by US correspondent Alexandra Bruce

Scientists have been designing ways to put their so-called vaccines in the food supply and it seems they may have created an avenue to begin this, brought to you my the American Chemical Society and four scientists from Communist China.

Functional Hybrid Micro/Nanoentities are being implemented to promote food safety. To detect hazardous substances in agricultural food products – they’re putting in experimental hazardous substances.

Molecular-Imprinted Polymer-Quantum Dots installs a surveillance platform into your food and body.

Molecular Imprinting Polymers integrated with upconversion luminescent nanoparticles conducts chemical analysis of your food and body.

Upconversion Luminescent Nanoparticles, Combined with Metal-Organic Frameworks are tunable, porous metals that have the power to regulate the dispensing nutrition to comply with international mandates.

Magnetic Metal-Organic Frameworks are metal frameworks designed for targeting drug delivery.

Magnetic Covalent Organic Frameworks are used for sensing food in the human body and

Covalent Organic Frameworks Doped with Quantum Dots are used for detection of insecticide.

If Deep State wanted to regulate healthy food, they would promote organic growing, not inject a cocktail of metallic nanotech into the entire food supply.