Premier Palaszczuk planning a Covid hit for Far North Queensland where she says vaxx rates are too low

by Jim O’Toole in Cairns

Cairns News has been advised the Labor state government has told medical staff and emergency workers to prepare for a Covid outbreak and lockdown on the Atherton Tablelands on November 18, 2021.

Queensland socialist Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk unfit for the job

The Premier has been waging war against Queensland shires which have low vaccination rates. At the recent Local Government annual conference Mayors were warned to promote vaccination or risk losing state government infrastructure funding.

Health officials and politicians being able to accurately predict a Covid outbreak is nothing new and has occurred regularly during the scamdemic but to threaten councils with withdrawal of funding is a serious offence.

Tablelanders are urged to ignore the Covid lockdown and go about their business normally. Ignore the Premier’s scare campaign and do not get the deadly experimental jab that has killed and injured many thousands of Australians including Far Northerners who have been getting treated for serious vaccination-related complaints in Cairns Base Hospital for months after Covid shots.

Take note of how India and Japan have cleaned up their Covid problems with the inexpensive, effective and safe remedy, Ivermectin. Why did the Premier legislate against its use in Queensland?

Phone the Premier’s office and tell her you won’t comply with planned Covid outbreaks and lockdowns. She is breaking every statute on the corporate books. She is acting unlawfully and should be prosecuted.

Premier’s office:

07 37197000

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Janice all we know is that medical staff have been put on alert as of the 18th across the Tablelands not necessarily Atherton. It could be that the Premier has become wary after Morrison told all states to back off. Then there are rallies planned across the state tomorrow including Cairns. Today there is a large rally being held at Atherton, about 500 in attendance we are told.Ed


  2. Dear Editor, has there been any news of the supposed outbreak and potential lockdown that was supposedly going to happen yesterday 18 November in Atherton. I haven’t heard anything on the street as yet.
    Also, I was told at the doctors this morning that QR codes are going to be mandatory next month and will have to be double jabbed…… just said, none of that will be happening with me and nothing is mandatory/law.


  3. Skye I done the research for you and what I have found out is Annastacia Palaszczuk is another Dictator like Dan Andrews very strict rules with opening Borders for VIC and NSW just no one can enter QLD until past their 14 Days with their 2nd Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon jab. The Quarantine will be like being in a Prison unable to even leave for Exercise and gets even worse.

    With 70% of Queensland fully-vaxxed:

    – Interstate visitors only allowed

    – You must have received a negative test within 3 days of your flight

    – You must be fully vaccinated and have had your 2nd Covid-19 vaccination at least 14 days before your flight

    – You cannot cross the Queensland border by road

    – You must undergo 14 day ‘home’ quarantine in a dwelling with ‘fresh air to the front door’. Accommodation where you reach your door through shared corridors and lifts is not acceptable

    – Your transport to home quarantine must be in an approved vehicle

    – You must reply to daily a Queensland Health SMS with geolocation on, within 10 minutes

    – You must undergo Covid testing while in quarantine

    Source is

    After reading this could those also on Quarantine need to pay for RT-PCR test as well and how long will it be until Annastacia Palaszczuk brings in Digital Vaccine Passport and that all business need to comply to make sure proof of the Experimental jab.

    After all this this article here with Cairnsnews is the Source if your not happy with the Journalism here can always read the Main News Media Articles and return to realise that Cairnsnews has always reported the real news.


  4. Yeah David she probably works for the ABC. Ed


  5. “I can’t believe or share anything from your website cause you never share any sources to back anything you state as fact.”

    Awwww… Poor bubba. Tune in to Skye News, you can get your sources from there..


  6. You research it and write it if you are such a bloody expert. Ed You should realise by now if you have ever read a newspaper its full of sh…t. We have more sources than a condiment shop and certainly would not be telling the likes of you. Get your glasses and read it again!


  7. Where is your source for this??
    How can what you claim be trusted when you haven’t provided sources to back it up.
    I take no issue with the information itself as it wouldn’t surprise me even if it did actually happen, but I can’t believe or share anything from your website cause you never share any sources to back anything you state as fact. This act is clear example extremely poor journalism.


  8. PalaceChook had her first jab with a plastic sleeve covered needle – we all saw it. When is she having her second jab ? Booster ?


  9. The irony of course is that if Palaszchook blackmails an increase in the injection rates in North Queensland the hospital system will be unable to cope and will collapse. It is already at breaking point even with zero covid cases.

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  10. Plenty of info out there if you look .. ED2


  11. Absolutely shocking. But par for the course of being run by a corporation .


  12. Wilhelm Casey, Head of CIA:
    “When everything people believe is a lie, we will have succeded.”

    Says it all, doesn’t it!


  13. To the editor: I really like your humor….and your triple set steel balls. I have another (stupid) question – some people said to me there are building camps….to segregate the un va cced – or the covid patients…these “tested by the pcr” (I know this I have Mullis’ book) so as a single mother with three children this makes me very nervous….is there any info on this, please?


  14. I hope this evil woman gets the jab and drops dead they’ve all been bought off it’s a shame that most people can’t see it, be great if everyone stood together and told them to bugga off ! Why aren’t we doing the same preventative as the provenance in India 🤷🏻‍♂️ Seems our “ professional “ health providers have been bought off.


  15. We also heard the Elvis is alive and seen in Brisbane. How many of our readers saw him ?

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  16. Don’t lose sight of Nov 18, Ed. I hear from many sources that the Big Q politburo has a Gook army in North Qld training to forcibly seize Australians and vaxx. I don’t know whether it is true or not. But this has come to me second hand from many sources. It would be interesting to know how many of your readers have heard the same.

    Please keep this thread live.

    They are opening the borders with the intention of keeping the CoVID Hoax going. It stands to reason that ‘outbreaks’ must occur among the ‘unvaccinated’ – the definition of which word is constantly changed. Once the Communists have captured a state whether by armed aggression or subversion – they do not back off, the keep the pressure on until stage 4: normalisation is achieved.

    Australia is still in the crisis stage of the Take Over.

    I think anyone who can help the Table Landers should get up there now.

    Full Interview with Yuri Bezmenov – Subversion was my job.

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  17. As no one has a sample of the so called virus in their possession then all “cases” are authored fiction.

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  18. At this point I am inclined to believe that Covid is the lesser of the political evils facing us. 😦

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  19. Davo from Bribie

    I’d say the latter, seeing Medical Maniac Jeanette Young has been appointed Governor of Queensland. Jabs for evermore!.


  20. She probably went to the same clairvoyance classes as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

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  21. She represents the party faithful.


  22. Is she clairvoyant or is there more sinister moves afoot

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  23. David you are a legend. Ed


  24. James McCann: “I am Labor supporter through and through and always will be.”

    In the words of an illustrious Labour man…. “It’s time for a change.”

    No point in tying yourself to an ideology that has been extinct for many years in every way but for its name. Didn’t Tony Blair’s New Labour teach you any lessons? 🙂

    The Australian LNP-Labour duopoly got us to where we are. Scumo Morrison and Each Way Albo serve the same masters. As do Perrotet, Palaszchook, Andrews, McGovern and Marshmallow. They’re ALL in line for the New World Order of Australia awards.

    The DUOPOLY parties they allegedly represent are simply an illusion for us to play with, latch onto and entertain ourselves with as we bark while the caravan rolls on. THE ONLY REASON YOU’D VOTE FOR THEM IS IF YOU’RE CRAZY KEEN ON MORE OF THE SAME SHT THEY’VE BEEN DISHING OUT.

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  25. Well this is the big advantage of the PCR Test for ‘CoVID-19’ isn’t it.

    The inventor of the PCR Test, Dr. Kary Mullis won the Nobel for his contribution to genetic research (the polymerase chain reaction test). He has stated for public record on numerous occasions IT IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TEST. IT DOES NOT DIAGNOSE ANY DISEASE. It does not diagnose CoVid. It does not diagnose schmovid. A positve result on the PCR test means that you have given a genetic sample (to the BeiJing Genomics Institute, Herston Rd, Brisbane). A negative result on the PCR test means that have given a genetic sample to the BGI. The ChinKoms are (of course) building a DNA database for their Special Economic Zone.

    On any given sample, the CCP factotums and widgets in the government can find any fragment of viral nucleotides they want if they run the cycles of the PCR at higher levels of amplification -over 37. They might even find some basic morality and Australian decency from those in the Big Q politburo who have submitted tests. But wouldn’t you know it, Anatasi is telling us that if a CoVID outbreak is needed for the Atherton Tablelands in the Big Q by Nov 18, they can always pull some positive cases out of the CoVID wazoo. If they need to get the message out for the border re-opening and boost the confidence of the double-vaxxed who might be having ‘border hesitancy’ – they will dial the PCR tests down to lower levels of amplification. Oh look the vaxx is working. We have contained CoVID.

    The only thing these Communist psychopaths think they have contained is common sense and courage to stand against this thing for Australia. The Kool Aid only works if everybody drinks it. Don’t drink it Queensland. Hold the line. Make them suffer – their political masters have set vaxx quotas for them to meet. If they are in for a penny , they are in for a pound.

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  26. Step O'Rafferty

    Palace Chook and the other dictators think they are all going to get a free pass into the elite echelons for being good little puppets. The dustbins of the elite are full of puppets who have completed the tasks allotted to them.

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  27. Ms P,
    I am Labor supporter through and through and always will be.
    However, you are stepping way over the line.
    What has happened to your better judgement?
    If this nonsense continues I will definitely reconsider my vote.
    Stop scaring people, it’s not Australian!

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  28. We have more sources than a condiment shop. Editor

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  29. Would like to see some evidence on where you have obtained your information please.
    Are local members unwilling to confirm this via media conference


  30. It’s clear we cannot rely on the premiers and Scumo to prevent the pandemic of fascist, communist or whatever label of tyranny and diktat currently spreading through Australia like wildfire. If they’re not stopping it they’re promoting it. They need to be kicked out on their ears and replaced by genuine Australians with love of the Australian way.

    Otherwise, it’s Aufwiedersehen, Australia! Our lucky country has run into some really bad luck with this lot.



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  32. “They recently moved their chief health officer into a Governor role.
    I wonder if this was a strategic move to assist in their Coup d’Etat under the guise of “state of emergency” powers since the Governor has the power to stop them in their tracks or at least slow them down.”

    Dead on the mark! A Governor refusing to give royal assent to draconian legislation is the last stop before the gulags go into operation. And the chance of Young refusing to obey is next to zero! Queensland wanted Palszchook and it clearly voted in a pig in a poke.

    The price of liberty was eternal vigilance, but some people have obviously never heard of the motto.

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  33. That’s already happened in the SE corner. Editor


  34. Great idea but find me 10 good men straight and true…..

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  35. Step O'Rafferty

    While these psychopaths have their predictive hats on, it would be very wise for them to formulate some predictions about their own personal futures both here on the Earth plane and in the spirit realm. I have a prediction that our short sighted drug pushing politicians and public officials will end up in a place of terrible spiritual anguish because of the harm they are slamming down onto our communities. When they eventually leave their mortal bodies their spirits will float to a place where all of the people whose lives they have cut short will be waiting for them. I doubt very much whether Bill Gates or the pharmaceutical companies will be able to help them out of that predicament. Their only option for salvation from such a terrible fate is to come clean right now, admit they were pedaling falsehoods and begin to make amends.


  36. This Government State and Federal are committing TREASON …and Crimes Against Humanity.
    Pushing and continuing to push an Experimental Jab that is injuring tens of thousands of Australians and ma y deaths from the vaccine while ignoring mental Health issues and the 9 per day dying from suicide and many more attempted suicide from loss of businesses ,jobs ,their Homes… How the Pilice can just standby while this goes on is beyond me.
    It will affect their families too directly at some point.
    They need to act and be on the right side of history…
    Not bent politicians out their bu their masters!!

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  37. Of course Ivermectin works only treatment does helps with eliminating Synthetic Spike Proteins that is more than likely being transmitted to those who refusing the jab.

    What if that those who get the jab and live near 5G towers are getting many Adverse Reactions that does not go away and gets worse every day. It’s not a coincidence that 5G operates through Hospitals and those who are suffering from the effects of 5G been labelled as Delta or taken the jab are filling up Hospitals. What ever the Main News Media says is so far from the truth of why Nurses and some Doctors are quitting or being fired as they know what’s really going on in Hospitals. Where I live hearing so many sirens from Ambulances a day because live about a km from one was rare before Covid 19, could Paramedics will also be fired or quit seeing first had the Experimental Jab injuries. Who else been hearing many Ambulances a day more than prior to Covid 19?

    The more hear what these Eastern State Premiers are doing with these Experimental jabs pushing it in many arms, leads to me believing that there is a Pfizer Contract on going. How long until 5 to 11 year olds need to get this Experimental jab with almost 100% Recovery of any Variant flavour of the month from Covid 19. How many Children need to die before Australian Citizens revolt from Draconian Tyranny Measures!

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  38. The trouble is that word “vaccine”. People believe if they are “vaccinated” with this novel coronavirus injection, they are prevented from catching covid. Television ads spout the mantra “get the vaccine and be free”. “protect Aunty Mary” etc etc
    However in the clinical trials before it was given “emergency use” status by the FDA, the “vaccines” were never tested if they would stop infection and therefore being able to pass it on. Sole focus was on lessening symptoms in an effort to prevent serious illness.

    Latest news from overseas details a startling fact.”THE VACCINE IS NOT WORKING LIKE THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD”
    Half the RECENT admissions to hospital for covid come from fully vaccinated individuals and the death statistics shows more fully vaccinated deaths than those not vaccinated.!

    Surely our government health officials must be aware of this fact (I have sent them dozens of emails to this effect). Like lemmings with their heads in the sand, they ignore anything that doesn’t fit with what Pfizer told them to do.

    Our new national anthem should be “Puppet on a String”, a popular song of the 60’s sung by Sandie Shaw. Part of which says:

    “I may win on the roundabout
    Then I’ll lose on the swings
    In or out, there is never a doubt
    Just who’s pulling the strings
    I’m all tied up to you
    But where’s it leading me to?”

    The sad fact is that we are governed by a bunch on incompetent fools.

    Dave Blake
    Bribie Island


  39. what is life at the moment worth?.. A Jab…. however we were created with a healthy body mind and soul….no words words needed


  40. INteresting.
    They recently moved their chief health officer into a Governor role.
    I wonder if this was a strategic move to assist in their Coup d’Etat under the guise of “state of emergency” powers since the Governor has the power to stop them in their tracks or at least slow them down.


  41. Comrade Palaszczuk , it would seem is a fortune teller.she seems to be better at that than running the state. I want to cut this to the bone. She does not give a damn about the health of our people . She is set on pleasing her masters.Now trying to put a name on them is a tricky thing. Who gave this woman this power ? It sure wasn’t me. Herberton is my birthplace , I do not need you ,want you . Palaszczuk , you are no loyal Australian. You are a Globalist and are doing your best to destroy my beloved country. May God have mercy on your soul

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  42. Jim – has Quld got a ‘ Citizen’z Arrest ‘ in the Law Books ??????????? If so – then use it !!!!!!! take 10 other as witnesses…. and have the laws typed out that she is breaking – to present to the Court etc… When there is a rotten apple in the barrel, the farmer always removes it, to keep the others pure, and out of danger. bye >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  43. People need to be incentivised in QLD just like in NSW and Victoria. They need to be locked up until they are starving, suicidal and finally beg Palaszchook for the injections. Then they can vote for her in gratitude with an overwhelming majority!

    Baaaaa…. 🙂

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  44. So, they know exactly when and where the dreaded lurky is going to hit. I would like to have their crystal ball. Hopefully mist people will do the same as the homeless indigenous peoples did the other day.


  45. We have had ample opportunity to be vaccinated if we wished to be.
    If you are vaccinated, your safe, those of us not, do not care.
    Those who are vaccinated need to just go about their business.
    We complied our way into this mess, we will not comply our way out.

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