So the only way the American people have a prayer of recapturing control of their government would be some type of a military response …

“Juan O Savin”

JUAN O Savin, the man said to be one of the best-informed online commentators on US intelligence, says the military option is the only real one left to save America from the globalist war against the republic, and Trump, although not the only factor in this, is playing a high-stakes game of poker with his enemies.

America has been plunged into a crisis with Biden’s (read deep state’s) abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban and China. There has also been a report from the Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Report of Biden’s wife Jill being arrested on charges of elder abuse, that is of Joe, at the Georgia replica White House. Cairns News is unable to confirm this, but the deepening crisis is glaringly evident, regardless.

Another report broadcast across mock YouTube channels from Fleming RVGCR says Nancy Pelosi’s laptop seized during the January 6th false flag “Insurrection” has been found to have email and text exchanges with Antifa, BLM and the Chinese Communist Party.

O Savin (107?), in a long-running interview with “Gene Decode” and hosted by Nicholas Veniamen, outlined the big picture of a war against the US being waged on the tlhree main fronts of election theft, COVID-19 and mass illegal immigration over the Mexico border. And now Afghanistan is in the mix.

Forty-seven minutes into the interview Veniamen asks the crucial question arising from a comment made by President Trump at the recent CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) gathering. The comment was: “There’s brand new F35s and everything’s brand new in our military. We have a great military, it’s coming soon and they won’t be able to stop it.”

O Savin responded: “Well, President Trump is this unbelievably good poker player and why I say that – this is Casino Royale in this round of the games for America. And you have everybody bellying up to the table and when you’re playing Casino Royale only one person leaves the table with all the chips there’s no second place and so you’re playing the person across from you… and this is the thing, you have to pick your moments….”

O Savin went on the explain that Trump had repeatedly dropped the message at recent events that resolving the 2020 election theft was still very much to his front of mind.

“There is no civilian-side solution. Congress is a corrupt operation, the courts are a captured, crooked court. The executive office has no motivation to do anything because they’ve already put their guy in there – the people around him have locked in that position. So the only way that the American people have a prayer of recapturing control of their government would be some type of a military response, and as Mao said, ‘All power emanates from the barrel of a gun’.

“Is it going to be the policing forces under the executive’s authority as president where you have control of the Justice Department, all the policing, US Marshalls, FBI, CIA, which is supposed to be external but is doing stuff internallly), the Congress and the courts? Is it going to be on that side?

“Well it’s all captured, so the only place left, and even with the broad military going through all the drama with the shot, with the transgender thing, and the command structure permeated, the one place that isn’t taken is that WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction/nuclear trigger) nuclear level and that command level which has been locked up, for example at Iron Mountain since March 15 last year.”

O’Savin said Trump had dropped enough hints in order to get people to hang on by the finger nails and he was definitely in the fight.

Gene Decode said the US faced a country takeover at the highest levels of Sun Tsu’s Art of War in which you infiltrate and replace everything and remove constitutional government and replace it with an oligarchical, fascist situation in an elite run everything, at every level.

“Without the 2020 going forward the way I had and the fraud, the world wouldn’t know it’s not just here in the US. Hungary had the exact same situation. Myanmar, the military, actually did take it back so it’s a kind of a mixed bag there … it’s been going on since they put that system into Venezuela with Scytl and the Dominion machines and all of that.”