The Final Battle Lines Are Being Drawn 

by Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd

For as long as I remember elections were [real] elections (up until a few years ago when I had my eyes opened to reality). One side won and one side lost. Previously, it had never dawned on me that someone actually owned both parties, and no matter who won, that control group would be the actual winner.

This happened despite the US Democratic and Republican parties going through the motions in a continual effort to con us into believing the parties were fighting, when in fact (at the upper levels) they worked together, made money together and worked the con together; to bring us to our knees.

In other words, take one good look at who’s “who” in Congress and in the Senate. Then you will see who is who and who should not be there any longer.

Yes, we’ve been had for a long time – but not any longer, as we have awakened. We are tired of being had by a bunch of phony so-called politicians who pull the wool over our eyes again and again.

To the Cabal and their Underlings:

This will no longer happen because we are coming directly for you now, ‘politicians’ and ‘banksters’. You have families and homes just as we do. We are not the only ones in the Crosshairs of the Cabal / Globalists.

The tables have turned and you are now in OUR sights. I personally think that is a far more dangerous predicament than when you were categorized as expendable a group of Cabal freaks thinking they are something they’re not.

Now it is OUR turn!

From the day I filed my lawsuit in the Southern District of Manhattan (which coincidentally opened up all doors around the world today) to the very time when I revealed how you intended to steal all the assets possibly from East and West alike.

However, the only difference this time is that you will be pointed out as the thieves along with your allies and your cronies. Names will be mentioned, as well as the deals. We will bring you to your knees like no one ever has, and don’t believe for a minute that you will find forgiveness.

We clearly remember your planned Agenda 21 / Agenda 30 to have 90% of the world’s population murdered by way of your planned genocides and death machines.  In rendering long awaited justice we will now spit on you and pour your poisons over your own less than special persons and watch as you pass away.

You have gone way too far, and now we are entering this very fortunate time to correct things for We The People with our very special President Donald J. Trump.

We have a great abundance of information clearly relating to the THIRD hijacking of the WESTERN FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

The first two were Bretton Woods 1 and 2. And now we have a 3rd attempt to steal all financial assets in the West as well as the East,  prior to the inauguration of President Trump on January 20th.

Mr. Yoshiaki Kobayashi is currently attempting to steal the bunkers in South Korea. He is working with the Japanese Imperial Court and is the Emperor’s right hand man in this attempted theft.

They move along making outrageous claims such as that the Dragon Family does not exist, and that they are working with Trump while having his blessing.

How is it possible that Trump could participate in this criminal activity while Kobayashi runs around claiming that the FED’s (Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI, etc.) are the front group for the Emperor, and he just the broker – when Mr Trump is fighting tooth and nail against the FED’s to get into his rightful position on January 20th. There is no rhyme nor reason to Kobayashi’s claim.

The FED’s know that many of them are going to jail!

It is true that they are using the FED’s as stated. Alongside the FED’s are the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Bush family, the Queen of England and the Japanese Royal family.

The Germans, English and Americans stole Gold from various islands in Asia

They are attempting to purchase many different currencies from Korean bunkers, and we are not talking about small volumes either.

We are speaking of hundreds of Trillions of Dollars worth of currencies; (including as many Japanese Yen as they can acquire) and possibly more – Quintillions!

You must remember that the Bunkers are managed by holders – not depositors and the depositors own the assets and the assets are registered in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the names of the Depositors.

Therefore with Guardians, Holders, Keepers etc. the assets should be well protected and preserved but are they?

It seems that they are about to be given away at 20 to 30 percent of their value, thereby eliminating the debt owed by the nations that have bought it up.

In other words they are buying up their debt and others as well, thereby putting themselves in the drivers seat relating to the debt of foreign nations.

The Elders who are making such deals are putting the fragile Global Financial System into a seriously risky status. It is enough to change the Global Financial System.

Is it time to eliminate the BIS, IMF and the World Bank?

Do not for a moment think this is a joke. They have already completed smaller deals to substantiate that they have the wherewithal to clean the aforementioned bunkers out of the various currencies; thereby showing that they can establish control over each and every nation in question.

Currently there is a CIA mandate in South Korea who is attempting to purchase a large amount of gold after having met with the alleged owner in the Philippines. According to the mandate this gold was donated to the Korean Government in 2005. If in fact true then it would seem the mandate is able to purchase it.

It is easy enough to find out what is real and what is not. After making a call to a friend I discover that this is stone cold fraud and they are not registered as depositors nor owners within the BIS.

They legally own nothing. The depositors are the Golden Dragon Family.

Presently, there are two elderly Japanese people involved, with one of them appearing to be of the Royal Family and a cousin of Emperor Showa. This person owns 30% of the shares in the Bank of Japan along with a great deal of property in Tokyo; the associated property tax alone is worth several Trillion Yen yearly.

The person mentioned above handed Trillions of Dollars over during recent visits by foreign dignitaries from the USA, Germany and England.

Last Year they paid more than 200 Trillion Yen to the US and hand-delivered Hillary Clinton 2 Trillion Japanese Yen upon her arrival in Japan for her Presidential campaign.

How do we know it was Hillary? Well, there was a US Military Aircraft carrying one sick person along with her doctor. Now, WHO could that have been?

To top it off, the Liberal Democratic Party is borrowing heavily from the Japanese as well. The Japanese Royal Family are depositing approximately 500 Trillion Yen around the world, and despite having all this wealth, they answer to this persons (Clinton’s) requests around the clock.

These individuals are the fronts for the Japanese Imperial Courts, and they are attempting to illegally purchase the Japanese Yen and Gold while using the FED’s as their fronts.

Also, the FED’s get 20% for being the front for the Emperor.

You must remember we are talking about the Global Collateral Account money which is meant to be used only for humanitarian projects worldwide.

It is not for anyone to come in and purchase the currencies for 30% of their value, and even better the Gold.

In fact it all belongs to the Dragon family, the family that Kobayashi says does not exist.

This is all just a sick game to confuse the ELDERS so the West can control the financial world through, or with Japan. Therefore they are hijacking the Global Financial System for the 3rd time.

The DRAGON FAMILY itself must immediately step in and take decisive action NOW or there will be hell to pay, for the next 100 years!

In addition, Kobayashi is currently in discussions regarding 7 Korean bunkers, and he has already completed small deals as mentioned above.

Much of the above information came over time through a very powerful Japanese Shogun named OZAWA. He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1969 representing the Iwate 4th District.

His ability to make deals in the back rooms strongly lends to his influence. He is a very powerful man who most likely got caught up in this without truly knowing the repercussions. From the information that I have received, it seems that he too was conned.

The Involved Parties Are:

The FED’s

Mino Entebbe

The Japanese Imperial Court

The Planned Order of Thefts:

1.  700 Containers of Yen

2.  US Dollars

3.  Euro’s

4.  Renminbi’s

5.  Gold

And that is only for starters!

Even now we are in great danger. It is understood among many in the Cabal that one night while we are sleeping a magic button could be pushed, which would empty out all of our bank accounts – YOURS included.

This is a very real plan.

We need to keep our eyes on our security and remember that Obama did issue an executive order claiming that he could take from our accounts whatever is needed for the government. And no, this does not just apply to the US.

Think: The entire Western banking system.

Can you imagine the levels of fear and desperation running rampant among the Globalists?

Right now they are in flat-out panic mode and are doing whatever they think is necessary to try to clean out the bunkers and get whatever they can before the 20th of January INAUGURATION of Donald J. Trump.  After this the semantics of the game change and things turn to our favor.  Life can actually begin again.

In other words, the Cabal are Scared Shitless!

I think your hearts can stand a bit more. Besides, it seems as though the Japanese are up to no good, more so than the US, but this is not so.

You must remember the Rockefellers controlled Japan until just a few years ago, and they had control over the Central Bank of Japan until approximately 2 years ago. Ben Fulford understands this oh so well considering they also stole from his family in Canada..

Why are you listening to stories of the Cabal trying  to escape to Antarctica? They are trying to escape to wherever they are transporting their money and gold to – and that location is here:

UBS and Credit Suisse have boxes filled to the brim with currencies and Gold loaded up on Platts and Crates ready to be sent out to South America.

The Cabal are going to empty everything out (including YOUR bank accounts) if they are pushed by the West. There is no Gold in Kloten or in Zurich’s 8 Repositories in Switzerland. (I betcha some of you are crapping yourselves now!)

A rumor was recently spread that all the Dragon Families decided that the Collateral Accounts would have to take place through Billion Sow Holdings. This means that all  holders, whether legal or illegal, would have to submit what they are holding (TOV and FRN boxes and much more) to Billion Sow Holdings after procuring the verification process.

After receipt of the Boxes and Bonds they would have to move the assets to their own security house in Hong Kong for all to be processed. Items left in tunnels and warehouses would not be accepted after the Platform closes, as they would cease to take any more submissions.

Let me tell you something: You can smell the end game and the theft about to take place on a worldwide scale when you see them reaching out for the trunks and documents, etc.

Would you put Billions and Trillions of dollars in assets in their hands? Well neither would I! I spoke with the Dragon Family and was told to stay away from that attempt at a plan relating to Collateral asset redemption theft’ so I am advising all my friends the same.

In the Bunkers there are pictures establishing what we know as the Bush Clan.

They actually go back 100 or more years! There is a Philippino Lawyer who actually worked with Bush’s son, and it was Bush who was behind Khashoggi’s Group. Each and every one of those accounts are linked to Marcos and many others from Taiwan.

The secret Bush accounts in Azerbaijani banks equals – get this: Quadrillions!

You have seen documents from the Spiritual White Boy well the numbers seen here are just as big…

These accounts make it perfectly clear what money was paid to mercenaries to fight wars, to steal for them, and of course ship and deal drugs over a long period of time.

These records also show the Dutch Bank and Canadian Gold Minter Barrick Gold Corporation were being investigated at the time of 9/11 through a GATA lawsuit.

These records show ALL Gold being laundered to the US and Asia via a German Banking Cartel (Ackerman).

These records show EVERY Swiss Account that has done Gold transactions since 1994.

There are Millions of tons of Gold according to NAZARBAYEV’S family. 

Just for the record, Imelda Marcos’ son stole the records, scanned them and sent them to very close associates.

These records show the Bank of NY, Riggs / Valmet buying up all the Gold. 

These records show extensive details about the Brady Bonds and the real information on the WTC which was under investigation when it went down.

The World Trade Centers twin towers went down with 18 multi-trillionaire Jews who held both offices as well as owned several floors in both towers where all died.

These individuals were game players on the biggest stages and were also under investigation for Gold Fraud.  A 1998 letter exposes all of this.

Trillions of Dollars were to mature, as we already know, in 2002. The lease on the WTC buildings was running out, and it was worth Billions. The stolen Gold was deposited in Saudi Arabia by Bush!

In Indonesia we can expect some action, and always knew it was coming ever since the meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel with the World Economic Forum.

(THAT’S RIGHT, the ones who stole my notes with Dal Bosco and the UN)!

Well, the time is now, and the US/FED’s are ready to fly into Jakarta, venture into the jungles and highlands, and steal once again the assets from the bunkers and warehouses.

They want it all, but listen here now…

As I warned everyone from the very beginning, the Chinese, the Dragon Family included, are working with the Indonesian military, and they will venture into the bunker areas and take what belongs to them.

The Elders must be very careful either way. Their time is running short!

Once you look at everything you realize that they are right in the midst of hijacking the system for the third time. 

We have opened up our eyes in time to prevent this from happening but we must make them aware that we know what they are doing. 

We cannot allow them to live comfortably among us any longer seeing they wish to terminate us in the very near future.  Let’s turn up the heat and make them aware that two can play this game.