by S Linke

Remember, this is not an FDA approved vaccine, it is experimental, long-term effects are not known. Fertility studies have not been done. Vaccine manufacturers are making billions and have no liability. Any or all of that should give one pause. Add to that the fact that healthy vitamin D levels alone can keep most out of the hospital or ICU. Pair that with other supplements and early intervention such as Ivermectin. Ivermectin can be taken prophylactically and has been very successful.

The survival rate is 99.8% or so for goodness’ sake, it’s not like we’re talking about Ebola. This is Geert Van Bosche’s open letter to the WHO with his concerns: 

Then you have Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist, talking about Ivermectin and Vitamin D: and Dr. Peter McCullough, testifying before the Texas Senate Health and

Human Services Committee on early intervention (Ivermectin) Or you can listen to Dr. Peter Flemings and his statistics: I could go on…… Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Hotze and so many more. These people are risking their licenses and careers to send out warnings. The people pushing the vaccine on the other hand have never even treated a COVID patient, they are politicians looking to gain power.

Did you know the vaccine passport was planned at least 20 months before the virus? The virus was an excuse to implement what they already had planned. Look at the evidence – how people are being bullied into submission. Does that sound like a government that values your rights or even cares?

People being run over by horses, beaten, children being taken from the clutches of their mothers, others being thrown on the ground for not wearing a mask (which doesn’t do anything anyway). Do your homework. There are plenty of early interventions that are science based. Once you take the jab, there’s no going back, this is gene therapy, you will never be the same.