by Lindesy Symonds

Australia certainly will be the lackey country if the ‘the Voice’ referendum succeeds by jiggy-jiggy.

Under the development of our Constitutional principles, we recognize two sources of law in Australia, two jurisprudences. The first, the Westminster jurisprudence forms the state, the economy and institutions of social influence that serve and benefit the majority of Australians born on this continent (native) and those who have migrated and been naturalised here – those who intend to assimilate, respect our laws and ways.

The Native Title Act has all but halted any meaningful development in Australia. Getting permission from Aboriginal Groups and an invoice before land is developed for housing, changing title from leasehold to freehold, mining, agriculture and tourism has been bedeviled by Socialist Alliance former PM Paul Keating’s choke hold on Australia. This creature who enacted the grab all Native Title Act in 1994 still sucks off the public teat. Now his bedfellow PM Albanese wants to enshrine Aborigines into the Constitution when they already exist in its Preamble. It is nearly as big a con job as the Covid scamdemic.Editor

I do not consider those who have migrated to Australia with a view to setting up a conflict of law in this country to be in this category. It is not incumbent upon us to respect any of their laws or traditions in conflict with Australian law. Death to the infidel on the immigration form does not cut it. And Australians should not be paying a religious food taxes, funding mutilations through medicare etc. Or abortions for that matter which is an Australian crime and worse than mutilations, slavery, cannibalism and anything else that could possibly come with our Diversity Imports.

Our contribution to the Big Abortion, Big Bio-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vaxx, Big Organ Harvesting combine is worse than anything that could be imported here from anywhere. The genocide currently being implemented upon the population by The Government should be a strong incentive to Australians to join these dots, oppose this Combine, its hold over our government and change these laws. This obligation upon us does not, however entitle Diversity Crimes to acceptance and respect.

The other source of law which we recognize and respect is the law of the indigenous people. And , as a mark of this respect, our economy funds an Aboriginal Industry worth billions of dollars to assist the Indigenous people in their way of life and community. That industry certainly has a voice in Parliament and across Australian institutions imposing all kinds of restrictions upon the long suffering Australians.

The important background FACTOID to the ‘Voice’ debate is that one source of law, our Westminster jurisprudence, has been entirely subverted by ZOG and its paedo elites, Masonic agencies and Communist assets. Being totally unresponsive to the Australian people at any level of government, the Subverted Government thinks to legitimize itself under the cover of co-governance through Aboriginal Law – which is not a legitimate source of law for the majority of people born on this continent as Australians and naturalised in this country as Australians.

Such co-governance will certainly by controlled by the Communist Party of China under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Labor Have Been ‘Rushing’ Through Their Race Based Voice to Parliament