WEF and Schwab want to wipe out internet free speech

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Phil, Just a small bit of info here.
    Here a very good article about how THE JEWS RULE BRITAIN:



  2. Ian, Could help, have/use size 14 wide – (49).


  3. tonyryan43, Thank you for commenting on me! I do hope sincerely that more newbies wake-up! Using your word: “Newbies.” I Like it.
    I do know being Concerned, also agree often you have to spell out very slowly for the newbies, know it all too well when talking to not yet Newbies, just see the facial expressions / – MSM – parrot – characteristics. W H A T – D I D – Y O U – S A Y?
    Hope Newbies reading your above comment – get a jolt and wake up – become more conscious than just 1%…
    Last I’m not crawling up to you, if I would read something in your comments that is wrong, I will be the first one to jump, no problems, Hmm — yes being concerned…


  4. Catturd2 is still digging around in his litterbox trying to find something that will keep us interested in the WEF projections for the future of humanity and the world. They’ve even flown in Al Gore. Desperation.


  5. “A free internet overrides this.”

    NOTHING “overrides” the cancer of a CORRUPT MEDIA!


  6. Absolutely right Tony: during any ‘professional coup,’ the revolutionaries primary objective has always involved the seizure and control of the national media stations, – the radio and television broadcasters. This is standard procedure.

    A free internet overrides this.


  7. Bingo again, tonyryan43! You’re on a real roll. lol

    Indeed, the MSM which is in the hands of Mammon’s Cult (and its little helpers) puts forward the sacrificial lambs in the event that there is any blowback, be they “communists”, “fascists” or whatever other colour. They become our focus and we forever keep tilting at straw men and windmills.

    The Mammon Cult ALWAYS stays in the shadows and remains protected as it creates fake realities for our distraction and manipulation.

    And of course, its chief operatives are the MSM and the bought and paid for global and local political “leaders” they put in place so that we can feel “happy” that we get an ephemeral say about what happens to us and our kids.

    It’s called being “woke”, while you’re dead asleep and sleepwalking. lol


  8. WEF and WHO combine into WTF!!


  9. The biggest mistake we can make is to ascribe our favourite hate object as the total enemy. Everybody has a favourite: Freemasons, Jesuits, Jews, communists, Fascists, whatever.

    The real enemy is Elitism; as opposed to “government by the people for the benefit of the people”.

    The most powerful of the elitist lobbies are the Zionists, most of whose supporters are not Jews but are American fundamentalist Christians. The Zionists play on ignorant Christian beliefs that the Jews are God’s chosen people. However, the Zionist Jews are pretend-Jews, whose origins were the Khazar Empire that ended in the 13th century. They have no Israelite DNA at all but they are the primary source of hate of goyim. As to actual ethnic Jews, I have no idea if they share this hate, but they are a tiny percentage and I don’t care about them.

    The heart of our enemy is the Zionist investment banker alliance that is centred in the City of London, Basel Switzerland, and Wall Street. But they present to the world with many faces: Communist, Fascist, Tavistock Fabian Socialist, Jesuit, Freemason, the Vatican, and so on. To focus on these faces is to fight the war by their rules. This is divide and rule.

    Likewise, the WEF is a front organisation; a great big fat bullseye for us to fight and defeat. That is how we lose. Never fight by the enemy’s rules. Always take the war to our own terrain where we are on home ground and have the advantage.

    Since the leader of the investment banker alliance, David Rockefeller died in 2017, his anointed successor, Rupert Murdoch has sat on the throne and he controls the media, which controls the entire mRNA democide, the politicians, and the investment banks. If you want to strike a blow at the enemy, attack the MSM. The Cairns News does this by providing alternative information. But we need also to be attacking the journalists and editors, the printing presses and TV stations. Close them down and the Elite have lost their voice.

    Close down their voice and their power is neutralised.

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  10. ” Apple has just dinged me with their ‘Top News’. They want everyone to know that “heart attacks have surged in Australia”.”


    Except it won’t take long for the average Joes to figure out it’s not c-vid as the problem hadn’t existed BEFORE the mass bio-engineering injections were released.

    And it won’t take long before the average Joes click that their BLOOD is GROSSLY ALTERED by the engineered injections even if they never had c-vid.

    Too many average Joes will still put 2 and 2 together no matter how hard the spin doctors tell them that “trans mathematics” is the go.


  11. @tonyryan43: “… We just have to ensure we remain coherent and evidence-based and we will win.”

    Bingo! From your lips to God’s ears, as some might say! But it won’t work until we truly start to believe in ourselves rather than some fantasy inspired Meschiah. Cheers.


  12. Hq7, Spanners-R-us sounds good.

    Though we have to remember that spanners these days are of “superior Chinese quality” where the profits come from reducing the costs of material just to increase maximum profits. The quality of mankind’s moral and ethics has been replaced by influencing others how idiotic oneself is. “Spanners in the works” will be squashed like a soft boiled potato.


  13. @ Lynde, heard about 10 seconds of news tonight – ‘obesity is causing heart attacks’ or something to that effect. As soon as the newsreader uttered those words I tuned out and reached for the remote. Idiots.
    @ tonyryan43, I was ignorant of what was happening 4 years ago and it took about 6 months to get partially up to speed on attack vectors being used. Vax & EMF as weapons, judicial attempts to remove Common Law & human rights to fix the future as neo-feudalism, weaponized media as a fascist propaganda tool, rigging of the financial system, digital book-burning and censorship and so on.
    Once the process of waking up starts there is no off switch. That is what the wealthy criminal class fears more than anything. People waking up.
    I’m sure the crims would switch off the internet tomorrow but they must need it for some reason. They haven’t got all the ducks lined up yet.
    Spanners-R-us 🙂

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  14. @ aapkoning , I mostly agree, except that, indeed it does have a lot to do with the goyim-hating religious supremacists in control; with manically micro-managing precepts and pronounced bolshevist tendencies…

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  15. Very good idea, aa


  16. tonyryan43, I hope you are right… I accept your comments, I’m a bit more negative, AND I HOPE I’M WRONG. But as is at this moment, we need right now a total collapse of the financial system worldwide. And yes this means severe suffering and problems…
    Further people worldwide have to realize that the Jews* pushing the USA and The 5 eyes countries and Europe – and do not forget China, is mainly to KILL the Goyim… Yes, this has nothing to do with religion… They* just do not need/want the Goyim…
    Yes, A major part of the world is SUCKED in by the Jew…They* do not want/need the Goyim…


  17. obviousbob, well we have to do a major D O S. For readers who do not know. D O S means Denial Of Service, flood the bastards with so much data that the servers will just give up/cannot handle all the data the servers has to process…


  18. Nothing helps the CoVID Regime quite like strong proactive messaging to get the sheeple on point and up to tempo with the CoVID Correctness. As I finish reading the CN updates, Apple has just dinged me with their ‘Top News’. They want everyone to know that “heart attacks have surged in Australia”. As if we did not see people dropping all over the place – on tv, on sporting fields, in customer service lines etc. “Here’s Why”. Believe it or not they have cooked up some BS explanation for the new normal like ‘climate change’.

    Whatever their bullshit reason is, it won’t be the mass vaxx of the population with a biotech spike protein injection where heart attacks and strokes are among the main adversities listed in the secret FDA-Pfizer BioNTech Report made public in the process of disclosure of evidence by the Texas Court and censored in all Big Jew msm.

    A reason like that for heart attacks and strokes as the new normal is CoVID and Vaccine Misinformation. ‘oooh yes Precious. Very bad. We don’t go there.’

    Once the United [Communist]Nations and its CoVID Regime here in Australia gets that social credit score operational, any sheeple who starts tweeting and messaging that the new normal is due to the vaxx will get their insect burger ration cut and the smart city will restrict them to their CoVID Lockdown radius. They will learn their CoVID Correctness very quickly.

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  19. Further upthread:
    The only reboot needed is a size 12 to the stupid kraut’s asshole, repeatedly until he looses all interest in his delusions of being someone who actually matters.
    Fair enough – but suggest pointy toes


  20. Wait till they turn on the puppets friends and families and they will what will happen when no one is left to control they will turn o. Themselves besides all that their losing


  21. Of course the WEFies and their bots, the UN CoVID Regimes of member nations will work with ESG Big Tech and Big Corp to lock down free speech on the internet.

    They are building New World Order here. They are never going to achieve those UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals if there are fora where every sheeple, muttonhead and flatulent bovine on the goy plantation can upload the latest CoVID Vaxx medical crisis to YT and FB, make gov’t corruptos on hot mic instantly famous on Twitter. And those White Supremacists [No. 1 Domestic Threat according to DHS] can crap on about Chimp-outs at Chuck E Cheese and racial entitlement to crime and mayhem etc. All of that is going to be locked down.

    People will only be able access this stuff in the cartoons.

    Riot at the Kernels Fried Chicken


  22. It seems that the readers of Cairns News online have a firm grasp of plutocratic fascism. I have no idea what this means as a percentage of community awareness, but this page of comments could not have happened two years ago. Clearly, we are making progress.

    I’ll make a rough stab in the dark and suggest that the 3% who could see the real world two years ago, is now closer to 7%. That is a doubling of geopolitical savvy in only two years. Not bad progress at all.

    But today, especially with the idiots controlling the WEF foolishly promoting paedophilia and eugenics, and the US badly miscalculating over Russia and Ukraine, I figure that the rate of ‘great awakening’ will accelerate significantly this year; maybe to 15% or even 20%.

    History teaches us that once 20% of the population is significantly disenchanted, this quickly becomes 40%. Public opinion reversal over the Vietnam War was a case in point. Public opinion in 1968 overwhelmingly supported the war. In 1972, New Zealand dumped it, and rejected America. A four-year turnaround.

    But the mRNA death rate is way more significant and immediate, so I think 3 years is about what it will take for the mRNA and global warming frauds to fall apart. My best guess is December of 2023 will see the turnaround and the 40% active opposition is the point at which governments fall.

    Every coherent word we say on this forum is read by a newbie, and that newbie becomes a rebel and persuades several other friends and family to take a look. At the 40% mark, that is when percentages of opposition become exponential, otherwise known as ‘the tipping point’. We just have to ensure we remain coherent and evidence-based and we will win.

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  23. The only reboot needed is a size 12 to the stupid kraut’s asshole, repeatedly until he looses all interest in his delusions of being someone who actually matters.

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  24. Funny I thought they had.

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  25. So we make a new internet

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  26. There is no left or right in a serfdom world.
    ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ is just hyperbole used to divide people and give them a side.
    How can there be sides if voting is already decided by those who decide?

    There is however, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, right or wrong.
    They are the only sides worth choosing anymore.

    Red is blue and blue is red. Green is purple and purple is red.

    Mainstream media (MSM) is a misnomer.
    It’s not mainstream.
    Just a clever use of terminology to have non thinkers believe they need to ‘go with the flow’ of the ‘main stream’.

    Yet in a natural, uncorrupted and peaceful world, there is no place for those who Lord it over others.
    There is no place for the channeling of money and the taking of resources which
    are not theirs to take.

    They are in fact the alternate news media (ANM).
    A minority of self designated ‘emperors’ with no clothes on.
    They keep up their charade only until someone calls them out.

    We care not for their self importance, and that’s what truly worries them.

    Control freaks hate to lose control because without control, money and power, they are nothing.

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  27. obviousbob said – “We will be governed by corporations…”

    That’s most definitely the script, and most all of our fake “politicians” and fake “government” beauracrats are on-board with this genocidal treason. They’ve all taken their thirty pieces of silver, they’re all part of the “family” now and there’s no way for them to back out.

    Of course, the same applies to academia, Big Pharma’s wholly owned allopathic “medical” system (they own all the medical training institutions, by the way – there’s a message in that, BTW, what’s been happening to all our schools and univesities?), the entire so-called mainstream media establishment, all the major commercial and banking corporations, and of course let’s not overlook the private armies of hired Gestapo mecenary thugs masquerading as police in every Australian state and territory. And of course the paedophile-infested Australian judiciary.

    All of them have sold their souls and their country – OUR country – for thirty pieces of silver.

    All of them are part of the “family” now, and there’s no way for them to back out.

    And all of them have bought a one-way ticket to Hell. That’s a whole lot of burning arseholes, something any Mexican restuarant would be proud of.

    This is what the most extreme example of Fascism in recorded human history looks like. If Humanity manages to survive, libraries full of history books will be written about this.

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  28. @ ob-bob – We, the people, either submit or starve. It’s another glorious chapter in mankinds march to oblivion. Just how f-ing dumb are the people organizing this shite-show? They are suicidal, how else to describe their desire for the death penalty?

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  29. We will be governed by corporations, via denial of service.
    Which is exactly where Klaus is going.

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