Our Investigation continues to expose Port Arthur

martin-bryant-colFor over a decade our sosnews investigators continue turning over rocks under which government rely on to cover facts under the guise of conspiracy theory maintaining guilt of Martin Bryant conducting the April 1996 mass shootings in Tasmania.

Like DNA opening old and cold police cases investigation to reveal new evidence, technology also is revealing new evidence.

A few questions to consider: Surviving victims and families of the deceased still demanding a coronial inquiry John Howard quashed – Police evidence and very selective interviews are more than suspect – No police presence at Port Arthur for hours – Bryant is frightened with automatic guns, is left handed, with the shooter confirmed as right handed – IQ of a child Bryant is painted as an extraordinary marksman with exceptional ability military experts dismiss.

You can only hide for so long then a net of factual information closes around the fictional source.

This video is a further piece of information emerging from the silent abyss.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I think it’s fucking disgusting that the idiots in the video pick on a dead man and say “He did it”. *Very* easy to blame someone who can’t be here to refute their bullshit.

  2. Seems to me that there was well and truly enough evidence to convict this man who cold bloodedly shot people at random, evidence from countless witnesses. He didn’t bother to hide himself – not even a ski mask. Leave it where it is. Buried in History. And leave him buried in gaol. Stop looking for conspiracy theories. This man does not deserve our time.

    • maree4wp did you read the witness statements What evidence did all these countless witnesses have ? apart from none. .
      Why do you feel he is guilty ?

  3. Why no trial? Highly unusual, especially in these circumstances. Even the coroner suspected that it was not Bryant.

  4. people need to stop drinking the sodium fluoride in the water which is linked to giving you cancer and lowering your IQ and start listening to the thousands of investigators not only in this country but from various parts all around the world and begin to open there eyes to the truth and stop believing the lie you have been feed for the past 20 years. There was never any physical evidence , DNA or anything else that exists that links Martin Bryant to this event and the sooner we have the colonial inquiring as it is long overdue as should have occurred by law and the truth comes out the better off as a nation we will be .I don’t know about you but I as a Australian citizen born in this country do not appreciate all the cover up the lies and miss information that has been coming out of various governments over the two decades its time for the truth to be exposed and the real guilty parties to face prosecution. And further more all the fake news main stream media that went along and continues to go along with this fake news version of what really occurred on that day need to face prosecution for there treason and stupidity for going along with this garbage. How typical of people who are uninformed or ignorant of the facts, to automatically came out and brand everything they here as conspiracy theory. No people the real conspiracy theory is your lack of actual investigative knowledge of those thousands of people around the world who are real investigators E.G they do it for a living. who all have come to the same conclusions there is no hope in hell that Martin Bryant could have done either physically or mentally let alone had the skills to plan equip or carry out this event you people need to broaden your horizon and look out side the box more .

    • You need to open your blinds, turn YouTube off, and go smell the roses. I *LIVE* amongst the people affected by this murdering scum. I personally know people who looked Bryant in the face minutes before he started his rampage. I also *personally* know Dave Everett. You fucking whack-job conspiracy theorists are the mentally challenged ones… all so ready to believe any lie or scrap of bullshit to make your pathetic lives have some meaning for a short period of time.
      You idiots talk about “highly skilled marksman” are the only people that could have carried out this atrocity. Do you morons even look at the facts?? Most of the people shot were shot at *very* close range… within a couple of feet of the end of the barrel. What about the guy on the scissor lift that was 200m away working? Bryant took about 3 or 4 shots at him and missed him completely!! 200m is a piece of piss for a trained marksman!! What about all the people that were wounded? A “highly skilled marksman” would have killed everyone.
      Take you pathetic conspiracy theories, your defamatory and libelous accusations and your “real investigators” and shove them up your fat arses that you’ve got from spending too long in front of your computer screens believing any bullshit you see on YouTube.

      • Howdy Peter yes we have testimony from two people present at Port Arthur on the day of the shooting (that was part of a training exercise) by a long-haired gunman who incidentally was right – handed according to ALL witnesses. The witnesses, who knew Bryant, said the shooter was not him. That’s good enough for us old mate but by all means keep on trolling. Yours in the truth, Editor

      • Lol Peter you’re such a dumb fcking sheeple cunt. The shooter kill everyone from hip shots and a lot of his victims got shot on the head. So yes, you need to be a fcking pro to get headshots from the hip.

      • Hi Saitama we get a few comments like Peter’s from time to time. He is either a government troll, or he is unable to look outside of the square, a common malady with people enrolled in the Australian education system since about 1960. The information we have, some already published, some not, has left our nationwide investigative team in absolutely no doubt Port Arthur was a training exercise, in a similar mode to many American so-called atrocities, the most recent being the Sandy Hoax massacre. You will find an interesting story about Sandy Hook (Hoax) in a recent article published in Cairns News where a US investigator is suing various media companies for pushing the NSA/FBI/CIA agenda of false flags. Thank you for your constructive comments. Peter should note that the ‘black hats’ can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Editor

      • Peter you are ignorant. You are clearly suffering small man syndrome .

    • Sounds like you know more than the general public? Do tell

  5. Thank you for your response. If you were trying to convince anyone that Bryant didn’t do it then may i suggest a tirade of abuse probably won’t do it. Of course if you only wanted to vent, then your welcome.
    We the readers haven’t a clue who you are and what your creds. are. You may be right on the money, but……?
    I myself have no physical evidence that either did it, but the video is not that convincing for Everett as the shooter.
    As for Bryant, the jury’s out for me.
    Why no trial? Try to save the victims relatives more trauma is rubbish. It has rarely stopped the justice system before and a proper trial would give closure to them.(as in the majority of murder cases.
    Why would the Coroner come out and say that his findings suggested that Bryant didn’t do it?


  6. Professional trolls seem to all be on the the same page consistently always denying the facts and ignoring the real evidence out there. No matter how clear you make it in any information that you either present, or any investigator offers. That’s right to many unanswered questions that’s why the colonial inquiry should have occurred and needs to occur, so that all the evidence comes out and the truth came finally come out no matter who it points to. You can not continue to propagate and live a lie just, because some bureaucrat feeds you what they wish to palm off as the official chain of events.

    • Here’s some facts for you… come down to Tasmania, and go to the Port Arthur area (Tasman Peninsula) and start spruiking your bullshit, and see what happens from the people that were there. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your conspiracy theories.

      • Ha Ha another troll. What is your address Peter? I’ll bet it is not in Tasmania. Please don’t reply saying you live there, because I doubt many readers will believe you! Regards Ed

    • Hear Hear Freedom man your echo our thoughts!ED

  7. Freedom an is right, we are guinea pigs, we need to rise or we are f&cked

  8. tell that to the family’s of the victims who many believe still to this day that Martin Bryant is an innocent man and they are still calling for the colonial inquiry to take place as they never believed the official story the government put out at the time and they still don’t believe it they want answers and the truth to come out. You go and tell them your story and see what they say to you, my god man this thing needs to be investigated by an independent team and the truth finally needs to come out at least then the family’s cane have real closure. What they have now is the official story that is so full of discrepancies and holes you can describe it as a cheese grater. Or do you want to just stick to what some politician has given you and take them on their word as being the truth.

  9. Shane Clayworthhane

    Any honest investigation into the Port Arthur incident in 1996, will reveal to the investigator many inconsistencies, unbelievable explanations, lies and corrupt practices, suppression of facts, physical evidence and material witnesses, and many unanswered questions that make the official narrative an absolute farce.
    Those who think otherwise have either not done any honest investigation, or they have alternative agendas.

  10. I also live in Tassie and have spoken to many people over the years about the subject .The one common thing i have noticed is that a lot of them say there is more to the story , naturally there are a heap of people who believed the crap that was spewed by the local media (Mercury and Examiner newspapers ) and will always have a bias opinion . I was working for a rental car company at the time of the incident and was one of the people that had to retrieve the rentals of the victims . One i remember was a client and his wife who got into their rental hilux camper when the shooting started .They started the camper and made a break for it , the shooter spun and shot from the hip hitting the camper just behind the drivers window , narrowly missing the gas bottle , bullet then blew the shower to shit and continued out through the camper door ( camper door is probably still at rental repair shop) . The driver said that the shooter had nearly got him while he was gunning the car and he didn’t even aim ! We need the inquiry now to get all the facts on the table and give proper closure to the victims families .

  11. Abso bloody loutly people need to get off their dot and raise hell with their local members of parliament any anyone else you need to get involved, and get bugging them and constantly remind them that the inquiry needs to happen and remind them they work for us the people not the other way around. Demand accountability.

  12. Well as a person who has spent time with marty Bryant…..locked up….twice ova a 10 year period..and have had many a conversation with him ,,,I believe in no way is martin capable of what he is accused…unless under the influence of hypnotherapy….and accompanied by a mursinary…its quiet obviously a sry up by our lovely government to dissarm the Australian public ..12 months to the day prior to the insodent u have a politician weighing in on gun control saying …”that the only way they wouldbe able to bring in gun control was if there was a massacre in a place like port arthur…mmm….funny that…….not to mention the new coroners van for mass bodies brought into the state a Cpl of weeks prior……now its all just a bit suss…dont u think …..cum on people take ya head out of the clouds martin Bryant does not have tthe mental capability to do such shit….but our so called government does …look at the Bali 9 ….govt new what was going on before they left Australia…but let them go to there deaths.. . .link cafe seige…..govt needed something to happen so they could bring in theirs anti terrorist laws…..cant u people see when ever they want something pushed threw that the public won’t stand for…..this shit happens….free country my ass….communism at its best….we r nothing but numbers who are brain washed by a corrupt government…time to start standing up people…..or should I say sheep………sad really how blind the public is

  13. So if we had a full Colonial enquiry you yourself could officially put forward your first hand accounts, instead of unofficially relating your ‘hearsay and anecdotal story to us ‘crackpots.’

  14. is it possible that Bryant was coerst into taking part , may have taken a few pot shots, but was not the real marksman that took most people out?

  15. Stand up people be heard and be counted inundate all your elected reps with letters emails phone calls go and see them push with everything you’ve got to make the colonial inquiry happen and force the truth out into the open. This will wake up the public and i strongly believe this will be the domino effect moment that will bring undone all the other lies scams and corruption . Evil only triumphs if good men and women sit and do nothing, the time has come to do something not to procrastinate but get off your dot and push for justice.

  16. You know Jack shit, I was in the same room as the prick, when he 1st met with a psychatrist apart from Bryant the Doctor and I. I looked in his ryes anf also looked at every body that arrived in the morgue. I am friends with 1 person who was shot and injured. Stop posting this shit as it still torments those of us who were involved. I was in my early 20’s and still recall that period like it was yesterday

    • Sorry Sasha we have done our homework on the investigation trail for 15 years. You are another victim of the devious Australian education system, that has managed to dumb down 75 per cent of the population since the 70’s.ED

      • Take of the tin foil hat, your investigations are bullshit, I spent more than 1 meeting with him and know what I saw. I am not a statistic of the education system, be it bad or good. You’ve never spoken with me, never spoken with my Girlfriend of the time who was a Police office and and at Port Arthur. This guy shot people before and knew howto use a weapon.

  17. wake up Sasha and do your home work instead of regurgitating what the main stream(fake stream) media and the education system has fed you all these years, once you begin looking at this event objectively and with an open mind you will come to the same conclusion this whole thing is a false flag and the colonial inquiry needs to happen and the truth needs to come out.

  18. And if i told you to repeat how and what to say enough times you would have it drilled into you and right on Que at the right moment you would blurt it out.

  19. Being totally impartial and relying solely on the evidence at hand, it would appear that the only way to bring this matter to a close is for a proper enquiry.

    Put simply, there are just too many questions that remain unanswered and
    many articles presented by main stream media defy logic.

    There is an article today on NEWS.com that I have read and I personally have to question its purpose?? It appears to be very bias and has one intention only, which is to attack Martin, but makes no attempt to address so many unanswered questions..

    If there has been so much push back from the government regarding a full enquiry into this atrocity, then the first word that comes to mind is that Martin was made the SCAPEGOAT and that the events on that fatal day were very calculated and organised..

    A very SAD story indeed, and its unlikely that the TRUTH will ever suface considering the government appears to be the mastermind behind this attack..

  20. Joe your analysis is correct right up to the end where i disagree with you I do believe that if enough good people stand up and demand the investigation we will finally learn the truth about this matter. Then and only then as a nation we can move on and the guilty party stand trial and get jail time for their actions.

    • Hi Freedomman,

      I am always up for a debate 🤔 I frequently sign CHARGE.ORG petitions. I have sign several that have been sent to senior government officials, some of which included well over 20K signatures. I am almost certain that I have signed one regarding a child murderer that was about to be released that I believe should never be released. That petition had over 200K signatures from memory. I don’t believe that I am exagerating either.

      My point is, how many GOOD people does it TAKE??? I will sign and document you wish to put before me to have a proper investigation. I am not saying that MB is innocent, what I am saying is the so called evidence simply does not stack up !!!

      Do you have ANY suggestions as to how the GOOD people could influence the government to undertake a proper investigation, be transparent and document the facts???

      Do you understand the LAW suit that would follow if MB was deemed innocent???

      Lastly, if a so called investigation was undertaken, and multiple questions and or facts weren’t answered and or established, would you be CONTENT??

      I know I wouldn’t 😬

  21. Thanks for your great points and questions Joe this whole thing can go along way to be resolved by bringing in an external truly non biased investigation team and do the proper forensic and physical investigation that was never really undertaken at the time. Further more through DNA analysis proper witness accounts, the two so called south Australian victims of this event if you try and search up any of their history there is nothing no background of who they were it only has their death notices linked to the port Arthur event and nothing else. As for the the last part of your question we as a whole country keep putting the pressure on through our elected reps and so forth to make sure the inquiry is for one thorough and completely transparent and all the evidence comes out, and you do this by making other people aware of this issue waking them up and together as a whole finally seek the truth and allow it to come to light.

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