piggy’s ear.


  18. Albanese would shake hands with the big bad wolf for the press coverage.


  19. Blisskit, another warning bell. Gates’ Rumin8 investment, what’s that about?

    The anti-humanist/transhumanist/post-humanists have agendas to fulfil.
    While they pretend to be doing something about the climate, their actions in this respect are about removing natural protein from the public diet. We know the pharma-criminals are ‘vaxxing’ animals with spike protein-creating toxins. That means – eat meat at your own risk.

    Give it a couple of years and 1000s of ‘mystery’ illnesses after people eat ‘spiked steaks’ and the scientist-criminals will ID the cause of the new pathology as a new version of mad cow disease BSE*. They will either blame climate change or covid mutating, blame anything other than the neuro-toxin masquerading as a nasal spray vax-poison.

    No more meat for you ailing peasants, it’s too dangerous. Fortunately, mad-scientists have been working on a parallel project of fake meat. Enjoy.

    BSE* I wouldn’t be surprised if the mad cow disease outbreak (UK 1980s) was the result of neuro-toxins in ‘vaccines’, a trial run of sorts.


  20. Gates still pushing his vaccines? Lookie here what just happened to us and the world! The evidence is indisputabe.

    “Seeing Is Believing: What the Data Reveal About Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts Around the World”

    NOTE: Having stated that the world population is headed to about 9 billion, Bill Gates claimed: “Now, if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent”

    Looks like he was right. They seem to be on track!


  21. Hi Tim, agreed. They have me somewhere on a list so my real reply is not allowed.


  22. Yes there is a large group of us trying to get people to understand that “germ theory” is just that – an unproven theory – actually it is just a hypothesis – never got to theory stage. On from that – contagion has never been proven – in fact all the literature shoes it does not exist. It’s a hard sell as people are so programmed – but it has to be done. Once you realize it’s all bs ( get rid of the tv )then there is no fear – no fear- no control. If you understand what they are currently doing with the International Pandemic Statutes from the WHO you will realize the danger we are in.

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  23. “Germ Theory” is a cover for poisoning–the drugs, injections, and pollutants.
    “Virology” is modern day sorcery. Pseudo-science. Religion.

    Repeat life-long (sick)customers along with population reduction.

    Healthcare is a misnomer. Employer, huge numbers employed by “healthcare”
    and governments creates massive conflict of interest, they by and large cannot
    question and see, because to do so will force them to realize they’ve been
    conned and are living an evil lie. Their illusury identity of “do-gooder” will
    be shattered and would lose their privileged position(heroes) in society.

    There is also a psychosomatic effect with all the constant propaganda. They cast
    spells on the population.

    For this to end, “germ theory” must be recognized for the fraud it is.
    Half-measures will avail us of nothing.

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  24. “Harvest Road Group CEO Paul *Slaughter* said”…

    Is that their real name, it’s quite fitting actually.


  25. I forgot to mention, note another investor, our great Australian, Twiggy Forrest.


  26. Well here is something just announced, Bill Gates and Breakthrough Energy, poor cows and their farts.

    Story here:

    But below is the news release from Rumin8 ‘s web page.

    “Rumin8 secures investment from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Harvest Road Group in Phase 2 seed funding round

    23 January 2023

    Australian climate technology company Rumin8 has closed Phase 2 of its seed funding round, led by Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) with participation from Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s agri-food business Harvest Road Group. The funding will be used to accelerate Rumin8’s road to commercialisation.

    Rumin8 is an Australian climate technology company designing solutions to radically reduce methane emissions in agriculture. The Company identifies naturally occurring compounds that have anti-methanogenic properties and reproduces them in a highly efficient, low-cost, scalable, and high-quality process to feed to livestock to reduce their emissions.

    Responding to investor interest, the Company conducted a Phase 2 seed round of funding, raising US$12 million to be spent on commercial trials in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA, product brand development, and pilot manufacturing plant development as Rumin8 moves towards commercialization of its methane busting feed additives. Funds from both seed rounds totaled approximately A$25m.

    Existing international climate fund investors in Rumin8, the Australian-based Aware Super Sentient WA Growth Fund and U.S.-based Prelude Ventures, both ‘topped-up’ their shareholding in the Phase 2 seed round.

    Rumin8 is the first Australian-based BEV portfolio company.

    “The demand for sustainable protein has never been more apparent, which is why BEV is keenly interested in reducing methane emissions from beef and dairy,” said Carmichael Roberts, BEV. “Rumin8 offers a low cost, scalable toolbox that has already proven to be effective in reducing emissions. Our team will support Rumin8 in working closely with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally.”

    Harvest Road Group CEO Paul Slaughter said Rumin8 complements the group’s other investments in reducing the impact of agriculture on climate change.

    “We are actively seeking solutions to reduce methane emissions in livestock supply chains, with Harvest Road supporting multiple emerging technologies focussed on methane reduction in ruminant animals,” Mr Slaughter said.

    “Feed additives are an important pillar in our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and support our ambition to help solve the global methane emissions challenge.”

    “We believe Rumin8’s new technology has broad ranging application across the livestock sector and offers a promising solution for industry.”

    Rumin8 Managing Director David Messina said Rumin8 had received considerable support from climate funds, and the Phase 2 seed round had closed over-subscribed.

    “We have been very pleased with the reception we have received from climate impact funds around the world,” Mr Messina said. “There is a genuine desire to fund solutions to enteric methane emissions from livestock and fortunately for Rumin8, they can see the benefits of our technology.

    “Our laboratory results continue to yield excellent results, our animal trials are reflecting the laboratory results, and the financial modelling we are undertaking is indicating we will be able to supply our products at a commercial price point.

    “Prior to the Phase 2 seed funding round, we were progressing a number of key work streams sequentially. Now we have the resources to progress them in parallel, speeding up the road to commercialisation.”

    Guess that’s one thing he has been doing in OZ.


  27. everyone should read the The real anthony Fauci book.. this explains all of gates and Fauci real criminal activity behind these Vaccines.. Injections… what he has done in africa India for the last 22 years.. all corrupt

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  28. daviddd2, will not happen, (We need more dead bodies before more people wake up) and Australia has too many Government and Vaxx Lovers. Not enough Newbies yet…


  29. Screw Anthony “Take your shot people” Albanese.
    He can’t possibly be still THAT ignorant at this stage!
    Australia needs a full INDEPENDENT investigation into the massive covid fraud and crime, one which the treacherous shot pushers are not in charge of.

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
    Russell L. Blaylock

    National Lbrary of Medicine
    National Centre for Biotechnology Information


  30. margaret reynolds

    I wish someone had organized a protest outside Kirribilli for Gates.i did not know he was coming–cannot understand why someone has not arrested him.


  31. I take it neither Albanese nor Gates have heard anything about….

    “Dam is breaking: Japan begins investigation into millions of COVID shot-related deaths”

    “Japanese research team links COVID shots to immune system abnormalities”


  32. True, the more people who wake up the better.
    Is Mr Yes, our PM, awake? Does he know the nurse didn’t push the needle plunger? WEF Muppet, UnAustralian Leftist PM AlboSleazy Pretending To get ‘Quaxxinated’ and pushing the Death Jabs'vaccinated'-and-pushing-the-shots:b


  33. Billies deal with the Australian government (new Vaxxes), could well and up – maybe worse then Japan…
    Because Australians love their governments and the Vaxxes. Anyone telling me I’m wrong?

    “Vaccinated” Japan forced to its knees by Covid: Record number of hospitalizations and deaths.

    While Pfizer has “committed” to further research into the efficacy and safety of the Covid vaccine, Japan, arguably the most disciplined country in the world, is facing a dramatic situation.

    The state is setting record after record of Covid hospitalizations and deaths and ranks first in the world in number of infections. In addition, Japan received the vaccine adapted for Omicron in October 2022,

    Hope the Newbies will see what going on. Without more newbies waking up – it is no use to talk to the one’s that KNOW what’s going on…


  34. The government is working full time to educate the Newbies. Like Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, they now have to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast if they are watching the box.


  35. This is why they are DESPERATE, to CENSOR the internet, in order to protect the REAL criminals etc.

    They will keep using distractions, diversions etc. etc.


  36. Pat from Vic, you are right, wait until the effects of Billies deal that is done with the Australian government takes place. Billies NEW VAXX will be forced again here in Australia, (Like in India The Philippines, and South America). Now using tonyryan43 comments more Newbies need to read our comments and all articles, so hopefully, the Newbies wake up…


  37. betty mac, Yes that is on Concerned Billies name as well…


  38. Pat from Vic, Concerned no more, hope Bill Hell Gates knows by now?


  39. lindesymonds, I’m Still Concerned, Hope the Newbies reading this wake-up?


  40. Frankly, Billy was here to do his deal, like in India and The Philippines. Wait, till the next move by the Murdoch-controlled governments of Australia. The next man-made biological weapon of medical mass destruction will be tested in Australia. Must be, just look at his left hand clutching his folders. “Those two radiate Credibility…”


  41. This goose again.
    What did he take a break from Davos to arrange a Twitter feed?
    For three years he’s been promising legal action against the coronahoax perps. He has yet to advise a court date yet here he is now trying to convert a minor sub plot into an action line.
    Remdesivir will probably get to court faster than VW. And get all the clean air it needs to take the fall.
    Then when convicted we will all slap our foreheads after reading about the guilty verdict – it was Remdesvir all the time.


  42. All the World is a Stage – Crises by design – Order Out of Chaos.


  43. Albo has plenty of time to schmooze Bill Gates – a genocidal psychopath on public record of how his vaxxes can reduce world population. But he has no time for the Mayor of Alice Springs, Matt Paterson, who is calling out for federal resources to help the people of Alice Springs contain the crime rampage of feral Blacks after the reintroduction of alcohol. Now who did not see this coming?

    Absolute carnage in Alice Springs is heart breaking


  44. Jesus Please Spare us! ________________________________


  45. Silly me I fogot the link. Here it is .WATCH Billy Boy.


  46. Please take you time to watch The Exterminator Bill Gates. It is well worth the time..He is almost my least favourite person on the planet.
    Poor Albanese is way out of debt with this bloke. Here comes another disaster.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. And here is the virus himself (not the foundation) and what he invests in, well some of,

    Then you have to look at all the grants he/they make and there is thousands to universities, researchers, startups etc. I have seen many.

    Beyond Meat Inc and Impossible foods are others. Article is at bloomberg, title “Fake meat was supposed to save the world it just became another fad” 19 Jan 2023. I won’t put up link as post won’t go through, search and you can read for yourself.

    He possibly also has a hand in the new MRNA research being undertaken in Queensland, experimenting with 50 different vaccines ( I haven’t as yet checked the funding). Again I won’t post link or post won’t go through. This POS could have been here for a variety of reasons, but one thing is certain this individual wasn’t here as our friend.


  48. Not hard to find what this bloody creep invests in, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  49. Daviddd-… I wish more people were wide awake, like you. Most people take everything at face value which is how the media controls the entire agenda. The media provides the ‘face’ and everyone just sucks it up.


  50. Third time lucky. I am trying to post a link to Doctors for Patients UK. I have tried couple different ways to post, but for some reason not appearing. Definitely worth watching, Dr’s speaking out.


  51. BILL GAYTES is here in AUSTRALIA TO BUY UP OUR LAND 11You are aware that he has bought thousands of acres/hectares in the most productive land in the US..I have watched a video today which is about big pharma scientists researching to contaminate our food with mRNA , to VAXX we the people with the POISONS IN THE JAB ALBANESE welcomed this PSYCHOPATH here , but I through FB and and Twitter told him to GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA. IF THE INSIDIOUS LABOR PUPPET SELLS OUR AGRICULTURAL LAND TO HIM ALBANESE MUST BE STOPPED.WHAT DO YOU THINK?


  52. betty mac said – “You forgot to add Sth America to the countries in which Gates has murdered and damaged people.”

    Thanks for that. Is there anywhere on Planet Earth where creepy Bill HASN’T been poisoning, maiming, sterilising and killing the natives? And all for TRUCKLOADS of CASH.

    Betty mac also said – “Gates would not travel to Oz just to say ” hello Albo, old boy, how are you?”…it has to be something big.”

    Well, you’d have to admit AnAL is one MIGHTY BIG arsehole.

    An UNELECTED arsehole at that.

    BUT you’re quite right – IMO Australians have already become way too complacent after the genocidal assault of the last three years. These bastards NEVER back down, they only DOUBLE DOWN.

    We’re right now in the calm before the next storm – these psychopathic Globalist Satan-worshippers have been VERY busy quietly scheming up more mayhem for the lemmings, and let’s not overlook Australia is defacto Satan Central for the WORLD.

    Sorry, folks – it’s going to get UGLY in Australia in 2023, and I can’t see any “White Hats” storming over the hilltops, but I can sure see a SHITLOAD of “Black Hats”. YOU ARE the “White Hats” – get up off your HAIRY FAT ARSES and stand up for Australia.

    Liked by 1 person

  53. Here’s some relevant guff, just in from the UK (Breaking News!), courtesy of Jamie McIntyre’s Australian National Review (thanks Jamie)…–uk-doctors-are-speaking-out-and-saying-no-more-mrna-shots-the-pharma.html

    And here’s a Rumble link just to be sure (because there are already mainstream efforts to SHUT THESE DOCTORS UP)…–uk-doctors-are-speaking-out-and-saying-no-more-mrna-shots-the-pharma.html

    Meanwhile, unelected Globalist stooge arsehole AnAL is gearing up RIGHT NOW to ram these fake “vaccine” BIOWEAPONS down every Australian’s throat whether we like it or not – even if they have to poison the ENTIRE FOOD SUPPLY to accomplish it.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. Pat from Vic…You forgot to add Sth America to the countries in which Gates has murdered and damaged people.
    Several years ago, about 2017, Zika fever struck Sth Am….It has appeared on and off for hundreds of years and the natives have learnt to live with it.
    This time, Gates sent down thousands of vaccines and terrible things started to happen…children were born terribly malformed…it was sickening
    That was when I started to research Gates and found that he is a megalomanical, egotistical,arrogant, psychotic, obsessive, hypocritical, diabolical, malevolent piece of excrement!
    Add that to your list, Pat, and we see what sort of creature he is!
    He is culling us for his own pleasure!
    As soon as I saw Gates with Albanese, thousands of red flags went up!
    What delights do they have in store for us after this meeting?
    Whatever they are, they won’t be for our benefit.
    Gates would not travel to Oz just to say ” hello Albo, old boy, how are you?”…it has to be something big.
    Whatever it is, we must unite and say NO!


  55. Bill Gates, like a lot of the techno billionaires, is an NT (iNtuitive, Thinking) in the Myers Briggs Personality Type profiles. This means they don’t like people, are always right, tend to be nerds, appear to be autistic and have trouble forming relationships. They also tend to be highly materialistic, lack empathy and appear as awkward social misfits. There is more but DYOR. Gates and his fellow billionaires do NOT vaccinate their children. Also, they don’t die from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

    Numerous reports have claimed Bill and his wife were executed when they visited India to meet with some of the parents of children injured by injections. There was also a report on Real Raw News that a clone of him was executed at GITMO. All that aside, I believe Tony Ryan has summed up the situation we face. Until the evidence is hanging from lamp posts, our job isn’t finished. Anyone who is still getting and believing the TV news, radio or other controlled media will have a rude awakening coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  56. tonyryan43 said – “Bill Gate’s “polio vaccine” has caused 53.000 children in India to be paralysed. Many researchers claim that polio was caused by over-exposure to DDT, all the epidemics being centred in high-exposure areas and circumstances.”

    Gates also KILLED a shitload of children in India with his fake “vaccines”, in experiments that weren’t even legally authorised by the Indian government. India is curently prosecuting creepy Bill for mass murder, for which he’ll likely get the DEATH PENALTY in India – so no sneaky visits by creepy Bill to shake anyone’s hands and push his genocidal BS in India, for one.

    BTW, creepy Bill also killed and maimed a SHITLOAD of children in the Philippines, using the same modus operandi as in India. Same deal everywhere across the Pacific and in Asia wherever creepy Bill raised his nerdy psychopath face.

    AND creepy Bill did the same thing in a bunch of African nations, being notable not only for the mass murder accomplished, but also by the MASS STERILISATION of young women without their knowledge or consent. The toll in Kenya alone is claimed to be well over 100,000 women STERILISED.

    Of course, “fact checkers” like Reuters (whose CEO is on Pfizer’s board of directors – surprise!) claim black and blue that creepy Bill is innocent and it’s all just a bunch of nasty “misinformation”. So say the f*cking psychopaths who want to kill us all.

    Just BTW, according to Michael Baxter who runs the site Real Raw News, creepy Bill was HUNG (that’s right you bastards, you can take your word-Nazi “hanged” and shove it up your hairy Globalist arses) at Gitmo many months ago.

    If that’s the case, then who the f*ck was that there shaking unelected arsehole AnAL there at Kirribilli House? The running narrative is that they’re using “clones” to stand in for all the missing Globalistic psychopaths who’ve been HUNG (yeah, that’s right you bastards) – but that doesn’t really wash with me.

    “White Hats” and “Black Hats” – I’ll start believing THAT when I see a few hundred thousand of these arseholes swinging from lamp posts. Smirk Morrison and cutesy Greg Hunt plus maybe creepy Bill’s favourite “vaccine” pushing trollop Jane Halton (and every last frigging psychopathic FORMER and PRESENT state Premier) would be a good start – just to make AnAL shit himself wondering when his turn would be.

    Also throw in the entire boards from every single corporate member and subsidiary of Wesfarmers and Woolworths Group across Australia and around the world. That should get the Globalist arseholes puckering.

    A few hundred thousand – that’s how many of these bastards are due for the high jump, and that’s JUST here in Australia.

    Liked by 1 person

  57. I happen to read Cairns News and the Sydney Morning Herald. (Always good to find out what both sides are up to.)
    Gates’s meeting was reported in the S.M.H. today, and among the negative reader comments were also these:
    Impatiens wrote, “Good on Bill Gates for giving up his Saturday to work for the greater good of mankind…”
    Camilleg wrote, “Bill Gates doesn’t have to do this. He cops so much hate for what is a volunteer job. He could just sit back, enjoy his money and hang out with pretty girls. Instead he’s trying to cure diseases and help the world.”

    Liked by 1 person

  58. both blinky Bill and out there Albo need a lead tablet


  59. I am sure there will be a celebratory aspect to this visit and partnership with the Australian CoVID Regime which is successfully running the UN genocide on the population here. How many children will the gov’t paedo corruptos sacrifice to Baphomet to get the ball rolling with the new initiatives so to speak?

    The Bill Gates entity has definitely been morphed over the years by his Dark Masters – the Fallen Angels . I think he may have had several visits to the Mother Ship in our orbit to get his earth suit sorted out. He has not yet been outfitted as a Grey but he is a Dark Repulsive Force and quite possibly a hybrid entity. He just does not get normal human (Adamic) emotions like concern, empathy etc. I think we could have figured this out for ourselves by now.

    Rare footage from 1998 shows Bill Gates pretending not to understand English. The word he just can’t relate to is: ‘concern’. Representatives of the US Justice Dept (for crying out loud) have to assist him in understanding this as a concept. (Could not make this up)


  60. As I’m not sure you’ll see my posted comment pointing out what I’m sure
    you agree is an unintended ambiguity, so I am sending it to you in the
    hope you can edit your article – otherwise people may well think that
    Bryan Ardis is pusher of Remdesivir!

     I had to reread this: “As noted by one of the expert witnesses on
     the Fuellmich team, Dr Bryan Ardis, Gates and company pushed the
     dangerous and deadly drug Remdesivir as a “Covid treatment” because
     I interpreted it to mean Bryan Ardis was one of the pushers of
     Remdesivir. To remove the ambiguity it would be better states as: As
     noted by Dr Bryan Ardis, one of the expert witnesses on the
     Fuellmich team, Gates and company pushed the dangerous and deadly
     drug Remdesivir as a “Covid treatment”

    Thanks, Mary


  61. I had to reread this: “As noted by one of the expert witnesses on the Fuellmich team, Dr Bryan Ardis, Gates and company pushed the dangerous and deadly drug Remdesivir as a “Covid treatment” because I interpreted it to mean Bryan Ardis was one of the pushers of Remdesivir. To remove the ambiguity it would be better states as: As noted by Dr Bryan Ardis, one of the expert witnesses on the Fuellmich team, Gates and company pushed the dangerous and deadly drug Remdesivir as a “Covid treatment”


  62. Bingo again, tonyryan43! You’re on sa real roll. lol

    Indeed, the MSM which is in the hands of Mammon’s Cult (and its little helpers) puts forward the sacrificial lambs in the event that there is any blowback, be they “communists”, “fascists” or whatever other colour. They become our focus and we forever keep tilting at straw men and windmills.

    The Mammon Cult ALWAYS stays in the shadows and remains protected as it creates fake realities for our distraction and manipulation.

    And of course, its chief operatives are the MSM and the bought and paid for global and local political “leaders” they put in place so that we can feel “happy” that we get an ephemeral say about what happens to us and our kids.

    It’s called being “woke”, while you’re dead asleep. lol


  63. Bill Gate’s “polio vaccine” has caused 53.000 children in India to be paralysed. Many researchers claim that polio was caused by over-exposure to DDT, all the epidemics being centred in high-exposure areas and circumstances.

    Gates is a genocidal psychopathic eugenicist who got rich when his dad and David Rockefeller helped him steal Microsoft and turn it into a monopoly.

    Currently, the brains behind Gates is Rupert Murdoch, who is easily able to hide his activities because he controls all the world’s media. It suits him to elevate the WEF, Fauci, Tedros, Gates, Bourla, and other faces as numero uno targets because they will cop the shit if anything goes wrong.

    But the Gates visit tells every Australian just who owns Albanese. As we capture evermore minds in Australia, Albanese will become increasingly isolated and repressive, which will alienate even more Australians. Having Gates visit and chummy up, was his most stupid move.

    Liked by 3 people

  64. When one comes prepared with his hand clutching a folder filled agenda in an environment of late that many of us now are in tune to the orchestrators of the biological atrocities inflicted upon us worldwide! We will question everything our politicians thrust upon us socially, economically and health related.
    In all that Australians do moving forward Albo and his party should be put on notice, that a 2nd round of anything we recently went through will result in resistance from a crowd once bitten twice shy.


  65. Ho hum, nothing to see or make of it. LMAO

    It’s just another “private” meeting. Gates would have come to see Analbo even if he weren’t PM, right?

    Nothing to do with transferring Australian Health Policy and sovereignty to Gates’ WHO Investment Fund?


  66. one scum bag visiting another scumbag sneaking around like rats in my opinion,

    Liked by 1 person

  67. “a new group called the International Crimes Investigative Committee” – it really sounds like we getting $omewhere (in the earthly pits merry go round).

    When do these wanted to be entertained start to interrupt the promotional tours of “our” nobles and “political leaders”? After the next few trillion “OH LOOK HERE – what a disgrace to mankind”?

    Did not know that Christian Drosten was/is posing as a scientist in the euthanasian state of the to be culled sheep. He is more like a “medical officer” in the “hygiene department” of the German Auschwitz camp gone global.


  68. What happened to the so-called “White Hats”?



    We should all be questioning elected representatives as to why a completely unqualified person, not a doctor or scientist, is being taken seriously on any topic, much less medicine and climate.

    Liked by 2 people

  70. It is no surprise why MSM promoted yes-man Albanese to top spot over Bill Shorten after his election loss a few years back.
    Pliable Anthony would make a good low level bureaucrat but as PM it’s a miss.

    ex-Dr William Bay of Qld Peoples Protest –
    AFRA the Australian Federal Relations Architecture.
    It is an illegal Australian Constitution.

    Liked by 1 person

  71. & there we have it… Evidence the albo & its CLP are as bad if not worse than that other one & ALL politicians are complicit…

    Liked by 2 people

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