Letter to the Editor

To the Qld Premier and other politicians, and anyone else who dares to threaten me to get vaccinated. You can all go shove your poisonous experimental vaccines. A word of warning, do not ever threaten me, I know what my human rights and freedoms are and they are protected by the Australian Commonwealth Constitution Section 51, 23A, 28, 109 which clearly states that the government cannot mandate vaccines, and they cannot restrict my freedom of movement and travel within Australia, not even in time of national crisis or pandemic.

You cannot cancel my human rights and freedoms. I am governed only by my Christian faith in God and the Bible, and by the Australian Commonwealth Constitution, not by these nefarious corrupt tyrannical politicians who are only obsessed with absolute power and authority. And let me remind all you politicians that you all swore an oath to obey and uphold the Australian Commonwealth Constitution, and you are all governed by the laws contained within the Australian Commonwealth Constitution.

When you break or violate any law/s within the constitution, than you have acted unlawfully and criminally. Fact, the medical authorities have said that the Covid19 vaccines will not protect you from either contracting or transmitting the virus, so why get the vaccine if they do not work? Why all the propaganda and lies about Covid19? The government is not interested in our human health or saving lives, so please do not feed us your diatribe and lies that you are. If the government were serious about saving human lives, than they would start first by banning and ending the cruel and barbaric and evil practice of abortion, they would ban tobacco, alcohol, cars, prescription drugs, etc, etc, which all cause human injury and death!