Emerging G8 has bypassed G7 in terms of GDP

Col. Richard Black (ret.) was former head of the US Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon and served in the Virginia legislature first as Representative and then as a State Senator and recently, 18-19 June, he addressed the topic “There Can Be No Peace Without the Bankruptcy Reorganisation of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System.”

PM Anthony Albanese is terrifying analysts by supporting NATO’s expansionist policies and demonstrating the ALP Government will be an American clone. Albanese has not repeated his support for Julian Assange since becoming PM.

He said: “The sanctions war has failed. The entire financial might of the Western World was unleashed against Russia. The Biden administration swore that the Russian ruble would be crushed into dust. But today, the ruble is stronger than before the war. This year, it has been the strongest of all currencies. Russian inflation peaked around 15 per cent and is expected to subside. But as their inflation tops out, Europe’s and America’s have just begun skyrocketing dangerously. The price of bitcoin dropped 5,000 points just overnight. The stock market is becoming extremely erratic and rocky. The Economist reports that Russia is generating a record trade surplus, with a billion dollars a day flowing in from oil and gas. Russia’s US$250 billion trade surplus more than doubled its surplus in the year before the war. Despite sanctions, Russia has forged stronger ties with China, India, South Africa, Iran, Brazil, Saudi Arabia; all of which continue trading at enhanced levels with Russia.”

Other voices are speaking too.

“According to [Russian State] Duma President Volodin, the emerging G8, of Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, and Turkey, already has bypassed the G7 in terms of the GDP. Other organisations and nations are working toward a new model of a global order, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, ASEAN, and many nations in the Global South. What all of these countries are aiming at, is the wish for common poverty alleviation, real development of their physical economies, national sovereignty, the right to choose their own model of social and economic development, and cooperation in their mutual interests….”

“So, the ‘democracies’ are really only the US, Great Britain, the EU (which, however, is divided), Japan, Australia, and South Korea. So when, at the end of this month, the annual
NATO Summit meets in Madrid to present a plan for a Global NATO and a new security doctrine, without a real economic development plan, naturally, which it certainly will not have,
it will fail to address the actual needs of a world faced with famine, pandemic, and economic chaos.”

The Australian Alert Service 29 June states: “Anthony Albanese has taken the reins of an Australian government apparatus that is tied closely into the Anglo-American war machine, and the failing City of London-Wall Street financial system.

While the new PM hasn’t had a chance to do much yet, the early signs on foreign policy are alarming. His participation this week in the NATO summit in Spain, the alliance that deliberately caused the current Ukraine conflict, and his rhetoric pledging Australia will work with its NATO “allies and partners, globally and in the Indo-Pacific”, combined with his refusal to repeat the public support he expressed as Opposition Leader for releasing Julian Assange, “demonstrate the strength of our bonds,” he was reported as saying.

Source: CEC Australian Alert Service, 29 June 2022, Vol. 24, No. 26.

from Alison Ryan

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Why Mr Priminister are you refusing to help Julian Assange and bring him home.Why is he being condoned for speaking the truth.


  2. H,
    I doubt that the Money Changers are unaware of the effects of their actions. They are obviously foreseeable to most people so it can’t be that their thousands and thousands of “experts” are oblivious to their consequences.

    As I said, the first world countries are getting a haircut, the 2nd and 3rd world countries are getting a blow wave. All in the name of “bridging the gap” and the reset to the globalist controllers agenda.

    Our pain, their gain. It’s just a matter of profit taking and a shake up they stage through crises engineered as “global financial crises”, eg. the Depression, etc. Wholesale asset stripping, from the poor to the rich. 🙂



    Mexican President Calls for Statue of Liberty Removal amid Assange Prosecution.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) called for the removal of the Statue of Liberty in New York if the U.S. proceeds with the extradition and prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

    The Mexican politician made the comment during one of his morning news conferences on July 4.

    “We need to start the campaign to remove the Statue of Liberty that the French gave and is in New York because it is no longer a symbol of freedom,” Lopez Obrador said.

    In his news conference, AMLO said that he would be bringing up the issue in an upcoming meeting with President Joe Biden.

    “It’s a matter of humanism,” he said. “If they don’t do it, they will be stained.”

    The Mexican politician has been a fierce defender of Assange and his work to release classified documents through Wikileaks. In the past, Lopez Obrador called Assange “the best journalist of our time” and his prosecution “an embarrassment to the world.”

    Referenced from an article in Breitbart by Ildefonso Ortiz & Brandon Darby 5 July 2022

    I reckon there would be more chance of Albanese sitting on Biden’s knee to feel which way the wind blows than putting his mouth, let alone his body on the line for a fellow Australian.

    Vote 1 Lopez Obrador for Australia’s 1st President.


  4. The Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes want to rule the world
    “It was only after September 11 that the Plan [for world domination] emerged in full.”
    “……….Back in the 1980s, the Khazarian Mafia—more specifically the Neoconservatives—took over the Reagan administration and put a different cast in the political landscape.[1] Jewish legal scholar Stephen M. Feldman begins his book Neoconservative Politics and the Supreme Court: Law, Power, and Democracy by saying that
    “For more than twenty years, starting in 1980, the neoconservatives stood at the intellectual forefront of a conservative coalition that reigned over the national government. Neocons earned this prominent position by leading an assault on the hegemonic pluralist democratic regime that had taken hold of the nation in the 1930s.”[2]
    Feldman is not alone here. Other Jewish scholars and writers have come to the same conclusion.[3]
    Ever since the Khazarian Mafia took over the US foreign policy, America has been looking for dragons and monsters and goblins to destroy in the Middle East, which is totally contrary to what the Founding Fathers had envisioned. Irving Kristol, one of the founding fathers of the Neoconservative movement, declared back in 1996:
    “With the end of the Cold War, what we really need is an obvious ideological and threatening enemy, one worthy of our mettle, one that can unit us in opposition.”[4]

    “……..The Khazarian Mafia’s plan to dominate the world through “unilateralism” was leaked to the New York Times in March of 1992, and both the left and the right reacted with horror. Bill Clinton’s deputy campaign manager, George Stephanopoulos, said that the Pentagon was trying to “find an excuse for big defense budgets instead of downsizing.”[26] Even President Bill Clinton was petrified by the plan.
    “…….But if people in places like Germany are angry about what’s happening to their country, they need to start attacking the real snake. And this has been one of my biggest problems with people like Alex Jones. They never tell us who has been pushing perpetual wars in the Middle East, despite the fact that they know all the facts.
    Moreover, if president-elect Donald Trump wants to implement “America First,” then he needs to cut the head of the snake, which we all know is the Israeli regime. This snake has been crawling around politicians in the West for years, and it is high time that we stop this unconditional alliance with that snake.
    Trump can talk about “America First” all day, but until we deal with the root of the problem, we’re going back to perpetual wars because “America First” and an unconditional support for Israel are antithetical. Not only that, they are at war with each other. Over the next four years, one will prevail over the other, and let us hope that it is not the snake that prevails…………….”


  5. Laughing on the Way to Armageddon — Paul Craig Roberts

    “…………..The United States has an ambassador to the world who shows no signs of intelligence, who behaves as if she is Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee to the 5th power, and who is the total antithesis of a diplomat. What does this tell about the United States?

    It reveals that the US is in the Roman collapse stage when the emperor appoints horses to the Senate.

    The United States has a horse, an uncivilized horse, as its diplomat to the world. The Congress and executive branch are also full of horses and horse excrement. The US government is completely devoid of intelligence. There is no sign of intelligence anywhere in the U.S. government. Of or morality. As Hugo Chavez said: Satan is there; you can smell the sulphur.

    America is a joke with nuclear weapons, the prime danger to life on earth.

    How can this danger be corralled?

    The American people would have to realize that they are being led to their deaths by the Zionist neocon nazis who, together with the military/security complex and Wall Street, control US foreign policy, by the complicity of Europe and Great Britain desperate to retain their CIA subsidies, and by the harlots that comprise the Western media.

    Are Americans capable of comprehending this? Only a few have escaped The Matrix.

    Read on –



  6. One more thought to add to David’s: it’s those tangible assets beneath the steppe and tundra, – their magnetism is simply too irresistible.

    It’s Baku or bust said Adolf, problem was, the Brits were there first, robbing and massacring the locals.


  7. “Now I must have missed something,What did Russia do to America, to have them go after them for years and manipulate so many countries, into joining NATO and hounding Russia ?”

    A couple of thoughts…

    It’s a well established tradition since Napoleon in 1812. He was followed the British in the Crimean War, by the Habsburgs in WW1, and by the Nazis in WW2.

    Seems Russia is a popular military graveyard for the Western powers. So maybe the US is hoping to be the first to break the jinx!

    But first, like the Nazis and the previous belligerents, they obviously know they need to get together yet another major coalition of the fascists in Europe if they are to have any chance of success.


  8. How did Albo get to be PM ? t do not mean to be nasty , but…. A hopeless case I am afraid. What he is doing spells disaster. NATO has gone into full takeover mode. It seems where ever they go , the country ends up a bigger mess. Let us not forget NATO had 33 BIO-Labs in the Ukraine.. It wants to control the world. .And just to mention, Germany had at least one.
    Now I must have missed something,What did Russia do to America, to have them go after them for years and manipulate so many countries, into joining NATO and hounding Russia ? I need education..

    I thought NATO was a peacekeeping force. but obviously I was mistaken. I get a feeling Elbo is getting us in over our necks..

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  9. JPMorgan analysts warn: Fuel price to 5 euros – Russia counter-sanctions push the oil price to 380 dollars?

    Given increasing pressure from the West, Moscow could retaliate and push the oil price up to $380 a barrel in an extreme case. Experts are now warning about that. This would plunge the world into a massive crisis and push fuel prices in Western Europe to around €5 a litre, Report24.news writes .

    The escalating spiral of sanctions against Russia by the US-led West is already causing increasing economic and financial disruption around the world. Although most countries in the world do not participate in Western sanctions against Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, they too are suffering from the sanctions against Moscow. However, analysts at JPMorgan Chase have now warned that world oil prices could hit a “stratospheric” $380 a barrel if US and European sanctions incite Russia to retaliate , Bloomberg reports ………………


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  10. patriciaptursi

    The world is aligning. The spirituL war continues. Each day brings new sadness and atrocities.


  11. The West’s sanctioning of Russia has done absolute wonders for the Russian economy, and through extension China and India, whilst simultaneously destroying the West’s, – and especially Europe’s economy.

    The latest heat flow chart [see below] shows that capital is withdrawing from Europe at an astounding rate. German fuel bills have already risen by around 85%, and the smart money knows what’s coming this winter,- no escaping the Great Reset here.

    On the contrary, India is lapping up Russia’s surplus energy, giving a boost to its already thriving economy [no downtrend here], whilst Indian investment trusts are showing good potential for capitalising on the positive outcomes of the Russian sanctions, etc, – certainly a promising place to dodge the Great Reset.

    Another unseen variable, concerns the steep rise in fuel shipping costs, where for example, shipping to Japan formerly cost $61 per day, – and now costs a staggering $50,000 per day!. How can Japanese companies expect to compete with the G8 Asian nations supplied with cheap Russian energy? [time to dig out those rusty Katanas].


    And then we have the G7’s sanctioning of imported Russian gold, which will only backfire as with their other sanctions, if the rest of the World moves to a gold supported economy.

    Looking at the heat map above, I’m wondering how long before Thailand and Malaysia ditch their G7 advisors and realign themselves with the rest of the G8 ASEAN nations?

    As a primary exporter of commodities, one cannot remove Russia from the global economy without destroying one’s own economy. The G7 are on the wrong side of history.


  12. Here is an insight into Albanese, the man.

    As the convenor of the Australian Independents Alliance, which linked a dozen independent candidates with a plan to force an alliance with one of the major parties, an organisation with its own hard-copy newspaper, I approached Albanese to seek his response to the prospect of coalition.

    Politically, this was the time for such a move, when joint policies could be negotiated and compromises thrashed out. Clearly, this could be a coalition that could work well for decades and reintroduce a grassroots element to Labor. But the time for action was now, with Gillard holding the reins but with no idea which way to go except to serve her Zionist owner, Albert Dadon the Melbourne developer.

    This move would have forever sidelined the LNP and Greens, and to some extent, pulled Labor back towards its worker base.

    Albanese’s sole response was “I will be interested to see what happens”. No commitment at all and, of course, acknowledging the numbers game, Gillard and her cronies simply approached each independent candidate and promised them a cabinet position if they won. The rest is history. Chaos and nothing achieved.

    Today, we have the same indecisive fencesitter; a man of zero vision and nowhere principles, who could not even execute the obvious and demand Assange, a man who had committed no crime, who merely reported US war crimes, be sent home to Australia. Any Australian of integrity would have made this his first move, guaranteed to be successful and to put Albanese’s name in the history books.

    With his arse on the fence and his hands in his pockets, fumbling compulsively, he keeps his eyes on the ground even while giving Klaus his BJ.

    With the world’s peak military and geopolitical strategic minds all calling out the WEF and Biden as catastrophically failing in their stated objective, actually destroying the west, economically and militarily, Albanese continues to grovel to the losers.

    It’s sickening.

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  13. Albo, the political hack deserves nothing but contempt. Never held a real job so all BS and giggles. On the Assange issue, I’m hoping but not holding my breath that maybe they are trying hush hush diplomacy and as such no public statements from Albo which will let the Seppos save some face.


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