by Jim O’Toole in Cairns

Cairns News has been advised the Labor state government has told medical staff and emergency workers to prepare for a Covid outbreak and lockdown on the Atherton Tablelands on November 18, 2021.

Queensland socialist Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk unfit for the job

The Premier has been waging war against Queensland shires which have low vaccination rates. At the recent Local Government annual conference Mayors were warned to promote vaccination or risk losing state government infrastructure funding.

Health officials and politicians being able to accurately predict a Covid outbreak is nothing new and has occurred regularly during the scamdemic but to threaten councils with withdrawal of funding is a serious offence.

Tablelanders are urged to ignore the Covid lockdown and go about their business normally. Ignore the Premier’s scare campaign and do not get the deadly experimental jab that has killed and injured many thousands of Australians including Far Northerners who have been getting treated for serious vaccination-related complaints in Cairns Base Hospital for months after Covid shots.

Take note of how India and Japan have cleaned up their Covid problems with the inexpensive, effective and safe remedy, Ivermectin. Why did the Premier legislate against its use in Queensland?

Phone the Premier’s office and tell her you won’t comply with planned Covid outbreaks and lockdowns. She is breaking every statute on the corporate books. She is acting unlawfully and should be prosecuted.

Premier’s office:

07 37197000