Katter slams the Liberal, Labor love affair with China

BOB Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy has had a gut-full of China’s trade terror tactics on Australian producers and has slammed the Federal Government for failing to aggressively market our produce to other countries.

It comes as China began its investigation into anti-dumping allegations, slapping Aussie wine makers with a 200 per cent duty from midnight.

Morrison and his Cabinet are no different to the Chinese sycophants of the Labor Party. These global socialists believe Australia is doomed unless we conform to China. Australia is finished unless we dump China and find alternative markets.

Mr Katter said, “We wouldn’t be in this position if the lazy, useless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s, who occupy – with their big fat backsides – the parliamentary benches in Brisbane and Canberra, got out there like Jack McEwen did when Britain went into the Common Market and we lost 30 per cent of our exports.

“McEwen drew up an agreement on the supply of beef, grain and coal into Japan – all of which made us extremely unpopular because it was only 20 years after the war – but it was successful.

“But they have done absolutely nothing to develop alternative markets. Clearly the VIP countries, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, our bloody neighbours who have 700m people living there should be the priority?!.

“China may think they are tough and big and throw their weight around, but it was stupid that they picked a fight with the Muslim provinces, the Mongolian provinces, they have picked a fight with India and they have picked a fight with the United States, and that’s not a smart thing to do.

“They have managed to pick a fight with everyone – and well, I don’t know of any fights they have ever even won against Japan – but I certainly wouldn’t be provoking that little tiger either.

“It sure would be nice if we had 300 patrol boats with 60 cruise missiles on the back of them so we can defend our country. And yes, it may cost two per cent of the federal budget, but quite frankly it’s not going to break the bank.

“We must remember that we live on an island, with vast coastline, and are extremely vulnerable. We are overwhelmingly a European country in the middle of Asia with a landmass that is completely empty.

“You take out the coastal strip from Cairns through to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and take out a little dot around Perth, well you have less than one million people living there.

“And in that wasteland is all of our oil, all of our gas, all of our bauxite, and all of our coal and all of the nation’s water.

“’A land without people will be taken by a people without land’. That is the truism of history,” Mr Katter warned.

“So get off your backside and go chase up the VIP countries, get off your backside and do something about protecting us!”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Wow! Wish I could vote for Bob Katter.


  2. Bob Katter, you are so right!
    I have come to the conclusion that 90% of our politicians are working for China and the NWO.Morrison is a very obvious hypocrite….says one thing, e.g. ” No one will take our sovereignty”, yet in the next breath tries to bring in the cashless ideology for the NWO’s One World economy. They do not have to take our sovereignty..he is giving it to them!


  3. Good on ya’ BOB. With you all the way.
    Sorry you don’t have much back-up with the sniveling parasites we have in Australia’s so-called governments!
    They’re not interested in Australia’s future…they’re only interested in filling their pockets NOW; and don’t have the intelligence to think about tomorrow…..all at the expense of hard working Australians; unlike them!


  4. You might not be too far from the truth to say “he’s paying them to take it”!


  5. “China may think they are tough and big and throw their weight around, but it was stupid that they picked a fight with the Muslim provinces, the Mongolian provinces, they have picked a fight with India and they have picked a fight with the United States, and that’s not a smart thing to do………….”

    In my opinion Bob’s got the state of play the wrong way around.

    Xinjiang: A Report and Resource Compilation
    Sep 21
    Written By Qiao Collective

    Based on a handful of think tank reports and witness testimonies, Western governments have levied false allegations of genocide and slavery in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. A closer look makes clear that the politicization of China’s anti-terrorism policies in Xinjiang is another front of the U.S.-led hybrid war on China.

    This resource compilation provides a starting point for critical inquiry into the historical context and international response to China’s policies in Xinjiang, providing a counter-perspective to misinformation that abounds in mainstream coverage of the autonomous region…………


    Is China committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims? Interview with Jerry Grey

    Ideology & Geopolitics

    India should have known better than to have tested China’s resolve by invading its territory under the mistaken belief that the People’s Republic was supposedly just a “paper tiger”, but it did so anyhow for two interconnected reasons as the author wrote in his recent piece for CGTN about how “India Must Urgently Refrain From Its Strategy Of Regional Aggression“. The Hindu nationalist BJP wants to carve “Akhand Bharat” (Greater India) out of “Greater South Asia” (which includes parts of China’s Xinjiang and Tibet regions) so as to impose a “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu fundamentalist state) upon the region. It’s been encouraged by the US in pursuit of this ideological-geopolitical goal since America regards India as a proxy for “containing” China. Prime Minister Modi thought that he could reap immediately tangible benefits from his country’s new ally through India’s failed foray, but America has thus far refrained from formally intervening in the conflict, whether militarily or diplomatically.


    Xi has abandoned “going global” for Chinese business and finance. Xi, instead, is, again you’ve guessed it, putting China first.



  6. @bmacdunn

    Australia gave away its sovereignty to the Big Banks a long time ago.


    Click to access FOI_2117_T198654.pdf

    Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government(Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.


  7. As in the US so in Australia. Everything is up for sale.

    34. Everything in the “United States” is For Sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons airports etc. I wonder who bought Klamath lake. Did anyone take the time to check? (Executive Order 12803)


    I hope bob Katter reads this!


  8. Commenter “Truth Vigilante” says –

    As for ‘CCP control of Australia’, if that were true :

    1) Why was Huawei prevented from competing for the tender for the NBN ?

    2) Why are Australian warships engaged in manoeuvres with U.S ships in the South China Sea – in China’s backyard and thus causing provocation ?

    3) Why did Australia pressure China to ‘come clean’ and ask for an investigation into the release of Covid-19 which Australia claims China was responsible for when even Blind Freddie can ascertain that, assuming it even exists and can one day be isolated, whatever biological entity was unleashed on the world came out of Fort Detrick in Maryland (USA) ?

    4) Why is Australia littered with U.S Defence Force personnel at the numerous U.S bases (not least of which is Pine Gap) whilst China has none?

    Bottom Line : If China has so much ‘control’ over Oz, why is the Chinese government orchestrating a campaign (which is working very successfully I might add), to discourage Chinese from sending there kids to Oz for tertiary education, discouraging Chinese tourists from visiting here, imposing sanctions and boycotts on select Aussie products etc ?

    A China that is ‘controlling’ her compliant little brother down south would not be doing any of the above.

    It is clear to anyone who wishes to see that the Chinese have next to NO control of Australia.

    And, to the extent that an important trading partner of China’s that possesses strategic raw materials that are necessary for China’s future growth, it is understandable that China wishes to undo the COMPLETE stranglehold that the U.S has on Australia’s foreign policy by initiating WIN-WIN trade deals likes the Belt and Road Initiative.

    You cannot blame them for that.


  9. Hi,

     these are two url’s you might be interested in,

    First one received today,


    Second one app’ 1-2 weeks ago,

    Sen  Len.


  10. Re Australia gave away its sovereignty to the Big Banks a long time ago. So is the Constitution now worthless?

    “……to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth”

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
    An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia [9th July 1900] WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

    Who or what is the Crown? See the Acts Interpretation Act.


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