Letter to the Editor

Reference: Bitchute ‘darkness to light.111’ an interview on the 11th Feb in Canberra…

“if the Parliament is acting unconstitutionally, the Governor General David Hurley does not have a choice. He is required to warn. He is required to dissolve. He is required to appoint.”

“The people unite behind their Sovereignty. They know we are under an unconstitutional Government”

In relationship to leadership: “the people have to discern for themselves. Stop listening to instructions and orders and make your own mind up”

“Listen to everybody on the balance of probabilities, make a decision. If it’s the right decision, good. If it’s the wrong decision, make another one”

“Graham Hood has been nominated as the spokesperson for Reignite Democracy which is linked to Clive Palmer”
He didn’t seem to think much of that.

from Seb