Letter to the Editor

Hi Sir,

I don’t know if you allow to answer to comments on your blog, or if blogger cancels the answers but anyway here is the text i try to send by courtesy for the kind interventions posted under Covid’agony video:

‘ My first answer disappeared somewhere so i try a repost. Thank you for welcoming me among Cairnsnews friends and for the clever information and friendly thoughts shared in the comments. I am not a muslim. My protonmail adress is Ravi-de-la-prendre (happy to take it). It’s a pun with a french expression ‘Ravi de l’apprendre’ meaning ‘glad to hear it’, ‘prendre’ et ‘apprendre’ , to take it and to learn. This kind of joke is useful in the forums where avatars and funny expressions define the character, but sorry, doesn’t work very well in english language.  
My point was to establish that the self proclaimed chosen one elite had to secure its adrenochrome supply via a tehchnology at the scale of their needs. They are dying. 8 million children missing a year is without doubt a great difficulty to maintain on the long run during the internet area. So with help of DOD (Department of Defense) they elaborate a potential extinction level event strategy to incarnate the body of their master Baal/Belial: DOD VAXX COVER UP   https://www.bitchute.com/video/ghODiaiNrLdw/
For reasons that only they know it looks like the NWO have reached the edge of the abyss.  The cult of Saturn has been terminated in the meta history since  Christ died on the red-bloody cross, when He said ‘It is finished’ (John 19:30),  proclaiming the end of Yahweh/Yahoo/Saturn/Satan (phoenician cosmology) that is to say the perpetrator/savior/victim paradigm. Christ didn’t dissociate at the Calvary, His soul didn’t split under torture and He didn’t give Satan access to His body through adrenochrome. He died under the mosaïc law but rose as a Christian: sacrifice free in the new area , ‘i am making everything new’ (Revelation 21:5)  . This is why they Hate him and want Christianity extinct.

I would like to thank again Cairnsnews ant its community for their greeting and their highly appreciated interest in the comments after viewing Covid’agony video’.

You might decide if it is appropriate or not to add this text in the comment section.

Thank you very much,

Vince (Ravid) from France