Article from a World Economic Forum publication chimes in with the anti-livestock farming message coming from the global green movement. Below: CNN touts insect eating as the next thing.

SENATOR Matt the Nat and a few others in his party don’t relish the prospect of turning Australian beef and sheep pastures into “carbon offsetting” regrowth to fuel next summer’s fires and criminalizing meat eating, because turning vegan is the next step for the COP26 climate cultists.

Senator Canavan, on Sky News’ Outsiders, said he couldn’t speak for the Nationals party room but he didn’t see them “selling the last cow for a handful of beans”. “We are fighting hard for the jobs and industries in our region,” said the straight-shooting senator, injecting a dose of reality into the so-called climate debate.

Although animal agriculture is officially off the agenda at COP26 (was that why the Nationals agreed to the net-zero deal with the Liberals?), the vegans have their special “hub” at the conference where attendees will be able to learn about the woke new, sustainable, low-carbon diet of insects, including maggots. Yum, yummy. It’s all about saving the planet, according to “doctor-turned-farmer” Bill Gates and his mates at the World Economic Forum who are or course COP26 cultists to the max.

So the Nationals and their big bad boy Barnaby somehow did a deal with PM ScoMo, who is battling to keep his gay-green Liberal Party ranks happy by pledging to the net zero emissions net zero thinking and running off to join the vegan tree-hugging lovefest at Glasgow.

But if the entire population turns to eating beans and insects instead of meat for their protein, net-zero emissions will be far from reality. Noisy methane emissions everywhere will be the new normal – at least for the suburban plebs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Real meat and fish will be off the woke supermarket shelves and delicacies affordable only by Gates and his global political-corporate elite.

“Switching to a plant-based diet can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50% and has many other co-benefits in terms of tackling deforestation, biodiversity loss and water usage,” the Vegan Society says on it’s COP26 webpage. Oh yes, reducing one’s carbon footprint is always front of mind while consuming a dish of boiled soy beans and sauce.

But COP26, like anything else to do global corporatism and its “green planet” delusions, is an exercise in hypocrisy and deceit. One of the sponsors of the conference is big pharma outfit GlaxoSmithKline, who churn out dangerous vaccines and every toxic drug concoction that pollute the human race and are flushed into the natural environment like no other time in history.

But of course the faceless corporate clones at GSK and the 10 other giant corporations “partnering” in the event will tell you tell you they are committed to a “clean, green, sustainable future” because x% of their profits go to Greenpeace, WWF and a host of other well-heeled green corporate non-profits who push the same anti-population, anti-freedom, green globalist, corporatist claptrap.

Perhaps you’re not convinced because that shaggy-haired buffoon otherwise known as Boris Johnson went before the media to declare “Green is good! Green is right! Green works!” Johnson is about 95% wrong, in fact. He is as wrong as ScoMo’s other big mate, the demented US Commander in Thief Biden, who of course is all “fer that carbon er thing” and “vaccines for everybody”.

Energy prices in the UK and Europe are soaring because of stupid wind-farm and solar projects covering millions of hectares of land and sea, blanketed by ice, snow and grey skies during winter when baseload power is most needed. Johnson and his fellow green morons across the channel are now rushing for “emissions-free” nuclear power for that economically essential base load supply.

Equally insane is that the UK has a CO2 shortage because of a shortage of natural gas, from which industrial CO2 it is made. CO2 is essential in food preservation and refrigerated transport, but such essential knowledge is lost in the vegan-green wonderland world of COP26.

In Biden’s America, fuel prices have doubled to around $3.50 a US gallon because the brain-dead moron, on his first day in office, revoked the permit of the massive Keystone XL oil pipeline project, putting the US back into dependency upon OPEC. Biden’s boss Obama shut the project down in 2015, but Trump revived it, forcing US domestic oil prices down drastically.

But for “social democrats” like Biden, Obama, Johnson and Morrison (when the Nationals aren’t listening) energy independence, and economic independence in general, is anathema. It offends the ideology of their Jane Halton-types, the senior executive service mandarins who send the pollies off to the G7-G8 conflabs to sign away what little is left of the national interest.