It appears protesters have woken up all of Australia ‘s corporate ‘governments’ are unconstitutional

Letter to the Editor

Reference: Bitchute ‘darkness to light.111’ an interview on the 11th Feb in Canberra…

“if the Parliament is acting unconstitutionally, the Governor General David Hurley does not have a choice. He is required to warn. He is required to dissolve. He is required to appoint.”

“The people unite behind their Sovereignty. They know we are under an unconstitutional Government”

In relationship to leadership: “the people have to discern for themselves. Stop listening to instructions and orders and make your own mind up”

“Listen to everybody on the balance of probabilities, make a decision. If it’s the right decision, good. If it’s the wrong decision, make another one”

“Graham Hood has been nominated as the spokesperson for Reignite Democracy which is linked to Clive Palmer”
He didn’t seem to think much of that.

from Seb


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Too many reds under beds. Craig is sincere. We have published him for years. Ed


  2. What Tanya wrote about Craig Kelly simply search his parliamentary voting history, the bloke’s a far right winger. At the Canberra demo he was pretending to be onside, but outside of “meetings” he would have been reporting to his club, maybe he was wired, too.
    The internet is a resource to find out just about anything, just use different search engines.
    The Trucker blockade in Canada has grown and they are in for the long haul. The US truckers are doing a mirror parallel across the border coast coast.
    Aussies had the momentum in Canberra but now they’ve spat the dummy because “the leaders” have. Consensus is old hat, right? Something the Greenies did back in the day.


  3. just to be helpful – some links please..


  4. ObviousBob: I suggest you contact the owner of the web site if you have questions.


  5. Of course he didnt think much of that. Clive Palmer admitted in a press conference he would introduce the social credit score system. Craig Kelly also is pro-NWO. No-one should be impressed with those facts. If you want to verify these you can find the proof on bitchuite, rumble and many othe platforms.


  6. Linda Dessau is another Andrews puppet, and is inside his government. She is not the real deal, else she would have dissolved the Parliament a long time ago, and especially after the Ian Cook busted the Slug Gate affair.
    This is one of the best, from Sam Newman’s You Cannot Be Serious podcasts:
    Ian’s matters are the most serious thing to happen in Victoria for ever.
    Ian has said (and I have been talking to him for over a year) that no-one (in business) is safe from the Andrews government.
    Further posts from me will show you some of the tens of millions of taxpayers money that the Andrews government has had to pay out for its wrongdoings.
    One example-and the biggest so far:


  7. W.H.O = Was Human Once.
    You all realise that unmasked means marked, profiled & targeted.
    It’s the camps for you!
    Doesn’t matter if you think co-vid is not real, that’s probably what will be on your death certificate after a “ pandemic of the unvaccinated”in the camp.
    Everyone seems to be looking for some “ leader” to rally the mob towards victory.
    Reading the many nominations for this role or that & the ensuing distrust being contentious only looks like fragmentation of the “ movement” seems inevitable.
    If if a revolution were successful ( unlikely) surely, as history attests, a civil war will follow.
    This is a global insurrection against banker occupation, all about control of the masses by control of the money.
    Rockefeller said “ Competition is a sin” that’s why they fear Bitcoin, it’s decentralised & they can’t control it.


  8. daviddd2: I think everyone should not vote.
    Then there would be no mandate at all.


  9. pcwwp: Yes, the offices are vacant, because the corporate impostors cannot lawfully fill them.
    A friend sent a registered mail letter to the former Victorian Local Government Minister, which letter was banged up at the Post Office in that Minister’s electorate.
    This friend was then compensated $106 by the PO for failure to deliver.


  10. Free Your Mind: in regard to the appointment of Linda Dessau as Administrator of the Commonwealth: are the documents visible in the link supposed to be the actual documents, because the ones visible are not signed?
    My guess is that a corporate charade is going on here, because the government of the day was corporate, Malcolm Turnbull included, and this “administration” does not stand, except in a corporate fashion.
    I have to go, now, to the local tech college, to get a photo of the plaque that identifies the Administrator of the Commonwealth at the time the plaque was laid.
    They took it off the building, and hopefully it is in storage.
    I will call tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
    You might find it interesting that when the Victorian Parliament withdrew the 5500 taxi licences, some four years ago, a friend, whose mum had three licences, received a Notice in the mail with a $200k cheque attached.
    The thing is that the Notice was not signed.


  11. Jewish – what a surprise!


  12. Hoodie is a religious nut job trying to cash in on the people’s attempt to get rid of the government. He has no plan. He just wants to baptize everyone! What use is that? The fact that he has teamed up with a politician, Kelly, and a wanna-be politicians, Palmer, says that he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

    No one at the rally talked about solutions. The so-called ‘leaders’ were all jockeying for position instead of trying to solve the problem… and the problem is so obvious. It’s the lying, thieving, criminal, traitorous political party government. I have supported Bosi until now, but his empty and threatening rhetoric each time he spoke to the crow has turned a lot of people away from him. He offered no solutions either… apart from some veiled promises of action that was too secret to tell us about. In other words, it was all empty threats and no subtance.

    Next time we go to Canberra we should all go united behind one idea… and if possible behind one leader capable of providing a solution… to tell the traitors to get the hell out of our Parliament!

    I have spoken to Lyn Bennets about this and we will continue to work together. The next action we take will be to present a united front for all members of the Commonwealth of Australia, with no politicians or wanna-be politicians allowed entry. Sections 7 and 24 of our Constitution state that ONLY We the People have the authority to choose our representatives. It doesn’t mention political parties. Therefore, they do not exist in our Federal Law. They have destroyed this country and the people are telling them to PISS OFF! We don’t want you!!!!

    People keep on calling for the GG to do something. They obviously don’t know that in 1960 the Queen sent over her Letters Patent to appoint the next GG and the Parliament grabbed hold of the letter, took the Crown Seal off and put their fake Kangaroo and Emu seal on it instead. Ever since then, the GG has been paid by the Parliament of liars, thieves, criminals and traitors. He’s no more use than the politicians.

    It is up to We the People to solve the problem, and we can only do that by uniting in Common Law Assemblies to empower ourselves with knowledge about our supreme law, the Constitution. As our assemblies continue to grow we are building the bedrock of a whole new political, social and spiritual revolution that will put the power into the hands of the people where it belongs.

    Don’t be fooled by so-called leaders. Think for yourself and take responsibility for your own actions within the framework of our Constitutional common law.

    In the last week alone we have added 6 new assemblies, some in New Zealand, with more coming on board very soon. We are growing fast, because people see that Common Law is the only way forward. If you want to join a common law assembly, look here first to see if there is on in your region.

    If there isn’t one, then why not start one? It’s easy and I will help you by setting up your assembly page and providing an opt-in mailing list. So don’t wait. Do it now if you want to help save our country from the TRAITORS!


  13. Hi obviousbob, as you know I always enjoy and generally agree with your posts. And I still respect any views that differ from my own…as with everyone else’s. But I am deeply concerned about Graham Hood’s authenticity. Especially since Christian ‘Mack’ has been revealed as a Freemason.


  14. Regenerate democracy with appointed representatives and appointed bureaucrats?

    How could this go wrong?


  15. The title doesn’t read well – bad grammar. Protestors haven’t woken up, and if they have, there’s needs to be a colon between “woken up” and “all of”. Had to read it a few times to make sense of it. I wish would go back to school and learn how to correctly put their point across if they wish to participate in debate. Does my head in.

    “It appears protesters have woken up: all of Australia ‘s corporate ‘governments’ are unconstitutional”


  16. pcwwp
    Well said bang on.
    Hoods a nice guy but not enough anti western medicine and there phoney toxic poisonous vaccines that have been killing babies and people for about a century now for me.


  17. pcwwp, Exactly right. He is yet another cuckholded maggot. And regarding the obviously rigged by-elections… contrary to past strident claims that Dominion Voting Systems would never be used in Australia…yeah right! Dominion, Smartmatic or whatever, the wheels of a stolen federal election are already well in motion.


  18. It is one thing to wake up to the fact that corporate government in Australia is not the Commonwealth of Australia and therefore is not our legitimate government and it is another thing to stand these down and return the nation to its foundations in law and build from there.

    There are two sources of law in Australia, but there can only be one sovereignty. That will be at the base of the conflicts that are erupting amongst the various groups attempting to get the present issues resolved with the Politburo and the various corporations impersonating the Commonwealth of Australia. Do they even have an oath of office? And to whom or what is it sworn?

    What is needed is a historical timeline setting out facts of matter documented from primary source material. We need a history of the abdication of The Crown from its colonial possession – the Commonwealth of Australia.

    The power of government then did not go to the Australian people as sovereigns – as the ‘authority’ according to our Constitution, it was hijacked by a Masonic political class which exercises the present conglomerate of corporations as various tiers / branches of government with all its conflict of law.

    Cairns News and people who write here could contribute to the building of such a timeline that could be referenced by those who working through political strategies for the Australian nationalist movement to reclaim sovereignty for the people.

    This is fundamentally a sovereignty issue. An Illegitimate sovereignty serving foreign interests has been busy for decades with the subversion of Australia as a nation. But only a legitimate sovereignty can resolve the tsunami of harm unleashed by these Pretenders when they decided to run a ‘pandemic’ for the UN / WHO – a communist entity. And the WHO is headed up by an Ethiopian former Gook terrorist. Great. I’ll bet you anything the Ethiopians were glad to see the back of Tedros when he packed his bags for the UN.





  20. Our wonderful Hoodie has said repeatedly said that he does not want to enter the political arena….he is only fighting to get rid of the evil mandates.
    We should respect his wishes, as much as I would love to see him in government with his wisdom and wit.
    He stated that he has received death threats….typical of socialists, communists etc.They can’t win unless they threaten and bully.Straight out of the swamp!


  21. Graham Hood is the real deal, Clive and RDA are in doubt.
    I have said that none of the punters seeking election are “the full set” except for Riccardo.
    Riccardo rightly called out Clive for making $3 billion last year out of China, who he said are poisoning our people with their Wuhan bug. Bang on.
    Riccardo is calling out the Freemasons and the horror show medical establishment, for their crimes against the people, and more importantly, their crimes against infants and children.
    Nuremberg 2 is going to be a big show, and a huge opportunity to muck out the putrid stable of our alleged Australian democracy.


  22. Has Governor General of Australia His Excellency General, the Honourable David Hurley fled the Commonwealth of Australia?


  23. How are we supposed to give our informed consent and vote to a government if a government is effectively disinterested in our being properly informed?

    How can we trust a government that says “trust” the science even though it knows full well that it is the nonsense science that says a death from a broken neck is declared a c-vid death c-if the victim was c-vid positive in the last month!

    So we all trust the government that trusts the science that trusts whoever is paying for it. Nice.


  24. David Hurley is a slimy administration apparatchik. As I understand it the actual GG position is vacant. He is another substitute clerk – paid for by the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation.I hold no hope he will do anything honorable – sadly.

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