Russians accuse US of making COVID-19 bioweapon, testing on Ukrainians

From Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI military correspondent

Covid-19 was created in the US, exported to the Ukraine and tested on Ukrainian Soldiers. The RF has undeniable proof and is preparing to make a formal submission at the UN. Our scientific experts have identified the structural changes made to the DNA. The Americans have been collecting DNA from the various nationalities living in the Ukraine and Russia for some time and the data was being utilised in the bioweapon’s laboratories established by the USA in the Ukraine.

We believe the bioweapons were being manipulated to target specific gene sequences ie., the genome that makes an Englishman, English. The operation was primarily funded by NATO and the US and the appearance of CV-19 conveniently blamed on the Chinese. The first stage was to reduce the immuno-efficacy of the body, introducing it in small virulent doses. The intent was to systematically reduce the body’s natural immunity, the body’s ability to fight disease and infection. The RF was able to capture American and French researchers during the special operation. They have been very informative by extrapolating upon their experimentation and bioweapons advancements. Currently our scientists are working on developing a tablet to counter the effects of the bioweapon.

In 2018 at a Lvov military base located in the Ukraine approximately 100 soldiers died of typhoid experimentation. The local population became concerned as people were becoming sick and dying. Back then it was a lot easier to acquire information. This intel eventually reached the Russian authorities and our medical experts concluded it was typhoid or something that was not native to our part of the world. The incident was swept under the carpet by the Ukrainian authorities and their American co-conspirators. 

In the meantime, the RF struck a Ukrainian base of operations in the Nikolaevka region liquidating two Ukrainian generals and numerous officers and their staff – a total of 18. This transpired on July 9th. In a separate incident our forces shot down a chopper. It crashed and burned from the wreckage and we were able to retrieve the pilot’s helmet. It was NATO issued; such helmets are for single use by the individual owner. Typically, they are never shared or loaned and it appears that the Ukrainians are experiencing a deficit of helicopter pilots. In my mind and the minds of my colleagues NATO has entered into the battle unannounced. It appears that NATO is now hands on. Similarly, we took out a fighter plane (сушка). We were unable to save the pilot who died in our arms. He was neither Russian or Ukrainian and we couldn’t place him, but he was wearing a NATO uniform.

Recently the US delivered a batch of ammunition for the MLRS, HIMARS, M777 to the Ukrainians in the Nikolaevka region. A single shot from one our airborne MIGs destroyed the lot. Within four hours of this event our air power destroyed numerous howitzers. I find it comical, but it seems the Ukraine’s US friends are being a little disrespectful. They promised advanced munition (self-guiding) for the howitzers. Such munition has GPS controllers that allows them to hit targets highlighted by lasers. However, the Americans delivered stock standard munition. It’s a shame we were looking forward to reverse engineering those shells. On that note the German howitzer was dissected by our specialists and found wanting, ours are superior.

You may have heard that the UK has taken on board 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers and have started to train them, hoping to turn them into fighting machines. Recently we captured one of these trained fighters, the intel he provided was comical, the level of training being provided to the Ukrainians was of a preschool level.

Recently a friend asked about Alaska and what the situation pertaining to it is all about, so we asked the colonel. As it turns out an agreement to transfer the ownership of Alaska was reached by both parties and the contractual process was partially enacted, whereby a contract was signed. But for the contract to become a legally binding document and meet the obligations of the contract the second part of the contract needed to be fulfilled. This was the delivery of payment, payment in the form of a ship load of gold. No proof of payment exists in the Royal Russian archives and the US cannot produce proof of payment. International law states that if the buyer cannot produce the original contract with verifiable signatures, stamps and proof of payment then said contract is null and void. During this period, we believe that the monies owed Russia were used to finance the American war. Similarly, at that time Russia was fighting enemies on multiple fronts and Alaska had to take a back seat.

The Americans tell a fable of how a ship filled with gold was sent to the Russians meeting the purchase price. The odd thing is that no such ship bearing gold ever arrived. If such a ship laden with gold existed then delivery receipts, purchase receipts, ships logs, American government records should exist as proof of purchase. The US suggests that Alaska was sold to them (we’d like to see their proof) under the premise that Russia was unable to manage/support its Alaskan territories. In those days no support was needed and in fact to this day people still uncover barrels of Russian vodka hidden away in Alaska. We regularly observe the Americans’ uncontested exceptionalism in the fabrication of fables.

If my memory serves me correctly in 1776 the US Declaration of Independence was ratified. But in 1278 Russia had dominion over Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Alaska with an established outpost in Canada. At that time the US was the home of the native American Indian and the US did not exist. So, I would argue that Russia was more than capable of managing its own affairs including international affairs.

Not many are aware but during the American civil war between the north and south the Russians were in the background supporting the north, providing logistical support, weapons, artillery. The support was limited but occasionally the Russians would make direct contributions to the battle as participants.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. John Alexander

    Psyop continuation… Keeping the virus myth alive…


  2. To Lindesymonds, yes, the SarsCov2 character was created on a computer.
    It may have been plagiarised from an exosome which looks eerily similar.
    How bad Sarscovy was going to be was also decided by computer modelling.
    That computer modelling tracked upwards alongside the clinical trial injectable uptake.
    It was never isolated in anyone’s snoot.
    The PCR did show that people were shedding something.
    Influenza variants.
    Probably the same ones who were injected with an influenza vaccine just prior to taking the PCR test.

    Source: Society of skeptics (SOS)

    Bioweapons in labs, mixing animal cell lines and other nasties does occur by ‘mad Scientists’.
    But as far as we can know it then gets put into a vial for injection.
    From there they test it on animals…or the Defence Force or any Organisation or Country that has to take a compulsory jab.

    Yes, the correspondent is correct, Fort Dettrick in the USA has a BSL 4 lab. Just like Wuhan, China does. USA has more than one.

    Were they testing/injecting their concotions on Ukrainian soldiers?
    It’s possible.
    They tested on their own USA soldiers in the past by injecting Anthrax in 1998.
    They tested on other Countries like India and Africa in the past.
    Why not Ukraine?
    Maybe they just want them out of the way….


  3. There is no Covid-19. There is no ‘Sars cov-2 nouvelle corona virus’. It was never isolated from any tissue. The whole corona baloney hoax that the governments of the UN member nations ran on their populations was the springboard to the certificate of vaccination identity mandated by the UN. The vaxx – these patented bio-tech spike protein toxins made by Moderna, Gates Foundation, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca is the bioweapon.

    The Russians ran the same corona baloney hoax in 2020 as everybody else.. They have their own bioweapon vax – the sputnik

    What is happening here is that two Jew owned governments are annihilating another ethnic European population – who we are supposed to regard as Nazis. They look to being another Jew owned government – the US in on the act.


  4. My Dad and I used to laugh at the ribbons and awards that Rigby [cartoonist] used to portray the ‘Yanks’ as proudly displaying on their chests.
    Not even out of his teens; my Father was coxswain on one of HMAS Kanimbla’s landing barges in the Merchant Marine. Then, eventually, was transferred across to ‘A’ turret on the HMAS Warramunga… and onto the Philippines. He shared, and had high respect for the ‘Yanks’, as he would call them. Went to Tokyo for the peace treaty signing as part of Australia’s tiny representation there [no he didn’t see the signing!].
    How many Ukraine Generals have been liquidated, so far, according to Yuri. Couldn’t be too many Generals in the Ukraine? The ‘Yanks’ have many in comparison.
    On the other hand, we have the likes of that disgusting ‘Kissinger’, who made the comment that the military were ‘USEFUL IDIOTS”!
    Says it all! Have things changed? We still have the ‘hidden puppeteers’. WHY?

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  5. Also reported on MSM via New York Post. Headline: Vladimir Putin’s stooges threaten to reclaim Alaska from US.

    For those interested and/or who have a clue.


  6. Would nice if it was/is all Science fiction…



    No mention of the US HIMARS rockets strike on Nova Kakhovka in southern Ukraine, Monday night Ukraine time, not far from Odessa and Simferopol.

    The Russians say they hit a civilian managed potassium nitrate fertiliser depot.

    The Ukrainians say they hit Russian ammunition depots.


  8. All this sounds like a lot of crap to me. Sorry.


  9. WOW! This makes interesting reading. While much of the first half has a certain ring to it, the second half might well be graduating towards fantasy. never the less, it sure makes interesting reading. Its certainly not reading matter for the 95% of Australians who are unable to process available information, or form their own opinion.

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