Riccardo Bosi update from Canberra

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Now that is interesting and makes sense. The ATO will persist though. I know people who have been done over by not declaring income so that day methinks is on the horizon … or in the too hard basket!
    I certainly can understand the signature confirming a contract. Interesting to see where that situation goes.


  2. kodger: any contract entered into without full disclosure is no contract at all: nada, null and void.
    So you don’t sign anything at all without the above.
    And if you do you sign with UCC 1-308 under your signature, this being a protection against undisclosed terms and conditions.
    Google the term: https://incorporated.zone/ucc-1-308/


  3. my son was being harassed by the ATO, he demanded that they produce evidence of a contract between them, they couldn’t and have never contacted him since.
    There is however one consideration which should be made. Your signature on the tax return form IS your contract with them and their authority to inspect your books. Answer? Don’t submit a tax return. The last time I looked there was a point in the return where you could inform them that this will be your last return, next year they have no contract.


  4. On tax I agree-a corporate government has no right to tax you unless they have a contract with you, and that contract must be entered into with FULL DISCLOSURE. No full disclosure, no CONTRACT-null and void.
    But they do have the ability to monster you, believe me.
    Best of all, don’t vote for anyone at election time.
    If everyone did that then where would the legitimate mandate be?
    Nowhere, that is where.


  5. YUP – Misunderstood, but now I agree with you even moreso.
    The problem is – people lack the time the interest and without REAL leadership and a tangible cause, they won’t become involved.
    The ideal way would be IF people and industries couls simply refuse to pay tax.
    BINGO – Dead government.
    But doing that requires a properly constructed alternative management structure for this nation …. not at all impossible IMHO.


  6. Peter, it would seem to me that my comments about courts, have been misconstrued.
    It was not my intention to suggest that folks should take their grievances to court for ajudication and justice, even I’m not that stupid. No the suggestion was made because if EVERYBODY took the “matter” to court, within a very short time the courts would be gridlocked into total ineffectiveness.


  7. (Pun Intended)…. It was Obvious Bob to me many decades ago that the majority of people are stupid, and the most educated normally worse than those of lesser capacity.

    Ignorance is (IMHO) the underlying factor, but not at all surprising in these times as societies increase in complexity that people become fragmented.

    We (including me) live in our own circles – circles of people with whom we are comfortable – in societies comprising of thousands or more of those little modules. We can’t know everything so exclude that which is irrelevent or uncomfortable.

    Add to that the risk averse society that has been progressively created over the last 40 years and it’s little wonder we are in this mess. We lie in a ‘tick the box’ compliant society where the name of the game in most if not all facets of society is to do everything possible to avoid responsibility by passing liability on to others.

    The only way to unite a nation is a full on war where people are awoken from fantasy and are forced to deal with life and death realities. Sadly, until that destructive challenge appears, then we will need live in the safety cocoons we have allowed to enslave us all.

    And when the war is finished, and assuming liberty is achieved, then within 50 years societies will be back in exactly this situation, and that due to religions, pacifists, social engineers, the eternal doogooders and of course politicians that will capitalise on it all.

    History has a habit of repeating and will whilstever people in the main are ignorant and / or stupid.


  8. Quite fascinating. That was a MONUMENTAL effort.
    A wakeup call to the head of that industry …. only if it gets to him and only if it rattles some neurons for him to start asking questions.
    Thanks for that ObviousBob


  9. Peter Cunningham: with all the mask-wearers around many people might not be able to hurt, because they are possibly too stupid, I unfortunately have to say.
    Perhaps everyone needs to be forced to watch Yuri Bezmenov’s legendary video, where he says that some people will not wake up until the soldier’s boot is on their neck:


  10. I don’t know how many times over recent decades I have said just those words!
    The trouble is – until enough people really hurt, nothing will happen, and by then it is too late. Look at the pre WW2 sequences in Germany, and then after the war the stupid question is still being asked “how did we let it happen”.
    You know and I know it’s happening right now and we are the actors this time!

    Common law will sooner or later be subject to challenge and end up in the high court anyway. It’s a very rich self serving coterie at the helm.


  11. Peter Cunningham: yes, the Courts. All BAR Association and privately owned. I would not spend a cent on them. Common Law Courts are what we need, and juries to make the decisions, not a conflicted Judge. You have nailed the collusion, but need to not accept it.That would be a good start: never capitulate.


  12. YES ‘old bugger’ – That’s exactly my point. But the system is already in self protection mode – challenging in court means you will only be handsomely paying your enemy to fight you.
    Where are the legal whiz kids? Or do they take an orchestrated stand only when they are paid?


  13. Gary, this is the first piece of reality I’ve seen in a long time. I was aware of the “Queen” being deposed within three days of her coronation but was unaware of the rest., and it brings us ultimately to civil disobedience as the only last resort. Take EVERYTHING to court and dispute everything, in mere days the court system will grind to a halt under the load.

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  14. Gary: I wasn’t aware of that in your comment. My point is that the system is such that in order to stay functional it will pull out all stops to survive. Technicalities you note are irrelevant.
    Relevant only if you have $50million spare to throw at a court that is part of the establishment, so would similarly close ranks whilst saying “Thanks for your $50 million”


  15. Peter,
    Perhaps you would be good enough to explain why Buckingham Palace is empty, and the royal insignia has been removed from the front gate, and don’t say “renovations” that’s the party line. No, she has been dispossessed of the crown, you won’t ever see her wearing one again. This was done by the lords and barons under Magna Carta. Sure it has very little relevance in Australia, but it’s not Australia that we’re talking about.
    The relevance to Australia is that there is no GG. Except maybe a horse to go riding on Sundays.


  16. Peter Cunningham: you are too generous.
    Wow! We’d get the job done in no time!!!


  17. Well, Jo, the object of the exercise is to educate the sleeping masses, no matter how irritated we are at their indolence.
    Once they do wake up-and my town is really the Sleepy Hollow they call it-people and their very young kids wandering around in masks: Bah!!!-but you just have to hang in and hope for the best.
    I carry information around with me about masks, etc, and give it to people whenever possible.
    Once they do wake up, in numbers, the bun-fight will really be on.
    I look forward to that time, which is, hopefully, not far off.


  18. I can’t go with Lincoln, Tony Ryan, for the reasons expressed in these documents, which are from one who really does know:

    Click to access lincolntherat.pdf

    Click to access lincolnandillinois.pdf

    Click to access lincolntwostep.pdf

    Click to access lincolnsadduty.pdf

    The bloke is not all he is cracked up to be-and you might have seen my post in a previous bulletin about Evan Whitton’s Lawyers in Parliament (Australian, that is) document:
    You do not want lawyers anywhere near the place.


  19. YUP – It is about alerting the psycopaths who are pulling our strings that their tenures MIGHT be cut short, and all due to their utter arrogance bullying on not only the Virus, but Guns, Climate, Nuclear, Renewables and now national digital ID.
    I know where I would aim my digit if given the chance.


  20. GGs are expensive to run, entirely useless and as we have seen, entirely dangerous as GGs of whatever shape, size and gender are entrenched in the machine of ‘authority’.

    So … as Government and Police are the enemy of the people, then so too is not only the GG but also the majority of the legal industry that have failed to act against what is clearly a nuclear bomb on liberties we once enjoyed and took for granted.


  21. Ha ha ha – Me too.
    I too have driven shovels, spades, mattocks, spud bars etc (construction background) – but I’m not licensed to use them any more! I suspect that thosw of some age would understand why!
    BUT – I know PLENTY in the game who would gladly donate a few 20 tonners (or bigger) to dig the pits …. and even if paid, would be cheaper to dig than those ‘manually operated excavation tools’ that run on beer! Imagine the cost in beer and BBQs


  22. SORTA right old fella!
    Regardless if laws and processes are illegal, the reality is that we live under them and they won’t change. The Magna Carta is of no relevance and hasn’t been for a LONG time.
    YES! Imagine the nation if people and corporations simply stopped paying tax!
    But as everything is automated, then people have nil control …. AGAIN!
    An accident or by design?


  23. Well Bob – I look forward to that day.
    I look forward to the day when the entire system of overgovernance is reality.
    I dream of the day should politicians and bureaucrats be made accountable and their arses fined off as they do to a plumber or whatever.
    So many things I long for but alas – methinks those days won’t ever happen – unless china trots on down here and people for once forced to unite and FIGHT!


  24. Guys… think.

    How did electing representatives prevent this current tyranny. This state of affairs did not just land on us, unprepared. It was launched in 1975, but the predisposing betrayals go back to 1954.

    One of the main reasons Abraham Lincoln was assassinated was because he saw through the bullshit that is representationalism. He understood so very well that nobody ever “represented” the interests of others. In fact, nobody can. It never happens. Pure myth.

    We can only represent ourselves.

    That is why, at the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln made his lyrical and powerful speech in which he declared to the people and to the plutocrats that we must have “Government of The People, by The People and for The People.” This was a condemnation of representationalism, which is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.

    Elected dictators are every bit as tyrannical as self-appointed dictators. So if we are fool enough to repeat history, we will be doomed forever to repeat it.

    Strike a light. How many bloody times do the finest minds of human history have to tell us this before we catch on? Thucydides, The Irish Monks. Thomas Paine. Lincoln. Lord Johannes Acton.

    And the anchor myth… that democracy began in Greece. Pure bullshit. Only 19% of Greeks had any say in government. Women, slaves and non-citizens had no say at all. Only men, both of whose parents were Athenians, could vote. Greece was an apartheid, misogynist, elitist, and racist state. Of course, the Elite want us to emulate this. They are busy telling us the same story today, as they did following the French and American revolutions.


  25. YES Bob, sure it is do-able. Everything is once ones mind is put on it.
    Focus would be much appreciated though! When at the “protest” groups are demonstrating to free Assange, to free the males (that they can change in female dressing rooms), to free the nipple or the trees (of humanity) or to FREE this that and the other WE again have lost our way!
    It is Australia that should be focused on. One can not afford to be lost again in confusion, while the country and its good but “distracted” people are scattered within different parts of the puzzle while confronting ONLY themselves. The main concern should be Australia and its role as an asset for foreign ownership (including ALL worthless subjects living on the land). NO MAN (or Queen) SHOULD rise above terra Australis but ALL man shall rule as ONE.

    @ David – not so fast! “From 12 February, the 2G rule will no longer apply in retail. A week later, tourism and gastronomy will follow. The Austrian cuisine can then be enjoyed again without proof of vaccination or recovery, but with a negative corona test. In addition, the lockdown for the unvaccinated was eliminated more than a week ago.”
    In Austria nothing is “set” yet even if the government was convinced to vote with a great majority for mandatory jabs. Confusion rules and March 22 will show which direction to be taken. More than 1/3 of Austrians are NOT vaccinated while having a strong sense of justice against the MOB. The Austrian traitors in parliament know that. https://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/impfpflicht-in-oesterreich–eine-pflicht–die-keine-ist–31612190.html


  26. The whole GG thing is academic any way because if I comprehend the Magna Carta correctly the “Queen” must have been dispossessed of the crown 40 days after she failed to deal with the treason of the Australian Politburo way back around the 2/2/1960, which is the date of the end of the tenure of the last legitimate GG.
    There have been NO lawful statutes since then. No gun laws, no breathalizer laws. no lawful COURTS, etc. all are based on treason.
    Where to go from here? Well we could all pray, but with all due respect for the religious fraternity, I wouldn’t hold my breath or hang by the feet waiting for the result.
    Short of armed conflict, which I’ve said before would be a disaster, the only other course of action PROVEN to work is that of Mahatma Gandhi, total civil non-compliance.


  27. When the Sheeples awake from their slumber, Peter Cunningham: watch out!


  28. “Hi All. Firstly this email and the frustration felt by many in A1 could have been avoided if emails were responded to and people were not treated dishonourably and lied to. ….
    EDITOR: This comment far too large to publish .. a few paras of comment, not WAR and PEACE vol II ….. pleaseeeee


  29. Peter Cunningham: It will have to be a very big pit.
    I was very good on the shovel in my old construction industry days.
    I could dig all day!!!


  30. One plan of attack in restoring our Constitution/country might be to out the lawyers in the Parliaments of Australia.
    These people have no place in our parliaments, because they are usually Freemasons, and, as a Mason, their highest loyalty is to Masonry.
    And as Jesus said, a man can only have one oath, s that rubs the Masons out for a start.
    One federal member I know of even has the audacity to have a plaque to the beginnings of Masonry in Australia on the front wall of his electorate office-hidden, obviously, and as we have come to expect: in plain sight.
    The journalist, Even Whitton, did an excellent article some years ago on the lawyers in Parliament them.
    See it here: https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/the-parliament-of-australian-lawyers,5652
    Perhaps we do need to call these people out, because if we do, that may result in all their legislation being deemed invalid, because they have no right to be in the Parliaments of this country in the first place.


  31. Riccardo, I totally agree with your argument and suggestions. Ignore treasonous parliament, insist through people pressure that the Governor General DISSOLVES parliament and appoints an executive council to clean up the corrupt electoral system, and arrange for new elections in 3 months.
    I would go further. Dissolve all political parties and only the people put forward leaders for their areas. Politicians are beholden to their parties instead of those they represent.
    The treasonous mainstream media, without exception, must be destroyed completely. Riccardo, can you suggest how to deal with this enemy in our midst, the mainstream media, all controlled by our same enemies?
    The power of the te-LIE-vision to PROGRAM and indoctrinate the people has enabled the destruction and the deaths thus far of so many Australians. Many Australians are still hooked into the false narratives even at this late stage of the coup d’etat. I believe the concentration camps they are building need to be used for media, politicians, and all authorities that have conmitted treason against this nation.


  32. The mandates must go but so must the politicians. Drain the swamp!


  33. When the Governor General ignores the people, the people will realize the GG too has been captured by the international trillionaires behind the coup d’etat against Australians.


  34. Reality Check: “The Federal Executive Council is made up of all government ministers and the Governor-General.

    Thanks, that’s the line we’re peddled. I was referring to what the Constitution provides for , not the bastardised version of what it doesn’t provide. lol


  35. G’day cobbers,

    This is a spiritual war. It is about increasing awareness so that people wake up to what has been going on and want to fundamentally change the situation. This process is designed to increase individual and collective consciousness. The reason we need big protest crowds is to help sleepers wake up, since the MSM keeps lying to them. Anyone who was at the Canberra rally today won’t ever go back to sleep.

    The Alliance needs to see a critical mass of people awake in a country before they can move to remove its government. Everyone can increase global consciousness by joyfully focusing on the new world we want. That’s why the Canadian and Oz rallies are sooo positive and joyful.

    Riccardo Bosi is doing what is needed by getting people to realise that everything must change. The future belongs to the people and that requires that power and governance devolves to local levels.

    Universe management has tasked the presidents, Trump, Putin and Xi and their global Alliance supporters to eliminate the globalists and their demonic controllers, THAT has been done. The current process is about waking up a critical mass of people in every nations to WANT to fundamentally change our world and how we live and govern ourselves. Riccardo Bosi epitomises what is required in that regard.

    This will be a big month.
    The Canadians are doing their part. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmbGQZk-ghY&t=2s And we are beginning to do that too. https://tottnews.com/2022/02/12/huge-scenes-in-canberra/

    The Alliance appears to be planing to just leave Biden and his handlers and Democrat supporters to rot in situ in DC while USans go around them and get into full devolution. Why? Because DC is a foreign enclave which is not part of the USA.

    Devolution is planned for the US and all nations to move them, over some 2 to 7 years (varying with the nation involved and how fast the people adjust), to having the whole nation voting for POLICIES not people.
    This can be done because the Quantum computer system will use Star Link to enable everyone to vote in a secure, unhackable way, quickly and easily.
    Star Link (and the QFS) is already in place but it may take a few years for everyone to get a personal ‘Pi’ ‘phone needed to use the systems. The ‘Pi’ ‘phones have to be made and distributed. ALSO, people will need time and education to adjust to the new way of doing things.

    This could mean that the Alliance won’t need to remove Biden before crashing the global financial system and bringing Trump et al back in public. They can then quickly introduce the QFS and Nesara/Gesara to seamlessly overcome the CRASH and associated problems.
    Sooo, hopefully they start doing that ‘soon’.
    See Michelle Fielding’s interview with Nicholas Veniamin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXcRvXv_59g

    Dunno whether the EBS will happen or not. The White Hats may use their covert control of the MSM to slowly leak out information. I assume that should include exposure of the various aspects of the COVID scamdemic. The Canadian trucker convoy and its imitators will presumably start getting more and better MSM coverage. The process is slow because the shock of rapid full disclosure would cause chaos. Unfortunately many people will die in the interim anyway but this IS war.

    There won’t be a major kinetic war but I assume Russia will do something kinetic to get global attention and remove bad elements or whatever.
    Apparently some spectacular divine event that will be felt all over this planet is still expected. Dunno what.

    Michelle Fielding says the ‘final marker’ is the appearance of a powerful female (Chess reference ‘Queen’) and speculates that it could be Melania Trump (who is alleged to be related to Tsar Nicholas II Romanov. (Incidently, Tsar Nicholas II and his family were NOT assassinated as recorded in history. They were saved and got out of Russia in 1918).

    There’s been other speculation about some powerful woman coming on the scene. It could be Princess Diana who allegedly faked her death (and is possibly now using a mask to ‘double’ as Melania. (weird stuff!) but so is almost everything else!

    The Quantum system will be safeguarded and controlled by the military globally. Each segment of the world will have a Commander in Chief (CinC) responsible for ensuring the military effectively oversees divine governance in nations in his/her respective areas of responsibility.

    Putin will become the CinC for Russia which will include Ukraine and all the other ex-Soviet Union nations under his purview.
    Trump will be Cin C for North America.
    Xi will be CinC for China.
    Other CinCs will be appointed to oversee Quantum governance arrangements in the EU, Africa, South America, Australasia etc. Local leaders will presumably arise via local councils etc. National leaders will presumably need divine approval.

    Actual governance will be largely devolved to local, district and regional levels (presumably with important local issues as well as national issues being voted on via the Quantum System). Personnel needed for national governance arrangements and bureaucracies are expected to be reduced to about 10 percent of current numbers. No doubt much more work will be done locally, often by volunteers. These arrangements will force people to take a real interest in their own community affairs.

    This Quantum system and Gesara will eliminate the alleged need for government taxation except for a 14% tax on new, non essential items.
    Income taxes are cosmically (divinely) unlawful and will be abolished everywhere.
    National treasuries will issue local gold and precious metal backed money and currency (including crypto currency) on an interest free basis. The funding for all nations will be provided, as appropriate, by the office of the International Treasury Controller (ITC) who has control of vast wealth resources collected over millennia, much of which will come from wealth stolen and hoarded by demonic forces that have been confiscated from them by the Alliance and the ITC.

    Nesara (for the US) and Gesara for the rest of the world will be implemented via the QFS and, over time, will return to everyone the value of all the interest and other unlawful taxes, costs and charges criminally extracted from them during their lifetime.

    The Swift system will be replaced by separate systems already developed in Russia, China and the USA ; and international trade through them will be done using the GLOBEC which will be a gold backed crypto controlled by the ITC.

    The reason we need big protest crowds is to help sleepers wake up, since the MSM keeps lying to them. Anyone who was at the Canberra rally today won’t ever go back to sleep.
    The Alliance needs to see a critical mass of people awake in a country before they can move to remove its government.
    So ‘expect’ this outcome to manifest and encourage others to expect it also, and it will.

    Keep on truckin’ cobbers.



  36. The GG has no authority which leaves us with a dilemma. ed


  37. I have an opinion that Bosi’s suggestion is too simple and the process of restoring our constitution in each of the states and the federation can be easily overtaken by our enemies. The people do not have enough knowledge about the history of the our nation and the implementation of our constitutional governance. Rod Culleton suggested appointing a viceroy, an expert in our constitutional history who will be able to set up our commonwealth as intended by Queen Victoria. Leave that job to the experts and the Culleton team have proved their worth and when all is in place then call for elections and/or a referendum. Then appoint an Executive Council from those elected members. Not what Bosi suggests appointing unelected persons to the Executive Council. That’s not what our constitution says. It says elected members. Get this on the right foot to start with or the whole thing will come crashing down like last time some seventy years after 1901.


  38. summed up nicely . articulate and to the point.


  39. What? No mention of a bill of guaranteed, inalienable rights for all Australian citizens?

    Nothing in the works by any of our potential reps to prevent a psycho politician or bureaucrat or two from plunging Australians into a state of darkness, violation, despair and destruction?

    No problem, fellas, leave it to each of us to find a cure when the SHTF.


  40. Proud European democracy slips down the slippery slope to Fascism…again! Take note, Aussies. There’s no limit on the number of injections it will take to be “up to date”. They’re now even talking about a 4th injection to be considered “vaxxinated”.

    Austrians Being Stopped Randomly by Authorities and Forced to Prove They Are Vaccinated
    It is now ILLEGAL in the country to be unvaccinated.



  41. Absolutely Spot On, THANK YOU so much


  42. We need rules. Maybe not “their”.
    The Rules


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  44. Correct, Ed. None of them are in the Lawful office.
    They are all impostors.
    The sooner they are exposed, the sooner we can turf them.
    But the G-G can still do his lawful duty, if he has the guts to do so?


  45. It’s a big job, Jo, but do-able.
    See Anna von Reitz’s Estate Claim, as she has called out the Pope and all the other miscreants who have caused all the trouble in the world.
    These are: the Royal Family, the Banks, the Vatican, and the BAR Association, the latter being the ones who do all the paperwork.
    The Estate Claim is here: http://annavonreitz.com/estateclaim/estateclaimjuly112016.pdf
    Anna talks in other documents about inland piracy, which is what happens when your assets are purloined, in different ways, by the Courts, Banks, Birth Certificates, and so on.
    There is a fair bit to it, but see Rom Stewart on You Tube, starting with this, and keep going:

    Rom gets top marks from Anna for his brilliant research. He spells t out for Aussies big time, and is from Cairns, Qld.
    Anna once told the Pope that he needs to pay everyone in the world $1000 a week-and he listened.


  46. SEB: You’ve got me.
    I suggested earlier the lime pit technique to ALL from Morrison down to the mindless lemmings at the bottom of the dung pile, including police involved in this.


  47. VERY well said Jo.
    You highlighted the complications and the indoctrination machine that is at the heart of the rapid spread of fear. Goebbels would have relished these times, especially when Government uses taxpayers to pay (sorry – “compensate”) mainstream media for their “losses”. “The man who pays the piper, calls the tune”!
    And here we are – the majority believing they live in a “democracy”.


  48. With a free and fair election, factor out all mainstream media. In the electorates the political will should focus on : “sack them all”. In the One Redlands, the Freedom campers and convoys we sent some will return from Camp Epic to stand as independents.

    And there is a list of things to do, starting with: ‘take out the trash’.

    We want them familiar with AustraliaOne policy swag. The Australian state must be set upon its legitimate foundations in terms of law and government. This means constitutional and parliamentary government . The 1901 is the legitimate successor to The Crown which abdicated in the 1970s. Only a Constitutional Convention can put in the needed amendments.


  49. More comments from Rocci:
    Reference: Bitchute ‘darkness to light.111’ an interview on the 11th Feb in Canberra…

    “if the Parliament is acting unconstitutionally, the Governor General David Hurley does not have a choice. He is required to warn. He is required to dissolve. He is required to appoint.”

    “The people unite behind their Sovereignty. They know we are under an unconstitutional Government”

    In relationship to leadership: “the people have to discern for themselves. Stop listening to instructions and orders and make your own mind up”

    “Listen to everybody on the balance of probabilities, make a decision. If it’s the right decision, good. If it’s the wrong decision, make another one”

    “Graham Hood has been nominated as the spokesperson for ReIgnite Democracy which is linked to Clive Palmer”
    He didn’t seem to think much of that.


  50. The GG is not lawful in any case but there is nowhere else to go. Ed


  51. That should be added to Bosi’s narrative. Ed


  52. I have stated many times before that I do not trust Bosi. Well, based on that speech I now support him fully.

    Riccardo has finally visited the core of the issue, national community consensus democracy. It has to be The People who determine our future. All of the people.

    All these pundits and messiahs who claim to represent me and you, without ever having listened to us, need to shut up and represent themselves. Noone else. The power of the people is that, collectively, we have all of the knowledge and wisdom of the nation. That is something no self-appointed leader possesses.

    And all of The People cannot be corrupted… by definition.

    I have one reservation about Bosi’s proposal and that is, how can we have informed self-determination while Murdoch and his News Corp control the public narrative?

    Murdoch has to go and the media monopoly broken up. Rudd’s petition broke Australian records for number of signatures, 600,000, which demonstrates that many Australians understand how critical this issue is.

    If it takes storming News Corp buildings and closing these down, then so be it. If we fail to do this there will be no people’s victory.

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  53. Great start, Ricardo. But we can’t have a free and fair election if the mainstream media continue to pollute, distort, influence, smear, distract, discredit, marginalise, censor, and downright lie to the free and fair people of the nation. IF an executive council is formed, it should be a priority agenda item to dissolve the ABC and all other corrupt media outlets.


  54. It is quiet difficult to find any major concerns in Ricardo’s patriotic speeches. It includes ALL “haunted” Aussies would love to hear to invest in hope for the future of our country and in Ricardo Bosi and his team, because HE seems all there is right now in the Australian jungle of confusion and deceit. BUT, there are always buts. Australia is and was part of a global world that is controlled and directed by the same “crime family” and is an asset of resources that only can to be taken away from the global crime syndicate by force and unity involving the majority of ALL Australian citizens.

    “We want to create a sovereign, self-reliant, Christian, western democracy that is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant and socially cohesive. We are a sovereign nation, the UN will be gone. We are not interested. We will sensibly co-operate internationally, but we will be sovereign.” – Riccardo Bosi

    “We will sensibly co-operate internationally, but we will be sovereign.”

    To cooperate internationally one nation or A1 will need to deal with the same global forces that directed Aussie troops in Afghanistan, in Iraq, during WW2 and WW1 and that hold us prisoners/subjects until now and it (the coming war for resources/independence/false flags) will be a bloody one with many sacrifices for ALL involved.

    As City people still are the majority of Aussies “voters” while at the same time being in complete denial as the blacked out media fully supports the ongoing treasonous tyranny, WE will need to fight OURSELVES first before taking on the “rightful foreign owners” of OUR HOME.

    How can unity be achieved to “take on the world of injustice” if mask wearers hate the unvaccinated more than the tyrants and the unwaxxed despise the vaxxed?
    It will be a long and very painful journey for truth but something that needs to be done for the world, for Australia and the Aussies themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  55. All Riccardo said was right on the mark.
    All however hinges on the GG – but as we see repeatedly, the GG is simply a lark capitalising on tradition, and is due to own inaction utterly useless – another expensive and useless drain on the taxpayer.
    Re the controlling forces from that Weather Vane titled the PM Morrison who have through their deliberate actions been the instrumental cause of increased suicides, family dissolution, collapse of small business and the evaporation of any liberties we thought we once had ….. all complicit should be rounded up and thrown in lime pits and buried for what they ahve done. That includes medical (so called) “experts” and the complicit mainstream media that is being funded by us to indoctrinate the masses of both stupid and desperate people. And remember – thsi is the result of decades of assigning control to ‘authority’ such that for the last three decades we have lived in an actual totalitarian state. Be it Guns, or Climate, or Nuclear, or Energy or National ID or Virus … it’s all the same – RULE BY EDICT against a majority population so pig ignorant that they couldn’t see history repeating.


  56. Good onya Bosi!
    It’s a plan and a path.


  57. Sounds like the right 5 point plan as suggested by Roci:

    1. Demand to see the Governor General, the highest appointee in the land
    2. Have him dissolve Parliament
    3. Have the Governor General appoint a new Executive Council from the Community
    4. Clean up the Electoral system which is completely corrupted
    5. Have a free and fair election in 3 months time

    Then let the people decide what to do with the criminals under their new system.

    It could be somewhat problematic if the Governor General is in the ‘club and you’re not invited’.
    How can he be uncompromised now?
    How would he appoint this new Executive Council?
    What ‘conditions’ apply?

    The spotlight needs to shine brighter on the challenges the Governor General must now meet.
    Otherwise he too goes down with the ship.


  58. The GG can only be appointed by the Queen. Any thing else is Treason. The GG was not appointed by the Queen. He is committing treason as is the whole of the parliament, oops, I mean the corporation. Australia, the Banana Republic!


  59. daviddd2, this is what you are looking for.


    “The Federal Executive Council is made up of all government ministers and the Governor-General. The full Council does not meet, but provides representatives to meet with the Governor-General to advise about the work of the government. Policy is not debated at Council meetings; rather, the Council makes sure that government decisions are documented and legally valid under the Australian Constitution. “


  60. The Cabinet used to hold meetings in council with the GG who knows these days? Ed


  61. Good stuff, and if the G-G does what Riccardo suggests, he will prove that he is the real deal and not just a corporate government Gerry Gee.
    We also need to revert to the Constitution and its requirements, because the Constitution is a legally and, more importantly, lawfully-binding contract between We, the people, and those who would profess to govern for us-not over us, as is currently the situation.
    And we need to have constitutional debates and a Constitutional education program implemented so that Australians can get to learn what the Constitution is all about.
    Many of our people were not even alive when the Constitution came into being, and so should have a say in what any new or revised Constitution says.
    That is only fair, and such debate will actually be a learning process for everyone, too.


  62. “There shall be a Federal Executive Council to advise the Governor-General in the government of the Commonwealth, and the members of the Council shall be chosen and summoned by the Governor-General and sworn as Executive Councillors, and shall hold office during his pleasure.”

    So where is the Federal Executive Council which is supposed to be chosen by the Governor General?

    Who are the people chosen by the GG to be on the Federal Executive Council?

    Where can we find any records or minutes of the Federal Executive Council meetings or its advices to the Governor General?


  63. He is spot on IMO.
    The list put forward only stands to reinstate same old control mechanisms which need to go. All pollies want to hold their tyranic ground, they are the problem.


  64. Mr Bosi. Thankyou for your service.
    GG. Time to listen to the people.


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