David Walter now issued with forced possession notice

Let the games begin

Supporters from Group A start April 22.

Group B as per plan.




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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

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  1. I wish David the best of luck. I have never found the courts to behave lawfully or decently or reasonably, their behaviour is always criminal, and ALWAYS biased. It seems to me that the courts make sure they only employ deceptive, traitors to humanity, literally the scum of the earth and that’s why the ‘house’ always wins.
    I have seen court registrars literally stamp stickynotes rather than orders, I know personally of the courts deliberately destroying affidavits, I have heard ‘magistrates’ saying that a forced contract is still a contract even if you signed it clearly under ‘protest and duress’ and I have seen a magistrate in Ipswich kick a man out of a court room so he could be beaten by scum police who were outside the courtroom preventing him from entering the courtroom.
    We are dealing with terrorists of the worst kind, scum.
    Again, I wish him the best of luck.
    Kind Regards,

  2. What Supporters what group A and Group B ,cant you answer ? we are coming up hopefully ,should we bring weapons to use on these dogs ?,or should we kill them with our bare hands . I don’t care either way ,but we also want to film it ,and block access and do anything possible to prevent disrupt or destroy these masonic jew pigs . there day is coming up real soon ..

  3. NO TRIAL BY JURY!!!! What the hell is everyone doing???? You’re all STUPID!! Stand up against these criminals and traitors posing as “Judges” in these Kangaroo Courts! They get away with this crap because “good men do nothing”. The Rule of Law is there! Magna Carta is there! Australians in 1914 fought for Freedom. We’ve got to do it, agains.

  4. Victor of the family Sturgeon

    David Walter spent lots of his own money trying to get these treasonous crooks shut down.
    I believe in one court case the judge agreed with what David put forward but still ruled against him. Time for action folks close these crooks down. we need to march on the Parliaments and remove the sods like it was done in Iceland. also remember federal elections coming up . vote for independent only that are not orientated towards the major parties including the greens. we need independent MLC’s to shut them down.
    Then arrest warrants should be issued to judges, Police officers, Sheriffs, Major political party Politicians and their advisers and including the so called GG who in fact is not lawfully sworn in as he swore oath of allegiance to Elyabeth R Queen of Australia. a Paper fiction.
    its time to try them all for capitol treason.

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