Official investigation reveals Pentagon up to its neck in military-biological activities in Ukraine

Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian State Duma,  Irina Yarovaya, emphasized that the President’s decision to conduct a special military operation made it possible “to suspend the Pentagon’s dangerous military-biological activities on the territory of Ukraine.”

She recalled that for the effective work of the Commission, there were created four working groups: on medicine, law, security, information and a scientific advisory council, that would help to discuss important issues in various formats with experts, interested ministries and departments and analyze documents and materials.

Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya

“I want to present to you the materials that have already been studied by the Commission. These are documents that we had analyzed in the most detailed way and translated from English and Ukrainian full texts of all agreements that were found during Russia’s special operation carried in Ukraine,” Deputy Chairwoman Irina Yaroyaya said.

“Our task was not only to use the documents of the Ministry of Defense, but to independently work on obtaining additional evidence,” stressed Ms Yaroyaya and added that the Commission identified all witnesses who gave exclusive evidence of the activities of military laboratories in Ukraine. According to Irina Yarovaya, such work had revealed facts of significant infringements of safety requirements in those laboratories in Ukraine.

“Today we can say that these activities were performed by highly qualified Pentagon specialists. There were involved several special services, which were affiliated with the Pentagon and served as trainers in Ukraine,” said Irina Yarovaya.

The Commission found confirmation by digital codes of evidence that those specialists had professional experience in the development of biological weapons, as noted the Co-Chair of the Commission.

Irina Yarovaya also informed about a fact of bioterrorism which took place on the territory of the Slavyanoserbsky region of the LPR. Relevant criminal proceedings were initiated to investigate that case.

“I mean the distribution of counterfeit banknotes that were infected with a very dangerous, highly pathogenic strain of Asian tuberculosis,” Irina Yarovaya specified.

In addition to the case with banknotes, the Co-Chair of the Commission informed about the activities of the veterinary laboratory in Mariupol, which at first was out of sight of the military: there had been revealed pathogens of diseases not typical for veterinary medicine, like typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, perfringens. 124 seized strains are being studied by specialists, as added Irina Yarovaya.

“For the first time, we had revealed in documents that were seized by the Ministry of Defense facts that dangerous experiments were conducted on Ukrainian servicemen. These documents contain information that in case of adverse effect Ukraine had to inform the American side within 72 hours. In case of a death of a serviceman — within a day,” said Irina Yarovaya.

No humanitarian projects intend such consequences, as said the Co-Chair of the Commission.

According to Irina Yarovaya, the Commission also revealed that the Ukrainian authorities prohibited the Security Service of Ukraine from controlling activities of biological laboratories in order to hide security threats from citizens of the country. In addition, the Kyiv authorities deliberately concealed information about the military-biological activities of the United States of America in Ukraine. The Commission’s analysis of reports prepared by Ukraine and the United States of America and submitted over the past 10 years to the UN Secretariat on the implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons helped to reveal those facts, the Co-Chair of the Commission added.

The Parliamentary Commission obtains documents that also confirmed numerous facts of the export of human tissue samples, dangerous pathogens and their vectors for transmission from Ukraine to European countries and the United States. According to Irina Yarovaya, the US specialists and their allies managed to get at least 16,000 biological samples, more than 140 containers with bat exoparasites – mites.

The Commission is forming a dossier in order to systematize cases of criminal activities and qualify them , added the Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma.

Irina Yarovaya once again drew attention to the fact that US military biological laboratories were real parts of NATO secret military facilities and could be used as a testing ground for bacteriological attacks at any time. This is especially dangerous, as those pathogens that the United States was interested in were exotic, not typical for Ukraine, like Zika and Ebola viruses, as well as smallpox.

In this regard, Irina Yarovaya proposed once again to pay attention and take control of the implementation of the adopted law on biological safety and, together with the Government, take additional steps to expand the range of relevant necessary measures.

“Taking into account the activities of the United States not only in Ukraine, the world has serious reasons to be worried about that and make additional analysis,” emphasized the Co-Chair of the Commission.

In conclusion, Irina Yarovaya informed that the Commission would continue its work and would be ready to present a dossier and a final report in the autumn.

The creation of the Parliamentary Commission of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on investigation into the circumstances related to the creation of biological laboratories by the US specialists on the territory of Ukraine was initiated by the State Duma. The need to investigate the activities of the US biological laboratories has repeatedly been emphasized by the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

The Commission consists of 14 members of the State Duma and 14 senators. Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya and Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev are the Co-Chairs of the Commission.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    Last week in Belgium, capital of NATO, on the same day as their annual summit in Madrid, authorities discovered not a biological lab, but an ecstasy drug lab on NATO’s Kleine-Brogel air base.

    It is said NATO is living in another time and place, back in the acid tripping days of hippies, disco mania and the Cold War.

    But those distortions, mixed with fuzzy warm feelings of pleasure, to me indicate they’re in love with Molly.

    Maybe they’re flying high, running the Ukraine war on drugs?

    What could go wrong?

    The base is said to be the home of up to 20 US nukes and other weapons.

    Due to the sanctions last February, British Petroleum said they were dumping their 19.75% stake in Rosneft, a Russian oil and gas major.

    One questions their business acumen, the company recently announced the discovery of an oil deposit of around 80 million tons, off the Russian coast under the Pechora Sea.


  2. You can blame the media you can blame the government for all the lies and propaganda that we are fed every day and why the world is becoming a new world order and the culling of human lives is well on its way to fall in line with agenda 2030 …… but we the people are the ones who are facilitating this destruction of freedom and life and in part I agree with the culling of what I call the stupid humans which seems to make up 70 -80% of the earth because if it wasn’t for that big percentage of the population we would never have even started down this path it would have been stopped as soon as they made their agenda known , it would seem that the world has been populated with dumb brain dead idiots who are void of the simple ability to be a critical thinker instead they’ve become believers in any garbage that is put on the TV in front of them and they will defend the garbage and lies till their last breath but when taken a critical view of the red flags are every where
    It starts young you see it when a new pop star goes on tour the young crowds lose their mind over another human who just plays some music even those who don’t really like the music will join the screams and the fainting in the crowd without sitting back and assessing the quality of the music or the performance but a couple of years later they have thrown out those albums in favour of a new pop star …it’s the same politicians there’s always a new one with campaign that has the masses eating out of their hand and swallowing their lies and it makes no difference how many times there been lied to before , so the culling of all these mindless humans is a good thing only the ones who were critical thinkers and knew what was happening but got laughed at by the majority these will also be caught up in the genocide that’s started sadly some of those have already been taken out because they spoke out against the evil plans


  3. The Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes want to rule the world

    “It was only after September 11 that the Plan [for world domination] emerged in full.”

    “……………The historical task and political purpose of neoconservatism would seem to be…to convert the Republican Party and American conservatism in general, against their respective wills, into a new kind of conservative politics suitable to governing a modern democracy.”[16]

    Back in the 1990s, numerous puppets and lackeys were ready to fulfill Kristol’s dream. Dick Cheney was one of them. With the help of Paul Wolfowitz and others, he crafted “a plan” in 1993 entitled, “Defense Strategy for the 1990s.” David Armstrong of Harper’s Magazine said that this plan was

    “for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful.”[17]

    It was almost impossible to implement that plan into the domestic and foreign policy before the 9/11 attack, but right after that catastrophic event, the Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes were all elated because the door was opened for them to move to world domination—at least in the Middle East. Keep in mind that it was Benjamin Netanyahu who said right after the 9/11 attack:

    “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.” He continued to say that all those disastrous events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”[18]

    Armstrong declared, “It was only after September 11 that the Plan [for world domination] emerged in full.”[19] One can say that 9/11 was the “threatening enemy” that Kristol needed. He died in 2009, and one can also say that he couldn’t be much happier when Bush announced that he would begin a kind of aggressive expansion in the Middle East.

    So, the plan to have a strong military force virtually all over the world—most specifically in the Middle East—was and still is a strategy which was hatched by the Khazarian Mafia and which was being pushed by marionettes and puppets like Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and more recently Samantha Power. Armstrong wrote back in 2002:

    “Before the Plan was about domination it was about money. It took shape in late 1989, when the Soviet threat was clearly on the decline, and, with it, public support for a large military establishment. Cheney seemed unable to come to terms with either new reality. He remained deeply suspicious of the Soviets and strongly resisted all efforts to reduce military spending…………….”


  4. Correct – there is no “virus” as described


  5. John Alexander


    US-American biolabs in Ukraine
    politically explosive – scientifically irrelevant

    – – –

    We have already published a video on the topics of bioweapons, artificial pathogens and the ‘Wuhan virus’ theory. However, since the interest in these topics has not decreased, we still receive many questions and fear is still being stirred up, we decided to write an additional article on the subject. Among other things, we address some scientific and social aspects that were not dealt with in our video.

    👉🏼 a summary of the political events
    👉🏼 the activities in biolabs
    👉🏼 gain-of-function research
    👉🏼 (once again) biological warfare agents do not work
    👉🏼 how the fear of biological weapons is exploited
    👉🏼 accumulation of diseases in crisis areas
    👉🏼 (once again) why the virus evidence question is so important”


  6. John Alexander

    Biolabs are a distraction/psyop… FOIs reveal that health/science institutions have NO record of any “virus” having been isolated/purified. Because virology ISN’T a science.


  7. smirch: “You’re gonna believe the Russian government? Or any government, for that matter?”

    Fair point, but when senior US officials also admit to operating in bio-labs in Ukraine then it’s time to hold someone accountable rather than pretend there’s nothing to see as our govt and MSM are doing.

    On the basis of your skepticism are you suggesting in this instance that both the RU and US governments are lying? There is no US involvement in bio-labs in Ukraine?


  8. You’re gonna believe the Russian government? Or any government, for that matter?


  9. Tony B: How can the media be the problem if one is not forced to read any of its lies?
    Looking at some of the “crew of imbeciles” emptying their dark minds to the public in co ordinance with Rupert’s “How truth needs to appear in for programming” one can surely detect a lot of “journalists” that have not only failed journalism but themselves big time – as a decent human being. Spreading false propaganda, wrong advice mixed with continuous lies presenting surreality and deceit to Australia should be enough for a long jail sentence or “reprogramming”. Unfortunately the “law” in OZ does not prosecute criminals. It promotes them.
    “Sub humanity” in politics, law, healthcare, banking, media is the normal standard in a sub human world. Decency, truth, empathy for others and the goodness in ones heart has been barred instead and was sent to the “underworld of degeneration”.

    “This is happening because no-one is doing anything to make it NOT happen & Look in the mirror.” That is OUR problem Tony B


  10. Hi, Pat from Vic. We are let to believe we don’t do things like you mentioned in Australia.
    Unfortunately the troubles we have now is basically we trusted governments to much, so we are part of the problem. Like Masks, do not consent, by doing you submit to their rules.
    How to get out of this, again worldwide Lockstep Revolt, if this is not going to happen, the matrix will be locked. And the encrypted key will be destroyed.

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  11. Toy B, Murdoch does not care about money, it is power of the population, and having control.

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  12. Pat from Vic

    People here in Australia, and especially here in Dictator Dan’s Victoria, should understand that – like it or not – we’re up to our necks in all the biological warfare BS going down in Ukraine. The American-run Ukrainian biolabs have been collaborating on their genocidal research and exchanging specimens with “medical research” institutions right here in Victoria.

    Want to know how Exercise WWIII is going to pan out? This time around, we’re the bad guys – we are the Nazis. The clueless Australian citizenry is being swept along in an unfolding diabolical disaster that most people STILL just don’t want to know about.

    And this time around, the REAL war – the Globalists’ end-game – is a war of extermination against ALL OF US.

    Meanwhile, TonyRyan43 said…

    “Why do we tolerate the presence of a military that is guilty of such horrific crimes against humanity?

    Why do we tolerate politicians who embrace such criminals as allies?

    Why are we not ridding Australia of these treasonous subhumans?”

    The answer to all these questions, well-meaning as they are, is in the mirror. None of this is happening because no-one is doing anything to make it happen.

    There is no “we” because “we” are all cowering like scared sheep in a paddock.

    It’s all well and good to look around for a charismatic hero to rise and come save us all, while we all cheer that hero on from the distant and comfortable rear.

    Not happening.

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

    Look in the mirror.

    And maybe get in touch with your local AustraliaOne chapter.


  13. The media is our problem in my opinion, it always has been, if the media did its job properly we wouldn’t be in this predicament, they are bought and paid for by special interest, those interests dont include us, that’s why all this corruption and pedophilia is covered up these people have money.

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  14. tonyryan43
    The media don’t go into such crimes in any depth, just a passing mention at best. You know this in any case.
    I recall a friend back in the ’80s who stripped naked and perched himself up a tree in Adelaide City to bring attention to the then slaughter of Koalas, but the media and judiciary focused on his nudity. When he tried to bring up the koala issue in Court they shut him up and focused on his nudity. But in the long term his strategy worked. His Court appearance was highlighted in the then numerous broadsheets handed out in high volume pedestrian streets, malls, and in pubs
    Back then there were no outlets such as Cairns News, there were leftist news sheets mostly printed up out of University Student Unions.
    We need to get back printing and distributing print in high volume pedestrian thorough fares. The print then highlights and intros the issues with links to sites such as this. That gives them something that they can carry and feel and refer to.

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  15. Why do we tolerate the presence of a military that is guilty of such horrific crimes against humanity?

    Why do we tolerate politicians who embrace such criminals as allies?

    Why are we not ridding Australia of these treasonous subhumans?

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