Labor and Greens Aboriginal Voice referendum is flawed and dangerous for Australian people

by Lindesy Symonds

Australia certainly will be the lackey country if the ‘the Voice’ referendum succeeds by jiggy-jiggy.

Under the development of our Constitutional principles, we recognize two sources of law in Australia, two jurisprudences. The first, the Westminster jurisprudence forms the state, the economy and institutions of social influence that serve and benefit the majority of Australians born on this continent (native) and those who have migrated and been naturalised here – those who intend to assimilate, respect our laws and ways.

The Native Title Act has all but halted any meaningful development in Australia. Getting permission from Aboriginal Groups and an invoice before land is developed for housing, changing title from leasehold to freehold, mining, agriculture and tourism has been bedeviled by Socialist Alliance former PM Paul Keating’s choke hold on Australia. This creature who enacted the grab all Native Title Act in 1994 still sucks off the public teat. Now his bedfellow PM Albanese wants to enshrine Aborigines into the Constitution when they already exist in its Preamble. It is nearly as big a con job as the Covid scamdemic.Editor

I do not consider those who have migrated to Australia with a view to setting up a conflict of law in this country to be in this category. It is not incumbent upon us to respect any of their laws or traditions in conflict with Australian law. Death to the infidel on the immigration form does not cut it. And Australians should not be paying a religious food taxes, funding mutilations through medicare etc. Or abortions for that matter which is an Australian crime and worse than mutilations, slavery, cannibalism and anything else that could possibly come with our Diversity Imports.

Our contribution to the Big Abortion, Big Bio-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vaxx, Big Organ Harvesting combine is worse than anything that could be imported here from anywhere. The genocide currently being implemented upon the population by The Government should be a strong incentive to Australians to join these dots, oppose this Combine, its hold over our government and change these laws. This obligation upon us does not, however entitle Diversity Crimes to acceptance and respect.

The other source of law which we recognize and respect is the law of the indigenous people. And , as a mark of this respect, our economy funds an Aboriginal Industry worth billions of dollars to assist the Indigenous people in their way of life and community. That industry certainly has a voice in Parliament and across Australian institutions imposing all kinds of restrictions upon the long suffering Australians.

The important background FACTOID to the ‘Voice’ debate is that one source of law, our Westminster jurisprudence, has been entirely subverted by ZOG and its paedo elites, Masonic agencies and Communist assets. Being totally unresponsive to the Australian people at any level of government, the Subverted Government thinks to legitimize itself under the cover of co-governance through Aboriginal Law – which is not a legitimate source of law for the majority of people born on this continent as Australians and naturalised in this country as Australians.

Such co-governance will certainly by controlled by the Communist Party of China under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Labor Have Been ‘Rushing’ Through Their Race Based Voice to Parliament

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. OK. Let’s clarify one single point. There are two groups of people referred to here, being identified in your minds as one.

    The first and loudest is the urban group who calls for Voice, Treaty, Makarata, close the gap, constitutional amendment, and so on, ad nauseum. These have the support of the ALP and Greens because they like the number of votes these can generate. Other parties dabble, not knowing what its all about.

    This loud group speaks only one language, English. Its culture is European, or at least a jumble of European and Hollywood. They refer to their oldies as Uncle or Auntie and the people in the North of Australia just look at each other and ask, “What the hell is that all about”.

    Now we come to the second group of people. These are actually Aboriginal in the fullest sense. They live in the NT and Kimberly. Their first, second and third languages are all Aboriginal. Few understand more than a handful of English words. Thus, they have no bloody idea what you or the first group are talking about.

    Their law has different language words for each tribe, probably around 80 languages currently. To clarify, using one single region of Arnhem Land, the central law is Rom, which creates a regulatory atmosphere for other laws: Malk, Gurrutu, and several others that I won’t mention. These laws have been working well for several millennia and they are way more sophisticated and workable than western law.

    There is no intention by any of these people to impose their law on anybody outside their tribes. The whole idea is absurd. All they want is to have their law, for their people, recognised. As a government person who used this law to turn a totally dysfunctional community into one that is fully functional and famous around Australia, I can testify as to its efficacy. Moreover, this law was also mandated in a western court of law. Conversely, western law is a farce in these regions. Common sense says use what works.

    So, have you all grasped the essence of this. Stop ascribing the words of ignorant urban Aboriginal and white politicos of southern cities, to the real people of the north. The two have nothing in common.

    One last thing, north Queensland is not part of the NT/Kimberly demographic.

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  2. Tell everybody you know to vote no or better still do not vote at all. There will be voter fraud because the ALP is involved in the same manner as the gay marriage poll which was massively frauded and we published the evidence at the time. Ed

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  3. But what can an the average citizen do against such threats?


  4. Suggest you travel to Aurukun and see if you can walk down a street without attracting attention or worse. Are you blonde? And blame the ABC if you don’t like the tone, They wrote the story. Tough. We say it as it is especially on Cape York If we wrote the real stories emerging from Aurukun told to us over the years by eyewitnesses and police you would arrange for an immediate posse to go there. Or go to any park in Cairns or Townsville after midnight and see how you go. Don’t take your car keys with you Ed


  5. tonyryan43: ““Giving natives rights”. Omigod! the horror of it. Where is the humanity?”

    I would say you perhaps read that particular comment out of its context: “The push to give rights to native peoples is a world wide scam by the globalists to then take control of the small native groups.”

    You’re certainly right about the horror of the scam! It precisely highlights the lack of humanity being perpetrated under the guise of “giving natives rights”.

    Those so called “rights” will in fact facilitate the ultimate EXPLOITATION and demise of the notional beneficiaries of such grant of rights and of ALL AUSTRALIANS by means of the divide and conquer principle.

    That’s what the incessant references to contemporary “racism” and consequent “racial division” are all about, blatant gaslighting intended to facilitate the horrible process.

    Why else would Mammon’s little servant helpers throw lots of dough into pushing the racism card but to provide a fake facade for the underlying motivation? Is it a matter of altruism or a profitable agenda?

    The writer of the article (much of which I don’t buy) hereby provides for us the opportunity to dig into this matter in more transparent and real terms. I don’t think there was actually any condescension intended in the comment you referred to.


  6. Lol tonyryan43, Yep spot on. And there’s more of the same coming with a new posting via ABC ?! of all sources!? regarding Arukun. This just turns readers off with it’s repugnant divisive pile-on bigotry. Doesn’t reflect well at all on CN. Sad to see this downward slide in calibre of content. And which only further enables the Globalist Plan and it’s hateful destructive agenda. Time to say “adieu” methinks. 😘


  7. D Johnston. Stone the effing crows, mate, the religious nutters are out in force today. The line I really like is “Giving natives rights”. Omigod! the horror of it. Where is the humanity? Chortle chortle.

    You are right, D, better to just walk by without making eye contact. Maybe they won’t see us.

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  8. Ps to tonyryan43… Excellent comment btw as per usual. As you were the ‘first cab off the rank’ – that’s all the reading I’m gonna do on this particular thread lol


  9. LMAO tonyryan43! “This gets so boring.” Before I’d even scrolled down to your comment I too had groaned “Oh God not this again.” Waterboarding. Best to simply dismiss, leave ’em to it and move on to one of the productive, informative threads.


  10. pcwwp: “The push to give rights to native peoples is a world wide scam by the globalists to then take control of the small native groups.”

    Indeed! Right on the mark. Australia is hurtling from a public corporation into a privately owned one.

    But no worries, if they’re “Communists”, as some insist, then they’ll have to give the “native” land right back to the State and the classless communist society under the dictatorship of the working class.

    Unless of course the “Fascists” organise a counter revolution and the “Communists” get to keep their ill gotten gains. lol


  11. truthtellertonni

    All laws, statues, bills, acts, and legislative law is nullified since 1973 since the Queen became head of state and Whitlam removed the crown seal from Parliament.
    All are guilty of high treason.
    We don’t have a government. They are a corporation.


  12. The push to give rights to native peoples is a world wide scam by the globalists to then take control of the small native groups.The reason they bother is that they are very religious ( not our God of course ) and have strict rules that they must adhere to. The aboriginals for example are the rightful owners of this land. So they take the land from us, give it to the native people and then steal it – for colored beads/Money etc.. Happening everywhere.


  13. An excellent summary by the author of the way the wind is flowing here in Australia.

    Our fake “elections” are already universally utterly rigged and essentially pointless – so one wonders how any referendum can be expected to produce a legitimate result. These bastards are determined to roll whatever BS they want right over the top of us, “democracy” and “sovereignty” be damned. Any pretense of a functioning system of legal governance here in Australia is just theatre to keep the obedient lemmings placated while the Globalist stooges busy themselves with their plans for our destruction.

    The author states – “Our contribution to the Big Abortion, Big Bio-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vaxx, Big Organ Harvesting combine is worse than anything that could be imported here from anywhere.”

    … granted it’s at least as bad as Ukraine, and possibly the worst anywhere on Earth.

    Unfortunately for us, normalising the slaughter of healthy newborn babies for the organ and meat trade and Luciferian ritual sacrifice is just the first major step to a full-blown Satanic culture where anything goes. After all, walking dog-shit Dictator Dan has already indicated his preference for killing (“aborting”) babies up to 28 days old, but that’s just “testing the waters”, an incremental probe to see how far they can go and how soon they can go there. The disgusting sub-human genocidal political class is already agitating for “post-term abortion” up to two years of age.

    BTW, given they’re already openly delighted to slaughter new-born babies and toddlers (without painkillers, to ensure the meat and organs remain uncontaminated and fit for sale) what protection do the elderly and infirm have against these f*cking demonic psychopaths? Or for that matter. any living Australian of any age or denomination?

    If Australia is going to have any future, at some point the S will HTF.


  14. They run all this Marxist stunt to hide the fact that the people in Canberra and the state parliaments don’t have any Constitution legitimacy what so ever.

    As a full blood elder on Cape York said twenty odd years ago, The aboriginal people here must thank our white fellow Australians
    for being here in 1942 otherwise the Imperial Japanese army would have killed us all.

    He went on to say that aboriginal people should thank the white “invaders” for bringing law and order so that his people no longer feared cannibalism and slaughter from other tribes and most of all that they must say thanks for bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ which freed them from fear of demons and spirits.

    I as a white fifth generation Aussie haven’t heard any sorry words from any Marxist/satanist “indigenous” spokesman yet. Any decision of any Court here since 1966 and any “law” made from the private corporation in Canberra since including so called native title is automatically VOID.

    The promoters of such Constitutional crimes belong almost exclusively to what is known as GPS. That stands for Green Paedophile Satanists.


  15. This gets so boring.

    If the Labor or Green parties imagine they have a grasp of Aboriginal culture and law, they have both joined the same wacky club. Most of us have known this for some time… as in some four decades.

    That the ALP would parachute a theatrical and ignorant buffoon like Dodson into the Senate, demonstrates exactly the extent of their monumental incompetence and absence of comprehension of anything Aboriginal, or even Australian for that matter.

    Now we have our very own clowns believing the idiots who totter about Canberra political stages clutching leaves and fluffing smoke around and making what they fondly imagine to be native noises. Can someone even partly literate explain to these peurile pretenders that the word ‘morning’ is not the same as ‘mourning’, and that there is no such thing as morning ceremonies, or welcome to country ceremonies for people with no affinity to the spirits of that locale?

    The conservative commentariat needs to grasp that it does not matter what these pale-skinned monolingual cultureless frauds say about alternative parliamentary seats or treaties. This has nothing to do with actual Aboriginal culture. Neither the frauds, nor their critics, have any grasp of that subject

    Likewise the dozen or so ‘Aboriginal’ media celebrities who pontificate to government about ‘culture’ when not one of them has ever consulted with the people in the north whose lives and culture they pretend to represent.

    But to me, there is only one thing more pathetic than a cultural pretender, and that is somebody gullible enough to fall for it.

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