Covid 19 a stepping stone to the great reset

by Han Barkmeyer

Why not say that:
Every person jabbed against their will has been assaulted by Criminal Jewish Big Pharma in their drive for ever bigger profits and working together with the Jewish World Economic Forum to accomplish their Great Reset = New Jew World Order.

Big Pharma, ultimately owned by Jewish BlackRock, Vanguard, Blackstone, old Banking cartels who have reinvented themselves, together with the WEF own and control the UN, WHO, Big Tech companies, the mainstream media, etc.
They have worldwide bribed, corrupted and coerced governments, academia, doctors, scientist, etc., to adhere to their COVID-19 narrative with the Lockdowns and forced “vaccinations”.

“I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now…” – Jew Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

They use their COVID-19 as a stepping stone to their Great Reset. Created mass hysteria to inject billions of fear-stricken gullible and irrational people worldwide desperate for a vaccine with their Kill Shots.
The effects of the Kill Shots, people dropping dead or injured by the hundreds of thousands worldwide, are deliberately ignored by the Jewish owned media and Jewish Occupied Governments in the world. The number of victims will only increase by the millions over time.

AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, NOVAVAX are Jewish owned.

Rothschild’s Sanofi are the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world.

John D. Rockefeller started Big Pharma, worked to outlaw hemp. Hijacked the educational system. Co-founded the US Federal Reserve with J.P. Morgan and Rothschild. Funded the United Nations and helped found the Council of Foreign Relations.

He was not the Hero Entrepreneur, but actually one the biggest enemies not only of the American people, but the people worldwide.

Big Pharma is not in the healthcare or disease-prevention business. They are in the money business. Vaccines are their most profitable products and they are not even liable for deaths or injuries caused by their vaccines. A perfect business model for Jewish Big Pharma.

Here a short video of powerful Jews running the show on this planet:

This is World War III: The Jewish War on the Goyim and the Goyim is not even aware that they are being led to the slaughterhouse.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. to daviddd2; Yes Dave, you will find all those who cannot handle the truth of what conspiracy truthers have found, actually believe they have the truth because the media and education has drummed it into their heads without providing proof in the first place. There is no proof of a holocaust, 911 being performed by Muslims with box cutters, climate change being caused by man and CO2, fires being caused by the climate and not those who light them, and Putin wrongfully attacking Ukraine, and killing heaps of civilians. I am unable to like comments for some reason, so I have to reply.


  2. Eskimo Man: see my comment above dated March 23, 2022 at 7:57 pm and following comments.. True Hope claimed he/she had much more evidence than anyone else so I asked him/her for some which I have been unable to find. And it seems he/she is unable to find it too.


  3. True Hope is probably on the bad end of the stick, but I see nothing wrong with being angry.
    As Henry Ford said, Hope: “History is bunk!”


  4. True Hope: “I made up my mind last night before I put the internet on today, and saw your angry reply, to unsubscribe from this news blog, because it seems you have to hate Jews and deny the Holocaust to be a partaker”

    So sorry, but that’s fantasy stuff. Best of luck to you.


  5. To daviddd2; What are you talking about mate, evidence of what in particular? I realise I may have taken one of your posts the wrong way, I’m sorry for that. But I will also state that it is harder to give evidence of something not happening, when the evidence should be given to back up a claim of something happening first.


  6. Hello Aapkoning. Thank you. I keep that article on hand, as it sums things up nicely, and as they say, – a picture speaks a thousand words. I would save it to your computer for future reference as the ADL has been trying to suppress these images.

    I myself was born and raised in the Channel Island: the only British territory to have been occupied by the German armed forces, so for a few years, we were part of the Third Reich, – quite an honour to some. My childhood was spent burrowing into thousands of German bunkers and tunnels, – great fun!.

    My grandmother had a German radio bunker in her back garden, so the troops dined in her house for four years!. Her memories of the Germans [we never called them Nazis, – this was an imported American term] were of utter respect. They all behaved like gentlemen, this was the view held by all those who lived during the occupation. Everyone I ever talked to, said the same.

    I also heard that the nearby Norman French population viewed them similarly. Due to this, the post-war propaganda had to be turned to overdrive, through which to change the reality, – to a fictional delusion of reality.

    Obviously the east was a different game, so the propaganda was adjusted accordingly.

    Interestingly, a friend who still lives there, mentioned that some years ago, a group of London ‘city types’ visited one of the local museums, and tried getting the owner to re-write the historical narrative, – mustn’t let any scrap of historical truth remain.

    The camp histories are no different.

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  7. Han: there is a vaccine holocaust happening right now.
    Perhaps it might be better to pay a bit of attention to the one happening presently than bickering over whether the other one happened or not.


  8. True Hope, You/we have become guinea pigs in a ruthlessly calculated, carefully orchestrated, chillingly cold-blooded experiment in how to control a population and advance a political agenda without much opposition from the citizenry.

    This is mind-control in its most sinister form.

    How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use.

    In totalitarian regimes where conformity and compliance are enforced at the end of a loaded gun, the government dictates what words can and cannot be used.
    Please educate yourself and have a read, Thank you.
    Please maintain control of your Imagination* because when you feed that power* with Emotion, you and up Believing your own LIES.
    Last your Quote: “I will stick to reading only information given regards covid and the great reset etc. I have learned a lot from many posts on these topics and related.”
    Ones you start properly digging into real history followed by looking in the Covid Lies and the Great Reset, YOU will realize that they all have ONE master who designs and controls the culling of the Goyim by the Jew. This has now been going on for more then 2 centuries. “Hope is fine but with Courage you will master the Self. “


  9. No Eskimo I’m not brain washed, but I will not collate the many evidences of the Holocaust to lay bare before the eyes of those like yourself, who could look at an elephant standing in a room and not see it because it does not suit their lop-sided, close-minded view. “He who is persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still.” That you can miss the obvious tells me who is stupid in this matter.
    I made up my mind last night before I put the internet on today, and saw your angry reply, to unsubscribe from this news blog, because it seems you have to hate Jews and deny the Holocaust to be a partaker; and I can do neither.
    I wish you all well. Goodbye.


  10. True Hope: ” I do not agree with you, Han, Ed, or Eskimo Man on this topic.”

    I wasn’t expressing an opinion, merely asking you for the evidence you claimed you had and which has eluded me in my own research. But since you have no scientific explanations I will assume you have more compelling explanations of the phenomenon I referred to. We’ll leave it at that. Cheers.


  11. To Sarah, please don’t be so stupid, Freemasons are the eternal enemies of the Catholic Church, to suggest that Masons are the henchmen of the Vatican. Not another SDA, it is mind boggling how you can accuse the Church of being connected to the occult, when in fact the Catholic Church is the only force against the occult, and whilst at the same time protestantism comes from the occult.


  12. To True Hope; Don’t disagree or argue anything if you haven’t got evidence to back you up. What you are doing is just stupid because you are mentally brainwashed to believe the lie, and you are reacting through your emotions. At least “TRY” not to be stupid.

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  13. Hello Hermann, thank you indeed for supplying your: graviolat. blogspot. This will be forwarded to various people that Slowly see the light…
    Very well compiled.
    I know most of that information collected totally from different directions, and from people personally that have been in work camps and have been employed in various sections.
    Some of the young boys that traveled back home to The Netherlands and explained to the parents and family members their experiences and how daily life was, “This Was NOT appreciated” Because those young boys simply told the truth and as a result, their parents/families did NOT want to accept the truth, so many been kicked out of their own families like they just died.
    The boys have were yelled at and told: “All Germans are bad”.
    Often the truth does come out and some of the young boys years >40 years) later managed to find one another and formed an organization so they could get on with life, but many without their families. Even today many families in The Netherlands do not want to recognize the truth, as is well explained by you given: graviolat. blogspot. The Holocaust Virus has infected many peoples still today like the Covid virus. All in the Imagination.
    I also experienced and was told by various people that ALL Germans have been and are bad/evil. “Strange many do not speak German, or never have been in Germany and surrounding countries.
    After my National service then finished the NATO service in Germany, I returned home experiencing that many people did not want to accept my own experiences and that left a nasty taste behind, however, I decided they do not want to know anything from Germany especially when the stories are positive. When you explain them, yes even today, people still look at you in disgust. I also learned very much: “People cannot handle the truth”… But Lies are always accepted…


  14. To “believe” something is to have faith in something that may or may not be true-my own definition.


  15. G’ day, True Hope
    The so-called Holocaust was a sickness of the Jewish mind, the number of 6 million was already figured out and placed like a virus* into the mind in late 1800. And this number was repeated year after year, then WWI WWII comes along, and the change was used by the worldwide Jewish media stranglehold to enter with their narrative into the history books. The losers never write history books. Please educate yourself with the books of David Irving.
    So like Han wrote, “Germany got milked up more than 60 Billion” because people have this Holocaust virus* in their minds. So it must be true! Exactly like the last few years and still today, people have this Covid virus* implanted in their imagination, so it must be true. Yes the same big Jews that sacrificed the little Jews in WWII do now the same thing to the whole world. Surely True Hope you must be aware that this is happening because you and most readers know, that the world is held by the imaginary vice grip of this mind virus* called Covid. The parallel with history and today’s Covid virus* is spine thrilling, to say the least, all designed to Cull the Goyim. Promised by the so-called, written Jewish scriptures.
    Last Hope, “To Believe is to Live A Lie.” Only knowing and bringing the truth out into the open. Then we do not have to Believe and Live the Lie. “The lie is very quick but the truth will catch up.”


  16. aapkoning: “What I experienced with my own eyes (in the 60′), yes indeed is now in 22 countries punishable with jail time.”

    If investigating, researching and questioning any account of ANY historical event is considered a CRIME we effectively enter the mentality and realm of the medieval INQUISITIONS and punishment for “blasphemy”.

    And here we are considering ourselves more civilised and enlightened than our forebears! So much for modern day freedom of thought let alone freedom of speech.

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  17. They aren’t real Jews.
    And it’s the Vatican’s henchmen called Freemasons that are behind all this.
    Satanists. The Pope and Queen are one of them..


  18. Here are actual wartime photos (derived from private collections), that show authentic images of camp life in Auschwitz.

    This is great for those too lazy, or time constrained, to study the Revisionist corpus.

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  19. This article has some interesting things to say about the Nuremberg trials:


  20. I think you should all get over this holocaust thing.
    The new holocaust is the the pandemic of vaccinations going on around the world, which is more current, and more relevant, than any 75 year old alleged series of events.
    You can’t do anything about WW2 but you can about this caper.
    Put your collective bees in another bonnet, pleeeze!


  21. Hello Han, What I experienced with my own eyes (in the 60′), yes indeed is now in 22 countries punishable with jail time. ((Not discuss-able) (Even in The Netherlands currently, politicians are banned from discussing/saying anything about this Holohoax.)) In 1963 just after Kennedy’s death, for many, well over 70% (estimated) of the NATO forces did not accept this Holocaust, including myself, and called it the Holo-hoax. Unfortunately, the Jewish-controlled media worldwide was already a powerful force to make sure that this 6 Million crap figure would stay ingrained in the human psyche*. In 1935 worldwide count roughly 15 Million Jews, 10 years later still about the same number. The Jewish have been very busy procreating or the Rabbis cannot count. *People believe lies because they live by the lie. See how the word, lie and live hidden in the Word Believe.! Lexy-grams they call it. Many words have hidden meanings, but most people are not aware. “To Believe is to Live A Lie.” The small minority is aware of how the Sheeple live the lie.


  22. No David. I’m not a scientist and have never gone through the rubble of gaschambers left from the war. I do know many were destroyed, to hide evidence before the Allies arrived.
    I have seen and heard more evidence for the Holocaust than many other historical events which we do not challenge. I will not debate it. I usually like your comments and find them knowledgeable and insightful but I do not agree with you, Han, Ed, or Eskimo Man on this topic.
    My heart is very heavy and I cannot make this a discussion point with skeptics. I hope you will respect that. I also have in my family personal experience of this time which was extremely traumatic for one uncle in particular, another uncle died.
    I will stick to reading only information given regards covid and the great reset etc. I have learned a lot from many posts on these topics and related.


  23. Hi Eskimo Man,

    I recorded ‘Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never told’ and ‘Europa – The Last Battle’.
    They are excellent documentaries and I wonder for how much longer those kind of documentaries will be on the internet? Better make your own copies.

    I am fairly sure that the internet as we know it today will not be there in a few years time and that the Jew will censor/delete everything he doesn’t like from the internet.
    Jewish Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., are already censoring the stuff they don’t like and it will only get worse.

    Even (Jewish owned) DuckDuckGo is now DuckDuckGone. I now use Brave or Presearch when going on the net.


  24. Hi Seb,

    There was a 1948 plaque in Auschwitz with the following text:


    That plaque got replaced in 1989 with the following text:

    AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU 1940 – 1945

    4 minus 1.5 equals 2.5
    What happened to the 2.5 million from the 1948 plaque? The Holocaust figure of 6 million has not been reduced to 3.5 million. And with time passing these numbers are only decreasing.

    The 6 million figure comes from the Torah: You shall return minus 6 million”.

    Not one Jew was ever gassed. I could be jailed for writing this in 22 countries, Russia under Putin the latest country to join that club. That is Jewish Power. Don’t question OUR Holocaust or else!…
    Their Huge Holocaust Lie has to be protected from the Truth at all costs.

    The Anne Frank story is well known. She was taken with her parents and sister Margot from Amsterdam to Westerbork in the northeast of Holland and then transported to Auschwitz. Her mother died in Auschwitz while her father Otto was taken to hospital because of typhus. Anne and Margot were then taken to Bergen-Belsen where they both died of typhus in January 1945.

    Otto Frank survived the War and then published Anne’s diary, which turned to be a total fraud.

    The people in the camps died of starvation because the British and Americans bombed the railways and roads and anything that moved on them so that it was very hard to take food to the camps. And many succumbed to typhus.

    Norman Finkelstein, an American political scientist, activist, former professor and author wrote a book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ and when it was published in 2000 Germany had already paid Israel $60 billion “for the suffering caused by the Holocaust”.

    He concludes that the Holocaust Industry has become an extortion racket and wondered why there are so few sceptics questioning it.

    “Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud.”
    – Norman Finkelstein

    It clearly is a money spinner for the Jews and they want to keep milking Germany for as long as possible.

    Finkelstein’s parents were in Maidanek and Auschwitz and his mother made the remark:
    “With so many survivors who did Hitler actually kill?”

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  25. Please excuse a few typos, I cannot seem to edit my comment and I’d already posted. Only have smartphone.


  26. I reject everything you say regards the Holocaust, I have more evidence than you that it existed. Hitler was a devour Catholic and was henchman for the Vatican to once again, try to annihilate the Jews (as their bloody pogroms and crusades against Jews and Christians who refused to accept the fake popes as head of the churches used never succeeded in doing.)
    The whole history and present day purpose of the RCC is money, power and control.
    I believe there is only one true church, it is in the Book of Acts. But most Catholics don’t read it and prefer to bow to Mary and the pope than follow the Book of books.
    Mary also said, “My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour!” She too, although obedient to the Law of God, needed salvation from sin. She too was on her knees in the upper room in Acts 1 and 2 praying with all the others to be filled with the Holy Spirit. She had at least five children we know of after Jesus, from the Gospels, but the RCC call her the “perpetual virgin!” So much sentimentality and fantasy interwoven throughout Catholicism; no doubt a carry-over from the “good old days” before the common people were allowed to read the Word of God. They could get away with anything then: take their last dime to get a relative put of purgatory etc
    I don’t doubt that many sincere people love the Lord;it’s the whole system that smells, nor those in it necessarily.
    The true church is in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles and it was around long before the RCC was formed. Even the RCC acknowledge that the birth of the true church was on the Day of Pentecost.
    So we disagree. No doubt we’ve both come up against it in the past, we’ll just have to let it lie. I wish you well, I really do.


  27. And one must remember that Jews own most all of the media, and are the best propagandists around.


  28. I remember seeing a documentary about people in the concentration camps and having a real good time.
    They were well fed, partied with the German soldiers, and had an okay time.
    It was a surprise to see this, but see it I did.
    What I do not remember is the name of a man from Hungary, I think it was, who fully researched the “holocaust” and wrote a 700-odd page book about it.
    He essentially debunked the holocaust in its entirety.


  29. True Hope, There is no evidence at all of a holocaust, in fact all the actual evidence points to a hoax. The so called gas chambers could not have been used as gas chambers, 6 million Jews have never been missing from the population, there is no evidence that Hitler had anything against Jews personally as he fought with them in WWI, and had 150,000 in his Military in WWII.
    Sorry my friend, but you cannot be joined with Christ outside His One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, The Body of Christ, and the Kingdom of God on earth. You need the Sacraments, which can only be attained from the Catholic Church, to be connected to Christ by the Holy Spirit. And you cannot reject Blessed Mary the Mother of God, as all generations will call her Blessed; Luke 1:48.


  30. obviousbob, that is correct Bob. How many were in Russia and the US at the time?


  31. Thanks for the link Han, but I must tell you that these 2 documentaries are the best for gaining a true knowledge of what really happened, I believe. You can watch them in parts to suit yourself.

    Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told! Free downloads

    EUROPA – The Last Battle ~ The Full Documentary
    [video src="" /]


  32. Wonder if it will get to zero? Ed


  33. Yep David a lot of years ago we researched the Leuchter report on Auswitchz other places which found the Jewish
    narrative seriously wanting. Ed


  34. True Hope: “Unbelievable!!! It is a form of sickness or insanity to purport no Holocaust!! The evidence of it is overwhelming.”

    Verbal testimony is one thing but I have been searching for some scientific evidence of what were said to be gas chambers and which show the presence of Zyklon prussian blue on the walls. The clothes fumigation chambers show prussian blue from Zyklon but the gas chambers don’t. I’m keen to know from a scientific point of view why not. Do you perhaps have any knowledge yourself?


  35. Ring them again for the latest update, I believe the rabbis are now claiming the latest figure for Auschwitz is less than 1 million, down regressively from 4 million to 3 million to 2 million and now 1 million, since 1945.


  36. Seb: “6 (((million))) as a number was popular in the papers after WW2.”

    It was popular in the papers since 1900, and even before for those familiar with religious ideologies and prophecies.


  37. Yep Bob we rang the Jewish Library in Sydney about 7 or 8 years ago doing research about the Luchter and the ovens
    and when we asked the chief librarian how many actually were killed in the ‘Holocaust’ she replied, “about 3 million.”
    Well we suppose that is an improvement on 6 million. Ed


  38. One media fashion fad displaced by another. All in the cause of stripping us of all we own and bestowing happiness on us. Expect an “alien invasion” next! 🙂

    “Sudden Death of Corona Crisis” Versus “Sudden War with Ukraine”


  39. In response to Eskimo man,

    There were at least close to a (((million))) who died from poor health, starvation and so on.
    The Concentration camps did not handle outbreaks of dysentery and crowded conditions.
    So yes, people died in those camps.
    The actual number and by what method is questionable to some.

    I’m assuming you will at least agree with around a million.

    There were also around a million Armenians who died in a genocide.

    Then we should mention all the other wars from then until now.
    Millions of innocent people from all walks of life have been the victims of war.

    6 (((million))) as a number was popular in the papers after WW2.
    No prizes for guessing who owned the papers.

    Some historical Researchers claim and have shown evidence of 6 (((million))) being mentioned in relation to other things…before the war.
    They have shown their evidence through historical newspapers and dates.

    Was this Ancient Gematria then?
    What does 6 million add up to in gematria coded languages?

    They have used gematria with this “pandemic” so much so that people who know the coded languages have been able to decode it with uncanny accuracy.
    The language and numbers being used to convey this “pandemic” to the masses does not appear at all random.

    If they use it now, who is to say they didnt use it then?

    Nevertheless, all we know is that we have been lied to our entire lives about many things and we will probably repeat the same mistakes.

    In WW 2 people died at the hands of horrendous medical experimentation.
    By Doctors and Nurses.
    “Nurses of the 3rd Reich” assisted in a number of ways.
    People trusted them.
    They had innocent blood on their hands.

    Wars use many tools.

    If we were in a War, what tools would they use on us and what would the history books say this time round?
    Who would be the victims?
    What would be the reason?
    Would it be the truth?


  40. Hi Eskimo Man,

    I agree with you; there was NO Holocaust.

    I have written about it in detail in my previous posts to Cairns News. I went to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 2013 to see it for myself.

    Here some interesting documentaries about “The Holocaust”, their Great Money Spinner and Big Stick to shut up, intimidate and imprison anyone in 22 countries (Russia under Putin the latest to join that club), who dares to question their Narrative: Holocaust Denial.


  41. There weren’t even six million Jews in Europe at that time anyway.

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  42. Unbelievable!!! It is a form of sickness or insanity to purport no Holocaust!! The evidence of it is overwhelming.
    Sorry to disappoint you Hans, but I have never and will never join the catholic church. I am joined with Christ, the living resurrected Saviour who has done so much for me, it would take books to write! Moreover, He continues to help me and bring me into closer relationship with Himself.


  43. Election, no that will not solve the problem I agree with You. When the politicians don’t listen, look at history, the citizen has to rise up again and fight. As you know, the current problem is worldwide. I think it looks the only hope is that a financial collapse is the only hope. WEF & KLAUS SCHWAB have got more prominence than they deserve. In my view, they will lose whatever power they now have as financial asset values and their wealth implode. Thus I don’t think that their reset will happen or succeed. Governments might try resets but they will fail. The house of cards will just collapse.


  44. True Hope, you cannot be with Christ if you are outside of His Body in the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.


  45. Sorry Han, but there was no holocaust, no evidence of 6 million Jews missing from the population, and no evidence of gas chambers that could have been used to gas people in.


  46. peter coughlan

    could they all owe allegience to the teachings of Sabatai Zevi….?


  47. THhe Borgia pPope was a marano, a hidden Jew.


  48. The truth cannot, will not be hidden forever, thanks “Han”for Quoting Ben Hecht book, not many people know about this one.


  49. Anti “Goyim” is, pretty nasty. Actuality it is EVIL.


  50. Refer Vatican takeover by the Sephardic Borjas (name changed to Borgias) in the 15th century and the prompt establishment of the Jesuits by Loyola, another Sephard who was a soldier, not a cleric. The Jesuits were initially a purely military order providing muscle for the full takeover.


  51. People do not learn from history, and neither do our alleged leaders.
    And the ordinary people do not control the history anyway.


  52. All the research in the world never made the bad guys go away. Non-compliance will work for a while, because you’ll end up in a covid camp if you don’t.
    Here is what is happening, according to the health Ranger:


  53. So tell me something I don’t know.
    And please don’t tell me that an election is the solution, when no election outcome is guaranteed-except maybe for a rigged one.


  54. obviousbob: I’ve “had a crack”, more times than I kept count, when you’re hitting your head up against a brick wall pretty soon the bugger will bleed. You want solutions? Don’t comply to the BS!. Easy as that, but, the lambs that line up for slaughter…selling us all out while we’re yelling out for truth…good luck with that.


  55. glynnesutcliffe: You need to do a lot of extra digging. You’re behind the 8 ball mate


  56. Currently [obviousbob], by looking at the money trail, you will find the perpetrators and collaborators, and our local politicians, the ones who have and are, betraying us all…
    Freedom has never been maintained and won by Lambs, only by the Lions.
    And the Lions are asleep and or drugged. Our Police, Anzacs, SAS. They go often overseas, but now at home in Australia what are they doing? Apart from attacking Australia’s citizens and maintaining mandates that have no scientific/medical backing.


  57. Methinks the plot is getting lost here.
    See this:


  58. I totally agree with all of this post, but what about the Jesuits? How do they fit in if they are behind all of this? Is it the fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan, or the Jesuits? It can’t be both because they are sworn enemies.


  59. Hi glynnesutcliffe,

    It is not hard “trying to explain why Israel plunged into maximum vax coverage”.

    Here again “the little Jews” are sacrificed by “the big Jews” to achieve their Great Reset.
    It also happened during World War II when “the little Jews” were sacrificed in order to create Israel.

    In his book, Perfidy (1961) author Ben Hecht describes how the Nazis lacked the manpower to round up Jews and relied on the Zionists to do it. The Zionists betrayed their fellow Jews yet reaped the moral and political capital from the holocaust.

    The more Jews died, the stronger the moral case for Israel. This crucial information is not new, but they’re trying to dump it down the memory hole. We need to be reminded.

    The book Perfidy is the single most damning statement to date on the interchangeability of the British-Zionist cabal that ran Israel during its early years and the leadership of the Nazis.

    In his book, Hecht presented extended excerpts from the famous 1953 Kastner trial, in which the pro-Nazi activities of Rudolf Kastner,head of a Hungarian branch of the so-called Jewish Agency Rescue Committee during World War II and later a spokesman for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the new Israeli state, were brought to light in excruciating detail.
    In a trial that rocked Israel to its foundations.

    Kastner, one of the inner circle of the Zionist elite around Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion during the 1943-53 decade, was revealed to have been the main Zionist agent of the Nazi exterminators of Hungary’s Jews.


  60. Hi obviousbob,

    Well, obviously people have not learnt from history and therefore it will repeat itself.

    You want solutions? Here is the solution:

    “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage.
    Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”
    – St. Augustine

    Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.
    – Marquis de La Fayette

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    If you don’t recognise the one true enemy and join forces to fight him and his stooges, you and your children are doomed to slavery!
    – Gerard Menuhin author of ‘Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil’ page 399

    Tragically, Fear and Cowardice now rule the Goyim leading them into Slavery and Tyranny.


  61. glynnesutcliffe: For anything to be anti-semitism it must not be fact but propaganda or lies. So debunk the lies if you wish to promote some facts, or vice versa.


  62. Gkynnesutcliffe: I fully concur with every point you made. I used to have a copy of dozens of worthwhile inventions made by Jews, some life-saving..some winning a Nobel Prize etc.
    I too wondered about who might be behind the full on destructive assault of covid vaccines on Israel, who were hammered by it more than any other nation..certainly not one who l9ves Jews!
    But above all I think of Jesus – King of the Jews, who died for the sins of the world and arose on the third day ..God in flesh.
    No matter what any other Jew does or doesn’t do – I’m His forever.


  63. Very well said and 100% true. People need to stop using the alternative medicines and go back to our traditional, safe and effective natural remedies. Our bodies are supposed to be in an alkaline – NO cancer can survive in that environment. Sugar is PURE acid – and that is the very reason it’s put in literally everything. Start by taking 1 teaspoon of Borax (yes, NOT a mistake) in 1 litre of water and taking a teaspoon morning and night. Eat lots of leafy dark green vegs. This will get you back to the state your body was intended to be in. We’re self- healers, with the assistance of our plants and herbs – and that knowledge has almost gone. And, while we’re IMPROVING our health, we can hit them where they have feeling – in their filthy lined pockets!


  64. It’s interesting regarding America’s outlawing of hemp. Prior to this, hemp was the best linen material ever: – all the old sailing ships rigging and sails were hemp, as were all clothes, etc. Due to it’s strength and material superiority, hemp dominated the linen industry.

    It was explained to me by the older generation, that due to the natural inferiority of cotton over hemp, the American cotton cartels lobbied their government to have hemp outlawed, – due to it’s narcotic content.

    This destroyed the European hemp industry in one swipe, whilst the American cotton growers secured the monopoly of the linen trade [as intended].

    The names of thousands of English villages bear testimony to their former produce, e.g., Broadhempstead, Littlehempstead, Mortonhempstead, etc.

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  65. glynnesutcliffe

    Anti-semitism is pretty nasty.

    How about trying to explain why Israel plunged into maximum vax coverage?

    A good idea to differentiate institutions and the people working within them.

    I could go on, but this mad hatred of ‘Jews’ is something the world could do without.

    While a postgrad in the US I was staggered by the heavy over-representation of Jewish scholars in the overall output of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Then I noticed that post-grad lists had nearly a third of the students with Jewish names, a smattering of Anglos, and the rest half Indian and half Chinese. I was looking at evidence of “the collapse of the West”

    Freud, Marx and Claude Levi-Strauss all Jewish. As well as Erving Goffman. You may not agree with them, but they surely exhibited high intelligence.

    Then check out Norman Cohn : Pursuit of the Millennium.

    Follow up with histories of both Oxford and Cambridge – both originating in home-based discussion groups in the late eleventh century.

    Anglos would do well to observe, and emulate Jewish child-rearing practices.

    G lynne Sutcliffe MA (Chicago) BA Hons & Dip Ed.(Melbourne) Main Rd. Chandlers Hill, SA 5159 Ph. (0)8 8270 3548, or 618 8270 3548 On Facebook as Glynne Sutcliffe Huilgol


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  66. We must concentrate on health.not sickness.One of the best forms of exercise is pushing our selves away from the table.Walking, exercise . deep breathing.A good nights sleep. Not too much alcohol, if you do like a little. Remember “A little wine is good for the stomachs sake.”
    Jesus turned the water into wine, so we are told . I do not know anyone who has never been sick.Most people at some time will pick up something.When we are healthy our natural immunity is our best protection. Maybe some prayers , meditation. Perhaps a new hobby, art, .The men’s shed Gem Club Bird watchers. Photography.
    Anything to keep us in the fresh air , sunshine.that vitamin D.We will keep ourselves happier , healthier, and out of hospital.I. we end up there, we will get better quicker if we keep moving.
    After listening to this covid S t for two and a half years, I do not believe a word they tell me.I believe in future I must be more responsible for myself.

    We must keep ourselves out of their clutches as much as possible.


  67. Essentially, Han, you are retelling a story we are all pretty familiar with.
    Whilst the history is there, identifying the perpetrators and collaborators, by recounting of history you are not offering any solutions, just a history lesson.
    I want solutions, and have offered one or two, but it seems many people have fear of flying via actually having a crack-and by that I mean serving it up to your local politicians, the ones who have, and are, betraying us all.


  68. Thank God there are some people that know the truth. Their fourth
    revolution is the fourth beast starting in Daniel 7:7 thru 7:28

    Thanks for you work and thanks to James Corbet  By the way there is a
    manchild in Revelation 12:5 that be taken out of here shortly before
    Satan is cast down to that earth having great wrath for he knows his
    time is short. Thank you for your on going effort. I hope more people
    learn about John MacArthur and the Satanist from Dallas who control much
    of the radio. Dallas Theological seminary.

    Pastor Inman

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  69. Han: Why not say that, indeed. Well said, well done, had to be said. Only thing behind a dis-illusioned Jew (if there are any, maybe they’re all for the cause), is the devil itself. Our politicians are all devils whores. Committee of 300, the same agenda. Don’t be dupped people. Thanks Han


  70. 100 % correct


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