Covid plandemic the product of an inappropriate test

by Lindsey Symonds

Oops. CDC plays the ‘silly us – incompetent’ card. Yes it is too bad millions of people died, but there you go with sillies like us who just didn’t get it that the RT PCR test is [wait for it — drum roll please] ‘inappropriate’. The RT PCR Test does not diagnose any disease. Now we get what Dr. Kary Mullis was trying to tell us.” Too bad we killed him too.

Is anyone going to believe this horseshit? The biggest Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum operation in the history of the Masonic Agentur and they have resorted to: ‘Oh dear. What can we say? Silly us.’

There is no ‘covid’ pandemic. There never was. There is no SARS Cov-2 that ever was isolated from any human tissue. The CDC had to quietly admit that back in June 2020 when independent virology labs (not on Fauci’s payroll) demanded samples for research as they were entitled to do.

There never has been and currently is not a ‘covid pandemic’. But there is certainly a world crisis of entire populations that have been injected with a lethal spike protein disease and are now genetically re-coded to produce this viral sequence and transmit it. The so called cure for the pandemic the CDC created with their ‘inappropriate’ test.

Criminal charges must be laid against these suckers. They must be tried by a jury of their peers. If they are guilty, they must hang publicly – no body doubles, authentic identities who must pay for these crimes against the human race.

Editor: Queensland Health yesterday dumped the PCR test in favour of a home test kit presumably available from pharmacies along with their demands that every person clearing the border has to have a PCR test after five days in Queensland. Now it seems a home test is OK. The sheeples are leaving the flock but down the track we will need bigger and better common law courthouses and a raft of lay jurists to deal with these malcontents.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. @John: “Whoever wrote this needs to put down the meth”

    Look forward to your version of the story. Wanna give it a shot, John?

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  2. Tanya, faith will be more than enough! It might not change the world we seem to see it but it definetely will change the perception of eternal reality that humanity is trying to avoid to come to terms with since birth. Your efforts and sacrifices will not be in vain!


  3. Have you had the covid jab John? Ed


  4. Whoever wrote this needs to put down the meth.


  5. @Roger: “If the PCR test was wrong, there would be no DNA result, so the cycles are just right. There is your isolation of the virus.”

    LOL Yeah, right! LOL


  6. Hi Tanya it’s like belting your head against a brick wall with some people who have been conditioned by TV and phones for a generation. If they took the jab as well then there is little hope. If they had faith in God then they would not ostracise you and would have the ability to understand. And most likely not get jabbed. We have to pray things are turning around and from the intel we get it would seem this has already begun. All we can say is hang in there, hold the line and pray. Regards Editor

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  7. We all know the PCR test doesn’t work. And that there is no virus. And each variant is nothing more than the imagination of sick people’s perverted minds. We know the agenda. And we know what needs to happen. And we talk about it all the time. Every day I would read and watch videos probably 25 – 30 times a day saying the same thing over and over.

    And yet nothing changes.The dumb people of the population get sicker, dumber and more violent by the day. So many jabbed are becoming extremely violent and assaulting people. A group of 6-8 masked intimidating adults standing over a 5-6 year old demanding his “papers”. Poor kid was scared out of his wits. Dumb jabbed who sincerely believe every thing they are told with all their [failing] heart and what little mind they have left.

    If we are winning, or things are crumbling I’m not seeing it. We know what to do… shop in groups and don’t comply. Boycott big tech and major companies, and so on and so on… But even the pure bloods and the awake are still complying. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “As soon as we stop complying we win. This ends”. We’ve been saying that for almost 10 months now. Has anything ended?

    No, things seem to be getting worse. I’ve tried to wake people up. My entire family has committed vax-suicide and they will no longer talk to me. I got uninvited to my own son’s wedding. It’s heartbreaking. I’ve done pamphlet drops, I send dozens of emails a day. I go to rallies. I don’t know what else to do.

    Nothing seems to be working. The dumb jabbed are not saveable. We say “people are waking up every day”. Not enough and not fast enough. How many jabbed are reading these websites? Many people I’ve forwarded things like this to have now blocked me. They are so blind I’d be surprised it they can’t even comprehend the idea that there is independent news sites like this one around.

    We know that we need to dump our cell phones and stop using social media. Is anyone actually doing that? Maybe a few. I dumped my cell phone, and I’ve never used any social media site. But one person is not enough.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m on the awake side. I’m just tearing my hair out with frustration, as are most of us here (probably).

    Trying to find like minded people in my area is all but impossible.

    So many times people have tried to organize strikes and boycotts and other events and they fall flat. People who know that they should join in just won’t because they need the money, or are scared of being arrested or beaten up or fined. It’s all good and well being awake but if we do nothing with our knowledge then are we really any better than the dumb fools that bent over and offered their life for the so called “public health”?

    All this common law stuff is great on paper, but the politicians aren’t worried as they own the police and the judiciary. Hunchback Dan knew nothing would come of the lawsuit filed against him for treason. These parasites seem untouchable.

    So, other than talking about all this, what is the solution? A real, tangible solution that we can all act on immediately?

    It is so hard not to lose faith. I wonder if faith alone is enough?


  8. obviousbob – 👍👍👍


  9. Peter what does this mean? Ed


  10. lexedwina: I can show you, and will forward to the Editor, FOIs from both the Victorian and federal governments confirming that neither the original corona virus that started it all, nor the alleged Delta (there is no such thing as a variant) “strain” have been isolated. This needs to happen via the proper scientific protocols (Koch’s postulates, etc) and so on. I will also send the Editor the audio of my call to the Federal health FOI people, as well as another by a lady asking what Test they use to identify the Delta. It is actually the PCR test. If you Google “pcr test not fit for purpose” you will find all sorts of useful links. And if you look for Dr David Martin on Bitchute or Rumble, or the Stew Peters Show on Rumble, you will find that Dr martin found that the original COVID virus was “built in a laboratory.” He knows, because he tracked all the patents down, this being the best way to “follow the money.”


  11. The PCR basically is basically finished as a diagnostic tool. The CDC has stopped its manufacture and distribution. Qld Health is advocating a home test kit which is unavailable so far. Ed


  12. You read this situation very well, Lindsey.

    WWIIi is about to become non-covert. Prepare to defend yourselves, or to eliminate the enemy. There will be no neutral ground in this war.


  13. Everytime there is a positive test result, there is a genomic test to identify the variant. If the PCR test was wrong, there would be no DNA result, so the cycles are just right.

    There is your isolation of the virus.

    The fake news for no virus isolation comes from the CDC not providing samples early on, because they didn’t have it at that time, they did after.


  14. [cid:70D78241-0E36-4C2A-B9D9-15A518F53953-L0-001]

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  15. Title says it all and this is the Truth


  16. hi mr editor !! excellent article ! but the PUBLIC will never know about this because the MSM is owned by yet another DEMON -monster !!!! This is why Roberts message never hit the fan !!!! THEY have the power to control the ‘ news ‘ …. that is why most of us never watch it !!!! We are all so very tired of ALL the LIES and the LIARS !!!!!!!!!!

    We have known about the PCR for 18 months !!!!!!!!!! but the ignorant sheeple public just kept jumping of the 1000’ cliff !!!! GOD gave us all a BRAIN…. but most don’t use it – they prefer to look at their LIAR phone…and do what it says to do !!!!!!!!!!! It does not seem possible….. but yes, it is happening. A totally useless generation !!! not deserving a brain, so GOD removes the thought !!!!

    Preachers and Teachers have betrayed their flocks and classes oh so badly !!!! they will be on very HOT ROCKS very soon !!!!!!!! Japan has thrown out every piece of C-19 !!! as have Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Finland ; It will be the Scando-nations of Jacob, and the Russians of Japhet [ who have been getting the FLU injection, NOT the POISON ] …. And of course Ivermectin is wholly available for them !!!!!!

    Woe to the Western Nations of Jacob !!!!!!!!! Woe to them for their godlessness and deliberate ignorance !!!! for the GAIN of the evil $$$$$$$ !!!!!!

    To let their children take this most shocking POISON is THE NUMBER ONE CRIME OF THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THESE are the little children of the children of the 12 sons of Jacob, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, Heber, Shelah, Shem, Noah, Enock, Seth and ADAM

    bloodline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY are very precious to our GOD !!!! How GREAT will be HIS WRATH ???

    May our people WAKE UP !!!! with a severe JOLT !! or else they will all be wiped out ! On 31/12/21 the PCR is to finish ? I wonder if it will here ??????? it is to in America. bye now…



  17. There is a long list of people with blood on their hands and $$$ in their pocket in this country alone! Truth will prevail. Many still asleep, believe government and MSM.


  18. It’s about time they dumped the PCR test completely.
    The PCR was never designed to test for an infectious virus.
    It will however, highlight fragments of the thousands of potential bacteria, fungi, and viruses sitting in the back of one’s nose particularly when the cycles of amplification have been over exaggerated.
    At that point, even a goat will test positive.

    The creator of the PCR test would be rolling in his grave.
    His scathing of Fauci before his untimely death has left him no defence now.

    The PCR was supposed to be dumped by now after a legal challenge (involving the team of Reiner Fuellmich) which occurred in Europe and in which the WHO admitted it was an incorrect test.

    Say what?
    You mean it didn’t prove anything back then?
    You mean we shut down the world based on an incorrect test?
    Yeah, we did.

    Scientists said at the time the PCR test could give a clue about what you had been injected with however.
    What the body was naturally shedding afterwards.
    The 2019 flu vaccine had 4 strains of influenza in it including the highly pathogenic H1N1.
    All these strains, based on a dog kidney cell line that year, would cause upper respiratory symptoms….

    Seeing people run around like chooks with their heads cut off because a self imposed Omicron is up their nose is not good for anyone’s health.
    Watching the Punch and Judy show is exhausting.

    The thing to be wary of now are these rapid antigen tests.
    Most are made in China.
    There are some claimed discrepancies.

    Same story line though, just a different tool.

    Round and round the merry go round.

    Reference: stopworldcontrol. com


  19. Yes, Lindsay. I have been reading the Notice Serene Teffaha sent to the PM and all State Premiers in 2020. That was the one that got her BAR Card swiped by the Victorian Legal Services Board.


  20. The only way to get results, is to “Name and Shame the Evil Elites and the demon lackeys – or at an lower level, the suckers”, further look at the money trails. If the names are not displayed how can they be prosecuted? Yes: “Time indeed is running out for everyone…”


  21. I don’t know about a jury of their “peers.” A jury of the common people would be fairer. Their peers would cover for them.


  22. So the annual common flu in Australia was at least 3-4 times greater in cases and deaths than c-vid yet it was not considered worthy of lockdowns, economic vandalism and passports? Oh, OK.

    I’m sure I’m missing something.


  23. You probably know about the warning on the covid home test kit. “Greg Reese of recently published a report that reveals a lethal drug that is included in Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test Kit has a history of killing people even in small doses.”

    Thanks. HMJ


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