AFP deploy sonic blaster against women and kids at Canberra rally – no sign of PM Morrison or ALP leader Albanese, what are they afraid of?

Today Cairnsnews spoke to a protester who was towards the front of the rally closer to Parliament House. He said he felt quite ill and had to move away. The sonic waves gave him a bad stomach upset and he felt dizzy.

Why would Morrison and Albanese allow such a tactic to be used against quite calm protesters? Are they so afraid of what the people might do to them?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hopefully we can get some pics. Ed


  2. Any idea where the pics can be viewed? If they were Bioresonance frequencies, they can do quite a lot of hidden harm..


  3. Yeah Lindsey we were told the AFP requested Telstra shut down the towers for maintenance on Saturday. Ed


  4. Some of the pix being shared by medics who were at Camp Epic lead me to believe LRAD was not the only frequency weapon they deployed. These dark burn flashes appearing on the skin that was covered on the days of the protests – these aren’t sunburns. They look like microwave radiation burns to me.

    Microwaving the blood with beamforming into the crowd ? That is very possibly what we are looking at in those pix.

    Seriously healthy people can do that with rads if they have enough B vitamins. They can surface internal burns and bring them out on the skin. I have only seen that once at a health centre where people who were chronically sick were in detox. Those who had received rads were able to bring those burns which previously they had carried internally to the skin after B vitamins and infared saunas.

    My guess is they did some 5G Beamforming down there and phased it with LRAD. Why should FOREIGN SECURITY FORCES get indemnified for that? Those cell towers can be used as military grade weapons and I think they were
    5G Dangers & Reality : Beamforming and Triangulation


  5. They can give it out against families but can they take it in their ninja suits? I doubt it… just wimps in fancy dress.

    The LRAD shoots out a concentrated blast of 150 decibels worth of noise; Just turn your inverted umbrellas & signs back on them, aiming the sound back where it came from or against nearby other hostiles. It will knock them over if everyone does that. And packing your ears with anything, plugs, buds, wet tissues, gum etc will help too.

    Watch from the 14:00 mark in this interesting video “Defeating LRAD” –


  6. Stand by for the “shingles” epidemic and the immune system downgrade among the elderly in particular.


  7. In response to AI, of course ear plugs and raincoats won’t help.
    Should everyone just go home then?
    Your suggestion?

    Wait until they activate their IoT 5G which the masses think is for them to download their movies faster.
    Or so they can drive their electric cars across the Nullarbor.
    It’s not for you, it’s for them.
    At 60gHz on the radar spectrum it becomes their directed energy weapon.

    At the present 24gHz it will just make you feel unwell (probably)
    Even at much lower levels there are published research studies on the effect it can have in reactivating Epstein Barr virus in people.

    Turning on sprinklers and using sonic is just their slap on the hand (for now).

    Disembowel their towers and challenge their safety data if you really want to save yourself.

    These devils are just getting warmed up (around the world)

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  8. Yeah earplugs are not much help. But we don’t need the treacherous ALP or LNP in power ever again. Ed


  9. Sonic weapons and the Cops wear earplugs? Lol, what do you take me for ????
    WTF are you doing in Canberra ? Look 18 million Egyptians protested on the streets for weeks, what happened ? The Egyptian leader was ousted by the military and life has been worse for the last 11 years !!!!


  10. I could say a lot of cattle are quite intelligent, particularly Bos Indicus. Ed


  11. Don’t fret Diane many people will see this comment and link. We might re-run it. Ed


  12. Yeah Tony we did try to tell them singing on the lawn would elicit absolutely no response from the tyrannical political operatives hiding inside the masonic citadel. Ed


  13. This bloke is wet behind the ears if thinks there are any honourable cops in Canberra. Where has he been hiding?
    Bosi, a lot of other protesters and much of the public know how the dodgy cops operate. They are simply private mercenaries who have been jabbed hence their mental unbalance. Ed


  14. I suppose people will eventually wake up.

    The politicians and bureaucrats are murderers and child killers on a vast scale. Why would they give a shit about rights to protest, or even more absurd a notion, democracy.

    They are out to kill, and every police officer by now understands he or she is the enforcer component of the killing fields. By any definition from history, this is war, yet these poncie organisers are chanting “Don’t be provocative folks”.

    A million boiling frogs are holding Canberra at siege. If this were not so tragic I would be laughing.


  15. Maybe it’s time to put this up again and urge all Australians to do this.

    I still can’t share this around anywhere As that mongrel tyrant Mark Zuckerberg (Who is one of the many monstrous globalist tyrants traitors belonging to the world economic Forum with the monstrous head tyrant Klaus Schwab) keeps extending My total banning of postings as well as permanent restrictions monitoring removal blocking of posts.
    When another platform comes up I hope more leave free speech and democracy killer Mark Zuckerberg farcebook and go to a platform that allows freedom, free speech and the right to express a different opinion to that of governments agendas.


  16. Judging by the behaviour of thug cops and callous politicians they think they’re dealing with cattle instead of fellow Australians. .


  17. Aussie Cossack says,”I can’t believe this is happening in Australia (sonic weapons deployed),” maybe that’s a big problem for many people that they can’t believe what’s actually going on, that they are in denial of what is actually happening. Many people can’t believe that wide scale murder is happening despite the fact that it IS happening!


  18. I did say in a letter a few days ago, that it looked kike these devices would be used . I was right.If they turn these devices up the damage can/will be really damaging.
    The police are absolutely despicable for resorting to this ,on people peacefully protesting.
    I have no idea how the police can justify such action.How can they sleep at night ? Are they all Godless creatures ? I believe there will come a day of reckoning. AThere will be a price to pay.
    As for the gutless wonders in the parliament , where is their duty toward the people ?
    God help us. Hold the line.


  19. This confirms this is not about the jab. This is all about control. The Crime Minister will be held accountable, he and all of his cronies! There will be no place to hide. His words are nothing but poison to the people just like his jab – the same jabs that he has shares in and paid millions for, that ended up in his pocket. He should be stripped of everything he owns, everything he is, and be placed in jail for every death that has occurred. He has manipulated the paperwork so he can’t be held accountable but people are awakening and so many see it and him for what it is. I will be going back to Canberra – this time with many more friends and family that have been woken to the Crime Ministers tyranny – there is no backing down now.


  20. Meanwhile in Wellington, the Speaker of the house Trevor Mallard, turned on the grounds sprinklers and the peaceful protestors got wet.

    I’m surprised he didn’t bring out his water pistols as he watched on with glee.

    So we have Sonic sounds causing symptomatic headaches in Australia (while the police had their earplugs firmly in place), and water spraying in NZ (despite the water restrictions).

    What a bunch of tools.

    Why do we think these people care two hoots?

    I saw this saying online (anonymous)

    “There are people with Master’s degrees that fell for this ‘Pandemic’ charade.
    And there are High School dropouts that can see through all the deception of the media.
    That’s why being smart isn’t measured on being educated by University.
    There are a lot of educated fools.
    True intelligence is about being conscious of the world around you.
    And knowing how to navigate it….”

    On that basis, rain hats on, ear plugs in….Hold the line.


  21. Quote: “He said he felt quite ill and had to move away. The sonic waves gave him a bad stomach upset and he felt dizzy. Unquote” No people up rising, then just calmly wait until the next totalitarian move towards the Australian citizen…


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