Trump remains Commander-in-Chief and Biden beware

by Peter Gargan

Trump is a Presbyterian, Biden is a Roman Catholic, and the only exception to a Protestant Christian President in your history was Kennedy. For 800 years since 1215, the Holy Roman Church has been trying to re-establish the Roman Empire. Their dirty tricks, have been exposed  and Biden will never be President because of them. None have ever been openly Atheist.  Trump has been a peacemaker, Biden an opportunist, and the Congress a pack of jackals. The winds of change are blowing.

Trump is the boss but can he save the Republic?

As Sunday breaks in the United States of America may the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ descend upon you. May you understand that the hand of the Lord is upon you, and He is in charge. He has shown the Pope has feet of clay, and the Revolution described as a Presbyterian Irish Revolution in 1776, is about to be confirmed. The only successful republic ever is the United States of America.  It is trying with Biden to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but Christianity will prevail.

I did not include the King James Version of the Holy Bible in my list of must reads. It contains the template for Representative democracy in the four Gospels. It declares in Luke 12 Verses 10-12 that to Judge as an individual is blasphemy, In Matthew 6 Verse 1 and also in Luke it says Judge not, and in Luke Chapter 11 verses 46 and 52 it warns against lawyers. For 498 years in reliance on that lawyers were banned from the House of Commons from 1372. No judges have ruled on  fraud, only Judges.

The first sentence of the Book of Ruth says: Now it came to pass when judges ruled the land, there was famine in the land.  Since 1948 Judges have ruled the British Commonwealth. Gradually Judges have ruled the United States of America and all are lawyers. Ephesians 2 verse 12 states that without Christ  we are without hope, and without God in the world.  The Holy Bible is a gold mine of wisdom, and even some of our Pastors do not realise just how important its lessons are. Donald Trump does.

Source of my assertions on casualties:  Wikipedia. There are three books everyone should read. STATE  OF FEAR by Michael Crichton, THE ICON by  Frederick Forsythe, and ZERO ZERO ZERO by Roberto Savioni, which have uncanny relevance to today. State of Fear describes the Covid 19 panic, The ICON an attempted takeover of the Soviet Union, and ZERO ZERO ZERO the drug scourge.  If Trump gets on Air Force One at 11am on the 20th January as has been reported we will all know what is happening.

Almost half those 60 million deaths were suffered by China and Japan. Both were not Christian countries. Japan and Russia and Germany were the main barbarians in WWII. Russia survived with help from the United States of America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 70 million Christians in 70 years were murdered under Communism in Russia. There is no way that the United States of America Military will allow a takeover by a fifth column. Nowhere nearly enough such people in the United States.

Mike Adams today has told us that the military buildup in Washington is huge and overwhelming. He referred to WWII and its casualties, but what actually happened is that under a Christian British King, the entire British Military and civilian population suffered  530,000 casualties:That included 100,000 Australians. The United States of America a  Christian country,   suffered around 270,000. The Soviet Union had 20 million, Germany around 14 million, all in all, around sixty million deaths.

If the Military accept that Donald Trump has the power  as Chief Justice of the United States of America to annul the vote in the cheating counties in four States and exclude them, then Donald Trump wins easily and the Electoral College was misguided by their State Legislatures in those four States. There has been no suggestion of resistance to the posting of 20,000 troops to Washington. That says it all.

No one can say Trump has not given Joe Biden every opportunity to concede. If Biden talked to the Military and they support his inauguration, he will become President but without it, he is just another scabby opportunist There is no ringing endorsement from any General. Trump is treated as Commander in Chief and remains so, and if he gets in Air Force One at 11am on 20th January he has just assumed his rightful place as Chief Justice of the United States with veto power over an election

There will be no civil war. The Military and the armed civilians who support Donald Trump as irregulars and even old buggers can shoot a rifle, will be more than a match for whatever the Democrat thieves can muster. Trump is going nowhere. He gave the Judiciary every chance to do their job and they have failed their country. The only option for Joe Biden is to accept that he has failed and the United States of America Military will not accept a fraud  and without them he is nothing. China and Italy made a big mistake and the big corporations and their second rate lawyers have too. No more Justice for sale ,

Democrats have miscalculated and think Donald Trump is a fool. He is a genius far ahead of most and  since he has all the power of a King or Queen, he has the power to declare Martial Law and has done so. Donald Trump represents Almighty God in the United States of America system of Government and answers only to Almighty God and his army. If the Military accept his authority, and there are 20,000 troops in Washington following his orders what chance has a  poor dodgy  President elect got.

When Justice Kavavaugh was getting confirmed for the Supreme Court , he was asked about civil and martial law. He conceded that in certain circumstances Martial law must prevail over civil law. Since the Courts have failed to remedy the wrong of a stolen election and there can be no wrong without a remedy, in equity which is equality for all, Donald Trump has had no choice but to declare Martial Law and annul the election. That is why he will not be attending Joe Biden inauguration, and has 20,000 troops in place to see it does not happen.

On another site I saw a post that at 11am on 20th January 2020 If President Trump is going to fly away in AF1.( Air Force One).  If that is so we are already on a war footing, Martial law is in force and the election that was contested is nullified by the Constitution and the superior Martial Law. Donald Trump has exhausted all civil remedies but cannot let the Constitution be subverted, and Martial Law is almost certainly already in force. Hence 20,000 troops in the District of Columbia. If true, that is why he will not be at Joe Biden inauguration because there will not be one!!!!!!!

When the United States of America sneezes the Commonwealth of Australia  gets pneumonia. That is why when Trump blocks Biden and his attempt to impose Communism as a religion on the United States as a Red-Blue Alliance has done in Australia and Great Britain, with the help of the United States Military the whole world will be rejoicing. When Brett Kavanaugh was getting confirmed on the Supreme Court he understood there were two parallel Justice systems. Its as if the Capitol is filled with cheese and the mice will come into the trap. Military prevails. In war the civil law does not apply.

I am a defence lawyer and the Michigan Sheriff is right. These boys will walk. It is an absolute right under the common law  to arrest an offender when an offence is alleged. . The Deep State only wants themselves  to be able to enforce the law, and that is why Trump must win. Claim of Right without intention to defraud is a good defence and no jury will convict them unanimously, so they are safe and may be entitled to compensation if imprisoned.

North Queensland in Australia became a staging post for the war in the Pacific. There was a huge airbase at Mareeba back of Cairns, where planes were assembled in Cairns and flown to be armed and sent into battle. We suddenly had to find food for around 100 thousand American airmen and troops on their way to New Guinea. It was a Christian country then, but has turned sour just like Biden’s America. We run on different political colours Red is Communist and Blue is Conservative.

I am an Australian aged 77 years old enjoying freedom from Japanese occupation because the Battle of the Coral Sea was fought by United States of America Forces stopping an invasion fleet of around eighty troopships headed for Townsville in Far North Queensland Australia. On the day of that Battle my Dad saw for the first time two P 38 Lightnings at about 500 feet  going very fast. The big white Star on their side was the best sight he had ever seen. You saved us once from the Japanese and with God’s help you will save us from the Chinese

I am an Australian aged 77 years old enjoying freedom from Japanese occupation because the Battle of the Coral Sea was fought by United States of America Forces stopping an invasion fleet of around eighty troopships headed for Townsville in Far North Queensland Australia. On the day of that Battle my Dad saw for the first time two P 38 Lightnings at about 500 feet  going very fast. The big white Star on their side was the best sight he had ever seen.

You saved us once from the Japanese and with God’s help you will save us from the Chinese. ,When two American Airmen turned up at a local Dance ,on the Atherton Tableland,  the band did not know the Stars and Stripes so they played Yankee Doodle Dandy. We been mates ever since.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    Biden is no more a Roman Catholic than you are. The Holy Catholic Church has been split apart by Bergoglio and his apostate mates. The true Orthodox Catholic Church and the one world Bergoglio church to which Biden and his cronies belong to, are worlds apart. Dont besmirch the Holy Catholic Church with the names of Biden and his ilk.


  2. For those who have bothered to do the research, it has long been known that the pope is at the top of the satanist organization to enslave all of man, kind.
    Don’t confuse the Holy Catholic Church with the roman catholic church, the first is of Yahweh, the other is of satan.


  3. Take a step back and see the big picture. Martial law and totalitarian government is the goal of both sides. Both sides have been running their own PsyOps to distract causing chaos and anarchy. The destruction of America through civil unrest and the beginning NWO is imminent under Trump or Biden.
    Trust no-one. Question everything. Resist the programming. The world is under the rule of Luciferian elite and all political leaders are muppets.


  4. WEF’s Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils, November 11-12 2018, United Arab Emirates.
    Topic of discussion “mind control using sound waves”. Scientific report Nov 9 2018.
    Prepare for this technology to be deployed on mass by the Luciferian elite.
    Trust no-one. Question everything. Resist the programming.


  5. BLACKROCK is the New God………search it!!!!!!! !………

    Bidens new Gov advisors ! >>>”THE GREAT REASET” starts 20th Jan 2021!!!!!……..New world order is here.

    straight away after he becomes..” Commande and chief” of the the most powerfuf country……Its over folks.
    Biden has TOTLE CONTROL over MEDIA……and NOW …..WORLD BANKS


  6. I pray to God you are right. Trump 2021.


  7. Laurie Eastwood

    Dear Editor , I have read and appreciated many of your articles in recent times , particularly re the US election rigging/fraud , and have recommended your website to friends and relatives – no more I’m afraid ! The anti-Catholic diatribe in the article by Peter Gargan in the latest post is unbelievable – I am Catholic , a member of the Church founded by Jesus Christ when he appointed St. Peter the first Pope , and I do not appreciate being lumped in with non-practising Catholics like Joe Biden , who supports Abortion , Euthanasia , same sex marriage and various other anti-Christian , Socialist agenda items – please don’t blame me or the Catholic Church for that !! – I’m sure there have been some Presbyterian and other so-called Christians who have also pursued such ideas and policies , but I wouldn’t blame their Church for that either . This is a time when all Christians should be working together to oppose the left-wing , socialist , communist forces from taking over America and the rest of the free world – offensive and divisive articles such as this , based on a lot of false statements and accusations , are not helpful but are very harmful to the Christian cause , which will prevail as Christ promised – despite such attacks , which play into the hands of the anti-Christian Communists . Yours faithfully , Laurie Eastwood South Perth

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  8. Hi Laurie the site is open to all with a modicum of the Queens English and you are free to make a contribution just as Peter Gargan did. Editor


  9. I thought President Trump was Jewish and the reason he wore a Jewish cap?


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