MICROSOFT VOLUNTEERED TO COUNT VOTES AT IOWA, RESULT PROBABLY DODGY. Microsoft, founded by leading H-1B/amnesty cheerleader Bill Gates, has been [Marco] Rubio’s No. 2 corporate donor the past five years."

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03 February 2016

Previous edition: Genetically modified mosquitoes could be cause of Zika outbreak, critics say —which Yahoo relegated to the spam bin. And: Google Censors CLG Newsletter on Zika, TPP, and Snowden Rendition Plan; Warns Readers of ‘Identity Theft’ By Lori Price, | 01 Feb 2016 | Below is a screenshot showing just how far Google is determined to go to ensure that *no one* can read the CLG Newsletter. A message from Google appeared at the top of the body of Sunday’s edition, which read: ‘Be careful with this message. It contains content that’s typically used to steal personal information.’

Sanders campaign reviewing Iowa caucus totals, says actual result may never be known | 02 Feb 2016 | The campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has launched a review of the razor-thin margin of Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, Sanders’s campaign manager said Tuesday. "As an empirical matter, we’re not likely to ever know what the actual result was," said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s campaign manager…With all precincts reporting, the Iowa Democratic Party said Tuesday morning that Hillary Clinton had edged Sanders on the number of delegates awarded, 49.8 percent to 49.6 percent. Clinton’s campaign declared victory even before the final tallies were released. Weaver said his campaign is reviewing tally sheets and "looking into a few other issues," which he declined to name.

Sanders camp questions Iowa caucus results | 02 Feb 2016 | Sen. Bernie Sanders Iowa campaign is questioning the results of Monday’s caucuses. After all precincts were reported Tuesday morning, the Iowa Democratic Party reported Hillary Clinton won 49.8 percent of state delegate equivalents in the Democratic Iowa caucuses. Bernie Sanders took 49.6 percent of delegate equivalents. Sanders’s campaign staff believes there may be discrepancies between the paper vote tallies at the precinct level and numbers that were reported to the state party.

Bernie Sanders Still Won’t Concede Close Iowa Caucus | 02 Feb 2016 | Despite the fact that The Associated Press declared Hillary Clinton the victor in Monday’s Iowa caucuses by a razor thin margin, Bernie Sanders was still unwilling to concede Tuesday afternoon. Sanders also would not rule out the idea of contesting the election results. The Vermont senator, who has introduced legislation to make election day a federal holiday in order to expand voter participation, also began to question whether some of the tactics reportedly used during the caucuses were "democratic." Reports and videos emerged overnight showing some caucus rooms decided by coin tosses.

Missing precinct scrambles to report Sanders won –Sanders backers called for Iowa Democratic Party officials to release the raw vote totals. | 02 Feb 2016 | Votes from one precinct in Iowa were still missing Tuesday morning, and Democrats from that neighborhood scrambled to find party officials so that they could report their tally: Bernie Sanders won by 2 delegates over Hillary Clinton. With Des Moines precinct No. 42’s results, Clinton’s excruciatingly close lead narrowed further, making the final tally for delegate equivalents in the Democratic Iowa caucuses: Clinton: 699.57; Sanders: 697.77. It quickly raised questions about whether Sanders had won the popular vote in Iowa.

Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas [but did its intended job of giving H1-B visa advocate Marco Rubio an undeserved boost] | 02 Feb 2016 | As Republican and Democratic caucus voters used new Microsoft tallying apps during the Iowa caucuses, some took to Twitter to say the sites were crashing, while others complimented them on how swiftly they worked. In an emailed statement, Microsoft [lied and] said that the mobile apps for both parties worked without issue.

One of Marco Rubio’s Biggest Financial Backers to Tally Iowa Caucuses | 31 Jan 2016 | Microsoft Corp. will be providing the technology to count the votes of Iowa caucus-goers, according to a new report. Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) campaign is raising concerns about the corporation’s potential conflict of interest in tallying the votes. As The Hill reports: ‘Microsoft volunteered to provide the technology to help tally up the results of Iowa’s caucus, free of charge…Pete D’Alessandro, who runs the Sanders operation in Iowa, last week questioned the tech giant’s motivations…Other aides to Sanders noted that Microsoft employees have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign, according to MSNBC. "You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free," D’Alessandro said…As conservative columnist Michelle Malkin pointed out last month, "Microsoft, founded by leading H-1B/amnesty cheerleader Bill Gates, has been [Marco] Rubio’s No. 2 corporate donor the past five years."

Microsoft Lays Off Thousands While Demanding More H1-B Visas | 08 July 2015 | Tech giant Microsoft announced Wednesday that it will be laying off approximately 7,800 employees worldwide, bringing a denunciation from a federal lawmaker who says the firings expose the company’s calls for more immigration. Now, Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is slamming Microsoft, saying the layoffs show it is being dishonest when it lobbies for increased immigration into the United States…Microsoft has lobbied intensely for more immigration. The company has endorsed the I-Squared Act of 2015, which would triple the number of H-1B temporary work visas from 65,000 to over 195,000.

Sometimes, Iowa Democrats award caucus delegates with a coin flip | 02 Feb 2016 | In a couple Democratic caucus precincts Monday, a delegate was awarded with a coin toss. It happened in precinct 2-4 in Ames, where supporters of candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton disputed the results after 60 caucus participants apparently disappeared from the proceedings. As a result of the coin toss, Clinton was awarded an additional delegate, meaning she took five of the precinct’s eight, while Sanders received three.

Hillary Clinton ‘wins’ Iowa Caucus by 0.2% with all precincts reporting | 02 Feb 2016 | Hillary Clinton appears to have beaten Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Democratic Caucus by a razor-thin margin, 49.8 percent to 49.6 percent, with all precincts reporting, according to the state party. The Sanders campaign is mulling requesting a recount. The results are the closest in Iowa Democratic caucus history, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Andy McGuire said in a statement.

Hillary Clinton declared winner of Iowa caucuses by razor-thin margin –Bernie Sanders wins 85% of voters under 30 and majority of those under 45 | 02 Feb 2016 | Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has beaten Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in Monday’s Democratic caucuses in Iowa, it was confirmed on Tuesday, taking her first step towards potentially making history as the first female president of the United States. Clinton’s victory was not as triumphant as the once presumptive Democratic nominee might have hoped. Sanders, the self-described socialist senator from Vermont, robbed Clinton of a decisive win heading into next week’s primary in New Hampshire, where he has a strong lead of 18 points. Clinton won 49.86% of the vote, according to the Associated Press, with Sanders on 49.57% – a margin of just 0.29 percentage points.

Ted Cruz Wins Republican Caucuses in Iowa | 02 Feb 2016 | Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, powered by a surge of support from evangelical Christians, dealt a humbling loss to Donald J. Trump in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, throwing into question the depth of support for Mr. Trump’s unconventional candidacy. [Actually, what’s ‘thrown into question’ is the role of Rubio top donor, Microsoft, in ‘counting’ the votes in Iowa.] In the first contest of what so far has been more a populist revolt against the political order than a traditional Republican primary, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida finished a strong third, bolstering his case to consolidate the support of Republicans uneasy about the two top finishers. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Cruz had nearly 28 percent of the vote, Mr. Trump 24 percent and Mr. Rubio 23 percent.

University: Obama’s TPP ‘trade’ deal will whack 448,000 jobs, not save them as promised | 28 Jan 2016 | A new university analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal corporate takeover finds that President Barack Obama’s promises of sweeping economic benefits are not only wrong, but that the treaty will actually hurt America, cut jobs, and further whack GDP. The analysis from the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University near Boston found that some 448,000 jobs will be eliminated in the trade deal and that Gross Domestic Product, promised to nudge up, will go down. It said that U.S. jobs would be "hardest hit" of all the 12 nations in the deal, a huge part of Obama’s legacy agenda…A copy on the university’s website details the potential disaster the trade [sic] deal with Asia could be for the United States, despite Obama’s promises.


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