Letter to the Editor

Ice age coming

Australia’s Hottest Summer 2018/19 Report is Baloney — the BOM deliberately did not tell you of 33.5°C recorded at Rutherglen in 1938/1939 or Charles Sturt’s Records in 1828 it was a blistering 53.9 °C at Buddah lake.

The BOM report is an insult to the 71 lives lost on 13 January 1939 and embarrassment to science. The Black Friday Firestorm destroyed four times the area of farmland and forest as the devastating February 2009 fires – twenty times as much as burnt this last summer.

Coming soon to the northern hemisphere

The norther hemisphere is cooling, winters longer and much colder, the southern hemisphere is hotter, that’s how climate works.

Prominent Russian Scientists have predicted the northern hemisphere will be in an ice-age mid-century Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age.” Dr. Abdussamatov is featured on page 140 of the 2009 U.S. Senate Report of More Than 700 Dissenting Scientists Over Man-Made Global Warming.

European and Russian scientists say the next ice age will arrive suddenly dropping fast, temperatures are dropping quicker than previously known. No one is sure if it will accelerate or not?

The Sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age. Sunspots have been absent for nearly two years, and the Sun’s ultraviolet output has sharply dropped.

The new NASA findings are in line with studies released by University Califorin-San Diego and Northumbria University in Great Britain last year, both of which predict a Grand Solar Minimum cooling in coming decades due to low sunspot activity. Both studies predicted Sun activity similar to the Ice Age in the mid-17th to early 18th centuries.


G J May

Forestdale 4118