Who will rule the NWO?

by Alison Ryan

Paperback – Who Will Rule The New World Order? Prince Charles The Sustainable Prince, by Joan Veon.
First published December 1,1997

As a result of covering two dozen United Nations and U.N.- related conferences in the last four years, Joan Veon has come to believe that the connection between the British royal family and the United Nations is not coincidental but provides the way for America to be rejoined with Britain. She states that when the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter, America reverted back under British rule thus fulfilling the goals of Cecil Rhodes, the diamond and gold magnate, who left his fortune to achieve this very goal. What this means is that Prince Charles, as heir to the British throne, has a bigger role to play in world affairs than what people could imagine. She knows that he is a “Renaissance man” and a man with a mission. As a result of his behind-the-scenes role at the United Nations, Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man. One of the major environmental philosophies which runs tantamount to this is that of “sustainable development.” Because of his global orchestrations, she has dubbed Charles “the sustainable prince.” This is a must read for all those who seek to understand the day and the hour and the powers that rule over us. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1751023.Prince_Charles

More: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Despatch/Vol93_Charles_sustainable.htm

*The weforum.org states that “successful leaders are global citizens, whether they are CEO’s, prime ministers, community leaders or children”.
**The decade on UN ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) ended 2015. Then follows the present decade of UN Global Citizenship. Observable to those with eyes to see.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hey Green Tara
    Did you take the shots…do you wear a mask?


  2. When I see him or hear about him I cannot think on anything else only on his recorded phone conversation with his lower…That is the beginning and the end of this man for me. Despicable.


  3. The link between the English royal family, Church (Vatican) and inevitably the UN and all its evil appendages has always been so, No surprises there.


  4. David, that is correct that numbers are not enough to “storm the Bastille” in Unity. Though one important thing to remember should be that IF Science was to be freed instead being regulated by profitable $cience and “matters of national security” by its kosher puppeteers, there would be no “Greenies as opposition” nor Oligarchs owning tropical islands, sub continents, continents with all living beings included or space and earths atmosphere. The WEF and all their mind bent members would be the ones underground and living in fear or occupy an “State re-education wellness center”.

    Nature is as it is and does not need to be regulated by fake (sub human) $cience or money spinning entrepreneurs that “educate others on how to be sustainable”.

    In the meantime while we wait lets grab some more throats of others that are just like us while the world is being repaired in proper kosher terms.

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  5. Nobody.. it won’t happen

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  6. Yep BonzaD, it’s my policy that once I realize it’s a troll, I don’t engage, I have no time for mindless fools…or soft c#ck cowards


  7. It’s hilarious, it spits on you and then gets offended if you object! Single digit IQ. rotfl

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  8. daviddd2: Green Tara is obviously a green eyed childish “rude” wannabe troll. A “fwit” as you say & it reveals how stupid it is, mentions Blackrock as that’s the best it can do, that’s all it knows, seen it, heard it, spruiks it, now it knows everything, but shows it knows nothing, it’s comment made me laugh at how dumb it is. How misguided & disillusioned it is not to know any of the other players, doesn’t even know the ones behind that, shows the level of intelligence, none whatsoever, just a rude vile cow, a twit that deserves ignoring to wallow in it’s own venomous spit. I let ones like that spin out of control amongst their madness, they’re the ones that comply & happily follow corrupt govt as they don’t have the balls to do anything else, no gumption, just disgusting comments to prove their shortcomings. It signs up to CnsNews just to make no sense comments as it knows jackshit….obviously a useless twat troll


  9. Hi aapkoning,
    Why would they fight one another? They have a common enemy they want to obliterate: The Goyim.

    See: truedemocracyparty rothschilds 25 point plan for word domination.

    20. Ultimate world government is the goal. It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, so even the largest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments on the day after the great political smash.”

    21. Use economic warfare. Rob the “Goyim” of their landed properties and industries with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

    22. “Make the ‘Goyim’ destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest.”

    23. Call it The New Order. Appoint a Dictator.

    24. Fool, bemuse and corrupt the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

    25. Twist national and international laws into a contradiction which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether. Substitute arbitration for law.”

    UN Agenda 2030 (aka Agenda 21) is the Rothschild Plan for world domination, “Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew; “repair of the world”), and establishment of a “Jewish Utopia”/Jewish Universal Empire.

    Rockefellers want to reduce the numbers of the “useless eaters” through “population control” and “climate change initiatives”.


  10. A Russian Meschiah, that’ll be something to tell the grandkids.


  11. Not this man in Black?


  12. So Han, are we having an R v R match now and who is going to win? 2 Bloody dogs fighting over the bone, — the third one will walk away? “Who is the third one”?


  13. jo: ““March against the CAUSE” should rather prove to be more helpful especially with all generations, races, faiths and political groups of all kinds taking interests in unison”

    Indeed, but me and you and a dog named blue are not going to have much impact marching down Main Street. Most people who will be affected are still fast asleep so the only option is to keep the alarm clock ringing and try and wake them.

    If it’s too late in the day it’s too late in the day, the best you can do is to keep trying. I’m afraid storming the Bastille with a small platoon of bravehearts and coming up trumps is Hollywood fantasy stuff.


  14. David, end of story is that action talks louder than words but unfortunately we have no time for action as we have so much to discuss. Therefore multi coated wallpapers with all flavors and for all tastes on the global prison cell walls including “external saviors” popping up everywhere but none coming from “trusted well known activist/patriot” inmates of all kinds.

    Oh well, there goes Ukraine. Sri Lanka is now officially sold – too bad! Oh look Germany has become a place without Germans, the EU became a political correct community of “refugees”, the UK an African and south Asian community and Australia as an “international multicultural society” that has risen as the spirit of the WEF. That is the realistic end of the (cattle run) story.

    While discussing “THE CURE” a “March against the CAUSE” should rather prove to be more helpful especially with all generations, races, faiths and political groups of all kinds taking interests in unison and as the same locked up “fwit” inmates that we (more or less) are.

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  15. Please all relax – there is a new Sheriff in town by the name of Kimberly Ann Goguen – Kim is the Guardian of the Global Humanitarian Trust Fund [all Money AND all Gold] and is Commander in Chief of the Global and Galactic forces to aid – with the Blessing of Source the Creator – the liberation of humanity from the Dark Forces. I am glad to report that there are not many left of the latter Dark Forces – merely a few very long down the line order takers – who are totally lost since they never had to make any decisions themselves and there is no one left to provide them with orders. Every country has been without funding for a very long time. They have tried everything to by-pass Kim Goguen be it by crypto currencies or any other desperate attempts. All have failed and will continue to fail. The Deep State is totally broke – they could not even afford to join the Ukraine-Russia farce.All the supposed billions that the Biden double promised are but an illusion aided by false reporting by the MSM which is totally deep state controlled – and always has been – by the cabal. Now those last few remnants that are left – which never had to make any decisions themselves – are contemplating to start WWIII. A supposed Chinese invasion of Taiwan is to trigger this LOL – not because wars are funny – but because Kim Goguen and her Galactic Others have the ability to malfunction all and every electronic component on which naval, air-force and military depend on to even commence hostility. However any such attempt by the last factions of the cabal would provide justification to do away with them all once and for all. We are very close to a new era for humanity that promotes love, prosperity, and equality for all.


  16. Green Tara – ” Your enemies are pissing all over you, as CN articles confirm, because they have the sense to recruit the young. Instead of chasing them away.”
    “Every young person you chase away, will eventually switch to the other side”

    Yes the grubs are recruiting the young it is called indoctrination, it has worked out quite well for the tyrants.

    With due respect, how do you contribute to informing others (young and old) so as they can get both sides of the story?

    Or do you accept that the one global government total control of countries and people, is the way to go – the right solution?

    Just asking.

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  17. jo: re ““Every young person you chase away, will eventually switch to the other side, and very shortly, will be shitting on your grave.”

    No young person is being chased away. There is no question of senior “territoriality” except that which is self manufactured in someone’s mind. In this case merely in the mind of a fwit who, unprovoked, came along to slag on “OAP” people on CN who have something to say. End of story.

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  18. “Prince Charles is responsible for changing the order of life from the biblical perspective of man having dominance over the earth to one in which the earth has dominance over man”

    Once earth has dominance over man, why would there be a need for some pommy regent of an ultimate evil kingdom that has “ruled the seas” and enslaved and colonized many nations of the earth, started both world wars in the last 100 years besides being the ageless head office of the money spinning tribe?

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  19. “Every young person you chase away, will eventually switch to the other side, and very shortly, will be shitting on your grave.”

    Isn’t that already happening EVERYWHERE, OZ & CN included. The only thing humanity has in common is to hate anyone who is not like “oneself”.

    Yes, there is wisdom in oldies, but there are also lot of “territorial” issues that are related to imaginary authority over others – through “life experience, education and accumulated material wealth”.

    Simple fact is, any human world can not survive with either only old or only young. Times have changed drastically while the oldies were so busy waking up from their life long slumber of AUTHORIZED HABITS and knee bending for (global) democracy that hardly anyone noticed Australia (and the world) went under a long time ago while humanity (as usual) was being busy “shitting on all other graves” that had any sort of people in it that thought to be different than oneself.

    We are exactly where WE as human beings need to be. Lonely, isolated, without love, shattered and scared shirtless of the future and the only hope lies in chemicals of caring Pharmaceutical Industries being pumped/injected into a organic decomposting system that uses its “numbed intelligence” to reject anyone and anything that closely looks, behaves and acts like oneself and it does not matter if it is ones own mother, father, sister, brother or any neighbors.

    Whining about the “evil ones” that have enslaved ALL and rejecting all others with a similar goal called FREEDOM from tyranny is not soooo smart, is it? Unless of cause “I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING” comes to ones superior EGOISTIC rescue to make forget all the wisdom’s of the world that were acquired in a long and painful journey CONDITIONED as a servant human clone without access to ones soul.

    What will it be that should be saved in humanity? That question alone will wage another war among humankind with a follow up question: Are we worth saving at all just to keep the implemented prison planet alive where one can joyfully argue and hate without limits for ones own existence?

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  20. yestotruth: “on what and under whose authority Does Prince Charles act on”

    Here’s a lil explainer…



  21. The question beckons, on what and under whose authority Does Prince Charles act on, certainly not on behalf of the people.


  22. Margaret N: ” Prince Charles to be the Saviour of our world???? Are you kidding.”

    Spot on, Margaret. We’re brainwashed to find our heroes in anyone else except ourselves.


  23. Green Tara: ” Yes, your kind are always right, winning every forum discussion is your only goal”

    Save your venom for the perps, luv, you won’t get far slagging off at the victims.


  24. Joan old girl, you are a numb nut. Prince Charles to be the Saviour of our world???? Are you kidding. I wouldn’t walk to the back fence to take a peak at any of them. 😅🤣😂 the thought makes me 🤮🤮🤮


  25. Yes, your kind are always right, winning every forum discussion is your only goal, whilst at the same time, you lost your country and every asset under its soil.

    I’m sure you can twist that into victory as well.

    As the lady said, ‘Come on people lets move to the next steps of trying to save ourselves.’ . . . ‘We can begin a forum to action.’

    Another practical comment destroyed on cue. As always. I suppose she was buttoned up the wrong way as well?

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  26. Hehe… Sometimes contempt for fools is a virtue to be encouraged! Other times, tolerance, compassion and pity are more appropriate.

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  27. ‘CnsNews contributors have shared knowledge, knowledge is power. Green envy leads to nothing babe’

    And during your knowledge sharing, and power sharing, Blackrock bought up every asset in the world.

    Guess whose winning?

    Maybe you need to reassess the power of your knowledge? It may be a self deceiving illusion?

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  28. Green Tara: “The contempt in your reply” … “will be shitting on your grave”

    rotfl I hold you up as our beacon of hope and you deem it contempt! Serves me right for being an incorrigible optimist. Now run along, the only thing I would recruit you for is to shit on your own mother’s grave, I’m a long way from dead, dearie. lol


  29. Alison, your articles always attract good debate, thank you & thank you to those that comment & provide worthy links


  30. Censored, censored, censored, censored….. double censored.

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  31. Censored, censored, censored. D and A… you made my day.


  32. D and A… just eluding the censor here… you guys made my day.


  33. To Daviddd and AAP-K. THanks, you guys made my day.


  34. Daviddd and AAP-K. THanks, you guys made my day.


  35. Thanks for the article Alison, good to know you’re still contributing


  36. Good reply to a troll BonzaD


  37. Nah, you got that wrong girlie, give it up


  38. Green Tara (is that the reason you’re here, headless chicken flapping around the internet, looking for your place as you lost your space?) How’s the emerald green gem in your tiara, shining bright with acknowledgement & knowledge is it?.
    NewWorldOrder is a word play, sounds just as they intended, order out of chaos. The real deal is One World Govt, One World Currency, One World Religion, better description as it begs the question of who/what will be the “One”. You should have a good position there Green gem, flapping on with no backbone, CnsNews contributors have shared knowledge, knowledge is power. Green envy leads to nothing babe

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  39. The contempt in your reply is precisely why young people ignore you oldies. Extremely territorial.

    And despite your macho smart arse replies, its those buttoned up darlings who shit over you every single day, knowing you are impotent to do anything about it.

    Your enemies are pissing all over you, as CN articles confirm, because they have the sense to recruit the young. Instead of chasing them away.

    Every young person you chase away, will eventually switch to the other side, and very shortly, will be shitting on your grave.

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  40. Han: “Jewish Nation, have no fear, Moshiach will be here this year.”

    Fantastic, I hope he’s not flying QANTAS, otherwise I’ll have to pop the matzo balls and the gefilte fish in the freezer.


  41. The Royal Family are expected to refrain from any political influences, how can Chuckie involve himself with the NWO? He is welcome to his opinions and beliefs, but should be keeping them to himself.


  42. Hi David,

    “Any news on when the Meschiah is due? I wouldn’t want to have to cancel my annual holidays if I can help it.”

    I just checked with them and according to them Moshiach will be here this year!

    Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Russian-Empire-born American Orthodox rabbi, and the most recent Rebbe of the Lubavitch Hasidic dynasty is so happy about it as you can see in the video. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century.

    We want to tell the Rebbe the words of the new song we’re singing about Moshiach. Right? So, I’m just going to read them:

    “Jewish Nation, have no fear, Moshiach will be here this year.
    We want Moshiach now, We don’t want to wait!”

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  43. GREEN Tara… “Hoping some young leaders will come forward.’ . . . [sorry Joy, your in the wrong place]”

    Not since you got here, sweetie! You’re now our beacon of hope. Do you button up from the front or from behind or are you still figuring out which is which? KMA.

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  44. Joy:

    ‘Come on people lets move to the next steps of trying to save ourselves.’

    ‘We can begin a forum to action [on CN]’

    What with CN readers?, they couldn’t do anything actively useful to save their lives, [literally]. A bunch of headless chickens flapping around the Internet.

    It’s simply an outlet for frustrated OAP’s. – everyone knows that.

    Hoping some young leaders will come forward.’ . . . [sorry Joy, your in the wrong place]

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  45. Good one, tonyryan43! You gits me vote for Governor General, Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Treasurer, Finance Minister, Social Security Minister and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. If you need a Minister for Wimmin’s Affairs I’ll be happy to help out. lol


  46. Han: “Who will rule the NWO?”

    Is it not written in The Law that the King of God’s chosen people will rule the world from the Throne of Jerusalem after the chosen people return to the promised land following the sacrifice of 6 million by fire and the arrival of the Meschiah?

    Any news on when the Meschiah is due? I wouldn’t want to have to cancel my annual holidays if I can help it.


  47. Joy: “Cairns News is a great place to begin this ground swell and for readers I ask you to find, our own home grown strategists (unrelenting like Bannon) to begin this enormous battle in AustralIA.

    Great idea, Joy! Anything that puts the brakes on the manipulative idiocy and evil we are being clubbed over the head with is a goer in my book.


  48. THE UN & CENTRAL BANKS: A ROCKEFELLER & ROTHSCHILD COUP – May 28th, 2020 20-minute video

    The Central Banks have recently become obsessed with two things: Climate change and Blockchain Technology and the digitization of currency.

    But why would the global central banks suddenly be obsessed with climate change and blockchain?
    Shouldn’t they, instead, be concerned with debt and insolvency?

    In this report, we take a peek behind the curtain, as we examine the connections between the United Nations, the central banks and their collaboration to usher in a new sustainable global financial system.

    Instead of debating the science behind Climate Change, let’s follow the money and see who stands to gain.

    Rich and powerful billionaires like, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, George Soros, among many others, have all thrown their weight and money behind this global agenda which, if successful, will forever change the world as we know it.

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  49. “She states that when the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter, America reverted back under British rule”

    America reverted to British rule in 1812 when the Anglo-American war settlement gave the City of London control of the American monetary system, subsequently refined and entrenched by the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve and the institution of debt slavery and tithes payable to the Mammonites via the IRS.


  50. MAYBE THE KENNEDYS’ ? FAKED DEATH_FAKE HOAX HOAXED “…the reason for going underground. I have said above that it was to rule without inference, to maintain secrecy, and to create the ultimate shadow government. But there is a fourth reason I haven’t mentioned, and the previous paragraph leads us into it. I just reminded you that the government took over all Mobs and Mafias in the last half century, in order to take their profits. Joseph Kennedy had been involved with the Mob for decades, and at some point he saw that with enough power, he could take over the entire US scene. But he saw that he could only do that with the resources of the federal government. He needed both the CIA and FBI as allies in this takeover, as well as the Justice Department and—if the need should arise—the military itself. Once he had sons as President and head of Justice, he was in a position to move, and he did move. The complete takeover of the Mob began in earnest in 1960, with the support of FBI and CIA. But by 1963 the war was at its most heated moment, and the Mob was doing its best to strike back at the Kennedys. This is precisely why the CIA and FBI tried so hard to implicate the mob in the years after the fake event. There was real evidence the Mob was trying to get JFK, so it was easy to leak that evidence. But the Mob never got close. The faked assassination was used to fool the Mob , to frame the Mob, and to get John out of the line of sight until the war was won. As I say, this was only one reason of many to take the Presidency underground in 1963. Various billionaires had been trying to create a shadow government for many decades, with only varying degrees of success. Only Joseph Kennedy was successful. He had already installed his first son Joe as titular head of this shadow government behind Truman, but in the late 40’s and 50’s the Kennedys were still warring with other powerful families for control of this shadow government. Alliances were made that I won’t go into in this paper, allowing the Kennedys to solidify control from 1945 to 1960, when JFK and RFK were installed in top visible positions. At that time Joseph, Sr. felt secure enough in his position and alliances to accelerate the takeover of the Mob. Within a decade all the Mob business had been absorbed by the allied billionaire families. This led to the further enrichment of those families, the accompanying fattening and expansion of the banks, and the similar expansion of CIA, for the same reasons. In the 1970’s, these families used this expansion to utterly overwhelm Congress, putting it into permanent emeritus status. The courts were swamped in the same way, and by 1980 these allied families had completed their takeover not only of all lucrative business, but all government. All decisions were made by shadow governors, some of which were Kennedys, some of which were not. In this way the Kennedys were able to advance with even more stealth than the Rockefellers. A few know that the Rockefeller family is far more rich and powerful than it claims, but almost no one knows the Kennedys are even richer and more powerful. Since it was secrecy that allowed for this advancement, we can see why the current governors and spooks are so sold on secrecy and lies. It has appeared to work fabulously well from their perspective. Since the Kennedys are supposed to be dead, they have never even appeared on the Bohemian Grove lists, Bilderberger lists, CFR lists, or other lists. The Kennedy secret has remained the deepest and darkest secret of all.” http://mileswmathis.com/barindex2.pdf


  51. Love your 3 above comments. Well Done, tonyryan43 — Yes made my Day…


  52. DebraRatcliffe@mail.com

    I have read many articles which tell us in detail how prince charles and jimmie saville went around having sex with sick minors in english hospitals – they did it freely without anyone stopping them. The two of them also loved having sex with dead people in morgues. (PS: Don’t believe anything I say but research everything yourself).

    The royal family totally disgust me in every way.

    There are many photos of the queen with pizza brooches, partying with devil cannibal worshippers who eat people, Epstein & Maxwell…. and more. Everyone knows that the crown knights mostly paedophiles and the british throne has many paedophiles making crucial decisions. They are disgusting. BRING BACK MORALITY in every sense of the word.

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  53. All parties are joined together by a common belief that they are superior and were “born to rule the world”. Moreover, “The Natural Order” must be restored and medieval feudalism shall return. What the aristocrats do not understand is that when they have served their purpose, they will be eliminated along with ‘surplus to requirements’ slaves and peasants.

    The Rockefellers plan to eliminate the Rothschilds, and vice versa. This is a race to become God.

    Contrary to cherished belief, there is only one mode of rescue available, eliminate every single one of the NWO participants. Most people are just too chicken to grasp the nettle and so a period of voluntary exile will be necessary until the sheep have passed on from this mortal coil and the way becomes clear for national reconstruction, egalitarian prosperity, and peace based on armed neutrality.

    The only thing global about the future will be the mass production of grave markers proclaiming “We protested peacefully”.

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  54. However, much earlier, in the 1780s, the aristocracy and royalty were galvanised to action following Englishman Thomas Paine’s book “The Rights of Man” which was embraced by ordinary people across Europe and, eventually, the American colonies.

    The aristocracy, being mostly inbred Hapsbergianesqe retards, could only chant “Kill”, but the Rothschilds pointed out there is another way. And so the aristocracy placed their trust in the investment bankers and the French and American Revolutions were defeated. But the Rothschilds realised that Nelson’s global takeover was a much more intelligent strategy and so they subscribed to it.

    The aristocracy are barking mad and the Rothschilds have been deeply inbred for 200 years (men can only marry Rothschild women), whilst the Rockefellers have raised their progeny to be sociopaths, or were simply born psychopaths, so this was always going to be a marriage made in hell.

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  55. I know this will achieve nothing and I am saying it only because it must be said, but… That is the silliest article I have ever read, precipitating even more nonsensical contributions from the gloomy readership-fringe.
    I am guessing that Joan Veon is aged 80, has little social contact, and still has a collection of DLP newspapers, which she reviews from time to time for updates.
    Facts point elsewhere. The blueprint for the UN and its agencies was created by evident genius Nelson Rockefeller from 1934 to 1938, and post-war it was HQ’d on Rockefeller land in NY. The Royal Family were not consulted, but the Rothschilds were.


  56. “It will happen suddenly…”

    As the Great Unraveling progresses, we will experience many negative developments, some of which are unprecedented. Just a year ago, the average person still clung to the belief that the world was recovering, that the economy, however hesitant, was on the mend, writes Jeff Thomas.
    Thomas web links also available in website below.

    Available in 13 different languages.

    “But no matter how thoroughly the media (and the world’s governments) have been distracted, the average citizen has come to see that something is fundamentally wrong. He now has a gut feeling that, although he is not well versed enough to describe in economic terms what is wrong in the endless chatter he sees on his television, he now senses that the situation is not going to end well. “

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  57. “Who will rule the NWO?”

    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

    – Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, testifying before the U.S. Senate

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  58. Rosemary Tempany

    So when does the collective question get asked of or about him & his brethren.
    That question is – when do you divest yourself of the wealth & glamour around you , all of you.
    It seems nothing more than an Elite enforcing their – ” you’ll own nothing and be happy ” whilst he shoots grouse & pheasants.


  59. Who will rule the NWO? a rather insignificant question since there will be no NWO to rule. Most of its supposed ‘rulers’ are already no more and the last low-ranking order takers have been given an opportunity to join the Restoration Plan for Planet Earth or to perish like its former leaders. The UN no longer exists as is recorded into the Hall of Records. Likewise all Reserve Banks have been removed as legal entities as is recorded int the Hall of Records and the National Archives of every country on earth. Hence they can no longer issue currencies leaving all govts without funding. The attempts to launch crypto and the like currencies have all failed since all bank transactions are now controlled by Kimberly Goguen. Humanity shortly will move into an entirely new existence assisted by wonderful new technologies – the likes one could only dream about. We are just about there – so take a deep breath and hold on tight – what is to come is well worth the pain and waiting for – guaranteed.


  60. The world has been ruled by Hanover family for at least 400 years


  61. They are all traitors to humanity. Should all face trials for their actions.


  62. Alison, you have a good enquiry, however the obsession with NWO rather than putting a blow torch on the intricate ways OZ is co-opted with numerous tentacles of NWO is so much more important eg why is there no enquiry into the WOKE ABC, the child mutilation of body parts in child reassignment surgery, and criminal Doctors being charged to malpractice, specific and sensible ways OZ states can legislate against WEF & NWO by getting a ground swell of people understanding how treacherous their implemented plans are for us.
    I am over 70 and do not have that energy left but where can we find the Steve Bannon’s who are Aussies for Australia. Where are our brilliant strategists.
    Enquiring is one thing Alison, but our burning ship is going down with the new Labour Agendas eg the new Climate Bill just passes in National Government (ENERGY SUICIDE) and no real objection ( or getting a ground swell) of Aussies objection. Our current blueprint is the Energy Suicide in Europe & Great Britain right this very minute + other countries and Labour Australia has just thrown its citizens over the cliff which will now be our fete very soon.

    Cairns News is a great place to begin this ground swell and for readers I ask you to find, our own home grown strategists (unrelenting like Bannon) to begin this enormous battle in AustralIA.

    There are little groups here & there and all with different anti Govt agendas.
    I go to Organic Markets every Sunday & am surprised out how many people are anti Vax and Pro Climate Change & at least half of that population have tattoos while buying clean food & having poisonous ink in their bodies.

    Seems to me Aussies only have sports as a central focus and not their own well being related to Inflation, high power bills …. come on Aussies suck up the austerity while our ABC rolls on its WOKE agenda to propagandise you with, while coopting & using First Nation groups to weaponise into Black Lives Matter. etc and poison NWO order rolls on while we are being terrified of them .. they are like us but they have $$$$ & we have the large numbers but NO CURRENT FOCUSSED LEADERSHIP.

    My idea is that all these Splinter groups that are for no Vax but are for Climate change, diversity gender differences etc are holding Aussies back.

    First action is – Get AS MANY PEOPLE ON THE SAME PAGE to live their integrity by standing up eg I deregistered myself and stopped supporting & severed from the Dance group who are primarily lobbing for Transgender Stuff ( gender assignment surgery for children, INCLUSIVENESS etc)
    I am not for INCLUSIVENESS any more since the WOKES weaponised it to include the destruction of humanity etc. I prefer to use my discretion with what I do & do not include in my life.
    My family has unknowingly become WOKE, so I have a challenge there.

    Suggestion- Start with everyone being STRAIGHT and stop Bull-shitting themselves about such matters as no C19 Injections & Pro Climate Change nonsense , this Inclusive rubbish etc and instead use tolerance etc and out of this hoping some young leaders will come forward as it is going to affect the rest of their lives. Take a leaf out of WEF- every day they are Training Young Leaders in their Poisonous ideas to take Leadership roles in Government eg NZ PM, Canadian PM etc
    Come on people lets move to the next steps of trying to save ourselves.
    We can begin a FORUM TO ACTION on this platform as a seed to take it out further into the community .. Time to welcome ideas on how to save ourselves from our own devastation.
    Time parents got involved in what teacher are doing to their children in Schools & forming Parent Boards to weed out devisive Education now infiltration our schools. Lots of places to begin making things in your own life accountable. That is just one example …

    Let’s do it like minded friends,

    Liked by 1 person

  63. In order to build, the first order of business is destruction. The Owners are building a world soviet of the nations / plantations. The Western world with its Christian legacy has no place in the real NWO which is being built from the East. Eurasia will be the centrepiece of the NWO. For Western nation destruction, Prince Charles is the Western demolition leader of climate nuttery – one of the platforms being used by the UN for the takedown.

    Liked by 1 person

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