Port Arthur Anniversary Uncovered

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Cairnsnews has been researching the Port Arthur massacre since it happened. The research team has come to the conclusion that without any doubt whatsoever Martin Bryant shot nobody on this day 20 years ago. Therefore who did the shooting and more importantly who was behind it?

All fingers point towards a false flag event orchestrated by government. Why would our government do such a thing to our people? Who assisted the government in carrying out this country’s worst ever terrorist attack?

A former Queensland resident and author now based in Austria, Keith Noble, has amassed an amazing and thoroughly researched Ebook (download or read below) which we will publish in conjunction with our video entitled Port Arthur Anniversary Uncovered.

These presentations are probably the most comprehensive, independent investigations of the Port Arthur incident yet published. If what happened at Port Arthur on the 27th and 28th of April 1996 is of concern to you and you want the first official inquiry into this massacre to occur, we suggest you contact you local federal member of Parliament and demand an independent inquiry be held by a panel of three overseas-based justices. This investigation should have the authority of a Royal Commission.

Go to this incredible interview with Keith Noble:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5vplwjX-Zo



Click Keith Noble’s Ebook to read or download



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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

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  1. A recent television interview on Seven’s Sunrise program on gun control had one of the panel raise the idea of a royal commission. That didn’t go down well… Be prepared for the usual axiomatically challenged morons stating it couldn’t have been anyone else but Martin Bryant…

  2. At first I was like the rest of Australia believing Bryant to be this mass murderer but since reading everything presented by extensive research done by such dedicated people, I can’t possibly believe now that Bryant shot anybody at all at Port Arthur. Let’s hope he doesn’t just happen to be ‘conveniently’ disposed of in prison…

    I believe Avery definitely didn’t dedicate one iota of his time to prove his client INNOCENT but instead sought fame for himself by tricking a low IQ young man accused of being the Port Arthur mass murder into signing a confession! Avery turned out to be a very devious, manipulative and dishonest character in the end himself committing crimes he thought he could get away with! You have to question what else of a dishonest nature did Avery think he would get away with regarding his pathetically poor representation of Martin Bryant???????????? Look at me, look at meeeeee! I got THE confession……………….

    This case has become a very hot topic amongst people I know and the word is spreading so fast via this wonderful tool we have called social media! We no longer need main stream media 🙂

    • We produced this video to allow the people to make an informed decision as to what is factual and what is fictional from the evidence before your eyes, plus a read of Keith Noble’s E-book on the subject where he covers in more details of a cover up with more irrefutable evidence.

  3. Thank you. This article is about real investigative journalism, something that is very rare in today’s pc world. I have always been suspicious about the shooting at Port Arthur. To many things didn’t add up. The fact that the gun legislation had already been drafted and that this individual never got a real trial screams conspiracy. Hopefully people will awaken and a Royal Commission will finally be called. I will not hold my breathe however.

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