Burrumbuttock Hay Runners organiser wants drought-affected farmers prioritised over Syrian humanitarian crisis

 Brendan Farrell, the man behind a mercy mission that saw 4500 bales of hay donated to Queensland farmers in need, has taken to Facebook to criticise Australia’s pledge of $25 million in foreign aid to Syria and Iraq.


Brendan Farrell, the man behind a mercy mission that saw 4500 bales of hay donated to Queensland farmers in need, has taken to Facebook to criticise Australia’s pledge of $25 million in foreign aid to Syria and Iraq.

A video of the Riverina resident’s attack on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her department was posted to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners page today, where it has received more than 1220 likes and 1670 shares.

In it, Mr Farrell questions what he has described as Australia looking after its “next door neighbour” at the expense of drought-affected farmers across the country.

 “We’re doing these hay runs and raising money and for truck drivers and truck companies to probably get $1500 in fuel each to drive, 1800km to drop hay off to farmers in dire straits,” he said.

“But then I see we’ve just spent – or Julia Bishop [sic] or whatever her name is – has just decided to give another $25 million to Syria.

“That is taxpayer’s money that’s going overseas.

“I think it’s about time that we had a bit of a say where this money goes, otherwise at the end of the day we will be like Syria – stuffed.”


“Julie Bishop give $25m MORE to Syria and nothing for desperate  Australian farmers under drought”

He concludes the video with a request for Julie Bishop to contact him or “do something”, because “this country is going backwards faster than what you can spend money overseas”.

“You look after your own backyard first and when your own backyard’s all nice and tidy and your grass is all green and your gardens are all done, well then you can look after your next door neighbour,” he said.

“If Australia’s not careful there’ll be no farmers at all and we’ll all be living on the eastern seaboard of Australia, on the coast and there’ll be no farmers at all, it’ll be importing 100 percent of Australian food.”

Facebook users have showered Mr Farrell with comments in support.

Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce told 9news.com.au in a statement the government was “doing its part” to assist farmers and communities impacted by drought.

“Since coming to government we have invested more than $674 million in assistance and support for farmers and rural communities experiencing drought and other hardship,” Mr Joyce said.

He said more than $400 million in drought concessional loans had been approved to more than 760 farm businesses and more than 5700 farmers had been granted the Farm Household Allowance to help pay for living costs.

He further cited free rural financial counselling and job creation, saying $35 million had been invested in local infrastructure and $25.8 million in pest weed and animal control projects.

Mr Joyce also praised the work of the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners group, encouraging the volunteer community to continue working alongside local, state and Federal government to help farmers affected by drought.

Last month, the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners organised a convoy of 120 trucks to deliver 4500 bales of hay to Queensland farmers whose properties and livestock had been ravaged by drought.

The group is in the midst of organising a second convoy to bring further aid to the Queensland town of Ilfracombe.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was recently forced to defend Australia’s pledge of $25 million in foreign aid to Syria and Iraq – but for different reasons.

Aid organisations claimed the pledge was paltry compared to those made by other nations.

Germany for example had promised $A3.5 billion in foreign aid to Syria and Iraq by 2018, compared to $2.3 billion by the UK and $1.3 billion by the US.

“Overall our contribution to this crisis in terms of humanitarian, military and resettlement offers is a significant contribution by any measure,” Ms Bishop said.

“This conflict is in its sixth year and we have been giving from the outset … I ask them [aid groups] where they would like me to find the money what would they like me to cut?

“This is not a bottomless pit, we have provided $258 million in support since 2011 plus the military cost of $400 million.”

Source: 9NEWS

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  1. THE UN & UNHCR and Similar can go to Hell. We need to be in Charge of our Country, and not be told by these Organisations how to run our own Country. I would hate to think what some of the Executives of these Organisations are paid, from the Donations and Aid money provided by Countries like Australia. In Australia, the needs of our Citizens (Including Farmers) must come first. And how dare they compare our Contribution to that of Countries whose Financial situation is in far better shape than ours. How about those Countries who need all of our Aid, do something for themselves, for a change. The other point I make is; How much of our provided Aid, actually gets to where it is needed, in Real Terms and how much is syphoned off along the way. We are Suckers, who look at the Photos of Alleged Victims, mostly children, shown in some of the Advertising Campaigns.

  2. Here’s a thought for you , If all the farmers and truckies joined forces they would become the most powerful political force the world has ever seen . With out trucks the freight stops , with out farmers we all starve , With draw the food and the transport and you have anarchy .

    Peter Schuback SCHUBACK TRUCKKING 0408458232 Email . jamfig@hotmail.com.au

    • The problem with that Idea Peter is best summed up by remembering the Monty Python Life of Brian “Peoples Front of Judea” Splitter’s.
      you won’t get enough trucks or farmers that aren’t contractually obligated to make it happen.

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