Bob Katter warns Queensland is a police state

Joel Jammal journalist interviews MP Bob Katter, meets protesters and slams mandatory jab

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. bob caterpillar. what a creepy crawly. he says what he has got to say and votes as he needs to vote to keep his useless arse in the chair. people like him ARE the problem.
    bob cares about bob!!!


  2. Bob Katter is a Chabab Lubawich convert. His friends are in power now.
    Simply he is a true blue Zionist. He is well liked in the ACT. He does not care about the people or your rights. That is why he will not be drawn into giving
    you a straight answer. Unfortunately with a war looming there will be no time
    to fight back, they all believe in Satan. This is a Satanic attack on the human race. Only the Eternal Father will be able to fix this problem.
    Stay out of sin and pray to the Eternal Father while you are still alive.
    They will be punished for the killings and murder they have committed, there time
    is coming to a end. The world is about to enter a very bleak time of destruction by
    there hand but the Eternal Father will come and all shall see his power.
    Pray to to Eternal Father and he will hear you.


  3. It certainly is. All of the state premiers sit in the National Cabinet (Politburo) and are tasked with mandates to which they are responsible to their Comrade Handlers and Supervisors in the Politburo. They are tasked.


  4. Daviddd2
    I watched the first two minutes of this vid and drew the very same conclusion. Bob used to be good at sticking it to them, now I think that he’s just towing the party line with his own brand of camouflage.
    To say “vaccination” is/was a good idea to control this imaginary pandemic, suffers two problems, one, that this crap was anything other than flu (note that flu has disappeared), and two that the crap they are jabbing into people IS a vaccine. It’s been roundly proven to be anything but.
    Then if I can do the research to locate and read the Georgia Stones, where they advertised their intention to cull the population of the planet, 35 years ago, so can he.
    If he didn’t bother, or actively hid the information then he’s a government agent, and not to be trusted.


  5. The mad hatter is bat shit crazy!
    His son has my respect calling out ScoMo’s silence with Gold Coast equine vet Lucas Orda


  6. sorry but i find it difficult to make contact with anyone on Cairns news so in desperation wrote what I did where i did but no worries because I have unsubscribed so i won’t be bothering them again


  7. If Katter is not smart enough to know what’s really going on he’s not smart enough to understand the legislation he’s voting on.

    Where does he reckon he got the licence to give the government a pass and allow the government to experiment on us for two years? He should have been there holding the government to account from the very first day.

    As it is, he’s sold us down the drain for two years on what basis? And what’s he going to do about it now? SFA as he’s done for two years?


  8. Nelle: I have dozens of notifications from Cairns News relating to your posts which say simply that you reblogged the Cairns News story.

    It’s great that you reblog but please don’t post a comment on Cairns News that you have done so as it comes up every time as a new comment in notification emailsto subscribers from Cairns News.

    If you wish to post can I please ask you to post something of more relevance and substance, e.g. your point of view.


  9. Bob is a true blue fair dinkum bloke who actually cares for people, I experienced his ‘fix it’ attitude many years ago when he was a Minister for the BJP government in Queensland, he knew at the time I did not support BJP, yet, persevered and sorted the issue for my family. Good to see he has not changed one little bit. We need more like him in parliament.


  10. you didn’t answer my questions just led with abuse and when did i notify you about sharing your bloody posts all I asked for was a little help in sharing them which seems a bridge too far


  11. After a quick look through various local and international news sources with hardly ANYTHING to be found in OZ about the “hidden peoples revolution” that has gripped the world but not the presstitues, Russian Pravda writes:

    “Australia went even further than Canada in this war. Australia created special “quarantine complexes” for those people who enter the country. In Australia, they suspect that “quarantine camps” are in fact being created in order to bring Covid dissidents from among the locals and vaccinate them there.
    Australia has been living from one lockdown to another. The most recent one was implemented in late December 2021. Today, even the vaccinated need to get a QR code to go out for a walk, or they may find themselves in a police station otherwise. Demonstrations in Canberra in the context of the “freedom convoy” have attracted supporters of various ideologies, but the “sovereign citizen” movement dominates. The idea of the movement says that world governments have been illegally co-opted by corporations, therefore, “sovereign citizens” or “free people” must ignore their laws, oust politicians, and restore people’s republics.”

    While Ruperts OZ media presstitutes states that double vaxxed citizens becoming “unwaxed” again without boosters:

    “Mr Hunt said the Australian government has secured more than 151 million booster doses – enough for nearly six injections for every man, woman and child in the country – for “delivery over the coming year and is well placed to continue to achieve world leading vaccination rates against Covid-19”.

    Australia will need a lot more than Bosi or Katter. To fight and to win a war one needs to know ONESELF.

    What or who is an Australian, this question has already divided the nation. Why not getting to know the oneself that comes without any “baggage” that has turned into what and how we think we are but do not want to be????


  12. We asked you to stop NOTIFYING US that you have shared one of our posts by all means comment on anything just stop the sharing notifications PLEASE … ED2


  13. I love cairns News but you don’t make it is easy to share -FB where i am on my 2 x 3 months ban for sharing them and you don’t like me reblogging but you put up videos to be shared with no link-give me a break please


  14. That is not new.


  15. “I hope the thing will right itself…. It’s just how many people died at Eureka before it righted itself”

    Thanks Bob. She’ll be right, mate, will she? Next!

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  16. Bob Katter is a perennial realist – whenever he has something to say, it’s worth paying attention. For a politician, he has a marvellous empathy for and understanding of the common folk, and an unshakeable dedication to the interests of his constituents. He certainly recognises the ruthless totalitarian trend that has emerged over the last two years.

    That being said, Bob still seems to subscribe to the inevitable dichotomy of the entrenched two-party system. The scale of the popular revolt against the treasonous political class may yet surprise even him. I wonder if he’s familiar with Riccardo Bosi’s views?


  17. Absolute d**k brain!


  18. Well Bob’s holding his cards close to his chest and ready for another round by the looks of thing’s (dont bite the hand that feed’s ya) he’s a pretty smart fells dasBob. I just hope the stupid ignorant dunce sheep in the greater Brisbane area WAKE THE F**K UP BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTIONS!!!!

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  19. With due respect, I have criticized Bob Katter before for talking a lot and doing little.I have to say,His opinions on the injections show great ignorance He needs to do his research.there is a ton of information from reputable sources.This is a matter of life and death.At this point he does not understand that fact. He should know better not to trust what politicians say.Check up and see how many people have died,snd how many young men have dropped dead or have myocarditis..
    Another thing he could look at is Agenda 20/30.He has not got a clue what is instore for the remaining farmers and cattlemen,.
    Come on Bob we need men in your position to wake up and act.there is a hell of a lot of work to be done to recover what we have lost.What is more they inted to take the lot.Just ask Klaus Schwab,Wake up you people who love Australia and our way of life.
    Look at Canada today, New Zealand Australia.And the rest.If any of you are talking to Bob , please shake him up. I reckon he might not like it when he finds out what is really going on.

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  20. Do I love Bob Katter
    Say it how it is Bob ! Thanks for your fighting spirit and dedication to Queensland and Australia

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  21. Bob has a plan and raised a fue ideas on how to tackle this police overeach. It’s very simple and very affective. It will take time but OMFG the rats will be jumping off the ship fast when the plan is put into gear.

    Hold the line people and always film the police, take notes and names, registration and other details as it all helps. Never lose you cool with police and just inform them you will be taking legal action and say nothing after that. Police will then use body cams and turn video off and sound on and even if they are 4 or 5 metres away from you they will say things like “stop resisting arrest” “don’t spit on me” stop running” it’s all bullshit they use to Trump up false charges and present the audio in court.

    Film The Police and stay strong 💪 🇦🇺


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