Letter to the Editor

In a world of “INFLUENCERS, Kosher THINK TANKS, GO FUND ME, “NO” PROFIT CORPORATIONS/ORGANIZATIONS, click for “donating a coffee” and religious charities that sell used, second hand donations a little cheaper than Kmart/Target to built fancy commercial stores on properties they own in felt every third suburb one should recognize the reality of spinning coins, especially when it comes to being NON PROFIT in a very profitable way.

Lawyers coming to the rescue of the already vaxxed and damaged herd while preparing a case against the same CORPORATE LAW that has made us subjected numbers of citizens of a nation that is owned by “lawless nobility” somewhere far away sounds very noble for some but appears ridiculous to others.

IT is business as usual in the magic world of ageless Shekel spinning and it has created massive opportunities to perfectly fit into a world where lies are truth and black is white – in the name of ACTIVISM that is only active to – again fund itself.

Go and fund YOURSELVES or help out a neighbor who is like minded or needs help. Stock up on food, think of alternatives for the “prison system” and “stick” with your brothers and sisters who never lie to truth itself and their own morale. Invest in a garden, built little communities that look after their own and forget ALL that are offering a helping hand for coin. Especially LAWYERS and other upper class slaves of the LAW SYSTEM that has imprisioned us.

Most of all, don’t become emotional in front of a computer screen. Become emotional when hugging someone in need in front of you or buy someone something that is urgently needed. Spend time with isolated and lonely ones, hold hands with strangers and cry together about the suffering which is imposed on us through those that we are told to “officially” trust as our own.

Invest in your souls and hearts. Invest in empathy as these joyful experiences will be rewarded by ones own internal and spiritual well being. GO fund your self! The true and neglected SELF, that is!

from Jo