Which flock is yours?

Letter to the Editor

I was in a shopping centre, naturally without a mask yesterday when a young shop assistant said to me, “Excuse me sir but you have to wear a mask.”

I replied: ” Which flock do you belong to?”

Looking perplexed, the young, officious counter attendant said “I don’t know.”

I asked him, “Could it be the Merino, Dorset or Romney Marsh mob?”

He replied: “I don’t know I will ask mum when I get home.”

And that readers is the sum total of the Covid scam.

from A Nunn


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I was in a shopping centre not wearing my mask when an elderly gentleman came up and said. Your not wearing a mask. I said your very observant and I’m not wearing any undies either would you like to see as I was un zipping my zip. He left abruptly,

    Peter Schuback 0408458232

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  2. Brilliant! That cracked me up!
    Sounds like a “Dick Nunn” offspring


  3. Yeah Old Kodger just look at the calibre of the Qld education Minister — an avowed communist!. Ed

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  4. One would have to assume that a majority of the young have not reached a stage to be critical thinkers. Even in their twenties they are in a learning phase of their life and rely on the role models around them in nurturing their life skills. The one thing Covid has taught me, there is not many mature adults (with the ones I have seen around me) that could instil these necessary streetwise skills which would create an intuitive mind.
    I hope through necessity and witnessing the untruths from our leaders our future generation gets a crash course in critical thinking.

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  5. Brilliant…that is how our grandchildren are shaping up to be as well as the ‘mature’!!! Specimens. Only God can save us from this idiocy. Joy O


  6. You cant get through to the normies with truths, so sarcasm certainly would only leave young employees with thoughts of ‘just do your job’.
    The thought of being exempt plants a seed, if you reply with a reason like ‘I am not part of the experiment’ is another way to plant a seed of cognitive awakening.
    @Email alert – another subtle and effective way


  7. If only we had all joined the “flock off” flock 2 years ago. What has been done to these kids during their schooling is criminal.


  8. It is a sad reflection of the state of their intelligence. I think that it’s a result of the administration of sodium fluoride for so long. It’s been said that ,like Prozac, it doesn’t actually diminish intelligence, but does diminish the urge to actually think and be motivated.
    I had one bottle-shop manageress, about 24 years old say
    “Id rather use your old brains than my young ones”
    Therein lies the rub; tell me what to think, and I’ll think it! The tendency to check the veracity of that information is totally lacking.
    And Daviddd2, even Omaricon does not give you a frontal lobotomy, the education system did that years before.


  9. For many people these are trying times, Covid19 seems to weed out the deadwood in society & by god there is a lot of deadwood out there.Maybe this had to happen for the good of man to be left with critical thinkers to rule the planet and take earth to it’s next level of peace, joy and love.


  10. Happy NEW Year!I had to visit a bank yesterday.I am mask exxempt but the young man wanted to see the exemption which I dutifully showed him.He was satisfied. When I asked him how comfortable was he wearing a mask all day, he replied that he would rather wear a mask than die from the virus. I reassurred him that he was unlikely to die from the virus! How sad it is that the media and various health officials have fooled these young people,, with all to look forward to,in life?THere is no NURTURE in this type of foolery



  11. Poor lad, must have caught the Omaricon strain somewhere along the way.


  12. A good encounter – in the end. “Which flock is yours?” “Mum knows”. This is a bit of a super rant. Hope you’re not offended. Yes. Its all a game with smoke and mirrors. I find it reprehensible. Our PM went of air and said the jabs are not mandatory. My son had to get the jab a while back just to keep his job. Our PM lies. He got his second shot today otherwise he was going to be fired. Our PM (and thousands of other shitheads) lies to our face on national TV.

    Got caught in a place for a few minutes today where a TV was on. Smart dressed guy with perfect teeth blurting out on a commercial station that a 2 year old died of CV 19 today. The background scene was taken in a hospital (maybe green-screened). The whole thing was directed and staged to instill fear into the population. While, at one level, blaming the virus for the death. We note as well, experimental jabs into the small children will become mandatory-like (guilt filled propaganda) here in Jan 2022.

    Embedded in his theatre act was a message to the unjabbed, along with a sub-core message to the not yet “fully” jabbed, that many “out there” are a danger to all of us. So, get your second shot and or your booster so we’re all safe. We were not told if the child’s death (rest its spirit all round us) was solely because of CV 19 or if the death was with it. For example, did other primary death-causing factors step in and one life was extinguished?
    Doesn’t matter to the fear mongers. Nor does it matter to the overpaid paid mass media actors who are not much more than paid-for lip movers. Some politicians, we see more recently, are also paid-for lip movers. Of course, we must concede having paid-for lips is the result of a paid-for mind and its subsequent paid-for voice box.

    Sometimes voice boxes, and tongue and lip movers, can be bought outright. On the national and international stages, they’re not cheap. Fauci and Gates being just two puppet masters among many at the top. You know, its where they get paid to lie – more these days. To be fair, paid-for minds can be almost dirt cheap. That’s especially so when a lot of people are brainwashed on a massive scale through a massive negative propaganda war. That’s just one of the many “campaigns” that were launched against us that intensified from late 2019 and beyond.

    In Australia (population about 26 million), it would seem we have some ten million people (including children) under a spell. Most are not thinking real deep and most them are not taking much time out to think deeply. For most, its: “Lets go with the flow”. These minds are living with some very strange daytime and bedtime parasites, indeed.

    We ought to have compassion and a modicum of empathy for them. Especially since they are still humans and part of the mix. And they bought, wholesale, a defective product. Something like buying (inviting) one of a range of bad parasites and letting them into one’s head.

    Those propaganda parasites are the ones that deceptively bend reality by installing, repeatedly, several large mountains worth of fear, guilt and shame into otherwise very reasonable and mostly balanced people.

    And, in this reality exchange, the propaganda machine elicits compliance, obedience, loss of personal freedom and a loss of objective truth. All of that was sold and bought under the Government health flag (mantra) of: “We care. We’ve got ‘it’ under control. Let us save you. Trust us. We’re all in this together”.

    Most have found in this scenario that many of the now opposed were previously regarded as friends – sort of. Whatever … it seems we have about ten million people acting like sheep or cattle rather than humans down under. Bang for buck, those minds, tongues and lips were bought dirt cheap.

    It appears we have another 8 million or so who do know what’s going on in this psyops operation on high, and are not exactly at all like corralled sheep or cattle. Along with another 2 million or so, who are very much mind-virus free and almost parasite free, there’s maybe about 10 million of us. We’re either on standby or in active rebellion. The battle goes on.
    We will win the freedom to think and the freedom to do. We will win in the current conflict. Hopefully, almost romantically, over time, 10 million will win over another 5 million hearts and minds. That’ll give us a statistical and objective advantage over the cabal – and the AI. The truth can be suppressed for so long. But there are always cracks that let the light shine in.

    Including the many “TV” presenters, many politicians, many so-called health professionals and many sheep like-minded or cattle like-minded people, sometimes they’re labelled useful idiots. Every Marxist, Fascist, Communist, Socialist and Eugenics society has one or more of them. They and their hubris ilk may be near last in the line to the meat grinder. But they will be in that line. TV fame and hubris, along with even a mild amount of wealth and power, is not going to protect them in the long run.

    If they don’t stand up for objective truth and don’t stand up for the genuine hearts among us (billions), they’re going to end up incarcerated and or “de-platformed” and broke. Many other narcissist diehards will be also on their way to the Gulag. Ultimately, they’ll stand in a forced line like the rest of us. A line that leads to, and into, the immune system meat grinder or the actual meat grinder.

    The immune system meat grinder is a much more scary place to be. It’ll depend not only on the number of shots one gets. But it will be almost certainly be so in most cases. The more shots, the greater the immune system will be stripped of its inherent 200,000 plus year value. For many, this will lead to a painful living death. Watch out for the Eugenicists, the Technocrats and the sum of the subsets leading to Communism.

    Anyway, it seems you’re onto them also in many ways. So is Dr John Campbell. I don’t always agree with him. But do appreciate his honesty along with his objective truth. And definitely like his educated open guesses. I find him an invigorating man. Its here that a juncture of truth arises. Its one where respect and trust combine. Same for your succinct words. Thank you. Lets press on against tyranny in the best ways we can. All the best for 2022. For some serious and “light hearted” reality, I find JP Sears also inspirational.

    There is no copyright on the above. Its a public comment and can be distributed at will.


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