From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

The intensity of the conflict has temporarily receded as the RF regroups, repositions and replenishes its forces. Nikolaevka is half encircled and Ukrofascist targets continue to be struck, which will eventually drive them out. I estimate that within two weeks it will be liberated at which point we’ll focus on Odessa. Our work in the Kharkov region progresses well it won’t be long before we take full control. The Ukrofascists continue to shell civilian targets using American supplied howitzers and munitions for Himars MLRS with a firing range of 140-300km to strike at Luhansk. The RF is mobilizing 45,000 troops to expedite the liberation of southern Ukraine.

The Sakhalin II project will revert to the Russia government. Shell will exit the project and the Chinese and the Indians will replace take over their holdings. The Japanese intend to maintain their holdings and accept the new terms and conditions. The turbine has not been delivered to Russia, currently its status is unknown.

The president of the BRICS International Forum, Purnima Anand announced that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt are preparing applications to join BRICS. “These countries are preparing their membership applications. This will strengthen the influence of BRICS around the world. A formal decision on these countries will be made at the next summit in 2023.”

It’s the third day in a row that Kiev is not being shelled. The Ukrofascists attacked Belarus using a Tochka-U launching four missiles. Our track-mounted Pantzer defensive shield system having a reach of 150km and the ability to eliminate low flying objects knocked out all four rockets which were targeting various cities populated by civilians. Some of the debris damaged some of the houses and  Lukashenko issued instruction to have them repaired immediately. The launch area of these missiles was rapidly identified and destroyed, just as they were planning another assault. The response received by the Ukrofascists from Belarus was brutal. The Polish and their NATO masters have stationed a 12,000-man fighting force on the Belarus border. This force is comprised largely of marines. Belarus has concentrated a portion of its fighting force along the intersecting borders Poland/Ukraine/Belarus, in anticipation of attack from its neighbor’s which may have a NATO element involved. The Ukrofascists have been busy building fortifications between Belarus and Kiev. Concurrently we destroyed another four LMRS units kindly supplied to the Ukrainians by the US.

The NATO-friendly participants in this conflict and concurrent neighbors of the Ukraine are plotting in secret behind closed doors on a potential peace deal with Russia. They are determining how to dissect the Ukraine into suitable pieces for all parties involved, much like the breakup of Germany. Romania has set its sights upon Moldovia and Transnistria. Poland is salivating, expecting to carve out a large portion of NW Ukraine while Hungary has no interest in becoming involved.

Our intel suggests they are seeking access to Putin to present to him on a silver platter a dissected version of the Ukraine, something that does not belong to them. Putin has taken a hard position indicating that their peace proposals are too late and now the terms will be set subject to Russia’s whim. For some reason the west keeps interpreting kindness for weakness. On the Kherson oblast borders Ukrofascists have started to burn the wheat fields before harvest, they are using low flying helicopters to achieve this.

It’s unlikely that the EU will agree to the dissolution of Ukraine until more destruction has been inflicted upon the Ukraine – I believe just one more significant strike to which the RF is currently building up momentum. Zelensky in the meantime has legislated authorization for Polish citizens to hold key government positions in the Ukraine, something that is totally illegal under Ukrainian law. Zelensky continues to act in Poland’s best interests through the RADA.

We proceed to watch with interest as the US toys with the Chinese Dragon. When the US crosses the red line with China and the Dragon strikes that will be an opportune time for Japan to switch allegiances and free themselves from American shackles.  

As we drive the fascists out of the Ukraine, I expect they will head into Poland from where they will enter Europe. Soon Europe will be inundated with a mindset that I expect they are ill-equipped to handle. The approaching winter could be the hardest Europe will experience in the last 60 years; the EU will pay for the sanctions it has imposed against Russia. The Russian air force destroyed over 350 Ukrofascists (Kakhovka group) based at a Nikolaevka shipyard.

There has been no significant change to Kaliningrad blockage. I suspect that if we mobilized our ylyansk special forces to liberate the passage, they would make short work of it. Scott Ritter (someone I profoundly respect) stated that if Russia chose to, it could take Poland and the Lithuania in a matter of days.

I note as a point of interest there are approximately 12-highly placed Polacks within Biden’s administration. This element of the Polish diaspora in the US has the ability to seriously influence America’s decision-making process, perhaps introducing a bias in Poland’s favor, misaligned to that of the US.

Meanwhile, mines are being washed up daily on the Bulgarian and Romanian coastal beaches. Because of this the tourist numbers have dropped off significantly. The Ukrainian imbeciles dropped the mines randomly and did not maintain charts as to the locations of the mines. This makes it extremely hard to locate and remove them. The mines are chained to weights and are set at predesignated depths, however this doesn’t guarantee their immobilization due to bad weather and strong sea currents as the Romanians and Bulgarians are discovering. These mines (from the 1970s) are magnetized and have the ability to go to bottom and lay in waiting, it will take years to remove them. The Turks have responded to the Ukrainians, demanding they stop dropping mines in the Black Sea as it will hamper their efforts to export grain.  

Recently another American mercenary (dark skinned) was caught along with two others. The former native of Rwanda, Suedi Murekese, was detained by Russian troops in the Kherson region. He was the commander of a larger group of mercenaries. Once this knowledge was made public within 24 hours another 105 mercenaries crossed back over the Polish border. Under Kharkov we are taking out one or two mercenary saboteur teams daily. The RF will no longer be releasing bodies until such time they are claimed, which means consulate representatives will need to ID the corpse before it will be released. Another Australian mercenary has been liquidated. We have all of his relevant documentation and I expect I will be in a position to release his personal information in due course. To date 2500 Polish mercenaries have been killed. They currently hold the record. This information I gleamed from US/UK sources. 

The Ukrofascist groups that remained in Lysychansk and Severodonetsk started killing foreign mercenaries, as they were privy to sensitive intel related to the activities of foreign special services active in the Donbass region. The LNR military discovered numerous burnt corpses, identifying some as English and Polish. On June 26th, Vitaly Kiselev, a representative of the LNR Interior Ministry, stated it was known that in excess of 120 mercenaries from Poland, Britain, France and the US were in Lysychansk. There were approximately 12,000 Ukrainian soldiers occupying the city. Based on intel reports 37 Britons, 21 French and 64 Americans were active in Lysychansk.

As a matter of interest, the Volkssturm 130th battalion, formerly active in the Kherson region, was reduced in size by the Chechen forces. During the interrogation a prisoner said that same-sex marriages were spreading in the 130th Volkssturm battalion. Foreign mercenaries from Canada and Poland who were in his battalion “support same-sex interests.” The prisoner noted he likes to dress like a lady, and this was understood by the 130th Battalion commander.

Reconstruction of the city of Mariupol has commenced. The majority of the living accommodation will be restored by 2024, but there is a lot of work to be done. We Have teams of people on the ground working long days. Rubble is being cleared, bus services have been restored, food supplies are being imported from mother Russia and some banking facilities have been re-established. The port has started functioning and cargoes are moving in two directions. We currently have approximately 215,000 people living in Mariupol, up to 40,000 based in its suburbs, things are returning to normal. 90% of Mariupol is using the ruble as currency in shops, hospitals etc. Pensions are now being paid in rubles. Twenty-seven apartment blocks have been erected in Mariupol and continue to be erected.