NT Labor eradicating pastoralists in readiness for a Chinese takeover, Agenda 30 well on the way

As food supplies deliberately tighten up world-wide amid the Covid plandemic, the communists of the Northern Territory Labor Party led by Chief Minister Michael Gunner have begun their move against cattle producers and farmers.

Cattle producers have been slammed with a compliance regime unequalled in Australia, exempting Victoria, that will cut cattle numbers in the Northern Territory by at least one third and increase operating costs up to 50 per cent.

The United Nations Environment Program has its fingerprints all over the NT legislation that will force the un-fenced Territory property lessees to declare unbranded cattle as feral and have them shot, similar to the Queensland National Parks Service which has been recently shooting branded and unbranded cattle across Far Northern Queensland.

At a time when producers are experiencing unprecedented high cattle prices predictably the NT Labor Party swoops like a vulture.

Most cattlemen in the Territory have not recovered from the federal Labor Party’s overnight ban of live export cattle in 2011. One NT producer took the former federal Labor Minister Joe Ludwig to court suing for damages over the ban. In June 2020 Justice Rares of the Federal Court awarded the Brett Cattle Company $3 million plus costs.

Justice Rares said Ludwig had acted with malfeasance in public office and that his decision was invalid.

While NT producers have had more than 12 months of record prices, it will take many years to recover from Ludwig’s death sentence for a number of producers who committed suicide and the original litigant, Dugal Brett’s death in a helicopter crash at Waterloo Station in 2015.

The Civil Aviation Authority blamed dirty fuel after an investigation of the wrecked chopper. No helicopter pilot has ever intentionally put contaminated fuel into a machine. Every pilot is meticulous about fuel supplies and carry their own fuel pumps with filters to ensure there can be no dirty fuel going into their tank.

The NT Labor Party is ramping up the regulations, with which primary producers will not be able to comply.

This regulatory grab for NT leasehold pastoral holdings will have a significant impact on how properties are managed.

Whenever the bogeyman word ‘sustainable’ bobs up it is a clear indication of impending UN control.

Land clearing of any nature will be a thing of the past and new dams for irrigation will cease to exist.

The ALP is bringing in Agenda 30 sustainability thresholds that will be unable to be met especially in the dry arid zone. https://sdgs.un.org/2030agenda

Albeit NT cattle properties have been well overpriced the new agenda will cut their value significantly, thus reducing a grazier’s debt to equity ratio.

Banks will be moving in because most pastoralists hold significant debt.

Then on cue comes China which already owns Darwin Harbour and other pastoral properties in the north including Stage 2 of the Ord River Scheme.

This strategy by NT Labor is not their idea. It follows hot on the heels of similar Deep State moves using land acquisitions in the Mid West of America where Bill Gates and Jeff Bazos have bought huge swathes of prime farm land to grow crops such as soybeans which will be used to manufacture artificial meat.

Thus the removal of NT livestock and their minuscule CO2 and methane emissions in lockstep with the false doctrine of climate change.

Fortunately the hot climate and lengthy wet seasons of the NT do not lend themselves towards broad acre dryland farming but the new regulatory regime will have a dire impact on rangelands cattle production.

More on this story soon.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. One major problem for NT and Australia: “Our subservience to the United States does us no good in the eyes of growing powers like China, India and Brazil. Sending a hostile signal to China, as an expanded US military presence in Australia would do, is particularly foolhardy.”

    Sri Lanka has become a perfect example of how a 99 year lease with the peoples republic might turn out in Australia (and the rest of the “colonized” world). Sri Lanka devastated through the tsunami and even more devastated through the corruption of “officials” while handling the worlds massive relief funds received & managed by SL’s internal politics and money laundering in political circles, one can only wonder how protective mainland China will be over their “assets” on foreign shores around the world when ANY kind of conflict arises and the leases in Australia or abroad are canceled (by whome?). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-59993386


  2. Millions of tons of glyophosphate is sprayed on the cotton farms on the Darling downs out of Toowoomba each year, ever thought of what it is doing to the water in the water table!?


  3. Editor, keep up the pressure my friend, I live in the NT and we need to spread the word about the pure socialism that exists here in land (I hesitate to say ,,,Land Ownership… because there is none); lessees are Serfs they cannot own real property nor are they allowed to defend themselves (we are not allowed to enjoy :the rules of evidence” – page 14 of the “Charter” doc);
    see in the “policy” document;

    All pastoral leases (whether perpetual or term) are Crown land and lessees are custodians charged with a duty under the Act to: (a) prevent land degradation, (b) monitor the environmental and productive health of the land, and (c) improve the condition of the land; on behalf of the Crown.

    We are not aparently of a high enough social standerd to be worthy of Freehold; the jealousy in the NT public service and the tactics of threats, intimidation and bullying they use belong in a communist country.

    Keep the information coming, if you run out I can assure you I have plenty more …..


  4. Your use of the word “lockstep” is accurate and the reference to “sustainable” is evidence of the slimy finger prints of the UN and it’s willing minions, the Australian politicians! Well done.


  5. If Joe Ludwig can win a case, Common Law says every cattleman can win.
    They closed the auto industry.
    Now they shut down the cattle industry.

    Those idiots in Canberra are building a pumped hydro scheme which is nuts.
    If they believed in Australia they would sink the money into the Bradfield scheme.

    The New World Order Globalist Communist Marxist politicians have to be exposed.
    Australia needs a fascist type system.
    One party and a constitution is all you need.
    And a flag.

    Can anyone explain how you get a politician to sell out his country.
    1. He is compromised
    2. ?
    3. ?


  6. This statement is BS; “Then on cue comes China which already owns Darwin Harbour”
    While I agree that leasing Darwin Harbour to the Chinese for 99 years is madness but the lease can be cancelled. The harbour being sold to China is reverse propaganda.
    China hasn’t bought any land in Australia, they have bought leases. Chinese who have emigrated here have bought property as Australian citizens.
    Google/DuckDockGo this: Foreign Investment in Australia by country
    King George gave Australia to the US government to pay off England’s First World War Debt.
    There are no records of the USA ever giving Australia back!
    Besides which there was never an Australia in any case, it was always, and still is Tera Australis!
    Go here: http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/aia1901230/s2b.html


  7. @ Jase, once upon a time in OZ when Australian standards meant (theoretically) industrial standards that had to be applied to any product sold in the colony, ALL has been silently wiped/replaced with Chinese “International” standards (which are now made up along the way during mostly faulty production and other flaws in the “design” or planing). Mass recycling (buried or shipped overseas) due to Chinese influence in “Australian” politics has become the new norm and standards. What the ordinary Australian SUBJECT consumes or buys are mostly leftovers from Australian farms that can not be exported overseas or cheap imports/products of any kind that are not even touched in Asia due to pollution and toxicity.
    Check out the “fresh” food section at any major AUSSIE supermarket. Sea”food” and the country of origin is a real eye opener. Besides “Egyptian cotton” made in China, German steel produced at Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, and the millions of Chinese “back yard” production lines pumping out anything the market desires or that can be sold anywhere, etc, etc…
    IF those governmental traitors who serve only corporate interests would be concerned about the health of the residing unworthy colonialists NONE of these “food” products or other gadgets would enter Australian shores.
    BUT, as the management of the nearly bankrupt Incorporated Colony is busy with other moneyspinning matters (replacing good quality local food against the cheapest stuff the coin can buy) PROFIT is always to be made especially in a fear filled pandemic.


  8. Thanks Norman we will do more on this yet.Ed


  9. It stops this year. VOTE THE THREE MAJOR PARTIES LAST

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  10. Norman Appleton

    Agenda 30 was originally Agenda 21 and this former Agenda of the UN proposed that one of the best way to address the Global Warming SCAM would be to price cattle and sheep out of the reach of the common man by an excise added at the wholesale level! However this excise seems not to be applied to factory farms, which, in Australia, are called feed lots, you know where the poor beasts are fed GM feeds which make them sick and so they then need drugs to ensure that they come to market.
    But even with all this “value added” processing they (the feedlot cattle) can still be sold at the retail level for $9 to $20 per Kg whilst Grass Fed cost $50 to $70 per Kg (that’s an extra $50 per Kg going to the government coffers to used by the UN or against the pastoralists.

    There was a good documentary published in 2005 by Rising Life Press called We have become Silent and still available on YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWEdaAaxIH8

    The major problem with Feedlot meats and some even claiming to be Grass Fed is the use of Cotton Seed to supplement to poor nutritional value of the grasses available in drought ravaged areas of Australia.

    Cotton is drenched with GLYPHOSATE based herbicides throughout the growing season and the herbicide becomes incorporated into the plant which means that Cotton Seeds, which are used to produce cotton seed oils are both contaminated with Glyphosate which is toxic in the bodies of the animals and us causing many diseases including Cancer


  11. How this will look in Australia’s history to come: Australia once established as a COLONY of the “British” empire was “traded” to “American” ownership, than exchanged for debt release to China.
    Time for Aussies to start to learn Chinese and to catch up on Mao’s achievements for the PEOPLES REPUBLIC. No more confusing Labor/Liberal/Green “politics” or elections of bribed liars in a fake democracy.

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  12. now we have to see more of Us as what it means to be Human…e.g. our birthright is to be free and we now have the obligation to demand our right to use our own land and food control for our own lives as it is in danger. Hunger, the meanest of all those who control is a certificate of death….I am obliged that people see the sunrise Not the dawn!


  13. What is it with Antarctica?
    There are claims of Omicron islands, Delta islands, Coronation island and even a Rothschild island?
    Are we being played?
    Is there truth to those claims?

    Why were they meeting in the Antarctica in December as tweeted by Klaus Schwab, and Christine Lagarde.
    On Dec 1, David Schwatz tweeted “just arrived in Antarctica. This will change everything. Everything”

    Why would you meet in Antarctica?
    Isn’t it just snow and research?

    There have been claims that there is more to Antarctica than the rest of us are allowed to know.

    Reference: allnewspipeline.com

    If I recall, Australia has invested $1.9 billion to “increase strategic presence” across the Antarctica Continent (as stated by Minister Ley).

    Imagine all the homeless that could have been helped in our own Country.
    The businesses that have gone down the tube.
    The hospital system in crisis.

    A huge investment at a time like this.
    That alone, doesn’t make sense.


  14. When the people finally wake up it’s all going to be to late. Australia is already eating the Chinese scraps.
    I continue to try and inform people about things like cheap pork & bacon grown in China and feed on palets made from Dried Effluent. While you see caned products that are mislabelled as Made New Zealand actually being products from China grown on farms irrigated with raw effluent.

    Remember the frozen Nana’s berries made in China that Thousands of Aussie’s got Hepatitis from in 2015 ?
    In 2016 10,202 or 6.5% of Deaths in Australia had Hepatitis.
    The ABS stat’s claimed the 6.5% were drug related deaths.


    This Covid Crap has nothing on the Future Desese and death we are about to see as Quality Australian food being exported while Australia eats Chinese effluent grown foods.


  15. gina rrienhart,andrew forrest,I refuse to give them capitals;they are devious beings.They are the largest cattle station owners in W.A.,Twiggy who still thinks that he has lost his lisp,no it’s still there.He got mining leases and absolutely exploited the aboriginals,and their communities.
    He names a few projects with aboriginal names,yes very good you hypocrite


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