Malcolm Turnbull best know as “Oil Can Harry”

The closet socialist Malcolm Turnbull has toppled Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the leadership stakes. In a hastily called ballot on Monday night, Turnbull emerged as victor, 54 votes to 44.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been elected by the party room as deputy leader.

Turnbull has long been an apologist for Islam and has never spoken adversely about the growing Muslim menace in Australia. He is a supporter of gay marriage and will certainly not have the backing of the nation’s churches.

The ALP will now take a back seat as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten faces the stark reality he will never be a Prime Minister. In any case he will be consumed by revelations of criminal activity unearthed by the Royal Commission into Union Corruption.

Should the ALP find a new and acceptable leader before the next election, Turnbull might suffer the same fate as former Labor PM, Kevin Rudd.