A blueprint for Australia’s restoration – install Bosi as administrator

Letter to the Editor 

There has been a lot of discussion about what effective action can be taken by the Canberra protesters to end the dictatorship of the fake Government with regards the scamdemic and the economic crisis created deliberately to usher in their “Great Reset” Better known as the great fascist/socialist theft of everything. 

Petition the Queen to appoint a new GG and state governors then call for elections without any political parties

Firstly there must not be any appeal to this fake Government as that only gives it a semblance of legitimacy.  To go to its Courts is similarly useless as its Judges are not lawfully appointed Judges under our Constitution, but are private employees of a private company calling itself “The Australian Government “. Not of the Commonwealth. Not under the Crown of Elizabeth the Second.

Rod Culleton’s actions are wrong because he is trying to get back into their private Board Room, masquerading as a Parliament. He is only giving them a excuse for legitimacy. Culleton knows that there is no lawfully appointed Governor General, yet he Petitions him, why?

One of your contributors called for a properly constituted Court based on the Nuremberg precedent to be set up. The people at the Canberra gathering could set this up in the proper Parliament of the People and begin laying charges of genocide and treason against the entire Parliament and the Bureaucracy that has assisted the scamdemic rollout. These actions should begin immediately. Our Parliament building,  created by the founding fathers is the appropriate place.

Remember that The Continental Congress first meeting and the American Declaration of Independence happened BEFORE the people held any power to enforce their declarations NOT after.

 They built the framework for National Government first. The Kings men and compromised Americans killed most of the signatories before the final victory. 

The rally organizers should immediately send a Petition to Her Majesty for Her to appoint a Governor General and State Governors. And to appoint a administrator to carry out the cleanup. Riccardo Bosi would fill that position admirably. Also to begin having all members of the fake Parliaments arrested and charged with treason. 

She must be petitioned to take all measures to have the 162 tons of our gold from the Treasury, that Howard and Costello sold off without any lawful Authority. 

This belonged to the Crown held in trust for Her Subjects as a backing to our currency The Pound.

These two should be charged immediately for this crime.

Anyone calling for us to become a republic ought to be aware that when we do, all the land becomes security for the vast debt that these bogus “government’s ” have incurred. At present at law Elizabeth holds the Land title and She cannot mortgage it to any Bank.

 The full responsibility for this unsecured debt lies with the members of the Political parties,  not the people. They are counting on bluff and ignorance of the people. 

Australian’s of aboriginal descent need to understand that the “Native Title” stunt isn’t for their benefit. That title has already been stolen from them in Mabo 2. It was just a Socialist ploy to pry primary ownership of title from The Sovereign. 

So Rothschild could get their hands on the land title for security.

If Elizabeth refuses to act on the people’s Petition then a peoples provisional Government can be set up. The first action after laying charges of genocide and treason is to declare all land titles to belong to whoever currently holds them as inalienable allodial title. Giving the owners total ownership of the land all minerals, vegetation and water. 

The Army and police can either join and declare their allegiance to the Nation as a sovereign entity or else be declared outlaws. Later all gold produced should be purchased by the Treasury and became a backing for the currency. All foreign owned land is to be sold back to Australians within six months.

Total control of our fuel reserves and the building of refining capacity is high priority.

All existing media owners have to stand trial for their involvement in the scamdemic and the bioweapon rollout.  These are things we all can work towards.

Yours sincerely 

J. Madison 


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “I have known for a few years that Commonwealth of Australia was a registered company on NY Exchange and the Commonwealth Bank too”.

    No, Australia *owns* companies on various bourses, used for service of notices, capital raising, and so on.

    It is a complete fallacy to think that Australia *is* a company.


  2. Great comment. Unfortunately the Queen has no interest in Australia. I love the concept of a provisional government. I am not sure how one would go about this but it is the best solution that anyone has come up with. The so called Govenor General David Hurley refuses to take a stand and sack the government’s. I have come to believe he is in cahoots with the governing parties


  3. @desperate refuge: the problem is that an armed resistance we must fight the police, the ADF, UN forces, probably US forces, and most troubling; most of the jabbed Australian population. As soon as we take up arms most of the jabbed will turn even more against us.


  4. Good wisdom and suggestions in this article. However, its going to be a process. The Australian people need the ‘petition to parliament’ first, simply in order to then come to understand that the politicians will totally ignore it and disdain their rights and freedoms. Only then will they be open to alternate steps such as recommended by Riccardo Bosi and this article.


  5. J Madison, this has already been done ages ago by David Walter.

    David Walter has a Petition of right already before Queen Elizabeth the Second, so have many others in support of his petition…

    David has been writing to the Queen for many years regarding this crisis within the Government and has first hand knowledge of what happened when all this rot started [Circa 1973].

    My question is, when is she going to fulfill her oath?

    Surely the head of the Commonwealth would or should be aware of the situation in the land known as Australia… Sooner or later we have to say, “With due respect Your Majesty, we have to move forward for the safety of the Commonwealth, we have waited long enough and now we must act in your absence”.

    I for one agree with the remedy as proposed by J Madison and David Walter, the first part regarding the Petition has already been done, how long will we wait?

    It is up to us to sort this out and now seems like a really good time, we have the people, the original place and the opportunity to remove ourselves from the Corporate Party system and step back onto the land and into the House that has been vacant for decades.


  6. The Australian Constitution is the blueprint for Australian government! But it’s been trashed by the treacherous politicians charged with the duty to uphold it.. And the GG is no better, even worse as the GG is the last stop.

    The BS of “National Cabinet” instituted by the LNP-Labour/Greens Duopoly is complete garbage. The Duopoly lot get together, decide what their instructions are and the individual premiers then go home and install martial law and orders by fiat.

    The National Cabinet is by design, it is not just an off the cuff attempt urgently stitched together to pretend government democracy across the states. It’s purpose is to fracture Australia by giving individual premiers the opportunity to CONDITION Australians to the eventual separation of states and the collapse of Australia as a nation..

    So says one theory which looks at why Australians in different states have different rights as Australian citizens and why state borders now prevent Australians from calling Australia home. The residents of each state now want to be “protected” by border closures, protected from the residents of other states! Protected from other Australians!

    Australia has been crippled and divided over the last two years in an “emergency” which has had a lower death toll than the annual road or flu toll. Ask yourself why it was done that way. Maybe you’ll discover that the treacherous politicians are not as stupid as they appear but that we are simply being CONDITIONED for what is to come.


  7. Nothing will happen and it will be business as usual until the treacherous politicians start worrying about their personal liability, accountability, welfare and their careers.

    As it stands they just laugh it all off. You think I’m kidding? Just have a look at the smirks on the faces of Scumo, Albo, Palushchook, Andrews and co.

    They’re now even at the point where unless you have a 3rd shot or 4th shot you’re considered “unvaccinated”. We the people of Australia are now subject to psycho rule by individual psychos. Parliaments are effectively neutered by their own hand.


  8. Riccardo Bosi says victory looks like this
    (1) We demand the GG present himself.
    (2) He dissolves Parliament
    (3) He appoints a new executive council
    (4) They have 3 months to clean up the electoral system
    (5) After 3 months we have the first free and fair election in 60 years


  9. I hope Riccardo is not one of those Born Again types. That makes him a rapture believing Pentecostal. The God of the Old Testament is not the European God nor is he the creator of all things good on this planet.

    To the author of the above article. You say all foreign owned land has to be bought back.
    The government has been illegal for decades which means all those sales were illegal.
    It all comes back as of right the losers will have to sort things out with their lawyers.


  10. Hi Tony who said Bosi is a religious fundamentalist? This is patently wrong. He is a born-again Christian just like
    probably 20 per cent of the protesters. Even the Parliament says the Lord’s prayer if that is what you are complaining about. Editor


  11. There is also no Queen to petition, have you not heard that she was executed for her crimes against humanity in December 2018??


  12. I think that Steve Allen’s comments are spot on, any action of that sort will be met with ever escalating forcible resistance. However, the one thing that historically “establishments” cannot successfully deal with is guerilla warfare, Vietnam being a classic example.


  13. What strikes me is that a lot of people who never saw this coming, and who have suddenly woken up and decided they understand completely what is happening, and that they know exactly what to do, want us to follow them.

    I will follow nobody so foolish; nor anybody at all if it comes to that.

    As my website proves, I saw this coming 12 years ago, and in general terms, read the agenda 20 years ago… “Australia Fights Back” on URL oziz4oziz.com/
    and I have had plenty of time to understand how we were manipulated, and how we will be played for suckers yet again unless we understand the dynamics of geopolitics.

    Anybody who follows a leader has learned nothing.

    The road ahead can be found only by marching shoulder to shoulder, not by leading or following. That is how we got sucked into this shit in the first place.

    Perhaps Bosi is the man to follow to defeat the globalist enemy, and I am looking for signs he is the one. But after we defeat the tyrants, I will only heed the fully informed consensus of all Australians.

    But that can only happen if we rid the nation of foreign media control, and that means EXPEL MURDOCH AND NEWS CORP. That is essential if we are to be well informed.

    Bosi has yet to announce this intention, which is why I do not trust him.

    The other is that Bosi is a religious fundamentalist and I have never met a fundamentalist who supports democracy. They are committed deists who see pyramid power as the natural order. This means acceptance of a dictator. Obviously, this rules out democracy.

    As far as I know, no fundamentalist Christians support democracy. So expect a Bosi-led military theocracy.


  14. To Rosalie Christine, good point. When the Queen goes, Charles is likely to become King. He’s in the pocket of the Rothschild’s. Or, should I say, Rothschilds have him in their pocket. Saw a photo a few months back where a Rothschild was pointing a finger in Charles’s face. Charles had a look of horror on his face.

    The look was not surprising for those in the know. In 1917, a Rothschild envoy went to Russia to meet the Czar. He didn’t agree to the “demands”. Shortly thereafter the Czar and his family moved out and the Bolsheviks were “installed” – genocide became rampant as the population was culled.

    At 2:00 a.m. in the morning on July 17, 1918, Nicholas, his wife, and their five children, along with four servants, were awakened … and murdered. Watch out Charles next time you go skiing. Watch out SCOMO, and friends, if you ever (probably never) side with the people of Australia.

    To Mal, agreed the system will not die on its own. I’m not sure what you mean about the American example? Can you explain a bit. Not baiting you. Simply asking because an example can split two ways, or in between as an array, and be either negative or positive.

    I see a huge amount of legal and moral push back against the mandates and jab passports in the US. I see also, that push back is gaining momentum.


  15. Don’t depend on the trucks.Ed


  16. There is no mention of fhe fact that Lizzy stood by and allowed this to happen and l think the Westminster Act tried to condone it.
    Rod is doing his best and we owe him and his team respect for starting and championing the fight back.
    The points made here are valid and well set out.
    There is much work to be done, we need many free thinkers and true Aussies to sort this out such as Culeton and Bossi. The system will not die on its own, as with the American example.

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  17. Rosalie Christine Shaw

    Riccardo Bosi knows exactly what he is doing. He has some very powerful good guys helping him throughout the world. No use going to the Queen. She’s finished. Don’t worry about our stolen gold it has been retrieved and is held securely. Research not just Australia. This rescue mission is world wide. They are still trying to wake people up so there is little or no blood shed. Pray


  18. Sounds like a great idea but when we stop to ask why the Queen ceremonially needs to knock on the gate of the City of London and seek permission for entry from the Mayor …. We then face a significantly different power paradigm.


  19. In Canberra, there has been a communication of intent to the governing class, the corporate agents of the political parties, WEFbots and the CCP officers of the Australian Special Economic Zone [colony].

    Australia One, Riccardo Bosi have sent such a letter to the Governor General that he “should meet his Constitutional responsibility by dissolving the Parliament and appointing a new executive council in order to prepare for free and fair elections.”

    Electorates should now be looking for independent candidates who will lead us to Constitutional convention and referendum. All branches of government must be returned to their foundation in the Commonwealth of Australia and its constitution (1901) which in terms of jurisprudence is the legitimate successor post the abdication of the colonial power – namely the Crown.


  20. Kristen Davidson

    Succinctly written. Thank you.


  21. J. Madison, your laid out blueprint sounds right to me regarding (1) petitioning Her Majesty for Her to appoint a Governor General and State Governors and (2) for us as people of the Commonwealth of Australia to set up a reform process to clear out all those who have sold Australia out to foreign entities who have taken over our resources, including human resources, to enrich themselves personally, to impoverish our national well-being, and to rob us, the people of Australia, of our freedoms.
    We can name those who have held, and now hold, the highest positions of governance in Australia who have been loyal to other masters, and not to the Australian people, and have unrepentantly waged a war against us these past two years, intending to hand us over, debt-ridden, sick and battered, to a corporate elite operating under a new international economic world order – from ages being called the NWO.
    Thank you, J. Madison. May God save us all.


  22. desperate refugee

    This is just fantasy land bullshit. Do you really think that they with their control of the police and army are going to roll over and allow a bunch of peace loving demonstrators to take over? Not on your nellie!!
    For God’s sake – wake up, the queen is irrelevant – the only way we are going to take back our freedoms is with armed insurrection and mass non-compliance.
    Non-compliance is almost there. The truckers can bring the entire economy to a standstill & starve the bastards who are responsible for the current criminal mess.
    We need to form militia groups who are prepared to take the fight to them – just as the American Revolutionaries you mentioned DID. This is critical – if we are not prepared to lay our lives on the line for freedom then it’s all over red rover.
    Some group will need to take over after a lot of bloodshed – & hopefully there will be some sort of consensus – that is the key to our future (if indeed we have one).

    BUT Let’s Just get rid of them first & HANG the bloody lot of them and then worry about the future after that.


  23. I think that if you did a real poll, you would find that most awake Australians would agree with the above. Brother Bognolio suggested similar quite some time ago, as have many others since. It is great for us to know WHAT we need to do, but I am yet to see anyone provide details as to HOW we can carry this out. If I go to the local government and endeavour to arrest someone, the police will be called and I will be arrested by the system. If I go with 100 others, the police will not be able to stop us, but will refuse to accept the arrestee when I get to the watchhouse. All 100 of us will ultimately be arrested in the middle of the night, just like the loyal small business owners who continue to serve the public that stood up for them. If 1000 of us go, the army will be brought in and corral us like they did the Aboriginal communities in the North of Australia. If 10 000 or 100 000 of us go, they bring in martial law, which is the next (lock-) step in their agenda anyway. If 1 000 000 of us go, the legally indemnified UN mercenaries get to do what they love best, shoot unarmed civilians. Many of us are willing to die on the hill (expecting to actually), but we’d like to know that our efforts will give something positive to future generations. Any suggestions?


  24. Thank you, J. Madison from Brisbane. I understand the contents of your letter, and other similar recent letters, that point out what’s gone on and what’s going on. I’d like to do something about it. But find myself being nothing more than a grain of sand on the beach – with no legal experience in the matters at hand. Mr Bosi has matters in hand. In the US and UK, it appears there are many who do stand up for what is right (and many who don’t) and people come together in a common goal. Is it that in Australia, we are only now warming up to the idea of getting back the justice (?) stolen from us?


  25. You need to ask if Ricardo answers to the woman who rides the beast located at Number 45 Piazza del Gesu on the city of 7 hills just as the whole of LNP, Labor and Greens do. As I have said before, both left and right answer to the same master.


  26. Most certainly we do NOT need any further politicians – it is time to WAKE UP – and restore true democracy – ALL politicians that seek election can be popular but turn out different once elected. The only way forward his by way of self-governing communities where We, the People decide ourselves what is good for our community. WAKE UP and join a Life Force de jure Assembly or start one yourselves with those in your community.


  27. A massive mess to clean up, but we need to start somewhere. At this time, I’m not sure that enough people are sufficiently awake yet to allow this to work. Clearly most of the politicians are just straight out crooks who will be definitely fighting to save their lives, because if this gets up – they will hang.

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  28. The actual and proper idea of a Australia becoming a ‘republic’ excludes the queen and crown because they would lose the all title to the land permanently. Aussies just don’t get it!


  29. Hang on a minute. You support the military and the police.
    The police gaoled Lindy Chamberlain. Martin Bryant, Sue Neill-Fraser and a whole host of innocents.
    The military helped Bolshevik communist Russia beat Germany.
    I think we had better have a long discussion.
    I do support Riccardo Bosi.


  30. well Done J Madison, Cullerton is just another Phoney opportunistic grub who stole all the legal Crown/Commonwealth line of Authority data from a well known Australian Patriot!


  31. Sounds like USSR style communism under Salin, a minority ruling with mass murder of civilians.

    Present this delusion to the people of Australia and watch them not only reject it, but also be concerned some Australians would even suggest it. Bossi wouldn’t get enough votes in an election to even get a seat anywhere.

    Australia would end up quickly like Afghanistan if this coup d’etat took place.


  32. J Madison seems to be well informed.
    I have known for a few years that Commonwealth of Australia was a registered company on NY Exchange and the Commonwealth Bank too. Did not know what to make of this information nor whom to ask. Always wondered who owned us, assumed City of London.
    Think we need a Constitutional expert…

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  33. Awesome. Yes!

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  34. Yes this 100% the way to go, so brilliantly explained here by Madison 👍


  35. Rosemary Tempany

    Thankyou , J Madison for your thoughtful and informative letter.
    I fully agree with the appointment of Mr Bosi in an authoritative role at this critical time for Australia.

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