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How the world views Australia

By Jeremy Salt Global Research, USA November 04, 2021 – All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages

Self-appointed dictator Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria Australia

The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just tabled legislation in parliament which is possibly the most monstrous ever introduced into a country calling itself democratic. Basically, it gives Andrews the power to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. He has been turning Victoria into a police state for the past year and a half but behind the bland face and earnest manner, the legislation openly stamps him as a totalitarian psychopath.

Here are some of the salient points of the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021. Read on and be amazed that this can actually be happening in Australia, the laidback happy country of beaches, sunshine, beer and prawns on the barby.

The legislation allows Andrews to declare a pandemic even if there is not one. He only has to think there could be one. This antipodean combination of commissar and gauleiter is taking complete personal control of the state and its people. He can close down parts of the state or the whole state and prevent people from entering or leaving in whole or part. He can extend closures without limit.

Enforcement will rest in the hands of police and ‘authorised officers.’ For those who don’t do what they are told there will be heavy fines, up to $90,000 for individuals and $450,000 for businesses. People can be detained for two years and will have to pay the cost of their own detention in the massive internment camp that has been built at Mickleham, on the outskirts of Melbourne. The legislation authorizes police to use ‘reasonable force’ to help an ‘authorised officer’ when he/she detains them.

Howard Springs internment camp in the Northern Territory Australia on which the construction underway in Victoria at Mickleham is based on

The Mickleham camp is capable of taking in thousands of people. The likely victims in this Australian gulag will be the minority who have refused vaccination either on the basis of their human right to reject medical intervention they don’t want or because of the known dangers to health of the vaccines on offer, known to them but suppressed from public knowledge by the media. Abused by the politicians and media commentators, shut out of many normal activities of daily life, they have already been turned into social pariahs whom those who obey orders without asking questions will no doubt think will deserve to be locked away in this Australian gulag.

The legislation includes a points system as punishment for bad behaviour. Individuals and business owners who don’t obey an authorized officer will lose points and more points if the offence is regarded as aggravated. What Andrews has done here is slip into the legislation the beginning of a social credit system of full state control of the individual’s life.

People can be detained on the basis of their ‘characteristics, attributes and circumstances’ as assessed by an authorised officer. This extraordinary clause surely has no parentage in any legislation passed in any country regarding itself as democratic. It would seem to allow the detention of anyone for any reason. Two Hundred and Thirty Years of Rights and Liberties Shredded: Why I Oppose the Lockdown

Detained individuals can be required to submit to medical testing and their detention can be extended if they refuse to accept it. If they cannot pay the cost of their detention, however long it might be, they will be fined. All orders can be extended or varied without limit by

Andrews or his health minister. Police can enter premises without a warrant. Information can be extracted from people who have been detained, not just names and addresses but ‘any other information’ an authorised officer might want. How this might be done if the detained person does not want to give this information is not explained. Public and private meetings can be banned and businesses closed.

Daniel Andrews has spent the last two years turning Victoria into a police state, The damage he has done has been colossal at the economic, social level and even medical levels. Thousands of businesses have been ruined and the state has been plunged into debt (from $29 billion in 2019 to an estimated $155 billion in 2023/24). Mental health problems have soared because of close to two years of lockdowns and many have been blocked from receiving the medical treatment they need because of the focus on the virus. In 2020 more than 650 people died in aged care homes. Official inquiries have pointed the finger of blame at the federal and state governments and their management of the homes for neglect and/or maladministration. Of the 915 people who died from./with the virus from January 2020 to July 2021, 820 were in Victoria.

The record is shocking yet thanks largely to the complicity of the media and the ignorance of indifference of a panicked/terrorised population Andrews has never been held to account, The national broadcaster, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) and the Melbourne newspaper the ‘Age’ are especially culpable, They have run Andrews’ propaganda campaign for him, suppressing all information that gets in the way of ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ from deficiencies in the PCR test to the tens of thousands of post-vaccination deaths in Europe, the UK and the US. Hundreds have died already in Australia but this is not up for discussion. Neither is the limited efficacy of the vaccines.

In the past year the editor of the ‘Age’, Gay Alcorn, has gone to far as to suppress 12 cartoons drawn by Michael Leunig, officially designated as a ‘living national treasure’ for his artistry and drawing for the ‘Age’ for half a century. She followed her suppression of his cartoons by removing him completely from the news pages. Leunig has been alone dissenting voice amidst a torrent of government propaganda yet even he had to be silenced, One of his most striking suppressed cartoons is a play on the lone protestor facing the tank in Tiananmen square. Leunig turns the gun barrel into a syringe aimed at one of his typically bewildered characters. ‘Age’ readers were incensed and supported the censorship but this legislation shows that Leunig’s instincts were100 per cent spot on.

This permanent pandemic legislation now shreds what is left of human rights in Victoria. The head of the Victorian Bar Council has compared it to the laws enforced by the state security service (STASI) in former East Germany. He said it allowed virtually unlimited interference in the civil liberties of the Victorian people, with little in the way even of consultation. A human rights council will be set up, but clearly, for cosmetic purposes as it has no power to restrain Andrews. There has been no public debate because nothing was known about the legislation outside the government until the day before this 121 page document was introduced in parliament.

The law is now effectively what Andrews says it is. The barriers to stopping him are very thin. He has a majority in parliament, and a weak opposition, Even the Greens and the Animal Welfare Party have supported this legislation, no doubt having struck some kind of deal with Andrews.

The federal government could possibly override the legislation on any number of grounds but its silence indicates not just that it will not intervene but that Victoria is perhaps being set up as a template for what is to come across the country and elsewhere to bring about the dystopian ‘great reset.’

Thanks to Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, Australia has been closed off to the world for close on two years. Its citizens have been unable to return and they have to apply for an exemption to leave. Few exemptions are being granted. Their rights under international law have been completely violated. The tens of thousands of Australian nationals stranded in other countries have no access to government services and state and federal governments and the media are indifferent to their plight.

State borders remain closed. with thousands of elderly Victorians who had travelled north to escape winter stranded in NSW for three months because Andrews closed the border in July before they could reach it. How they survived in their caravans or hotels was their problem. Andrews didn’t care and neither did the media.

MPs who have refused vaccination cannot enter the Victorian parliament building, allowing Andrews to narrowly defeat an attempt to set up an inquiry into his mishandling of the pandemic. On the national front. the deputy president of the Fair Work Commission has been suspended from the bench after issuing a dissenting opinion in which she described mandatory vaccination as a violation of medical ethics and international law. She has been ordered to undergo ‘professional training’, re-education in other words, so she does not repeat her mistake, She is completely correct in her reading of the law. Mandatory/coerced vaccination also violates the ethics of the AMA (Australian Medical Association) but it has refused to take a public stand.

This is Australia 2021, not Germany 1935/36. Those who sneer at the comparison are deceiving themselves as the essentials are the same, Just like middle class Germans, the majority of Victorians will be able to enjoy the same comfortable life as before as long as they do what they are told, believe what they are told and look the other way as the police break into homes and the internment camp fills up. It must be hoped the day will come when Andrews, the cabal around him and all those in public life who have deceived and betrayed the Victorian people, beginning with Daniel Andrews, will be held accountable, preferably in a court of criminal law.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. To Lindesymonds & daviddd2. I would like to reply though the host of this site may not appreciate us going off topic. best we drop all references to Germany. Thanks.


  2. Which Common Law Court will he appear before please.


  3. “Just because the Soviet / Sino Communist Bloc (aka ZOG East) has the biggest genocide in recorded history does not give the Nazi Regime a pass.”

    100% My post on this unfortunately seems to have disappeared. Fascists and Communists, ideologically diametrically opposed to each other, come from the same Kitchen and the same Chefs, they’re just different flavours of sht masking the same TOXIC enterprise behind them.

    Anyone who believes one is preferable to the other is not concerned with history but with fantasy.

    In the end, any mass ideology itself eventually becomes a threat to any established totalitarian form of control and is dispensed with and replaced at its use by date. But before it gets to that stage, it’s extremely useful in poisoning the population in the service of the TOXIC cult pushing it..


  4. Just because the Soviet / Sino Communist Bloc (aka ZOG East) has the biggest genocide in recorded history does not give the Nazi Regime a pass. The Owners of the central banking cartel – that would be the Judaic Supremacy for all those readers insisting on their JQ neat – set up Adolf Hitler for the destruction of the German nation, the overthrow of Poland, the Soviet conquest of Europe and the establishment of Israel.

    But the overthrow of Poland had to come first. And the problem for The Owners was this. It could not be overthrown from the East.

    Know your history Brian.

    Poland crushes the Soviet invasion on Europe 1920. Europe saved from the nightmare of Gulag.


  5. This is Australia a country that stands on its own. Free country with liberty and freedom for all Australians, now Dan has taken unlawful people’s freedom away and destroyed our state. We need our freedom and our rights.


  6. Hi Tania we have copies of the documents served on Andrews. It is real. Ed


  7. I suspect the papers Andrews was served are about as real as the papers Brett Mutton… errr, sorry, Sutton was served. And that 1000 lawyer/10000 doctor Nuremburg trial people keep sprouting about but can’t actually produce any evidence of*. Sure, it’d be nice if it were true, but don’t think for a second Andrews couldn’t make such and issue vanish. Like, what happened to the so called IBAC investigation against him?

    If you have legitimate source, or have access to actual documentation, then please share.

    A day or two of noise then nothing.

    There’s only one thing that is going to stop Andrews, and given how owns and controls the courts, it won’t be them who stops him.

    * I wrote to one of the journalists who was pushing the 1000 lawyer/10000 doctor story and he refused to respond or provide any evidence.

    Without hard evidence, it’s all just nonsense and should be taken with a grain of salt.


  8. To lindesymonds, it is simply crazy you making comparisons with 1935 Germany when you should be comparing to Bolshevik Russia. Millions of families were destroyed. Millions murdered and millions carted off to the Gulags. know your history. Get off the anti Germany band wagon.


  9. In 1935 in Germany, it was the people who were deemed weak and burden on the state who were being rounded up and taken under the control of the Reich Dept of Care and Cure and euthanized. The Big Q has just legalised euthanasia. As in Nazi Germany the people who have come out against this are the Christians – most notably the Roman Catholics – just like in Nazi Germany 1935. And plenty of them were interned by Hitler. In Q 2021, it will be Catholics who will stand with Walvax-2 against the covid injection. Big Abortion and Big Vaxx are joined at the hip.


  10. Victoria’s Desperate Dan is ensuring he has the means to fend off any attempt to bring him up on charges of assault, and murder. Unfriendly judges will soon be forced out – just in case he is somehow brought to trial…


  11. Better still do not vote for them anywhere on the ballot papers


  12. ““Even The Greens and the Animal Welfare Party supported this legislation….”

    The “feel good” cause parties are set up to prey on your kinder side in case you’re not stupid enough to vote for the LNP-Labour duopoly.

    Always put the duopoly LNP-Labour and the feel good scam parties last. Once the primary votes for the duopoly are smashed, to say 10%, they lose any support and authority to do as they like.


  13. stand up people say hell no to all the dirt bags who are getting paid millions of dollars by big pharma to push this death shot the clot shot into everyone’s arms stand up say no or you will be slaves forever.


  14. “Even The Greens and the Animal Welfare Party supported this legislation….”

    Victoria IS the template . All other state premiers are watching to see what problems might arise when they rush through similar legislation…

    It’s The Silence that’s frightening: I thought That Great Champion of our freedoms, “The Australian” newspaper would dissent, especially as it’s mainly an anti-ALP paper. Dont say Bill Gates gave it money too ?


  15. As of yesterday 4/11/21 Daniel Andrew’s was served with papers for mistreating and treason to appear in the Common Law Court on the 17th December. This means he won’t be able to pass bills in Parliament, To good to be true but it is


  16. We need your help to ensure this dictatorship of our State Premier is stopped…


  17. Comparisons to Germany are unwarranted. Germany rose up against the Cabal. Know your history. Comparing Andrews to the Soviet Union, now that is something else.


  18. Two weeks to flatten the curve has morphed into two years to flatten the population and install dictatorial power, forced injections and total control and police thuggery.

    Nice job, Mr Andrews! Anything else you have in mind? How about cancelling elections in case the people have had enough of the Labour-LNP duopoly and more of the same?


  19. Enforcement will rest in the hands of police and ‘authorized officers.’ The key word is of course ‘AUTHORIZED’ – by whose authority – no government in Australia enjoys de jure authority – they all rely and exercise solely DE FACTO authority.


  20. Debra Ratcliffe


  21. We will have the NWO, we will own nothing, we will do as we’re told and we will say nothing.

    Hang on, let’s start off by saying nothing and doing nothing in the first place.


  22. You know, at some subliminal level, many believe the premise that the freaks, opportunists, and outright psychos, such as Hunchback Andrews, operate on. Namely…




    And for that reason, at that subliminal level, especially amongst the ‘age-enhanced’, there’s a creepy, crawly feeling that … well … there’s too many of us. We gotta go. We done passed our ‘use-by’ date.

    Do you feel that way? Subliminally? I believe the Bible refers to it as ‘original sin’.

    No friends, the simple fact of the matter is, the entire Scamdemic has been unleashed in order to SAVE (or rather ‘reset’) the rotten, corrupt, privately-owned and operated, Central Banking System (CBS). A generational crime syndicate which is, subliminally, predicated on fiat currency, ‘lent’ into circulation and backed by YOUR mortgages and YOUR income taxes. In a word, a wretched Ponzi scheme. Built, latterly, on the back of the post-war ‘baby boom’. The entire shithouse is coming down because the exponentially mounting ‘debt’ is simply unpayable. In this lifetime or a 1000 others. And the generational ‘elders’ who run it want to blame its collapse on, well … you. Such rotten ingratitude.

    Don’t imagine they don’t have an army of morally bankrupt, perverse, godless, useful idiots such as Andrews, to serve their end-game…

    Weird bate-headed mongrels
    I keep expecting one of you to rise
    Large buxom obese queen
    Garden hogs and cunt veterans
    Quaint cabbage saints
    Shit hoarders and individualists
    Drag strip officials
    Tight lipped losers and
    Lustful fuck salesman
    My militant dandies
    All strange orders of monsters
    Hot on the tail of the woodvine
    We welcome you to our procession
    – Jim Morrison – Curses, Invocations

    The stark question we must ask ourselves is this … do I, personally, individually, willingly endorse this privately-owned and operated fiat money system? Even by self-inflicted jab? Taking one for the ‘team’ … subliminally … as it were.

    Or do I, personally, individually, condemn it outright? And condemn its adherents to the fiery pits of hell?

    Remember, it wasn’t only Judas who betrayed Christ.

    P.S. Only 5% of vaccine ‘batches’ are associated with 100% of vaccine deaths.


  23. Fantastic! … no idea what you are talking about BB, JT, GWB, spell it out so everyone knows what you are saying please .. ED2


  24. I can’t believe this. And it is not April Fools’ Day. Does Andrews really hate Australia THAT MUCH??? And are the eunuch bobbleheads going along with this offal really that retarded??


  25. The new face of democracy-dictatorship! I have been thinking lately that this could be Canadian BB teaming up with Indian BB and the Monarchy moving against the GWB plan for Australia? Canada could be next with JT following in step with either dad, Pierre or Castro embracing a Communist dictatorship?

    Sent from my iPad



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