If this had not been confirmed by the LNP that a homosexual agricultural economist is a candidate in the regional North Queensland federal electorate of Kennedy, one would assume it was an April fools day prank.

Jonathan Pavetto is not backwards in coming forward taking on Bob Katter’s well oiled political machine that supports people on the land in North Queensland.


jonathan-pavettoIt’s funny that Jonathan Pavetto has stepped up to challenge Katter there, considering how the big-hatted, soft-hearted homophobe once claimed there’s no gay people anywhere in his local area.

The LNP candidate at the 2013 election scored almost 10,000 more votes than Katter, due to a scurrilous and illegal campaign run by the Liberal Party claiming a vote for Katter was a vote for Labor, but the KAP leader won with a large number of preferences.

“The party membership certainly thinks I have what it takes to beat Bob Katter,” Pavetto (pictured) tells The Cairns Post.

“That’s very humbling that they think that’s the case – but I’m certainly in it to win it.”

Pavetto is parroting the need for new roads and transport solutions including new rail links that Katter has almost got over the line. Indeed Katter secured funding for the $500m southern overpass road works at Portsmith in Cairns completed in 2014.

The young Liberal lad aims to be “a voice in Canberra from the north,” but will be nothing more than a number in Canberra whose voice will be totally lost like most other irrelevant Liberal back benchers, a KAP spokesman told Cairns News.